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RC Marriage Records for Tulla Parish, 1819-1881

Title: RC Marriage Records for Tulla Parish
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1819-1881
Place: RC Parish of Tulla

Tulla RC Marriage Registers 1819-1846
NLI Film 02471/06
Tulla RC Marriage Registers 1846-1861
NLI Film 02471/07
Tulla RC Marriage Registers 1862-1881
NLI Film 02471/09

Transcriber/Donator: Sheila Duddy

Transcriber Notes:

The entry numbers are out from those of the priest, but only by a couple.
Some letters of freedom, issued in 1828, were entered on the last page:
“Certificated for persons married in other parishes – Anno Domini 1828”:
14.02.1828: Michael Murphy of Derrynacleha to Mary Vaughan of Clouny
05.02.1828: Daniel Rogers of Fortanebeg to Mary Dologhty of Feakle.
06.02.1828: William Balton, Liscullane, to Mary Hogan, Kilinan.
11.02.1828: Daniel McNamara, Deraolk, to Anne Nugent, Feakle
12.02.1828: Miles McMahon of Glandree to Judith Quinlivan of Kilinan
??.02.1828: Thomas O’Dea of Ballouchtra
??.02.1828: John McNamara of Glandree to B Kelly of Feakle.
10.01.1830: John Staunton of Deramore to Peg Connellan of Clonlea.
A baptism was entered on May 1st, 1838 (page 50 online):
Edmond Cuneen, of Pat Cuneen and Elizabeth Keily; sponsor: Catherine Lynch.
For 1862-1881, sometimes it is not clear whether the townland/residence is that of the bride or of the groom. Where the residence is outside the parish, transcriber thinks it is safe to assume that it is that of the groom, but, in other cases, this decision might be the wrong one.

Registers by Date (all .xlsx format)
1819-1846 1846-1861 1862-1881

Registers by Groom's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1819-1846 1846-1861 1862-1881

Registers by Bride's Surname (all .xlsx format)
1819-1846 1846-1861 1862-1881

Letters of Freedom 1822-1838 (.xlsx format)

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