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RC Baptism records for the Parish of Tubber (Kilkeedy) 1833 - 1881:

Title: RC Baptism Records for the Parish of Tubber (Kilkeedy)
Type: Baptism Records
Dates: 1833 - 1881
Place: RC Parish of Tubber (Kilkeedy)
Source: NLI Microfilm No. P2473
Transcriber/Donator: Paddy Casey, Switzerland; Diane Culhane, USA

RC Baptism records for the Parish of Tubber (Kilkeedy) 1833 - 1881:
Transcriber's notes:

Available records:
The Tubber parish baptism records available on microfilm were from the years 1833-46, 1851-58, 1861-65, 1870-81. The set beginning in 1870 starts with a note from the parish priest which reads "Baptismal Register for the Parish of Kilkeedy. The Revd Michl Moloney PP. 1870 AD. I have found no registers in the parish previous to this--having never been kept or if so [illegible] having been destroyed Michl Moloney PP. Dec. 24, 1870."

We have no other information about the missing records.

The microfilmed records of the early baptisms (1833-1834-1835-1836-1837) are all in neat recent-style handwriting, suggesting that they are 20th century transcriptions of the original records. They contain no mentions of illegible or partially illegible records or, if such records existed, how they were transcribed. We don't know whether such records were simply ignored or just didn't exist. The latter is unlikely if the legibility of the later records is anything to go by.

Later records are in the original copperplate handwriting, some of it poorly legible and some of it defaced by the ravages of time and (presumably) 1950s-technology microfilming. Interpretation of these later records is also hindered by the failure of the writer (presumably a priest with nonconformist leanings) to write horizontally across the page and use the vertical (bookkeeping-ledger-style) lines, thus often making it difficult to work out which parents a given child belonged to.

The baptism records 1875-1881 are barely legible and some names and dates cannot be transcribed. The formats used by the parish priest(s) change from page to page. In some cases the father's name is on the line above the child's name but in the next column with the mother's name below his. Some periods are in one-page format with all the data on a single page. Other periods are in two-page format, with the names of the child, parents, and townland on one page and the names of the sponsors and celebrant on the opposite page. In one case the page of sponsors and celebrants is missing and in another there is a page of sponsors and celebrants with no corresponding page showing the names of child and parents. On one of the 1875 pages the recorder has written two entries vertically, i.e., across the other entries.

Mother's maiden name:
The recording conventions changed in the course of 1836. The records of 1835 and some of 1836 showed the maiden name of the mother but in the later records the mother's surname was often listed below that of the father with a 'ditto' sign, i.e., the mother's maiden name was no longer recorded.

Townland names:
Sometimes these were added immediately following the mother's surname. These townland names are presumably those of the couples and not just those of the mothers' parents. The spellings of townland names are in some cases phonetic and do not correspond to the spellings of that time.

The recorders frequently used the abbreviation "Do.", meaning "ditto". Thus a line might read "Thomas Sullivan" and the next line reads "Mary Do.", meaning "Mary Sullivan".

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