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Notes on Rosaleen Underwood’s ‘The Family of Austin (Augustine) Carrigg of Ennistymon, County Clare'

Title: Notes on Rosaleen Underwood’s ‘The Family of Austin (Augustine) Carrigg of Ennistymon, County Clare’
Type of Material: Family History
Places: Ennistymon; Queensland, Australia; New York & Kansas, USA
Dates: 1824 - 1937
Family Names: Carrigg; Finucane; O’Donnell ; Herbert; Flanagan; McDermot.
Transcriber/Donator: Dixie Ingram

Austin Carrigg (b1843 or 1846), son of John Carrigg and Mary Anne Herbert, is my great grandfather and information on his family follows (see 3, below).

1. Was Augustine Carrigg Married to Bridget O’Donnell and Bridget Finucane?

Records of New York Emigrant Savings Bank 1854 for Austin Carrigg (born abt 1824) read:
‘Austin Carrigg. Boarding House, Cherry Street. 20 [house no]. Native of Ennistymon, Co Clare Ireland. Arr NY August [18]47 …. Ship ‘Emma Prescott’ from Galway. Parents in Id Fa Austin, Mo Bridget O’DONNELL. has 5 Bros & 3 Sisters - ?I married to Bridget Ladin [also spelt Leyden], no chn.’

1847 Passenger List from ‘Emma Prescott’ contains Austin and Biddy [Bridget] both aged 23 [born abt 1824]. Beneath these 2 names is Mary Leyden aged 17 (likely to be Biddy’s sister).

Through ‘Ireland GenWebProject-Irelant County Websites Index-Munster Provence-Clare Surname Roster’ I was contacted by an American descendent of Austin Carrigg (born abt 1824) who is his great granddaughter. This contact confirmed that Mary Leydon (born abt 1830) was Biddy’s sister and that another sister, Kate Leydon (born abt 1832) followed Biddy and Mary to US. In 1950 Census records Mary is living at the same address as Austin and Biddy.

2. An item from ‘’ comments on Miss Bridget Carrigg daughter of Mr Austin Carrigg, Ennistymon, marriage in Ennistymon to Constable Patrick McDermot on Tuesday 21 Sept 1858. This would indicate that Bridget C. is the daughter of Augustine C. and Bridget Finucane (or Bridget O’Donnell ?).

According to the 1854 Bank records of Austin (b abt 1824) above, he had 5 Bros and 3 Sisters. If Austin (b abt 1824) and Bridget McDermot (nee Carrigg) are indeed children of Augustine and Bridget (O’Donnell or Finucane) there are 2 other brothers. One of these 2 brothers would be Michael Carrigg who is amongst ‘s ‘Ireland, Select Marriages, 1619-1898’ records as follows : Marriage record of Michael Carrigg. Marriage date 18 Nov 1868 at Ennistymon, Clare, Ireland. Father – Austin Carrigg. Spouse - Susan O’Dwyer. The other brother may well be Thomas whose name appears on the CBS Ennistymon School Register 1857-1885: Age 13, date of Registration 27 Jul 1857 [?b abt 1844], Occupation of Parents – Bridewell Keeper.

3. The Children of John Carrigg and Mary Anne Herbert

Austin : my great grandfather. Rosaleen’s notes have Austin’s dob ca 1846. The marriage cert. of Austin C. records his age in 1865 as 22 [dob 1843] possibly making him the eldest child. Austin married Margaret Flanagan 13 May 1865 in Ipswich, Queensland before they travelled to Toowoomba where they had 9 children: Mary (abt 1865-1915), John Joseph (24 May 1867–28 Dec 1912), Michael John (4 Aug 1868–14 June 1921) [is my grandfather who died in Kalgoorlie/Boulder Western Australia], Patrick Austin (22 May 1870-11 June 1956)(died in Brisbane), Bridget (16 Apr 1872-31 May 1872), Joseph (16 Apr 1872-22 Jul 1872)[twins], Thomas (16 Jun 1873-28 Sept 1873), Catherine (Kate Cecelia) (27 Feb 1875-1955)(died in New South Wales, Australia), Margaret (Minnie) (aka Sister Mary Wilfred, Sisters of Charity, Sydney)(15 Aug 1877-6 Mar 1961)(died in Sydney).

4. The children of Bridget Carrigg (b1849) and Thomas Flanagan

In a copy of material from the Clare Heritage Centre relating to the Flanagan-Carrigg families, Patrick J Flanagan (baptised 1885) and Alfred C Flanagan (baptised 1887) are also mentioned as children of Bridget Carrigg and Thomas Flanagan.

5. Michael Carrigg (b1853) – son of John Carrigg and Mary Anne Herbert

Michael’s eldest son, John C (b1878), travelled to Brisbane, Australia abt 1907 where he was a police officer. He died 17 July 1937 in Queensland. His death cert. records his birthplace As Ennistymon, Clare Ireland; his father as Michael Carrigg (Wine and Spirit Merchant) and his mother as Mary Griffin (? A combination of the names of both Michael’s wives ie Catherine Griffin and Mary McGuire); cause of death: Heart failure. John was a resident of a Mental Hospital at Goodna, Brisbane when he died although the Hospital apparently was a facility to look after those who could no longer look after themselves. Informant on John’s death cert was P A Carrigg (cousin). Patrick Austin Carrigg is the son of John’s father’s brother, Austin C (b1842). Electoral records show John at times living with Austin and his wife, Louisa in Brisbane.

US immigration/passenger records indicate that after Michael married his 2nd wife, Mary McGuire, 7 of Michael and Catherine’s children travelled to US: Helena (b1883) in 1893 at age 10; Mary Catherine (b1879) in 1905; Susan Mary(b1886) in 1905; Bridget (b1888) in 1911; Anne J(b1885) in 1912; Catherine (b1891) in 1912; Patrick(b1889) in 1931. Destination of these children in US was NY NY except for Helena (age 10) whose destination was Nickerson, Kansas. The only other person on Helena’s passenger list going to Nickerson was a servant (Minnie Maloney from Westport, Ireland, where Helena’s sister, Bridget, also lived before sailing to NY.) The assumption is Minnie travelled with Helena to Nickerson, where Helena had an Aunt, Mary GRIFFIN. 1900 Census records show Helena then living in NY (at age 16 working as a waitress at The Roosevelt Hospital (where some of the Carrigg sisters were nurses).

1911 Census of Ireland records list as Residents of 7 Old Town Street, Ennistimon, Clare:
‘Michael Carrigg (age 56), Mary (age 43), Austin (age 7), Joseph (age 6), Michael (age 4), Ethne (age 2) and Anne McGuire [?Mary’s sister]. Years married – 17, Children born – 13, Children living – 4.’ Of these 4 children, New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 record Michael Carrigg (b1907 at Ennistymon) (age 20) travelling to NY NY on ‘Munchen’ arr. 23 Sept 1927 and then Etta Carrigg (b abt 1908 at Ennistymon) (age 21) travelling to NY, NY on ‘Laconia’ in 1929. There is also a Declaration of Intention [NY NY Naturalization Records 1882-1944] by Michael Carrigg born 14 Feb 1907 at Ennistymon) dated 27 December 1927.

The only records found so far of Carriggs from this family travelling to Australia are Austin (b1842 or ?1846) and John (b1878) although a notice in the newspaper relating to Austin’s (b1842) death mentions he joined his Uncle in Melbourne before working in New Zealand for 12 months, then coming to Queensland. This ‘Uncle’ is not necessarily a Carrigg.

Dixie Ingram, 15 April 2014

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