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Arthur, Casey & Hanrahan who emigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Title: Arthur, Casey & Hanrahan who emigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Type of Material: Family History
Places: Miltown Malbay; Mt Egerton, Ballarat, Millbrook, Portland - Australia
Dates: 1832 to 1854
Families: Arthur & Casey (Clare), Hanrahan (Limerick)
Author/Donator: Angela Smith, California
(Descendant of Michael and Mary Arthur Casey Hanrahan's daughter, Elizabeth)

MARY ARTHUR, BORN on 19 May 1824/1825, in Co. Clare, Ireland, (Parent's names unknown) married to STEPHEN CASEY, in Ireland (Parish unknown). One child, a son, born to them on 01 May, 1847, in Ireland: named JOHN CASEY.
Mary Arthur Casey and son, John, emigrated to Milwaukee Wisconsin by 1854. Unknown if Stephen immigrated to the U.S.

MARY ARTHUR CASEY, married MICHAEL HANRAHAN, who was born on 29 September 1801/1804, in Co. Limerick, Ireland, married at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about 1853, second marriage for both.

MICHAEL HANRAHAN was married first to ANNA (MAIDEN NAME UNKNOWN, possibly Brown) and married either in Ireland or Massachusetts, one son born to them in 1833/1834 in Massachusetts, named John Hanrahan, family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about 1845. Anna died in Wisconsin about 1851-1852.

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