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Pedigree of the Comyn family to Edward Comyn Esq of Kilcorcoran 1756 donated by Margaret Gallery

This account was taken from the Brian O’Looney manuscript in the RIA collection (O'Looney). Brian O’Looney states that it is a translation made by Father Pat McGuan of Kilfarboy of a Latin manuscript dating from 1756 in the possession of Garrett Fitzgerald of Milford, Kilfarboy. The Latin manuscript seems to have been written to support Edward Comyn’s application to become a JP and is witnessed by 15 JPs. It was preserved by Brian O’Looney with poems and biographical notes on Edward Comyn’s father the poet Michael Comyn.
Margaret Gallery October 2014

Comyn Family Pedigree
The Comyn of Ibricane in the northwest part of the County of Clare in Ireland are originally of the ancient family of the Earl of Buchans family in Scotland who lived in the reign of Alexander the third king of Scotland in the year of our lord 1249 of which family by the several revolutions in Scotland the title being extinct, none remains of the right line of that Earl but this family settled in Ireland of which this Edward Comyn is chief as does and may more largely appear.

The first of the line that came for [into] Ireland was Richard Comyn who settled in Kilconnell in the County of Kilkenny and was perpetual Sheriff of that part of the county. The office being then abundantly of greater power and extent than it is at this present time.

One of the sons of this Richard by name Andrew (Comyn) settled in the Barony of Corcomroe in the County of Clare occasioned by his marriage with Margary O’Connor [daughter of a] Dynast and prince of that barony in the ancient Milesian government in that barony. The said Andrew purchased a handsome estate worth then about two hundred pounds per annum but now worth ten times more. His son another Andrew, after his father’s death enjoyed the said estate and married Maryanne the daughter of O’Dea another Dynast and prince of Dysert O’Dea in the barony of Inchiquin in the County of Clare in the Milesian government.

Nicholas the son of Andrew enjoyed the estate after his father’s death and married Saragh the daughter of the Mac Giollariagh (Gallery) Dynast and prince of the territory of Cragbrien in the County of Clare at the time of the invasion of Ireland by King Henry the second of England.

The MacGiollariagh (Gallery) was a branch of the Mac Mahons of the house of Clouninineach of the barony of Clounderela in the County of Clare, the aforesaid Nicholas Comyn married about 1615.

Patrick the son of the above Nicholas married Maryanne Fitzpatrick in Ormond, a close relation of the Baron of Ossory in the year of our Lord 1640. In his time the estate was lost by Cromwell’s usurpation.

Patrick the son of the above Patrick in the year of our Lord 1674 married Joanna Fitzgerald of the House of Desmond and having lost his ancestors estate, obtained of Henry, Earl of Thomond in the year of our Lord 1675 a good handsome farm called Kilcorcoran of a lease of lives and renewals for ever, on which he lived until the day of his death which was in the year of our Lord 1708.
He possessed himself of part of his ancestor’s estate in the late King Jame’s time but he enjoyed it only twelve months the battle of the Boyne having changed the property.

Michael the son of the said Patrick still living in Kilcorcoran in the barony of Ibrickane and County of Clare married in the year of our Lord 1702 to Elizabeth Creagh, niece to Sir Michael Creagh Lord Mayor of Dublin in the reign of the late King James.

The above Michael Comyn is the father of Michael Comyn doctor of Physick now living in St Duintins Picardy Francy and of Edward Comyn Esquire of Kilcorcoran.

We do hereby certify that we believe the above pedigree of the Comyn family to be true to the best of our knowledge.

Edward Browne JP
Robert Westropp JP
Thomas Browne JP
James Molony JP
James Molony junr JP
Henry Miller JP
Thomas Vandelure JP
Augustine Fitzgerald JP

  John Colpoys JP
Charles Fitzgerald JP
James Fitzgerald JP
James England JP
William Butler JP
Mathew Blood JP
James Fitzgerald JP Junr

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