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RC Baptismal Records for LIDDY/LYDDY for the parish of Tulla

Title: RC Baptismal Records for LIDDY/LYDDY for the parish of Tulla
Type: Baptismal certificates
Dates: January 1819 to March 28th 1846
Place: RC Parish of Tulla
Source: Tulla RC Parish Registers on FHL Film 979693
Transcriber/Donator: Ernene Smedley (Nee Dillon), Queensland, Australia.
Researching Dillon, Clune, Meaney, Grady,Fraley/Frawley, Liddy, Clancy, Morony.
Child's name
Father's Forename
Mother's Forename
Mother's Maiden Name
Witness 1
Residence W 1
Witness 2
Residence W 2
LIDDY Michael Patrick   Ellen O'Callaghan Aug 30 1829 Michael Rogers   Bridget Guerin Ruslara
LIDDY James Patrick   Ellen Callaghan Apr.30 1828 Jn.Brody   Margaret Brody Ruslara
LIDDY Catherine Patrick   ? Callaghan 1830 Jns.Mcgrath   Mary ?? Lisduff
LIDDY Jane Thos   Jane O'Callaghan Oct.2 1852 Eliza Liddy      
LIDDY Eliza (Illegitimate) Patrick   Mary Lynch Nov.2 1852 Mary Dinan     Liscullane
LIDDY Ellen John   M. Carri...??? Nov 16 1852 Mary Liddy     Liscullane
LIDDY Patrick Theady   Bridget Kerin Apr.2 1853 Mary Molony     Liscullane
LIDDY Bridget Patrick   Anne Hussey Apr.24 1862 James Liddy   Mary Liddy Liscullane
LIDDY Michael Patrick   Anne Hussey Oct 1856 Patt Liddy Liscullane Ellen Daly Liscullane
LIDDY James Patt   Anne Hussey Feb 24 1858 Henry Walker   Anne McInerney Liscullane
LIDDY Patrick Patrick   Anne Hickey Apr.1855 James Hufsy???      
LIDDY Bridget Thos   Jane Calahan Mar 1855 Eliza Liddy      
LIDDY Mary Michael   Cathrine Halloran Sept.1856 Mary Meehan ...duff??    
LIDDY Michael James   Anne Sexton Apr 13 1857 Michael Sexton   Mary Sexton  
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