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Marriage Records for Tulla Church of Ireland, 1845 - 1947

Title: Marriage Records for Tulla Church of Ireland, 1845 - 1947
Type: Marriage Records
Dates: 1845 to 1947
Place: Tulla Parish
Source: Marriage Registers
Transcriber/Donator: David Brady-Browne

No Date Groom Bride Groom age Bride age Groom condition Bride Condition Groom Rank Bride Rank Groom res Bride Red Groom's Father Bride's Father Groom father profession Bride Father profession Banns or Licence Witnesses 1 Witnesses 2
1 31.12.1845 John Bernard McKiernan Mary Brady Brew 43 30 Widower Spinster Manager Lunatic Asylum, Ballinasloe - Ballinasloe Tulla Glebe Bryan McKiernan Richard Brew Gentleman Esq. J.P. Licence Hugh B. Huleat & Patrick Shannon  
2 24.8.1846 John Brew Anne Roughan not of full age, by consent of his mother of full age Bachelor Spinster Servant Children's Maid Tulla Tulla The late Arthur Brew Patrick Roughan Gentleman Yeoman after Banns P. Shannon & Pat Roughan  
3 4.10.1847 William Yates Margaret Saddler 20 21 Bachelor Spinster Private Soldier in the 55th Regt Servant Tulla Tulla John Yates Thomas Saddler Laborer Boot & Shoe Maker after banns Wm. Watson & P. Shannon  
4 23.11.1847 David Lewis Honora Connors 28 25 Bachelor Spinster Private Soldier 41st Regiment Servant Tulla Tulla David Lewis Michael Connors Labourer Farmer after Banns P. Shannon & D. Dowsett  
5 1.12.1847 Joseph Wilson Margaret Dolahunty 22 21 Bachelor Spinster Private Soldier in 41st Regt Servant Tulla - Joseph Wilson John Dolohunty Farmer Tailor after Banns P/ Shannon & Thomas White  
6 25.1.1848 Robert Jenkinson Ann Mastral 25 23 Bachelor Spinster Private Soldier 41st Regt Servant Tulla Tulla Richard Jenkinson Joseph Mastral Labourer Shoe Maker after banns Patk. Shannon, Clerk & W. Smith  
7 25.1.1848 Thomas Robinson Mary Hunt 25 22 Bachelor Spinster Private Soldier 41st Regt Servant Tulla Tulla Richard Robinson James Hunt Weaver Soldier after banns Patk. Shannon, Clerk & D. Dowsett 41 Regt  
8 10.2.1848 William Kennedy Margaret saddler 22 21 Bachelor Spinster Private Soldier 41st Regt Servant Tulla Tulla John Kennedy Daniel Saddler Labourer Labourer after banns James Chadwick & Paul McIntosh  
9 26.2.1848 James Chadwick Honor Hehir 24 18 Bachelor Spinster Carpenter Living with her father Tulla Tulla Thomas Chadwick John Hehir Gentleman Farmer after banns William McDonag, corporal 51st Regt & P. Channon, clerk  
10 26.2.1848 George Harding Judy Griffin 26 22 Bachelor Spinster Private Soldier 41st Regt Servant Tulla Tulla Thomas Harding James Griffin Shoe maker Labourer after banns WilliamMcDOnagh, corp 41st Regt & P. Shannon, Parich Clerk  
11 29.02.1848 George Philips Mary Molony 22 17 Bachelor Spinster Private sOldier 41st Regt Living with her mother Tulla Tulla Charles Phillips Michael Molony Labourer Gardener after banns Pat Shannon, Parish Clerk & Stephen molony  
12 24.7.1849 James Baliy Isabella Johnston full full Bachelor Spinster Sub Constable living with her father O'Callaghans Mills Tulla James Baliy David Johnson Farmer Pensioner licence P. Shannon, Clerk & Hugh Jackson  
13 31.3.1851 William John Harrison Moreland Dorcas Matilda Westropp full full Bachelor Spinster Barrister at Law and LLD Spinster Fortanne inthe Parish of Tulla - James Moreland John Westropp Esq Esq J.P. licence ? & Robert M. Westropp  
14 30.1.1851 Timothy Ryan Alice Morrison full full Bachelor Spinster Shoemaker Matron of Fever Hospital Tulla Tulla Daniel ryan Thomas Morrison Shoemaker Farmer licence Robert Wade & William Hayes  
15 9.2.1852 Ralph Westropp Catherine O'Callaghan full full Bachelor Spinster Gentleman Gentlewoman Coolreagh Maryfort John Westropp Geroge O'Callaghan Esquire Esquire licence John Reddan & Robert O'Callaghan  
16 1.3.1852 Thomas Roberts Mary Crowe full full Widower Spinster Miner living at home Tulla Tulla Thomas Roberts James Crowe Miner Shoemaker licence James Walker & Maria Walker  
17 12.7.1852 Andrew Lysaght Frances O'Callaghan full full Bachelor Spinster Gentleman Gentlewoman Maryfort Maryfort John Lysaght George O'Callaghan Esquire Esquire licence ? & Robert O'Callaghan  
18 28.7.1852 George Groves Catherine Brady underage underage Bachelor Spinster Servant Servant Dromoland Newgrove William Groves William Brady Bootmaker Gentleman licence James Grady(Mark) & Elisabeth Dwyer  
19 5.8.1852 William molony Mary Molony full full Bachelor Spinster Clerk Servant Tulla Tulla John Molony Patrick Molony Civil Bill Officer Shopkeeper licence Richard Shannon & Margaret Hall  
20 28.5.1853 John Curry Eliza Graham full full Bachelor Spinster Farmer Teacher of Embroidery in Tula Work House Tulla Poor House Daniel Curry Francis Graham Farmer Tradesman licence John Cullen & William Hayes  
21 27.7.1854 Michael Gavin Frances O'Brien full full Bachelor Spinster Farmer Farmer Fisher's Lodge Newgrove Cottage William Gavin Thomas Brown Burke Officer Farmng licence James Crawley & ?  
22 12.3.1855 Pierce O'Brien Eliza Brough full full Bachelor Spinster Esquire Lady Brook Lodge Newgrove Pierce o'Brien William Borough Esquire Esqr (R.N.) licence H. Spaight, 21st Cla & Francis O'Brien  
23 20.9.1855 Andrew Paterson Alice Brew full full Bachelor Spinster Accountant under Royal Charter Lady Tulla Tulla Alexander Paterson Tomkins Brew Professor of Languages R.M. licence James Paterson & James Molony  
24 22.12.1856 William Uzell Eliza Graham full full Bachelor Spinster Policeman Servant Cullane Tulla Adam Uzell Andrew Graham Farmer Weaver licence John J. O'Blance & Mariann Dwyer  
25 20.1.1858 David Courtney Eliza Jane Brew full full Bachelor Spinster Surgeon R.N. Lady Tulla Tulla Henry Knox Courtney Richard Brew Merchant Vicar & Prebendary of Tulloh licence Henry K. Courtney & Richard Brew  
26 29.6.1859 T. Fitzgerald French Harriet S. Molony full full Bcahelor Spinster Clerk lady Templeharry Rectory Kiltanon Savage French Jas Molony Esquire Esquire licence Sampson W. French & James Molony & T. Henry Hunt, Clerk  
27 13.10.1859 William Woods Letitia Gore full full Bachelor Spinster Clergyman Lady Timogue Tyredagh William Woods Francis Gore Officer 12th foot Esquire licence Marcus Molony & Fra Gore  
28 12.11.1860 William Russell Jane Malcolm full full Bachelor Sinster Farmer - Rathmore Spancil Hill John Russell Robert Malcolm Farmer Farmer licence John Curry & Peter Sinclair  
29 21.3.1861 George Studdert Mary Gore full - Bachelor Spinster Esquire Lady Woodlawn Tyredagh Joseph Studdert Francis Gore Esquire Esquire licence Marcus Molony & Fra Gore  
30 25.2.1862 Marcus Molony Christainna E. Gore full full Bachelor Spinster Esquire Lady Kiltannon Tyredagh James Molony Francis Gore Esquire Esquire licence G. Molony & Fra Gore  
31 8.10.1866 William McGarrigle Rebecca Austin full full Bachelor Widow Shopkeeper Hotel keeper Tulla Tulla William McGarrigle Christopher Powell Farmer Farmer licence William Powell John O'Donnell
32 01.06.1867 William Lewis Hunt Mary Brady full full Bachelor Spinster Esquire - George Street, Limerick Newgrove, Co. Clare Robert Hunt Luke Brady Esq Esq licence W. Browne -
33 20.8.1867 Thos. H. Scarlett Sarah H. Watson full full Bachelor Spinster Military Schoolmaster - Tulla Tulla William Scarlett Wm. Watson Postmaster Clerk of Petty Sessions licence M. Rupole William Scarlett
34 31.08.1868 William Brown Annie M. Clampett full full Bachelor Spinster Farmer - Tulla Tulla John Brown John Clampett Farmer LAndSteward licence George Clampett John Clampett
35 03.07.1859 William Rosengrave Kathleen Higgins full 17 Bachelor Spinster Retired Policeman - O'Callaghans Mills Tulla John Rosengrave James Higgins Shoemaker Constable R.I.C. licence John Maunsell Mich Spillane
36 24.08.1869 George Lambert Bridget Finnucane full full Bachelor Spinster Saddler Servant Tulla Tulla George Lambert Feargus Finnucane Saddler Farmer licence William Wade William Austin
37 8.02.1875 Thomas B. Brady Emily E. Perry 28 17 Bachelor Spinster Gentleman - Newgrove Fomerla Luke Brady John Thomas Perry Gentleman Farmer licence George Perry John Frost
38 04.11.1875 Robert Spaight Alice M. Molony 30 19 Bachelor Spinster Gentleman - Affock Clonmore Henry Spaight James Molony Gentleman M.D. Licence James Molony T.S. Welsh
39 23.10.1876 Arthur Miller Sydney Simpson 39 26 Bachelor Spinster Pensioner Servant Tulla Kiltanon, Tulla Samuel Miller Joseph Simpson Gamekeeper Car man banns William McGarrigle James Sanderson
40 15.02.1879 George Boyle Mary Lerman full full Bachelor Spinster Coachman Servant Derrymore Derrymore George Boyle Robert Lerman Farmer Gardener licence Richard Colbourne Sarah Merrick
41 4.09.1880 William Nugent Westropp Mary Molony full full Bachelor Widow Gentleman - Tulla Garruragh John Westropp Donat Sampson Gentleman Gentleman licence James M. Massy Elizabeth Perry
42 04.06.1888 John Harwood Sarah Jane Austin full full Bachelor Spinster Sergenat R.I.C. Shop keeper Glandree Tulla John Harwood Pierce Austin Colour Sergeant Farmer licence Richard James Wlashe Sarah Moore
43 20.01.1894 Lowther Alexander Jameson Frances Rose O'Hara 24 24 Bachelor Spinster Surgeon Lady Tulla Cahir, Feakle J.S. Jameson William O'Hara Sub Sheriff of Co. Clare B.L. & R.M. licence Alfred ? Caroline O'Hara
44 28.04.1905 Patrick Harrison Rebecca Mabel Claire Spaight full 24 Bachelor Spinster General man (sic) gentlewoman Affock Affock, Tulla John Harrison Robert Spaight labourer gentleman licence F.J. Spaight A.E. Molony
45 05.04.1906 Fred G.J. Hall Anna K. McGarrigle full full Bachelor Spinster Shipping Agent Postmistress 10 Hopefield Avenue, Belfast Tulla David John Hall William McGarrigle Merchant Ex Post Master licence Robert Weatherup Lilian Evelyn Harwood
46 12.06.1906 Ernest S. Merritt Isabella Hutchinson full full Bachelor Spinster Gamekeeper Lady's Maid Riverstown, Parish of Doorha Kiltanon, Parish of Tulla Thomas Merritt William Hutchinson Gamekeeper Farmer licence Robert Weatherup Maggie Hutchinson
47 26.04.1911 Robert Russell Marcella Powell full full Bachelor Spinster Farmer - Rathmore, Sixmilebridge Clondorney, Tulla William Russell William Powell Farmer Farmer licence Walter Warren Fannie Powell
48 30.06.1920 Thomas Geary Fannie Powell Full full Bachelor Spinster Sergenat R.I.C. - Sixmilebridge, CO. Clare Clondorney, Tulla Henry Geary William Powell Farmer Farmer licence Francis S. Carter Marcella Carter
49 24.09.1947 Hubert Evans Ethel Mary Powell full full Bachelor Spinster Farmer - Hillside, Greystones Clondorney, Tulla William Digby Evans Thomas Powell Farmer Farmer licence Annie E. Powell Robert J. Hughes

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