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RC Marriage Records for BRETT, COONEY, DOOLEY, MCDOWELL for the parish of Tulla

Title: RC Marriage Records for BRETT, COONEY, DOOLEY, MCDOWELL for the parish of Tulla
Type: Marriage certificates
Dates: 1820–1876
Place: RC Parish of Tulla
Source: Tulla RC Marriage Registers
Transcriber/Donator: Tom McDowell I am particularly interested in researching my McDowell and Brett ancestry and would welcome any contacts from anyone who might be able to add further information.
Groom's given name
Grooms surname
Bride's given name
Bride's surname
Witness 1
Witness 2
Index No
John McInerney (Derryquin) Ellen Dooley (Balloughtra) 14/2/1820 1820 Charles Dooley   65  
Charles Dooley (Balloughtra) Bridget Hartney (Milltown) 17/2/1822 1822 John Hartney (Milltown) Michael Hartney (Carahan)    
James McInerney Keeley Dooley 1826 1826        
Michael McDowell Judith McNamara 18/8/1829 1829 John O'Meara Mary O'Dea    
Thomas Hinch Bridget Cooney 1832 1832        
Michael Cooney Margaret McInertney July 1848 1848     81  
John Cooney Eliza Graham   1853     172  
Patrick Cooney Margaret Griffin   1856     257  
Denis Cooney Johanna McNamara   1856     265  
Michael Hogan Bridget Dooley 31/7/1856 1856     253  
Denis Cooney Bridget Dooley 24/2/1857 1857     294  
Lawrence Cooney Mary Roughan 24/2/1857 1857     299  
Thomas Dooley Mary Falvey 3/9/1865 1865        
Michael Dooley Mary Cooney   1867 Simon Dooley Kate McGrath    
Thomas Dooley Anne Hehir 18/1/1870 1870        
Denis Cooney Mary Powell 1876 1876       Glandree
Patrick Cooney Mary Moloney     Denis Cooney   112 Gorteenaneelig
Patrick O'Loughlin Catherine Meehan     Pat Brett      
Daniel Sadler ??? Cooney         147  
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