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Patrick Frost of Smithstown and Drumline

Title: Patrick Frost of Smithstown and Drumline
Type of Material: Family History
Places: Smithstown, Drumline, Rossmanagher, Ballymorris; Bunratty
Dates: 1785 - 1851
Family Names: Frost; O’Donoghue; Clancy; Lyons;
Transcriber/Donator: Flan Enright

There are many Frost families in Clare and their origins have exercised minds in at least three continents in recent times. The likelihood that the first Frost settled in Clare as late as the mid seventeen hundreds seems to offer the possibility of tracing different branches of the family right back to the original settler. However, this has proved to be much more difficult than might be expected. A lot of information about individuals and their families has come to light, but placing the pieces together to make the jigsaw has proved to be a frustrating task. This essay attempts to describe the role of Patrick Frost in the establishment of the Smithstown/Drumline branch of the family. Clare County Library is grateful to Flan Enright for donating this article.

Patrick Frost of Smithstown and Drumline
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