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The Frosts of County Clare, Ireland by Janet Frost

The Children of Solomon Frost

  1. JOHN FROST land owner, farmer and coroner. 1827-1923 died aged 96.
    He married Kate (Catherine ) Frost of Cappa, a second cousin. Her sister Ellen was the first wife of Edmond, one of John’s brothers. According to the Newmarket on Fergus parish register John and Kate had 3 sons and 3 daughters. John had property in Clonmoney in Bunratty.
    In 1876 he owned 607 acres, valued at £256. He may also have leased land. In the 1901 census it is recorded that the house he and wife lived in was 1st class and had 2 stables, 2 coach houses, a harness room, 2 cow houses, a calf house, a dairy, a piggery, 2 fowl houses, 2 boiling houses, a barn a workshop and a shed. 17 points. He was known to Aunt Kit, who was his niece.
  2. MICHAEL FROST died in 1886 leaving £1096. He married Bedelia Burke of Broadford about 1863 and farmed at Rossroe. They had 14 children some of whom survived childhood. They did not all marry, but all could read and write. Their house was 2nd Class with 11 farm buildings (1901 census). There are thought to be living descendants of Patrick who was the youngest surviving son.
  3. SOLOMON FROST Jun married Anne and they lived in Streamstown. There are living descendants at Drumline.

    In a letter from John Frost of Drumline, Newmarket, he states that his father was Solomon, his grandfather was called John Frost and his great grandfather was Solomon. Grandfather John Frost died on Good Friday 1940, aged about 83, so he was born about 1857. John’s great grandfather was Solomon Frost and he and John Frost his son, both lived in Rosmanagher.
  4. PATRICK FROST Born 1831 married Kate Maloney of Ennis. No issue.
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  8. ) MARY, ANNE, SARAH and BRIDGET, the names of the husbands are all that is known – see above.
  9. THOMAS FROST born 1842, of Feenagh Molony, married Nora Dundon. He owned 70 acres of land in 1876. He was a farmer and District Councillor. No issue. Their house was 1st class with 13 rooms.
  10. EDMOND WILLIAM FROST 1844-1917 m 1 ELLEN FROST 1846-1873
                                                                  2 MARY GREENE 1854-1925
  11. ROBERT FROST born 1848 married Margaret O’Brien. 2 children

We were informed that Edmond was one of the first catholic doctors in Ireland, educated in Ireland. Other men had been to Scottish universities for their medical training. The Medical Directory gives his date of registration as September 4 1869. He was Lic. R. Coll. Surg. Ire. in 1867. Lic.Med. Univ. Dublin 1868.

He practised medicine first at Cecil Street, Limerick and when the dispensary (practice) at Newmarket became vacant he was elected at the sum of £1000. No doubt his father paid this!

He married ELLEN FROST, his first wife and a second cousin, on November 25 1868. She was the daughter of Robert Frost and Margaret Frost from the Hill House. She was 20, he was 24. Her sister Kate had married Edmond’s eldest brother, John, some years earlier. One son, Solomon, was born. The record of the registrations of the death of Ellen, and the birth of Solomon have not been found. It is interesting that Edmond married so early. Most of the Frost men were in their thirties when they married.

4th November 1868 between Solomon Frost of Rosmanacher House, esquire and Edmond Frost, his son, medical doctor, RobertFrost of Cappa South esquire and Ellen Frost, spinster, his daughter and James Frost of Lismoyle and Michael Frost of Cappa esquire (these are Ellen’s brothers) giving Edmond an annuity of £50 to be continued even after the death of Robert, the annuity to be charged upon land at Derrymore in Lower Tully.

This is a brief précis of a very long and complicated memorial.

Marriage certificate of Dr Edmond Frost and Ellen Frost
Marriage certificate of Dr Edmond Frost and Ellen Frost

Kathleen, (Aunt Kit) Edmond’s daughter wrote that her mother accused him of remembering the birthday of this child while forgetting the birthdays of the rest of his children!

James Frost of Hill House wrote in 1983, that he was 75 years old and that both his great grandfather and grandfather had lived their lives at the Hill. He wrote that Dr Edmond Frost had married his grandaunt Ellen Frost and they had had a son (Solomon). He also wrote that John Dundon whose mother was a Frost from Ennis said that The Hill was the ancestral home of the Frosts! James also stated that Dr Edmond Frost had brought him into the world 75 years earlier!

Ellen died on 29 August 1873 at the Angel Hotel according to a report in the Dublin Evening Mail. The registration of her death and the birth of Solomon have not been found, nor has it been possible to find out what happened to Solomon. Maybe he was brought up by relatives of his mother. One suggestion is that he went to USA.

In 1876 Edmond Frost married MARY GREENE, his second wife, the daughter of AUGUSTINE GREENE of Corbally. Mary was one of a large prosperous catholic family. The report of the marriage in the Clare Journal of February 17 1876 records:-


FROST – GREENE - February 16th at the Catholic Church, Clooney by the Rev Matthew Kenny. PP Scarrif, uncle to the bride assisted by the Rev. David Corbett PP Quin and Rev J McMahon CC Quin, Edmond Frost Esq. MD Newmarket on Fergus to Mary, eldest daughter of Augustine Greene Esq. Corbally Co Clare.

This is another long and complicated memorial.

14 February 1826 between Edmond Frost of Newmarket on Fergus medical doctor, Mary Greene of Corbally spinster, Augustine Greene of Corbally in Co Clare( Mary’s father) and Thomas Frost of Feenagh (Edmond’s brother) and Michael Greene (Mary’s brother).

It seems that Edmond was insured for £1000 in the event of his death and Mary brought various properties to the marriage. See later.

It also seems that the brothers of Ellen, the first wife were to discontinue paying the annuity agreed on the first marriage.

Signatures of Edmond Frost, Mary Greene and Augustine Greene on Marriage Settlement
Signatures of Edmond Frost, Mary Greene and Augustine Greene on Marriage Settlement

Marriage certificate of Edmond Frost and Mary Greene
Marriage certificate of Edmond Frost and Mary Greene

Further information on the Greene family follows the Frost family. Mary’s mother, Catherine Kenny, came from Freagh Castle. Though one of a large family, she was the only girl to marry and have children. Four sisters were nuns. One brother was a priest and one did not marry. Her older brother Michael was a vet and spent some years in Canada, though he died in Ennis. He married Mary Bourke from Dublin.

Beechlawn, the large house Edmond and Mary lived in Newmarket on Fergus was bought for them, but it is not clear whether this was bought by Mary’s father or by Edmond’s father. It is likely that Greene money paid for the education of this family.

In the marriage settlement made prior to the marriage of Edmond and Mary it was stated, among many other things:- And reciting that by an Indenture of Lease of the 17th September 1856 Sir Edward Fitzgerald demised to the said Augustine Greene All That and Those that part of the lands of Liscannor called the House Division whereon the said Augustine Greene resided containing six acres or thereabouts: Also that part of the said lands called the Strip containing four acres and one rood or thereabouts: Also that part of the said lands called The Salt House field containing Ten acres one rood thereabouts: Also that part of the Lands of Cahercahill containing Ten acres one rood or thereabouts and containing in the whole Twenty one acres three roods situate in the parish of Kilmacreehy Baronry of Corcomroe and County of Clare. It later states that Augustine Greene had agreed to give his daughter Mary Greene the fortune therein named.

Edmond was a busy country GP. One pictures him in a pony and trap in the early years, visiting his patients in out of the way places. He probably dealt with all their minor injuries and delivered their babies. Later, the family had a car.
The 1901 census records:-

Edmond Frost head 56 RC Medical Pract can read/write
Mary Frost wife 46 RC   can read/write
Frances Frost dau 18 RC   can read/write
Clara Frost dau   2 RC   can read/write
Augustine Greene fa-in-law 85 RC widower can read/write
Margaret O Reilly servant 18 RC cook dom. servant can read/write
Nan Reynolds servant 16 RC gen. dom. servant can read/write
The house was 1st class with 12 rooms

Edmond died in 1917. In his will he left £273 1s 6d, no doubt having already passed on the house. Mary died in 1925 leaving £2009 12s 6d to her son William who inherited the house. They are buried in Kilnasoolagh churchyard, Newmarket on Fergus.

Death certificate of Dr Edmund Frost
Death certificate of Dr Edmund Frost

The death of his widow Mary Frost does not appear to have been registered

Edmond and Mary had a very large family – their children were:-

  1. Austin b and d 1876
  3. Henry Francis (Harry) 1879 -1938 m Rae. No issue.
  4. Ann Mary (Aimee) 1880 -.. nun
  5. Frances (Fan) 1882-1945
  6. Edmond Vincent 1884-1931 priest and teacher.
  7. William Arthur 1886-1953 m Joyce Sterling-one son, one daughter
  8. Georgina b and d 1887
  9. Leonora (Lolo) 1889-1936.. m Gavin Hamilton
  10. Geraldine b and d 1891
  11. Kathleen Mary (Kit) 1892-1987 nun - Sister Bernadette
  12. Philomena b and d 1895
  13. Clara 1898-1924 m Donal Blake Jenkins

All the information on this family is from Kathleen Mary, (Aunt Kit) who was an Ursuline nun, and Kathleen Gibbons, the daughter of Leonora, and of course, from the records held by Tom Frost, son of Austin.

When the house was put on the market this was the description:-

Standing on 1a. 2r. 29p SM, in centre of hunting, rough shooting and fishing.
For Sale by Auction at the salerooms, 64 O’Connell St, Limerick

                                  By instructions of Col.Frost (who is changing his residence).
                                                        Beechlawn, Newmarket-on-Fergus

Beechlawn is ideally situated and convenient to transport, and may be fully recommended for an ideal country residence. The property is of considerable character and good appearance and is absolutely in first-class order throughout. The rooms are well proportioned and the accommodation consists of lounge, hall, sitting room, dining room, study, breakfast room, kitchen with Stanley range, pantry fitted with wash basin, h & store room, 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (h & c), electric light, water laid on. Garage, stabling, and outoffices. Ornamental ground, kitchen garden.

Special attention is directed to the situation of this residence, being so convenient to the world renowned Airport at Rineanna. (Shannon),

This unique property, with all its modern adjuncts, has the advantage of being exceptionally easily run. From the well planned ground to the last internal detail of house planning and comfort allied to perfect decoration, this extremely well built and designed residence is altogether pleasing.

The Auctioneer strongly recommends an inspection of this property, as only by doing so can its many attractions be appreciuated.

Messrs J.DUNDON & SON Solicitors, O’Connell street, Limerick.

After the death of Dr Edmond Frost, his widow Mary continued to live in the house with Fan, the eldest daughter. Mary died in 1925. Fan died in 1945. Dr William Frost (Colonel), the fourth son, eventually inherited the house. Later, finding it too big, he sold Beechlawn and built a smaller house behind.

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