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Donated Material: Court Reports and Legal Records (including Evictions)

Ejectment Books of County Clare 1816-1835

The Ejectment Books are a summary record of ejectment cases before the Circuit Court. In order to evict their tenants legally, landlords had to receive a judgement in their favour from the Circuit Court. County Clare has the most complete set of ejectment records of any county in Ireland. Each book contains the names of evicted tenants, landlords and their attorneys, the location of farms and sometimes details of leases and grounds for seeking eviction. There are seventeen surviving books for Clare for the period 1816-1850 and twenty-eight books for 1850-1914. Two books are listed as missing. The Ejectment Books are held in the National Archives in Dublin.

This resource consists of extracts from the first six of the early Ejectment Books of County Clare and covers the period 1816-1835 and contains over 4,500 records. (Ejectment Books ID/40/16 – ID/40/32). Details included here are the name of the tenant (Defendant), the location, parish and barony of the holding and the name of the landlord (Plaintiff). The records are arranged alphabetically by tenants’ surnames. The project was initiated and executed by Nicola Jennings who kindly donated her work to Clare County Library for this website.

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Transcriber’s Note:

The original spelling has been adhered to wherever possible. Surnames given here with a question mark are names which were difficult to read and where the spelling was uncertain, so I have attempted to give the closest name that I could but there is still room for doubt. Entries cancelled in the original records are included but marked with an asterisk. Where an alternative spelling has been found elsewhere this alternative spelling has been included in brackets. Where the names of occupants of properties adjoining the property in question are given these have also been included but without an accompanying landlord, indicating that they are not up for eviction, and with the designation, farm, holding, wall or house in lieu of title. In the database the phrase ‘lands of’ implies ‘the part of lands of …’ and not the whole. Where more than one Plaintiff is named the Defendant is entered twice, but multiple Plaintiffs have only one entry, the first name, and subsequent names being referred to simply as ‘and others’.
Accessing the original entry in the Ejectment Books is recommended. Not all Defendants were evicted; many cases were dismissed, or heard again at a later date. Reference to the complete entry in the Ejectment book is required in order to ascertain the outcome of the case or if more details information than that given in the database is sought. The Ejectment Books are accessed by the date of the Session, and the name of the landlord.

Clare County Library is grateful to Nicola Jennings for donating this material.

Ejectment Books by Surname of Tenant:

Ejectment Books by Parish:

The Ejectment Books are given here by Civil Parish. Where no parish was given in the originals, a parish has been guessed at, based on the townland, tenant and landlord information given in the case. Where there are no records for a parish there is no link below.

Abbey Bunratty Carran Clareabbey Clondegad Clonlea
Clonloghan Clooney
(Bunratty Upper)
Clonrush Doora Drumcliff
Drumcreehy Drumline Dysert Feakle Feenagh Gleninagh
Inagh Inchicronan Inishcaltra Kilballyowen Kilchreest Kilconry
Kilcorney Kilfarboy Kilfearagh Kilfenora Kilfiddane Kilfinaghta
Kilfintinan Kilkeedy Killaloe Killard Killadysert Killaspuglonane
Killeany Killeely Killilagh Killimer Killofin Killokennedy
Killonaghan Killone Killuran Kilmacduane Kilmacrehy Kilmaleery
Kilmaley Kilmanaheen Kilmihil Kilmoon Kilmurry
Kilmurry Killinaboy Kilnamona Kilnasoolagh Kilnoe Kilraghtis
Kilrush Kilseily Kilshanny Kiltenanlea Kiltoraght Moyarta
Moynoe Noughaval O'Briensbridge Ogonnelloe Oughtmama Quin
Rath Rathborney Ruan St. Munchins St. Patricks Templemaley
Tomfinlough Tomgraney Tulla      
Unknown Parish          
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