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Selected RC Marriage Records for St. Senan's Parish, Kilrush

Title: Selected RC Marriage Records for St. Senan's Parish, Kilrush
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1829-1880
Main Family Names: REIDY, QUINLIVAN
Place: St. Senan's Parish, Kilrush
Source: (LDS) FHL Film 0979696 Item 4, Irish Parish Registers, Clare;
Register Title: “Register of Marriages, St Senan’s, Kilrush 1829-1880”
Notes: BCR = Ballinacrenan KRC = Kilrush Chapel IPO = In presence of
Transcriber/Donator: Patricia Reidy Lawrence, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Parties married
1829 27-Jan   Patrick MacTigue Mary MacMahon Patrick MacTigue son of Michael MacTigue of BCR married to Mary MacMahon of BCR Michael MacTigue, John MacMahon BCR, Tim McDonnell “Mayru”?
1829 05-Feb 35 Maurince Quinlivan Anne Comyru? Maurince Quinlivan of Kilkee to Anne dau of John Comyru?  
1831 31-Jan 130 Pat McTigue Mary Morony Pat McTigue a servant at Wm Knight’s of Donogrogue married to Mary Morony daughter of Tho’s Morony Carhudota (Villaperer) Pat Morony, Tho’s Morony, Biddy McTigue
1830 06-Jan 140 Michael Driscoll Catharine Quinlivan Michael Driscoll son of Richard Driscoll of Donogrogue married at brother’s house to Catharine Quinlivan of BCR Thomas Quinlivan, Joan Quinlivan, Dennis Quinlivan
1831 14-Feb 161 Mich’l Nailon Ellen Mingane Mich’l Nailon of BCR married in Kilrush Chapel to Ellen Mingane of BCR (Killlinpower) Mich’l Leo, Martin Mingane, Joan Quinlivan
1832 18-May 246 Michael Mohoney Anty Quillingham Michael Mohoney of Kilrush married to Anty Quillingham of Kilrush at Mr. Kenny’s home Mary Mangan, Cathrine Coughlin
1833 17-Jan 269 Michael Ready Mary Boyle Michael Ready of Limerick mar: in Kilrush Chapel to Mary Boyle d: of Edmund Boyle of the Glin Edm’d Boyle, Biddy Barry and Biddy Boyle
1833 05-Feb 277 Tho’s Quin Jane O’Dea Tho’s Quin to Jane O’Dea  
1833 05-Feb 278 Pat Quinlivan Casey [Carey?] Pat Quinlivan to Casey [Carey?] (dead) dead d: of Widow Casey BCR Thomas Quinlivan, Jone Quinlivan, Thomas Purtill
1833 12-Feb 286 Mich’l Quinlivan Biddy Mangane Mich’l Quinlivan son of Den’s Quinlivan of BCR mar: in KRC to Biddy Mangane d: of Jn’o Mangane of Carhendota Jn’o Quinlivan, Jn’o Mangane and Mary Mulvihill
1833 12-Feb 289 Fran’s Quinlivan Mary Finnill Fran’s Quinlivan of Shanavalla mar: in KRC to Mary d: of Pat Finnill Carnacalla Pat Finnill, Law’ce O Connor and Pat Wit[Mc?]Gratte?
1833 19-Mar 318 Jn’o Quinlivan Anne Beatman Jn’o Quinlivan of Kildysart Parish mar: in KRC to Anne Beatman d: of Jn’o Beatman of Burrane John Beatman, Pat Beatman, Francis Gorman
1833 16-Sep 326 {Faded} Thos Mary Quinlivan {Faded} Thos Keating of the Glin mar in KRC to Mary Quinlivan daughter of Patt Quinlivan of “Ballykit.”? Patt Quinlivan, Biddy Lynch, James Quinlivan
1833 28-Oct 327 Thos Hierce? Ellen Quin Thos Hierce? [Pierce?] mar to Ellen Quin daughter of John Quin in Kilrush “Ch” William Purtole?, Thos Purtol?, Honora Quinlivan Wit
1834 17-Jan 342 James Quinlivan Bridget Lynch James Quinlivan dead son of Patrick Quinlivan of Ballinkit mar in Chapel to Bridget Lynch daughter of John Lynch of Ballinkit (see page 68) John Bohannore & Ellen Quinlivan [note: this is on p.36]
1834 04-Feb 362 Thomas Reidy Margaret Cusack Thomas Reidy of Kilmichael Parish mar at her father’s house to Margaret Cusack d: of John Cusack ofBallinote Thomas Cusack, John Cusack, Micheal Cusack wit
1834 10-Feb 377 Thomas Lynch Peggy Nalon Thomas Lynch son of John Lynch Nullimor mar in KRC to Peggy Nalon d. of John Nalon Powernardanee John Lynch, Tom Culligan, Michael Culligan Wit
1834 10-Feb 384 Lawrence Quin Mary Monsell Lawrence Quin of Carhudota mar in KRC to Mary Monsell  
1834 11-Feb 395 Darby McGrath Mary Quinlivan Darby McGrath dead of Disert mar to Mary Quinlivan d of Michael Quinlivan BCR John Quinlivan, J’s Maugher?, JamesConnell
1834 no date rec'd 412 Mich Mahomey Mary Reidy Mich Mahomey son of John Mahoney Ballinoteruar? In KRC to Mary Reidy servant at W D Scanlon? Biddy Walsh, Biddy Downs
1834 20-Jul 439 John Nealon Mary Mangane John Nealon married in KRC to Mary Mangane daughter of Widow Mangane of BCR John Harney? Ellen Wallace, John McCoskin
1834 24-Jul 434 John Dempsey Ann Doyle [Daley?] John Dempsey of Kilrush to Ann Doyle d Martin Dayly  
1835 03-Mar 502 Pat Quinlivan Briget Brown Pat Quinlivan of BCR (see p 30 no 14) married at her father’s house to Briget Brown of Knockerra Tho’s Browne her father
1835 20-Apr 520 Michael Quinlivan Judith Conyer? Michael Quinlivan son of Augustine Quinlivan of Ballinkit mar to Judith Conyer? d: of Michael Coruyh? High Street Kilrush John McCloskey, Catharine Black & Mich’l Corrigan?
1836 10-Feb 573 John Batton Mary Quinlivan John Batton son of thomas Batton of Kilrush mar in KPC to Mary Quinlivan dau of Augustine Quinlivan Ballinkit Augustine Quinlivan Thomas Balton? & Mary Flavahane
1836 10-Feb 572 John Madigan Bridget Dixon Joan Quinlivan wit to John Madigan & Bridget Dixon  
1836 03-Sep 617 John Quinlivan Margaret Glyn John Quinlivan & Margaret Glyn? Martin Cusack, Brid Culligan [incomplete entry?]
1837 17-Jan 630 John McTigue Margaret Monan John McTigue servant to Mr William Brew’s of Leadtown mar to Margaret Monan?  
1837 21-Jan 632 John McTigue Honor Tahy John McTigue brother to the wife of Thomas Mangan the clerk mar to Honour Tahy of Tamon  
1837 07-Feb 662 Micg Quinlivan Bridget Casey (Carey?) Micg Quinlivan of BCR married in KRC to Bridget Casey (Carey?) daughter of widow Carey (Casey?) of BCR Thomas Quinlivan & Margaret Martin
1837 17-Oct 687 Tim Behane Ellen Quinlivan Tim Behane late of Burrane mar in KRC dead Ellen Quinlivan of Ballinkit John McCloskey Daniel McMahon & Edmond Walsh
1838 10-Feb 718 Michael Anglin Bridget Quinlivan Michael Anglin of Killard Parish Bridget Quinlivan widow of J’s Quinlivan Mballinkit (see p 36) mar in KRC James Anglin His Brother Michael Lynch Her Father & Mary Sheehan
1838 20-Feb 729 Michael Walsh Jane McTigue Michael Walsh of church street Jane Mctigue stepdaughter to Charles Blackhall … Michael McTigue Carnacalla her uncle
1838 27-Feb 759 Thomas Quinlivan Annr Conroy? Thomas Quinlivan Of BCR Anne Conroy? Of BCR Mar in KRC Patrick Quinlivan his brother Dennis Mulvihill of Donogrogue & John Quinlivan his brother
1839 05-Feb 819 Michael Mcnamara Bridget Reidy Michael Mcnamara Of Kildysart Parish Briget Reidy Of Knockerra Mar at her brother’s James Reidy Mich Mahoney John O Brian
1840 14-Jan 865 Michael Brennan Catherine Quinlivan Michael Brennan Servant At Hugh Mcclohessey’s Leadmore Catharine Quinlivan D Of Pat Quinlivan late of Ballinkit mar in KRC Pat Quinlivan Hugh McClohessey
1841 12-Feb   James Corry Mary Flattery James Corry Kilrush Mary Flattery mar in KRC Thomas Slattery & Catharine Quinlivan
1844 09-Jan 986 Patrick Connell Brigit Quinlivan Patrick Connell son of Peter Connell Brigit Quinlivan widow of Thomas Quinlivan BCR mar at her house Peter Connell John Parkingson & Briget Quinlivan
1844 19-Feb 1027 Michael Cullinan Briget Quinlivan Michael Cullinan Kilmurray Parish Briget Quinlivan BCR mar at her father’s house John Quinlivan james Cullinan Michael Casey
1844 19-Feb 1030 Michael Reidy Margaret Madigan Michael Reidy Margaret Madigan at John Dillon’s in the Glin mar in KRC Patrick Millane Brigit Dillon & Michael Conway
1845 23-Aug 1129 Simon Quinlivan Briget Flaherty Simon Quinlivan of Farrudu? Briget Flaherty of Knockerre mar John O Neill Hondon Flaherty
1846 08-Jan 1132 Martin McNamara Joanna Reidy Martin McNamara Joanna Reidy mar in KRC Michael Conway Ellen Lyons
1846 10-Feb 1156 Dennis Quinlivan Honora Meany Dennis Quinlivan BCR Honora Meany BCR mar John Quinlivan Jane (James?) O Dea
1846 14-Feb 1163 John Quinlivan Margaret Shannnon John Quinlivan BCR Margaret Shannon? Mar Pat Shannon? Bridget Dixon
1846 18-Feb 1175 Michael Keane Joan Quinlivan Michael Keane Kilferagh? Joan Quinlivan BCR mar John Kean Pat Quinlivan Bridget Keane
1846 12-Apr 1220 John Reidy Mary Knight John Reidy Kilrush Mary Knight d of William Knight Donogrogue? Mar William Knight Martin Scanlon Marg (Mary?) Nolan
1847 11-Feb 1264 Pat Cahill Margaret Riedy Pat Cahill Glin Margaret Riedy (undecipherable) mar Margaret Kennedy Michael Hickey
1847 16-Feb 1271 James Cusack Joanna Quinlivan James Cusack at Rev McYoung’s ? Joanna Quinlivan d of Austin Quinlivan Ballinkit mar William Waters Catharine Quinlivan
1848 07-Mar 1328 Anthony Ryan Catharine Quinlivan Anthony Ryan Glin Catharine Quinlivan Ballinkit mar Thos O Connell Mary Cunningham
1848 30-Dec 1342 John Reily? Cath Madden John Reily? Cath Madden Wallace Ch. Lane
1849 09-Jul 1380 Pat Conroy? Briget Reidy Pat Conroy? And Bridget Reidy of Kilrush Thomas Reidy ?? Burke
1850 04-Nov 1429 Lawrence Quinlivan Ellen Mary Kelly At her father’s house Kilrush Lawrence Quinlivan, Mayor of Limerick, to Ellen Mary Kelly her father Martin Kelly John O’Donnell & John Kelly
1851 03-Mar 1452 Pat Reidy Mary Fealy At Kilrush Pat Reidy? Reily? To Mary Fealy of Kilrush Mich’l Bonyham? & James Wallace
1852 25-Apr 1502 Edmind Meany Margaret Reidy Edmind Meany & Margaret Reidy?  

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