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Donated Material: Emigration Records

Assisted Immigrants from County Clare to New South Wales (1844-1887)

Title: Assisted Immigrants from County Clare to New South Wales
Main family names: Numerous
Dates: 1844-1887
Places: County Clare to the Colony of New South Wales

Assisted Immigrants (digital) Shipping Lists provided by the State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales

Transcriber/Donator: Kevin Murphy, Queensland, Australia

This data set has been extracted from the Assisted Immigrants (digital) Shipping Lists provided by the State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales.
“The term 'assisted immigrant' refers to those people whose passage was subsidised or paid for through one of the several assisted immigration schemes which operated to New South Wales from the United Kingdom and other countries”
In addition to immigrants landing in Sydney (NSW), the early part of the list includes immigrants to Port Phillip (Victoria) and Moreton Bay (Queensland) prior to those colonies separating from NSW in 1851 and 1859 respectively.
The extracted list, containing a total of 9,888 entries, comprises those passengers who declared their birthplace as County Clare.
The dataset is presented as two spreadsheet files:
Immigrants_Chronological.xlsx – Immigrants in order of arrival date, giving full name, whether part of a family group or single, native place and calling, shipping departure and arrival details. (Note that where departure details were not provided in the ship’s log they have been gleaned from newspaper shipping reports)
Immigrants_Alphabetical.xlsx – Abbreviated listing in alphabetical order of passenger name. For convenience an estimated date of birth is included, being simply the year of arrival minus the passenger’s age.
Between 1847 - 1855 and between 1861 - Jun 1874, the Townland or Parish was often recorded for the birthplace as well as the County(Clare). No attempt has been made to correct the spelling of these townland names, so some imagination may be required in their interpretation. After June 1874, immigration officials obviously decided that recording townland names was too difficult, so they reverted to noting County only.
It should be noted that this dataset represents only a portion of the total migration from Clare to Australia during this period. It does not include immigrants to NSW prior to 1844 when only the country but not the county of origin was specified. There were also many Clare immigrants to the other colonies: Queensland(after 1859), Victoria(after 1851), Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.
Nevertheless, for those Clare researchers looking for relatives who migrated to the colony of New South Wales in the 19th Century, this listing may provide a useful starting point.

Registers (both in .xlsx format)

Immigrants Alphabetical 1844-1887
Immigrants Chronological 1844-1887

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