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Inhabitants of Scattery Island, Shannon Estuary, Co. Clare by Senan Scanlan

8.21 Appendix I: Family Databases: Lighthouse Keepers

Lighthouse Keepers

Scattery Lighthouse started on 1st December 1872. (Source: Bill Long, Bright Light, White Water, Dublin 1993, page 135.)

  Name Birth. Marriage Death Occupation Comment and Sources Reference Grave No Census Age 1901/1911



      Lightkeeper Occupation taken from copy of Birth Certificate for John Pious b 14/01/1878
Lightkeeper lived in house alongside the Lighthouse.
Catherine Nora Sommers 07/06/1879       Sponsors David Sommers & Honor Faul.
John Pious Sommers 14/01/1878       Sponsors William Sommers & Honor Faul. (
Owen Thomas Sommers 02/03/1876       Sponsor? (
Richard Simon Sommers 30/11/1873       Sponsors Michael & Mary Brennan (
John Williams       Lightkeeper (Gave 7s-6d donation to Kilrush Catholic Church Memorial Altar)
            Source: Kilrush Herald, Saturday 5th December 1891.


      Lightkeeper Number 14: Bill Long, Bright Light White Water, Dublin 1993, page 207.
Lucy Agnes Fortune 10/06/1896       Sponsors Philip McDonagh and Margaret McKennan
      1901 Census      
John Redmond c1850     Lightkeeper Not Married aged 51
Mary Redmond c1851     Sister Not Married aged 50
      1911 Census      
James French c1861     Lightkeeper Married from Wexford Town aged 50
Ellen French c1869     Wife From Wexford Town aged 42.
      1919-1932     (Source Don Scanlan, Memories of an Islander, Clasp Ennis 2003, page 45.)
John Moore       Lightkeeper Principal Keeper in 22/10/1919.
Alfred J Scott       Lightkeeper Principal Keeper in 22/04/1922.
P J O'Donnell       Lightkeeper Principal Keeper in 23/06/1926
George W James       Lightkeeper Principal Keeper in 06/07/1929.
Alexander Murray       Lightkeeper Principal Keeper in 23/03/1932.
? Byrne       Lightkeeper Lightkeeper in the 1930s Source: Oral Family Information
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