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Vandeleurs of Kilrush County Clare
by Senan Scanlan

2. Vandeleur References (c.1750-1920)

2.3 1860 – 1879

1860 Tuesday 10th January (IT).
Kilkee - To be let, and immediate possession given, the several parts and lots of the Town and Lands of Kilkee (alias Dough), in the County of Clare, being part of the estate of the Most Noble the Marquis of Conyngham.

The premises comprise more than 200 houses, suitable for Sea-bathing Lodges, besides many smaller houses, and about 600 acres of land arable and pasture, which will be let in convenient lots, as Town fields to the different parties who may be declared tenants to the houses----------------Proposals will be received by Marcus Keane Esq, Beechpark, Ennis up to the first day of February.

1860 Monday 23rd January (CJ).
Banquet to Colonel Vandeleur M P. On tomorrow Colonel Vandeleur M P is to be entertained at Kilrush at a public banquet which has been got up by his constituents of all denominations and parties, as a tribute of their respect and esteem for his public and private worth, his estimable character as a landlord and his unwavering attention to their interests as a member of the Imperial Parliament. The attendance is expected to be very numerous, as nearly 150 gentlemen have signified their intention of being present by taking tickets for the dinner.

Kilrush: Great changes in this town are spoken of, a new market place and a large building site for a convent staked out, besides other improvements and alterations, which show the people of this locality will not halt in their onward march of progress. Kilrush Gazette.

1860 Thursday 26th January (CJ)
Banquet at Kilrush to Colonel Vandeleur M P. Kilrush Wednesday-----

When it is recollected what Kilrush was some 20 or 30 years ago and how far from being a mere fishing village as we may say it has arisen to a position of great commercial importance with wide regular and well-built streets, and filled with shops which have quite a Dublin aspect, two Banks (the Provincial and National). Brewery and several respectable hotels fitted up in a style of luxury, among which is William's Hotel, in which the traveller will find every comfort and accommodation with good attendance and moderate charges. ---Railway communications will certainly contribute to Kilrush. ---- The workhouse and infirmary are large handsome buildings. -----The Banquet took place in the large room over the market-house. -----At seven o'clock the chairman Dr. Foley and 120 gentlemen sat down to an excellent dinner provided by Mr Smith of the Vandeleur Arms. The gallant Colonel the honoured guest of the evening occupied a seat on the right of the chair while on his left sat Dr. O'Donnell, Lieut. Patterson. Lieut. Massy Studdert------ Messrs Purcell, O'Brien, Quinn, Gibson and Hickson acted as croupiers-------------- An excellent band of music was in attendance. ----------

Letters of apology were read from Burton MacNamara-Rear Admiral, John Singleton M McMahon McCullagh, Dunboyne, ---------------------------. 1st toast “ The Queen”, 2nd toast “Prince consort, the Prince of Wales and the other members of the Royal Family”, 3rd toast “Lord Lieutenant”, 4th toast “Army and Navy” ----(Speeches filled three newspaper columns)-------------

Colonel Vandeleur----On the part of Lady Grace he had to return his sincere thanks. There is no one taken a greater interest in everything relating to Kilrush than she does (hear hear and cheers). Everything said in my favour gives her pleasure and she feels deeply the compliment you have conferred on me tonight. I am leaving Kilrush and shall leave her in your charge, I shall be going to London and as it is now midnight I shall now wish you all goodnight and I hope I shall meet you all in good health this time twelve-months (cheers) The Colonel retired.

1860 Monday 31st June (CJ).
Death of Major Vandeleur of Ralahine. We regret to have to advise the death of this estimable gentleman at the early age of 31 years which melancholy event took place at Woolwich on the 6th inst.----. (Major Arthur, the Author of “The Life of Arthur Vandeleur, Major, Royal Artillery” was the son of John Scott of Ralahine Commune.)

1860 Thursday 14th June (CJ).
Landlord and Tenant Bill for Ireland. An act bearing the above title has been brought into Parliament under the auspices of Mr Whiteside, Colonel Vandeleur, and Mr Hassard.

1860 Thursday 2nd August (CJ).
We have been favoured by our respected County member Colonel Vandeleur with copies of the following Bills at present under consideration of Parliament viz. Corrupt Practices at Elections Bill------

1860 Monday 20th August (CJ).
Kilrush Union. State of the house on Saturday 4th August 252, births 1, admissions 8, discharged 9, died 1, remaining 251.

1860 Monday 24th December (CJ).
Landlord Generosity.
Colonel Vandeleur and Lady Grace Vandeleur with their usual liberality ordered a plentiful supply of beef to be distributed to the families of the workmen engaged on their domain. The order was cheerfully and promptly executed by the land steward Mr Taylor to entire satisfaction of the recipients.

It would be a serious omission to finish my description of Kilrush without some reference to the largest proprietor and the best landlord in the district: I allude to Colonel Vandeleur, one of the members for Clare, who is one of the most popular men in the county, and will continue to represent it in parliament as long as he desires to enjoy that honour. In every part of the county which I have visited, but especially in the western portions, where his extensive estates are situated, I have heard Colonel Vandeleur praised as one of the kindest and most considerate of landlords. With the exception of a few town fields, which are set at reasonable rents, all his lands are let at Griffith's Valuation. As a natural consequence, his tenantry are comfortably off, and can bear up successfully against a bad season: whilst the rack-rented tenants of other proprietors-and there are many such in Clare- must sink under losses they have sustained. Colonel Vandeleur recognises a quasi tenant right on his property, and an instance was mentioned to me in which one of his tenants, holding 44 acres without a lease, sold his good will, or “tenant-right”, for £500.

1861 Thom’s Directory:
Vandeleur Col. John, 13 Rutland Square East. (Of Maddenstown, Co. Kildare?)
Crofton M .Esq, M.P. 4 Rutland Square East. (Kilrush)
Lady Catherine, 13 Waterloo Road.

1861 Monday 11th February (CJ).
Our readers we are sure will be glad to learn that Colonel Vandeleur is now convalescent from his late indisposition. The gallant gentleman will leave Berlin where he is at present sojourning to attend the Clare Assizes. (Kilrush Gazette)

1861 Thursday 28th February (CJ).
Clare Assizes: Colonel C M Vandeleur M P Kilrush House—sworn on the Grand Jury.

1861 Monday 11th March (CJ).
Kilrush and Kilkee Railway and Poulnasherry Reclamation Company.
The first general meeting of this company was held at 47, Upper Sackville St, Dublin on Tuesday 5th inst. At 1 o'clock. Colonel Vandeleur D L M P-Chairman.

1861 Monday 11th April (CJ).
Munificence of Colonel Vandeleur M P – We extract the following from the Kilrush Gazette “We are sure that many of the townlands will be glad to learn that a fire engine has been purchased for the use and benefit of Colonel Vandeleur tenantry. A more valuable present could hardly be offered to the community-the engine is one capable of throwing water to a height of 40 feet. It will be provided from London soon. We are sure that in expressing our gratifications at this much-required useful gift, we only echo the opinions entertained by the majority of the inhabitants of this town and neighbourhood. This is not the first act of kindness which the tenants have experienced at the hands of Colonel Vandeleur and we congratulate them on having such a munificent and kind-hearted landlord”.

1861 Thursday 2nd May (CJ).
Acknowledgement: The Rev. A Tatton begs thankfully to acknowledge the following liberal donations to the fund of the Clare Protestant Society- C M Vandeleur M P £5, H S Burton Esq £5, Charles George O'Callaghan Esq £5.

1861 Monday 13th May (CJ).
To the Editor of the Clare Journal. 31 Eaton Square, London, May 8th 1861.
My Dear Sir, I beg to say that there is no foundation whatsoever in the rumour alluded to in the Clare Journal of the 6th that it was my intention to remove staff of the Clare Regiment to Kilrush and Captain Stacpoole has already, at my request, written to the Town Commissioners to that effect--------- C M Vandeleur.

1861 Monday 15th July (CJ).
-----Kilrush. The Spire of the Catholic Church of this town was brought to a termination on Monday last (145 feet from the base) -------------------------.

1861 Monday 5th August (CJ).
Petitions to Parliament. We observe that Col. Vandeleur our respected County member has presented petitions from the Guardians of the Ennistymon and Kilrush Unions praying for an alternation on the Grand Jury Laws. --------------. Expected Return of Col. Vandeleur M P. Colonel Vandeleur M P, Lady Grace Vandeleur, family and suite were expected to arrive at Kilrush House on Saturday evening.

1861 Thursday 5th August (CJ).
Col Vandeleur has arrived at Kilrush House from London.

1861 Monday 19th August (CJ).
Col Vandeleur, Lady Grace Vandeleur family and suite will arrive at Kilrush on tomorrow.

1861 Monday 2nd September (CJ).
Munificent Donation---Colonel Vandeleur, our esteemed representative has with his usual munificence presented to the Very Rev. T Kelly PP Kilrush a magnificent gazalier for the use of his chapel. The parishioners cannot but feel grateful to the hon. and gallant member for this valuable and ornamental gift.

1862 Monday 13th January (CJ).
Lieut. T Vandeleur, 10th Hussars second son of Crofton Vandeleur M P has arrived at Kilrush House. (Crofton Toler Vandeleur b07/03/1840 m08/10/1864 d08/051884 interred in Brussels)

1862 Monday 3rd February (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions-Monday. Magistrates on the Bench -Col. Vandeleur M P -------------.

1862 Monday 17th February (CJ).
Clare Spring Assizes. Col C M Vandeleur M P foreman Kilrush House. ----------Marcus Keane Esq, Beechpark.

1862 Thursday 19th June (IT).
Proclaiming the County of Limerick. Limerick, Wednesday Evening. A meeting of magistrates was held today in the Grand Jury Room. Colonel Vandeleur, of Ballinacourty, in the chair. Fifty-eight magistrates attended. Letters were read from the Earl of Clare and from General Larcom, in reference to proclaiming the county.

General Larcom's letter stated that the Executive denied the opinion of the magistrates on the subject. It moved and seconded that the Government be asked to proclaim the county, so as to deprive all questionable persons of arms, but not to impose additional police on the county. They objected to the expense. This resolution was opposed by Sir Vere De Vere, Bart, and others, who said it was not necessary to disarm the inhabitants of that county generally. After some discussion the original resolution was carried, six magistrates dissenting.
(Col Vandeleur was great great grandson of John Vandeleur and Frances Ormsby)

1862 Saturday 26th July (IT).
Colonel Vandeleur has left the Gresham Hotel for the South.

1862 Thursday 7th August (CJ).
The Lord Lieutenant in the South. ----Upon arrival at Hermitage (Castleconnell) the Lord Lieutenant was received at the entrance by Lady Massy, Lord and Lady Inchiquin, Lord and Lady Clarina, Lord and Lady Talbot de Malahide, Lord Dunboyne------&c.

The Ball and Supper.
The guests invited to this fashionable fete exceeded 180 nearly all of which were present. The invitations included: The Earl and Countess of Dunraven, Viscount Adare, the Ladies Quin, the Earl and Countess of Limerick, Lady Alice Perry, Lord and Lady Ashtown--------Col Vandeleur and Mrs Vandeleur, Misses Vandeleur, Mr Captain Vandeleur-----------.

1862 Monday 1st September (CJ).
Kilrush Union---state of the house on 16th August numbered 354, admitted 14, discharged 18 remaining on the 23rd August 350.

1862 Monday 15th December (CJ).
At the yearly meeting of the Kilrush Gas Company held on the 8th inst a dividend was declared of 7% payable on the 17th March.

1862 Monday 20th December (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur and Lady Grace Vandeleur have, in accordance with their annual custom given orders to their steward Mr. T Taylor to distribute a plentiful supply of beef to the workmen on the demesne.

1863 Thom’s Dublin Directory.
Rutland Square east, 4 Crofton Vandeleur, M.P, valuation £155.

1863 Monday 5th January (CJ).
Good Landlord.
We learn that Thomas Chambers Esq, has made an abatement of 25% to the tenants on his property at Querrin (Kilrush Advertiser) Lord Dunally has instructed his agent to make an abatement of 20%--------.

1863 Thursday 8th January (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur M P has given a donation of £6 for distribution to the Sisters of Mercy and to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

1863 Monday 26th January (CJ).
Distress in Kilrush.
On Tuesday last a public meeting was held in the Market House of Kilrush for the purpose of collecting subscriptions towards relieving the distressed poor of the town. Colonel Vandeleur M P occupied the chair—between £40 and £50 was subscribed on the spot---.

1863 Monday 6th April (CJ).
Kilrush Union----.Colonel Vandeleur M P Chairman-----were elected for the coming year.
Colonel Vandeleur M P arrived at Kilrush on Tuesday.

1863 Monday 27th April (CJ).
The Kilrush Relief Committee has produced an account of their balance for the 11 weeks. During that time they distributed relief to the amount of £270-8s.
Colonel Vandeleur M P, Lady Grace Vandeleur family and suite have left Kilrush House, for their residence at 4 Rutland Square East, Dublin.

1863 Monday 4th April (CJ).
A Good Landlord.
On Tuesday last Matt Kenny Esq, of Monkstown, Co. Dublin attended at Kilrush where he summoned a meeting of his tenantry and there announced to them his intention of granting an extension of time for the payment of the November rents until the 1st of July next and of giving an abatement of 20% in consequence of the depressed conditions of the times----------.

1863 Monday 18th April (CJ).
We have to acknowledge the receipt of a copy of a new Drainage Bill forwarded to us by Colonel Vandeleur M P-------.

1863 Thursday 18th June (IT).
Holyhead Packet Harbour. Select committee of the House of Commons. London Tuesday.
Present: Colonel Dunne (Chairman) ----Colonel Vandeleur---.

1863 Monday 10th August (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions. Magistrates on the Bench—Colonel Vandeleur M P Chairman. ---.

1863 Monday 31st August (CJ). & Wednesday 2nd September (IT).
Captain Hector Vandeleur, 1st Rifle Brigade is now staying at Kilrush House, on a visit with Colonel and Lady Grace Vandeleur.

1863 Monday 7th September (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur M P and Captain Hector Vandeleur Rifle Brigade left Kilrush House in company with Sir James Dombrain, Inspector General of Coastguards, to making an aquatic tour of the Kingdom.

1863 Monday 14th September (CJ).
Lord Wharncliffe has been staying on a visit at Kilrush House with Colonel Vandeleur and Lady Grace Vandeleur.

1863 Thursday 15th October (CJ).
Kildysart Union-----members present were Colonel Vandeleur M P.

1863 Monday 19th October (CJ).
Agricultural Society for Kildysart—Colonel Vandeleur and Major Ball –promised their cordial co-operation.

1864 Monday 4th January (IT).
Commissioners of Irish Fisheries

Colonel Vandeleur's Weir: ----These cases were allowed to stand over for legal argument on the charter of James the First, which Colonel Vandeleur conceived gave him the right of several fishery at Querrin were next proceeded with.

Mr. Exham, Q C who appeared for Colonel Vandeleur submitted that the words “soil thereof” named in the charter meant the soil of the fishery places: that was the space covered by water, between high and low water mark, which, he contended, argued strongly in favour of the right of several fishery having been conveyed. The right to wrack and to sand and seaweed was conveyed by the charter, and the exercise of that right by Colonel Vandeleur exclusively, or by others only with his permission was a strong act of ownership. The definition of a right to several fishery was an exclusive right to fish in a particular place. In the present instance, he argued there was evidence of an exclusive fishing of the locality by Colonel Vandeleur.

Mr. Eden observed that the only fishing for salmon by Colonel Vandeleur, in evidence was in the old stone weir, which was down thirty years ago.

Mr. Exham, Q C, proceeded to state that there was no necessity for the holder of a right to several fishery to actively exercise the right of taking fish, unless it suited his convenience: but if any person attempted to interfere and exercise the right to fish there without permission then he would wake up and proceed actively to exercise the right and prevent such interference. In the present instance there had been no such interference with Colonel Vandeleur's exclusive right, and there was therefore no necessity for his actively exercising the right. It was only now those salmon fisheries were becoming valuable, and hence it was why he now took any active measures to show his exclusive right. He had never actively excluded the public from fishing, inasmuch as the public had never come there. Under all the circumstances of the case he submitted that the rights of his client to these weirs being clearly established, they should not now be disturbed.

Mr. Eden, in delivering judgement, observed that he considered there was no evidence of a right to several fishery, nor that the weir was ever legally erected. Certainly it was not legally erected and finished in 1862 and it should be removed.

Clarefield Weir: This case, in which the legality of Mr. Stephen Cox's fly net was involved, stood over for the production of an old deed, but in it there was no mention of fisheries. The Commissioners ordered its removal.

Hog Island Weir: This was a fly net erected by John Commins last year on Hog Island, the property of Colonel Vandeleur. On the same site there was a weir in the year 1832? The Commissioners ordered its removal.

Ballynote Weir: This weir belonged to Colonel Vandeleur, M P and was occupied by James Connell as tenant from year to year. It was a fly net situate in the parish of Kilrush and was first erected by Connell about ten years ago. There was a weir on the same spot in 1825. The Commissioners ordered the net to be removed inasmuch as in their opinion no title had been proved under the 18th or 19th section of the Act.

(The Commissioners sat for another two days and Colonel Vandeleur was granted possession of more weirs)

1864 Thursday 21st January (CJ).
Captain H Walsh 18th Regiment has retired from the service: also Captain H S Vandeleur, Rifle brigade--------------.

1864 Monday 25th January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions---Magistrates on the Bench, Colonel Vandeleur M P in the chair. ---.
Kilrush Union-Saturday, Colonel C M Vandeleur M P in the chair.

1864 Thursday 28th January (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur M P for Clare and his Ennistymon Tenants--- (Editorial)
------During the past week Colonel Vandeleur M P inspected the houses of some of his tenants----and the school at Ennistymon-----.

1864 Thursday 4th February (CJ).
Subscriptions to the Kilrush and Kildysart Agricultural Society:
Colonel Vandeleur £20.
Percival Westby, Roebuck Castle £20.
R W C Reeves £10.

1864 Monday 22nd February (CJ).
The Cultivation of Flax in the County Clare-impressive meeting in Ennis. ---amongst the gentlemen attending were Colonel Vandeleur M P.

1864 Monday 29th February (CJ).
Clare Spring Assizes-Grand Jury-Colonel Vandeleur M P DL Kilrush House-foreman.

1864 Monday 21st March (CJ).
Kilrush Union –in the workhouse on Saturday March 12th 556.

1864 Monday 28th March (CJ).
On Saturday Lady Grace Vandeleur, Captain C T Vandeleur 10th Hussars, the Misses Vandeleurs and suite left Kilrush House for their city residence 4 Rutland Square East, Dublin. (Kilrush Paper?)

1864 Thursday 7th April (CJ).
Emigration---On Monday last 180 families left by the evening train for America via Queenstown all of which were from Kilrush and its vicinity.

1864 Thursday 14th April (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur M P left Kilrush House for Eccleston Square, London

1864 Thursday 28th April (CJ).
On Friday Captain C T Vandeleur of the 10th Hussars, had an almost miraculous escape with his life the gallant gentleman had just returned to barracks on a very spirited thorough-bred charger and was in the act of dismounting when the sling of the sword caught on some part of his saddle, which kept him suspended and the animal at the same moment dashed off at a fearful pace through the Barracks Square, Dublin and but for the presence of mind displayed by the Captain and the promptitude of his servant, who at the risk of his own life seized the reins and ultimately succeeded in arresting the progress of the animal, the consequence might have been fatal.

1864 Friday 29th April (IT).
The Votes of Irish Members.
Harbours of Refuge-Motion made and the question proposed “That in the opinion of this house her Majesty's Government should now adopt measures for the construction of harbours of refuge on the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland recommended by a committee of this house in 1858, by a Royal Commission in 1859, and by a resolution of this house in 1860”. (Mr. Lindsay.) Main question put. The house divided: ayes 84, noes 142.

Ayes: John Blake, Dr. Brady, Sir H Harvey Bruce (Coleraine) Wm H F Cogan, Right H L Corry, Colonel Dunne (Queen's Co.), John George, John Greene, Sir E Grogan, Ion Trant Hamilton (Dublin Co.), John P Hennessy, David S Kerr, Edward McEvoy, John F Maguire, Sir P O’Brien, Myles W O'Reilly, Peter Quinn, Colonel Taylor (Dublin Co.), John Vance, Laurence Waldron, Right Hon. J Whiteside----20.

Noes: John Bagnell, Isaac Butt, Viscount Castlerosse, Sir George C Colthurst, Wm R Ormsby Gore (Leitrim), Right Hon. T O’Hagan, Sir Colman M O'Loghlen, Lord Proby, William Stacpoole, Colonel Vandeleur, Hon. Luke White (Kidderminster)---11.

1864 Monday 2nd May (CJ).
Messrs Stephenson and Morris railway engineers in connection with the Kilrush and Kilkee Railway have arrived at the Vandeleur Arms---.

1864 Thursday 12th May (CJ).
Two Brigs conveying the contractor, engineer, a body of navvies and quantities of implements arrived last week at the ferry below Kilrush. The staff and operatives landed and are lodging in town. (Re: the Kilrush and Kilkee Railway)

1864 Monday 20th May (CJ).
Parliamentary Bills---We have to acknowledge the receipt of, from our indefatigable and worthy county representative Colonel Vandeleur copies of the following Irish Bills now before Parliament “An Act for granting additional facilities for the purchase of small government annuities” “An Act to alter the ways for shooting game” “An Act to remove certain restrictions in the negotiation of promissory notes and Bills of Exchange”

1864 Wednesday 1st June (IT).
Opening of Stephens Green. London, Monday May 30.
The Select Committee to whom the Stephens Green Bill has been referred met this morning----Colonel Vandeleur, M P for the County Clare said: I have a house in Dublin, and knowing the metropolis well, I think it would be a great advantage to the citizens generally if Stephens Green were thrown open as a public park: there is no other vacant space at the south side of the city which would avail for a park: I certainly cannot see how the opening of the green under proper regulations could deteriorate the value of the surroundings property.-------.

Great numbers of the professional classes, shopkeepers, and tradesmen reside in the adjacent streets: many work-people also live in the vicinity: if a public road were carried through the green it would be a general convenience, and spare people from having to traverse two long angles.

1864 Monday 4th July (CJ).
Kilrush Regatta---- Colonel Vandeleur M P has given the sum of £10 as an annual subscription towards establishing a regatta in Kilrush Harbour---------Lady Grace Vandeleur has also contributed £5 as her 1st annual subscription to the said sport.

1864 Thursday 13th October (CJ).
West Clare Agricultural Society Show at Kilrush.
----What have the proprietor of Kilrush our worthy and respected county member and president of the society or Thomas Rice Henn Esq Q C ------------They and other landed proprietors and extensive farmers supply and have the principal of the funds to enable the society to give premiums---------.

The show was held in an old distillery yard, which was admirably adapted for the purpose.
------ Lady Grace Vandeleur exhibited some very large specimens of vegetable marrow grown at Kilrush House.
------ Colonel Vandeleur had brought down the town fire engine------.

1864 Monday 24th October (CJ).
An Act of Benevolence: -Colonel Vandeleur M P has in the kindest manner forgiven James Flanagan of Dysert a year's rent it will be remembered that Flanagan's entire crop was burned down on the 5th inst.

1865 Monday 6th February (CJ).
Kilrush Union—Board of Guardians meeting Colonel C M Vandeleur M P in the chair.
No in Workhouse 468.

1865 Monday 20th March (CJ).
Attendance of Guardians in the Kilrush Boardroom for the year 1864 to the 11th March 1865: Colonel C M Vandeleur M P 20,Admiral Studdert 2,Admiral Sir B MacNamara 0,Marcus Keane 0,Benjamin Cox 39,Edward P Westby 0. -----------

1865 Saturday 3rd June (IT).
The Representation of the County of Clare.
Sir Colman O'Loghlen has issued an address to the electors of Clare, stating his intention to again offer himself for the county. Colonel Vandeleur, the other sitting member, who is also deservedly popular, and who has served the constituency faithfully and well, will again come forward: and, until lately, it was understood that both the present members would be re-elected without opposition. Mr. Augustine Butler, of Ballyline, Ennis, has, however, intimated his intention of being a candidate, but he has not as yet issued any address. ------.

1865 Monday 12th June (CJ).
West Clare Agricultural Society-On Saturday a meeting of the members of the Kilrush and Killadysert Agricultural Society was held at the Vandeleur Arms Hotel, Colonel Vandeleur M P in the chair---Colonel Vandeleur was unanimously re-elected chairman.

1865 Monday 26th June (CJ).
Kilkee Races- Tuesday June 20th Stewarts—Captain Vandeleur---.

1865 Monday 3rd July (CJ).
To the Electors in the County of Clare.
A very short period must now elapse before you are called upon to elect representatives for your County. I beg to offer myself as a candidate-------.
I can with confidence refer you to my conduct since you sent me by a triumphant majority to the \house of Commons in 1859 having always endeavoured to the best of my ability to act in accordance with the principles laid down in my former address to fulfil the expectations of my friends and supporters-----.
I have the honour to be Gentlemen your Faithful and Obedient Servant.
Crofton Moore Vandeleur, House of Commons, June 14th 1865.

1865 Thursday 27th July (CJ).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians-Colonel C M Vandeleur M P Chairman Workhouse no 474.

1865 Monday 14th August (CJ).
A Kind Act.
The Kilrush Gazette notices the following kind and humane act of Colonel Vandeleur with respect to one of his tenants a Mr. Daniel Boland of Moyne--------- Colonel Vandeleur requested his kind-hearted and popular agent T Keane Esq to wipe out all arrears (over £60) abandon the ejectment and make an abatement in rent.

1865 Thursday 17th August (CJ).
Kilrush Union—Colonel Vandeleur M P in the chair.

1865 Monday 4th September (CJ).
Croquet in Kilrush
A distinguished assembly over seventy in number met at Kilrush House on Wednesday to enjoy this fashionable out-door game. Amongst the gentry entertained by Colonel and Lady Grace Vandeleur were Lady Helen Stewart, Captain Stone R N----. The doors of the mansion were thrown open and the arrangements were on a style of gorgeous magnificence and princely hospitality. The lawn in front of the house provided a most gay and animated appearance.

1865 Monday 18th December (CJ).
Kilrush Gas Company Limited:
The annual meeting of the Kilrush Gas Company was held in the Market House on the 11th inst. Colonel Vandeleur M P occupied the chair.

1866 Thursday 1st March (CJ).
Clare Spring Assizes---Grand Jury—Colonel Vandeleur M P Kilrush House-foreman---.

1866 Monday 12th March (CJ).
Festivities at Kilrush House.
Colonel and Lady Vandeleur received a select circle at a dinner on Wednesday evening at their residence Kilrush House.

Among the guests were: Lord Frederick Kerr, Captain of HMS Black Prince and five officers serving under his Lordship: William Burton Esq, ---Henn Esq, Several officers of the 73rd regiment: Desmond Fitzgerald Esq and Mrs Fitzgerald, Miss Lloyd, Miss Vandeleur, Cragbeg: Councillor O'Gorman, Rev Mr. Wolseley, Mrs & Miss Wolseley &c &c.

In the evening a ball was given at which the gentry of the surrounding country was entertained. -----Mr. Burton (Carrigaholt Castle) Mr. Henn (Dublin) the Messrs Studdert (Clonderlaw Cottage) Mr. and the Messrs Bennet (Knock)------ Dancing commenced at 10 o'clock and was kept up until five o'clock next morning.

An excellent band from Limerick was in residence at two o'clock the company sat down to a splendid champagne supper at which the rarest delicacies were in abundance.

Monday 2nd April (CJ).
Kilrush Union—Saturday---Colonel Vandeleur M P in the chair---.

1866 Monday 30th April (CJ).
Lady Grace Vandeleur and the Misses Vandeleur have left Kilrush House for their city residence Rutland Square, Dublin.

1866 Thursday 7th June (CJ).
Clare Journal:
Colonel Vandeleur M P has kindly forwarded to us a copy of the Attorneys and Solicitors (Ireland) Bill and the Report of the Constabulary Commission.

1866 Thursday 7th July (CJ).
The Foynes Line.
The new steamboat “The Vandeleur” arrived on Wednesday morning at Limerick to ply between Foynes Harbour and Kilrush. The boat is two feet longer than the “Rosa” has a cabin on deck with railings around the top and will replace the Rosa on Monday next.

1866 Monday 23rd July (CJ).
Kilrush Union – Colonel Vandeleur M P in the chair; No in Workhouse 345.

Marriage in High Life:
On Thursday the marriage of Robert William Carey Reeves Esq, Burrane, Knock in this County and the Cedars, Putney, Surrey, England to Grace Dorothea daughter of Colonel Vandeleur M P; Kilrush House took place in the Parish of Kilrush. The Right Rev the Lord Bishop of Killaloe performed the ceremony in the presence of a distinguished bridal party who then retired to Kilrush House where a splendid dejeuner was provided. The happy pair afterwards proceeded across the Shannon to Tarbert in Colonel Vandeleur's yacht en route to Killarney. The steamboats, revenue cruiser & c on the Shannon were gaily decked with flags on the occasion.

1866 Monday 10th September (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur and the Derby Government.
Our northern contemporary, the Belfast News-Letter------mentions several noblemen and gentlemen of birth and ability who have fearlessly maintained their political convictions during a long a tedious occupation of the opposition benches. Amongst the Irish representatives prominent for their fidelity to conservatism the name of Colonel Vandeleur stands undoubtedly foremost------His character as a Landlord is known throughout Ireland and his name and family are deservedly popular in this County-------------------.

1866 Thursday 4th October (CJ).
West Clare Agricultural Society.
-------In the evening the members and friends of the Society dined together in the Market House about 120 sat down to dinner---. The dinner was supplied by Mr. Smith proprietor of the Vandeleur Arms in a credible manner. The chair was then taken amid loud applause by Colonel Vandeleur M P -president of the Society. There sat to the right of the chairman: Alderman Wm. Lane Joynt J P, Captain Vandeleur, Marcus Keane------- The chairman proposed the next toast was “The Lord Lieutenant and the prosperity of Ireland”. The chairman said, “The nobleman now holding the office of Lord Lieutenant has hitherto been an untried man. He was never in Political Life-----I had the pleasure of knowing him many years ago at a public school and at that time I remember he was well liked. I am of the opinion that when a boy is liked by his school-fellows he generally turns out well after and I can say that the Marquis of Abercorn when a boy was generally esteemed by all-----.
Prizes were awarded for: Bulls, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry and Butter ---.

1866 Monday 5th November (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur M P arrived at Kilrush House on Saturday afternoon after a brief sojourn in Ulster. R W C Reeves D L and Mrs. Reeves arrived at Kilrush House on Saturday 27th ult. On a visit to Colonel and Lady Grace Vandeleur.

1867 Thom’s Directory.
4 Rutland Square East, Crofton Moore Vandeleur M P.
In this opulent neighbourhood lived twelve doctors (including Dr. Gogarty father of Oliver St. John) and more than twice as many lawyers and the Hon. Sterne Ball Miller, Judge in the Court of Bankruptcy, The Earl of Charlemont, and the Rt. Hon. Thomas O’Hagan, Lord High Chancellor of Ireland[68].

1867 Monday 11th February (CJ).
Death of Henry Stuart Burton Esq DL. Carrigaholt Castle.
It is with deep regret we have to announce the death of the above lamented gentleman, which melancholy event took place at his residence Carrigaholt Castle in this County on Sunday morning in the 59th year of his age. Mr Burton was son of the late Sir Francis Nathaniel Burton G C H who for many years represented this County in Parliament was nephew of the first Marquis of Conyngham and grandson of the late Lord Cloncurry. He was a kind and indulgent landlord, and is very much lamented by his tenants.

1867 Monday 18th February (CJ).
Funeral of Henry S Burton Esq D L.
--amongst those present were Colonel Vandeleur M P,Counsellor O'Gorman,Belvue,Francis N Keane,Hermitage Ennis--------about twenty Roman Catholic priests attended to pay tribute and respect----.

1867 Monday 18th March (CJ).
A correspondent states that Lady Grace Vandeleur and Miss Vandeleur left Kilrush on Friday for Dublin. Lady Grace was at Kilrush House during the excitement: and when asked on Sunday last by a gentleman if she was not afraid of the Fenians. She said “not a bit that neither she or Colonel Vandeleur did the people any harm and that therefore she apprehended no danger” and she further added “that she hoped that the people of the district would maintain the good character they had acquired for orderly and peaceable habits” and she was right, they have, as all is peace and order here.

1867 Thursday 16th May (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur as our County Member and Captain Stacpoole our Borough Member voted with the government during the recent debate on the Reform Bill. Sir Colman O'Loghlen was not present.

1867 Thursday 4th July (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur---voted in the majority on the Reform Bill--

1867 Monday 22 July (CJ).
Rejoicing at Kilrush House.
On Thursday a “feu de joie” was fired from the yacht “Caroline” lying at Hog Island, in honour of the marriage of Captain Hector Vandeleur, eldest son and heir of Col. Vandeleur, M.P. Many repeated rounds in response were fired from the “Great Guns” on the lawn in front of Kilrush House, in honour of the happy event. In the evening a huge bonfire blazed on an adjacent hill, which was discernible for many miles around. Festivities were kept up to a late hour. Refreshments were supplied to the labourers and workers on the demesne by the land steward Mr. T. Taylor with a liberal hand. The happy pair is expected in Kilrush on their bridal tour in about a fortnight hence, when we have without doubt a cordial and joyous welcome by the tenantry on the estate will be given to the heir and his beautiful bride (Kilrush Gazette).

1867 Monday 23rd December (CJ).
Captain C T Vandeleur and Mrs Vandeleur have arrived in Kilrush House from India, on a visit to Colonel Vandeleur and Lady Grace Vandeleur. (Captain Crofton Toler b 07/03/2840 m 08/10/1864 brother of Hector Stewart and grandfather of J O E Vandeleur)

1868 Friday 3rd January (IT).
Fenianism: Robbery of gunpowder from the Yacht of Colonel Vandeleur M P. Kilrush Wednesday Some short time since a quantity of gunpowder and rockets were stolen from Colonel Vandeleur's fine pleasure yacht, the Caroline, while lying in the Harbour. -------------------.

1868 Monday 24th February (IT).
Clare County Grand Jury: Colonel Crofton Moore Vandeleur M P foreman. ----.

1868 Monday 24th February (CJ).
Clare Lunatic Asylum:
An adjourned monthly meeting of the governors of the Asylum was held at the Boardroom on this morning the following members of the Board were present: Colonel Vandeleur M P -----.

1868 Thursday 5th March (CJ).
Letter to Colonel Vandeleur M P from Marcus Keane Esq. Beech Park, Ennis, Co Clare, 17/02/1868.
My Dear Vandeleur ----induced me to send you a copy of my suggestions for the amendment of the Irish Law of Landlord and Tenant Act. -----As land agent and landed proprietor my personal interests as you are aware are on the side of the Landlord Class-------------.The strength of Fenianism lies in the sympathy it receives from the majority of the tenant class. ----The great mass of Irish tenantry have no better title to their holdings than the will of their landlord. ----- Education is daily rendering the tenant class more impatient --.

Suggestions for the Irish Land Question---.All towns villages and Parliamentary boroughs to be exempt from the Act------A resident occupier for the proceeding ten years to be recognised as a legal claim------.

1868 Monday 30th March (CJ).
Kilrush Union—the New Board—Colonel Vandeleur M P as Chairman, R M C Reeves Esq, D L as Vice Chairman.

1868 Monday 11th May (CJ).
Clare Journal
We have to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of copies of the Poor Law Amendment (Ireland) Bill, Non-Trades Bankruptcy (Ireland) Bill and Sea Fisheries (Ireland) Bill from Colonel Vandeleur.

We (Kilrush Gazette) are much pleased to learn that a very costly and richly chased silver cup will be presented by Colonel Vandeleur M P to the West Clare Agricultural Society---------.

1868 Wednesday 13th May (Irish Times &Clare Journal 14th May)
A New Deputy Lieutenant.
The Dublin Gazette of last evening contains an order to the effect that the Lord Lieutenant has been pleased to approve the appointment of Henry (Hector) Stewart Vandeleur Esq. to be a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Clare in the room of Col.C.M. Vandeleur M.P. Resigned.

1868 Monday 10th July (CJ).
Kilrush Regatta:
We are pleased to know that there will be two or three days heartily enlivening recreation in the Kilrush Harbour about the 17th or 18th of next month, if the state of the tide presents the hours for sport. Colonel and Lady Grace will contribute handsomely to the fund for the promoting the sport---.

1868 Monday 17th August (IT).
The Reception of Captain Hector Vandeleur, D L, at Kilrush
(from our correspondent ) Kilrush, August 14th.

On yesterday it became known that Captain Hector Vandeleur, D L (heir to Colonel Crofton Moore Vandeleur, M P), and his bride, the daughter of W O Foster, M P, were to arrive here for the first time since nuptials were celebrated in England. Active preparations were at once made to give the happy pair a becoming reception. A meeting of some of the principal inhabitants was held in the Market-house, Thomas B O’Donnell, M.D, in the chair, when it was resolved that the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood should go out en masse to meet Captain and Mrs, Vandeleur on their arrival: that an address, then prepared and approved of, should be presented to him, and that there should be a general illumination in the evening.

Towards five o'clock a vast concourse of people, numbering many thousands, accompanied by a band, a procession of the trades with their banners, &c, proceeded to the quay to await the arrival of the steamer from Foynes. Colonel and Lady Vandeleur, Captain John and Miss Vandeleur, and a number of other ladies and gentlemen, were also in waiting. At half-past five o'clock the steamer Vandeleur gaily dressed with flags and streamers, slowly steamed into the harbour amidst the loud and hearty cheers of the assembled throng. Colonel Vandeleur's pleasure yacht Caroline, covered with flags, fired a joyous salute, which was at once taken up by the artillery at Kilrush House. The procession wended its way through the town en route to the family residence, and when it arrived at the square in front of the Market-house, Dr. O’Donnell, as chairman of the reception committee, read an address of welcome, to which Captain Vandeleur briefly returned thanks. In the evening the town was brilliantly illuminated, bonfires were lighted, and it was made a night of general festivity. The wetness of the evening considerably marred the effect of the external exhibition of rejoicing.

1868 Monday 21st August (CJ).
Kilrush Harbour Regatta.
The regatta came of on Tuesday and Wednesday last week with distinguished success ----amongst the gentry present who were present were Colonel Vandeleur M P, Lady Grace Vandeleur and Miss Vandeleur, R W C Reeves and Mrs. Reeves, the Knight of Glin and Mrs. Desmond Fitzgerald, J Blacker Esq D L and Mrs. Blacker----------------------.

1868 Monday 7th September (CJ).
Kilrush Races: Captain Hector Stewart Vandeleur----steward.

1868 Thursday 19th September (CJ).
Errata----- Colonel Vandeleur's subscription to the Kilrush Races was erroneously reported in our last issue as £2,500 which of course is an obvious mistake the correct amount is £25---------.

1868 Thursday 12th November (CJ).
Deputation to Colonel Vandeleur M P.
On Tuesday the 3rd November a deputation of National Teachers consisting of Messrs McDermott, Burke, Divine, Hunt and Brew waited on Colonel Vandeleur and was received by that gentleman at his residence.

Mr. McDermott----outlined their grievances namely, inadequate salaries, want of retiring pensions and suitable residences.

1869 Monday 11th January (CJ).
Kilrush Union: Board of Guardians meeting, Colonel Vandeleur M P in the chair.
Sunday school Fate ---award of prises; Colonel and Lady Grace Vandeleur though unable to be present sent with their usual kindness presents to make the Christmas tree most interesting and attractive.

1869 Monday 25th January (CJ).
Case of Poisoning in the Kilrush Workhouse:
An inquest was held on Monday before Francis O'Donnell Esq, coroner on the body of Mary McMahon of Kilrush, who died in the Workhouse on Saturday night as believed from the affects of poison----- The following magistrates were also present –Colonel Vandeleur M P ----- Verdict died from the effects of poison wilfully administered by herself.

1869 Monday 1st February (CJ).
Investigation in the Kilrush Workhouse.
An investigation by R Bourke Esq P L I on Monday the 25th inst relating to the charges preferred by Mr. Moore, Hotel Keeper, Kilkee against some of the guardians of the above union. The following guardians attended Colonel Vandeleur M P ----------.

1869 Monday 1st March (CJ).
Clare Spring Assizes: Grand Jury: Colonel C M Vandeleur M P Kilrush House foreman----.

1869 Thursday 8th June (CJ).
The Right Hon. Sir Colman O'Loghlen Bart, Judge Advocate General, and Colonel Vandeleur left Kingstown on Monday for England.

1869 Monday 18th July (CJ).
Rejoicing at Kilrush-several bonfires blazed on Thursday evening on Colonel Vandeleur's estates and refreshments were given to a number of workmen on the demesne to commemorate the birth of a son and heir to H S Vandeleur Esq D L, born in Eccleston Square, London on the 11th inst.
(Major Seymour Vandeleur b 11/07/1869, killed in South Africa on 31/08/1901)

1869 Monday 16th August (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Magistrates present—Colonel Vandeleur M P ------.

1869 Monday 23rd August (CJ).
The Cappa Regatta.
The event came off on Thursday and was well attended----from an early hour the Commodore Colonel Vandeleur M P was present----.

1869 Thursday 9th September (CJ)
Acknowledgement: Rev. Martin Clancy PP Kilkee most gratefully acknowledges -£10 from Colonel Vandeleur M P Kilrush House, to aid in completing the Parochial House in Kilkee.

1869 Thursday 16th September (CJ).
Election of a lay representative for the Parish of Kilrush:
At a meeting of the parishioners of Kilrush held on Monday in the lecture-room Colonel Vandeleur M P was elected lay representative of the parish at the Diocesan Congress of Killaloe to be held in Nenagh on the 21st inst.

1869 Thursday 7th October (CJ).
Kilrush Union: Board of Guardians meeting---Colonel C M Vandeleur M P in the chair---.

1869 Monday 22nd November (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur M P Lady Grace Vandeleur, Miss Vandeleur and suite have arrived at Nice where they will sojourn for some time.

1870 Monday 18th January (CJ).
Kilrush Intelligence:

Erasmus Smith's Endowed Schools, Kilrush.
On Friday the annual distribution of prizes to the pupils attending this school took place. Before Christmas the pupils had undergone a searching examination in Latin, Greek, French, Mathematics, History and General English and now on the reassembly of the school after vacation the successful competitors received their premiums in the shape of a number of interesting and neatly bound books which was given to each prize-man amidst the plaudits of their fellow students and words of encouragement from the Rev W.M. Wolseley the vicar. ------

At the termination cheers were given for Colonel Vandeleur, M.P patron, Lady Grace Vandeleur, Rev W Wolseley, their teachers Mr. and Mrs Neils.

1870 Thursday 8th February. (CJ).
Kilrush Convent Chapel.
A glance at our advertising today will show that one of the most touching appeals which could be presented to a catholic community will be made on Sunday next to the people of this parish, and the County at large in aid of religion and charity. Owing to a variety of causes, unnecessary now to enumerate there was no public collection in aid of the funds for the Kilrush Convent annually in the year 1869. This collection, annually held in November will be made at the Church on Sunday next.

1870 Monday 17th October (CJ).
The number of persons in Kilrush Workhouse is 296 the guardians have a balance to their credit of £450.

1870 Monday 5th December (CJ).
Colonel and Lady Vandeleur have arrived at Kilrush House.

1870 Monday 19th December (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur, M.P. and Lady Grace Vandeleur are adjourning at Kilrush House. The Colonel has contributed £10 for distribution among the poor at Christmas.
Mr. Michael Kelly, Kilrush has received five pounds from Lady Grace Vandeleur for distribution at his own discretion and election among the poor and indigent housekeepers of the town.

1871 Saturday 7th January (CA).
Advertisement: Garrett Doherty Kilrush has landed at the Revenue Pier, Cappa from Quebec a cargo of timber on board the “St Michael” also due another timber cargo on “The Mermaid”-----

1871 Saturday 4th March (CA)
Ennis- Grand Jury sworn in --------Colonel C M Vandeleur, Kilrush House.

1871 Saturday 18th March (CA).
Attendance at Meetings by Ex-Officio Guardians during 1870.

Col C M Vandeleur M P 5 times.
R W Borough. 42 times.
Marcus Keane 0. times.

1871 Saturday 25th March (CA).
The Telegraph in Kilrush.
---------On Wednesday evening two surveyors proceeded with all dispatch to Carrigaholt to map out the route between Kilrush and Ennis---------?

1871 Saturday 8th April (CA).
Kilrush Union
The Chairman Col Vandeleur M P, Kilrush House, ------were duly elected on the 25th March 1871.
The New School-House for Kilrush.
We have learned with pleasure that steps are being taken at length to erect a suitable school-house for the boys of our town----- The name Col Vandeleur M P even remotely wrought up with the building is a guarantee that the work when completed will be substantial and respectable commodious and healthful: coupled with the name of respected V G Dr. Dinan the inhabitants may rely on the erection of a structure------------------.

1871 Saturday 17th June (CA).
Carlton Club, London, 11th June 1871.
Dear Sir,
I feel much obliged to the Kilrush Boat Club for the compliment they have paid me and shall be very happy to accept the office of president and subscribe £5 a year towards their funds.
Crofton Moore Vandeleur.

1871 Saturday 22nd July (CA).
Kilrush Harbour Regatta (wind and weather permitting)
---------Col C M Vandeleur Commodore--------------.

1871 Saturday 29th July (CA).
Col. Vandeleur M P arrived at Kilrush House from London on Saturday 22nd instant.

1871 Saturday 5th August (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 19th August (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 19th August (CA).
Kilrush Regatta:
The attendance was large and fashionable--- a great number of visitors were present from Kilkee and Kerry.
Col Vandeleur M P Commodore and Lady Grace Vandeleur, F N V Burton Esq D L, Vice-Commodore and Mrs Burton in their carriages. Hector Stewart Vandeleur Esq D L: Capt. C T Vandeleur, R W C Reeves Esq, -------------.

1871 Saturday 26th August (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 2nd September (CA).
Kilrush Petty Sessions Monday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 16th September (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 23rd September (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.
Kilrush Petty Sessions Monday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 30th September (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 7th October (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.
Kilrush Petty Sessions Monday-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 14th October (CA).
Kilrush Petty Sessions Monday- Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 28th October (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 18th November (CA).
The Inspectors of Irish Fisheries in Kilrush.
--------Col Vandeleur M P applied for certificates for five stake nets off the shores of Ballynote West, Carrowdotia South, Colemanstown and Lakyle South---------it has proved to them that Col Vandeleur was the owner in fee of the land adjoining each weir, that he was so in 1862 and that in that year the bag nets were fished. The land to which they were attached had been retained in Col Vandeleur's hands and all rights preserved for his own use. ---------------.

1871 Saturday 25th November (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.
Kilrush Petty Sessions Monday-Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 9th December (CA).
Lady Grace Vandeleur gave £5 for distribution among the poor and indignant housekeepers of the town. Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 16th December (CA).
Kilrush Union-Saturday Col Vandeleur M P ---in the Chair.

1871 Saturday 30th December (CA).
Col C M Vandeleur gave £6 for relief of the poor.

1872 Monday 4th March (CJ).
Grand Jury: Colonel Crofton Moore Vandeleur DL MP -Kilrush foreman.

1872 Monday 27th May (CJ).
Kilrush – The Lord Lieutenant's visit- on Friday at 8 o'clock his Excellency Lord Lieutenant accompanied by the Countess Spenser and Col. Mark Wood ADC in waiting, -arrived on the Imogine in Kilrush Harbour and disembarked at Cappa Pier on their way to the salubrious watering place Kilkee. His Excellency was expected to arrive at 6 o'clock and many eager eyes were strained to get the first view of the neat craft rounding Moneypoint.

Among those waiting to give a cead mille fáilte to the handsome Countess and her amiable consort to historic Clare were Col. Vandeleur MP (who had his carriage in waiting to offer their Excellencies) Very Rev. Dr. Dinan VG, Robert Holman Borough JP, Commissioner O'Gorman P, Captain Studdert P, Captain Kelly Queen's Royals, Rev W H Wolseley Vicar, Matthew Kelly MNB, George Hickman MPB. -----------------.

1872 Monday 3rd June (CJ).
It is our melancholy duty to record the demise of Lady Grace Vandeleur the beloved wife of Col. Crofton Moore Vandeleur MP of Kilrush House which took place yesterday at her residence and amidst the deep regrets of the family, the neighbourhood and a large circle of attached friends. Lady Grace was the daughter of the late Lord Norbury and maintained her high position in society by the graces of refined culture and natural kindness of heart. Her charity to the poor was unbounded and un-ostentatious. Into her domestic virtue and excellent good qualities it would be un-pardonable intrusion to enter. Let it suffice to remember that never did an Irish Lady deserve more to be followed to the grave by sincere and sorrowing crowds than Lady Grace Vandeleur. Her funeral is to take place on Thursday next.

1872 Tuesday 4th June (FJ).
Death of Lady Vandeleur (Special Telegram from our correspondent, Limerick, Monday night) On Saturday, at Kilrush House, Kilrush, after a lingering illness, Lady Grace Vandeleur, wife of Colonel Vandeleur, M.P for Clare died. Deceased was granddaughter of Lord Norbury, and daughter of Hector John, second Earl. She married in 1832 and her eldest son is Captain Hector Vandeleur, High Sheriff of Clare. Lady Grace took a warm interest in all the affairs of the district, and heavily assisted her husband in forwarding the interests of the neighbourhood. She was greatly beloved by her husband and friends, and her death has created intense grief. Dr. Churchill of Dublin arrived on Saturday, and was in attendance up to the time of her death.

1872 Thursday 6th June (CJ).
Funeral of Lady Grace Vandeleur. - Kilrush Thursday at 5.15 o'clock pm.
The funeral of Lady Grace Vandeleur took place today. The cortège proceeded from Kilrush House shortly after eleven o'clock. The hearse-supplied by Messrs McCarthy Limerick, who were undertakers for all funeral requisites, proceeded from one of the principal entrances to town, thence through Stewart Street and Moore Street to Parish Church. The coffin was carried on the shoulders of the tenantry, after the hearse followed the chief mourners, the husband and three sons of the deceased, also the Mrs Blacker and Reeves. The funeral was attended by the nobility and gentry of the country with their carriages and also by the Colonel's tenantry from Ennistymon to Kilrush. The display was imposing.

1872 Monday 26th August (CJ).
Kilrush Boat Club.
The annual regatta in connection with this club has been omitted this year in consequence of the death of the amiable consort of the president of the Club Col. Crofton Moore Vandeleur MP.

1873 Monday 17th February (CJ).
Clare Spring Assizes—Grand Jury—Colonel C M Vandeleur M P Kilrush House foreman---.

1873 Monday 3rd March (CJ).
County of Clare Protestant Orphan Bazaar, Spring Assizes 1873.
Mrs. Moloney, Mrs. Grehan and Lady Adam Loftus thankfully acknowledge the following contributions in money and fancy articles to their Fancy Stand.
------Mrs Hector Vandeleur £2-------Mrs Marcus Keane £3-----Colonel Vandeleur £1---.

1873 Monday 30th June (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur has written to the High Sheriff expressing his regret at not being able to attend the Grand Jury, as it is important that all Irish Members on the Committee on the Juries Bill should remain until the report was decided upon.

1873 Monday 23rd July (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur has arrived at Kilrush House, from London.

1873 Monday 1st September (CJ).
A magnificent mausoleum is being erected in the Kilrush Graveyard over the remains of the late Lady Grace Vandeleur wife of Colonel Vandeleur M P who has resolved to erect this handsome and lasting tribute to the memory of one so respected and beloved as his lamented consort. The work will be carried out regardless of expense and when completed will rank amongst the finest in Munster. Colonel Vandeleur with his accustomed anxiety to promote and encourage local trade and enterprise has entrusted this work also to local artists. Mr Carroll the builder and architect of this town, being declared the contractor. In the hands of a gentleman of such high repute in his profession as Mr. Carroll the mausoleum will be rendered as beautiful as art and skill can make it and will be looked upon by all with nonetheless pride and admiration that it is work of local heads and hands.

Last week the workmen engaged in making an excavation for the mausoleum over the remains of Lady Grace Vandeleur picked off the floor of the old Protestant Church, Kilrush an ancient coin much defaced. On one side is an Irish Crown with the words “Hiber Rev” beneath the crown which is well defined are traces of strings of a harp the framework of which has missing. On either side of the crown are two letters “C” “R”. On the obverse is also a crown or Bishop's mitre—behind which is a well-defined crown and bishop's crozier, recumbent surmounted with a double cross. ----------.

Could the C R mean Cormac Rex P Cormac, Bishop of Cashel who was also King of Munster and flourished up to AD 908? -----------------.

1873 Monday 22nd September (CJ).
Kilrush Union: Board of Guardians—Colonel Vandeleur M P in the chair.

1873 Monday 29th September (CJ).
West Clare Agricultural Society: 10th Annual Show.
------Some splendid turnips and mangolds were sent in by Colonel Vandeleur M P ------prises Colonel Vandeleur 1st Class best bull.

1873 Monday 20th October (CJ).
St. John Blacker Esq D L, Mrs Blacker family and suite have left Kilrush House this week for the North after paying a lengthened visit to Colonel Vandeleur M P.
(Elizabeth Frances Vandeleur daughter of Col Crofton Moore married in 1855 St John Blaker Douglas J P, of Elm Park, Co. Armagh, Tullahennel, Co. Kerry and Grace Hall, Co. Down)

1873 Monday 29th December (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur M P with his usual thoughtfulness ordered a plentiful supply of snuff and tobacco on Christmas Day to the inmates of the workhouse.

1874 Thom’s Directory.
4 Rutland Square East, Crofton Moore Vandeleur M P.

1874 Monday 19th January (CJ).
Colonel The Hon. Charles White M P accompanied by his agent Mr. Lane Joynt left Cahircon House, Killadysert to visit his constituents in the County of Tipperary.

1874 Thursday 29th January (CJ).
To the Electors of the County of Clare: Gentlemen,
Having heard it stated that Colonel Vandeleur will not again seek for the representation of this County, I beg to say that it is his firm intention to do so but the dissolution of Parliament has come so unexpectedly that it has taken him as well as every body else by surprise. He is now in Egypt and has been telegraphed to. He has replied stating that he will come by next mail.
---You know him as a good landlord an active and impartial Magistrate, Grand Juror and Poor Law Guardian----.
R W C Reeves, Bessborough, 28th January 1874.

1874 Thursday 12th February (CJ).
----Michael Glynn Esq, Merchant’s Quay, Kilrush has been appointed to the Commission of the Peace for the County

1874 Monday 16th February (CJ).
The Clare Election:
The voice of the County Electors has unmistakeably declared in favour of Sir Colman O'Loghlen and Lord Francis Conyngham as their representatives, the results showing a great preponderance over the third candidate Colonel Vandeleur. ------------------.

1874 Monday 23rd February (CJ).
Clare Assizes: Grand Jury-Colonel C M Vandeleur Kilrush House, foreman.

1874 Wednesday 8th April (IT).
Kilrush Union: At the first meeting of the Guardians of this Union, Colonel Vandeleur was elected Chairman, R W Reeves Esq, Vice Chairman, and Mr. Cornelius Doherty, Deputy Vice Chairman.

1874 Monday 27th April (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur is to arrive at Kilrush House from Dublin tomorrow Tuesday.

1874 Thursday 29th June (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur has arrived at Kingstown from England.

1874 Monday 6th July (CJ).
Grand Jury: -Colonel Vandeleur D L Kilrush House, foreman.

1874 Monday 20th July (CJ).
The Kilrush Regatta.

There is to be a public meeting held tomorrow evening in the rooms of the Market House, Kilrush, to make the necessary arrangements to carry out the regatta at as early a date as possible. Colonel Vandeleur it is stated has subscribed £15 to the funds.

West Clare Agricultural Society-comprising the Baronies of Moyarta, Clonderlaw and Ibrickane 1874. President Colonel C M Vandeleur, the 11th Annual Show will be held at Kilrush on Wednesday 39th September.

1874 Monday 9th November (CJ).
Colonel C M Vandeleur arrived at Kilrush House on Thursday night from the Continent.

1874 Thursday 12th November (CJ)
A committee of the members of the Kilrush Board of Guardians comprising of Colonel Vandeleur, Randal Borough J P---met on Friday----.

1874 Monday 16th November (CJ).
Kilrush Presentments Sessions:
The magistrates on the Bench—Colonel Vandeleur D L (Chairman) ------------.

1874 Monday 16th November (CJ).
Kilrush Musical and Literary Association:
The first in a series of concerts under the auspices of the Society was held last night in the Court House Kilrush, which was selected as affording the largest space of any hall in the town. Still it was not half large enough to accommodate the crowds who patronised the opening concert there being upwards of 800 people present, among those attending I saw: Colonel Vandeleur D L, Captain John Vandeleur, Mr. and Mrs., Reeves---------------. Colonel Vandeleur addressed the assembly and said he was happy to find as much genius and talent in Kilrush as in any town of the kind he had visited------------------------.

1874 Thursday 28th November (CJ).
Kilrush Union, Board of Guardians-Colonel Vandeleur D L -president.

1874 Thursday 3rd December (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: The weekly sessions were held yesterday before Colonel Vandeleur D L (Chairman) ------------.

1874 Friday 11th December (IT).
Important Libel Case: Robert S Lawlor v Crofton Moore Vandeleur.

This was an action to recover damages laid at £5,000 for alleged libel. The plaintiff is described as of No 25 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin, and Lieutenant in the County Clare Militia. The defendant is Colonel Vandeleur, ex-M P for the county, a Deputy Lieutenant, and late Colonel of the Militia.

The summons and plaint set forth that the defendant falsely and maliciously wrote and published in a letter to the Secretary of State for War-”That in the year 1860 he (the plaintiff) was tried and convicted of the manslaughter of a foreigner at Kilkee,” and that he (the plaintiff) being at the time an officer in her Majesty's service, was “in the habit of singing disgusting songs, and thereby setting a bad example to the junior officers of the regiment”. The innuendo put upon the words was “that the plaintiff was a person of such low and degraded habits that he was an unfit companion for officer and gentlemen, and was unworthy to hold his appointment” The defendant pleaded a traverse of the publication a defence of no libel, and a denial of the defamatory imputed. There was also a special defence to the effect that before and at the time of writing and publishing the defendant was colonel and commanding officer of the Clare Regiment of Militia, and the plaintiff was a lieutenant therein and under the military command of the defendant, and that a commission as captain of a company in the regiment became vacant, and by the ordinary course adopted by the Commander in Chief of her Majesty's Forces (in whom the recommendation of officers to her Majesty for appointment and promotion was vested) the said vacancy would have been filled up by the promotion of one of the lieutenants of the regiment, and it was the duty of the defendant, as colonel and commanding officer, to convey to his Royal Highness all information which he believed to be material for his guidance, and that the communication complained of was in fulfilment and discharge, and so an act of military duty and not for any other reason: and was so done in good faith and without malice and believing the allegations therein contained to be true

As a defence of privilege Colonel Vandeleur pleaded that he had an interest in maintaining the character and discipline of his regiment, and in having none but the best conducted and most deserving officers promoted, and in preventing the promotion of those whom he believed to have in morals or other conduct a bad example to the junior officers, and that the plaintiff did not fulfil those conditions, that he had been tried and convicted of the manslaughter of a foreigner at Kilkee, and that he had been in the habit of singing disgusting songs.-------------------- Result: “Colonel Vandeleur admits that he was in error when he stated that Mr. Lawlor had been convicted of manslaughter. He regrets having made that statement and is anxious to retract it, and he now withdraws the charges made against Mr Lawlor. Colonel Vandeleur undertakes to pay the taxed costs between attorney and client”

1874 Monday 21st December (CJ).
Captain George O'Callaghan and Miss O'Callaghan have been guests of Colonel Vandeleur and Mr. and Mrs. Reeves, Kilrush House during the week.

1874 Wednesday 23rd December (IT & CJ 28th December)
During the past week the extensive preserves on Colonel Vandeleur's demesne at Kilrush have been the scene of some excellent sport. The battue party consisted of the following gentlemen: Colonel C M Vandeleur, Kilrush House: Captain John Vandeleur ditto: Captain George O'Callaghan, Tulla: Robert W C Reeves, D L Bessborough House, William Reeves Esq, London: Maxwell Blacker Esq: Francis N Keane Esq, Ennis: and Francis D Keane Esq, ditto, all being guests of Colonel Vandeleur. They shot 98 woodcocks, over 1,000 rabbits, 30 brace of snipe, and a proportionately large number of other game.

1874 Monday 28th December (CJ).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians-R W C Reeves in the chair and subsequently Colonel Vandeleur.

1875 Thursday 21st January (CJ).
Kilrush Board of Guardians meeting on Saturday, Colonel Vandeleur in the Chair.

1875 Thursday 28th January (CJ).
Kilrush Board of Guardians meeting on Saturday, Colonel Vandeleur Chairman.
No in the Workhouse 342.

1875 Thursday 4th February (CJ)
Kilrush Board of Guardians meeting on Saturday, Colonel Vandeleur D L in the Chair.

1875 Thursday 11th February (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Colonel Vandeleur D L (Chairman).

1875 Monday 1st March (CJ).
Clare Spring Assizes: Colonel C M Vandeleur D L (foreman).

1875 Thursday 25th March (CJ).
The splendid and commodious mansion the residence of Mr. Reeves J P which for the past six or seven months has been undergoing improvements will be ready to receive the family during next month. The house is handsomely got up the labour of foreign artists being extensively employed. During the alterations Mr. and Mrs. Reeves and suite have been the guests of Colonel Vandeleur at Kilrush House. The gallant gentleman will I understand leave for the continent early in April is in the enjoyment of excellent health. (Bessborough House?).

1875 Thursday 25th March (CJ).
Kilrush Races. --------------The popular lord of the soil will with his usual interest in all local sports and improvements, lend any aid-------------------.

1875 Thursday 6th April (IT).
Mr. Vandeleur Lee announces a matinee for tomorrow at his residence, 13 Park Lane, London. (See entry under 1830)

1875 Monday 19th April (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur has left Kilrush House for London en-route for France; whither he will make a tour through the south for the next few months.

1875 Thursday 22nd April (CJ).
Kilrush Board of Guardians meeting on Saturday, Robert W C Reeves Esq, (Vice-President) Chairman.

1875 Monday 3rd May (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur arrived at Kilrush House from London on Wednesday. The gallant gentleman appeared to be enjoying sound and robust health after his recent tour.

1875 Thursday 6th May (CJ).
Fishery Inquiry at Kilrush. On Saturday Mr. Thomas P Brady Inspector and Commissioner of Irish Fisheries held a sworn inquiry into alleged abuse of over dredging in the lower waters of the Shannon. --------The Commissions who joined on the bench were Colonel Vandeleur D L, R W C Reeves J P, Randal Borough J P, and Benjamin Cox J P. -----.

1875 Monday 10th May (CJ).
A new lifeboat replete with all modern improvements has been supplied to the coastguards at Cappa. The want has been a long felt one.

1875 Thursday 10th June (IT).
Colonel Vandeleur has left Kingston for England.

1875 Monday 12th July (CJ).
The tenants on Kilkerrin Estate the property of the Hon. Colonel White who’s about disposing of it have memorialed Colonel Vandeleur to become the purchaser and their landlord (Kilrush Gazette)

1875 Monday 23rd August (CJ).
Colonel The Hon. Charles White arrived at his new residence Cahircon House on Wednesday last and left on Friday------------.

1875 Thursday 16th September (CJ).
Kilrush Board of Guardians meeting on Saturday, Colonel Vandeleur D L presiding.

1875 Thursday 7th October (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Colonel Vandeleur D L Chairman.

1875 Thursday 4th November (CJ).
Hector S Vandeleur has been appointed to the commission of the peace--.

1875 Thursday 11th November (CJ).
Kilrush Board of Guardians meeting on Saturday, Colonel Vandeleur Chairman.

1875 Friday 12th November (IT).
Departures from Kingstown per Royal Mail Steamers: ---H S Vandeleur-----.

1875 Monday 6th December (CJ).
Captain C G O'Callaghan, Mr. Brady and Mr. John Vandeleur, Ballinacourty have been staying on a visit with Colonel Vandeleur, Kilrush House.
On Wednesday a shooting party on the Colonel's demesne consisting of Mr. R W C Reeves, Captain C G O’Callaghan, Mr. Brady, Mr Phelps, Mr. John Vandeleur and Mr. Bennett succeeded in bagging 19 brace of woodcock------------ (Kilrush Gazette).

1875 Monday 13th December (CJ).
It is with sincere pleasure we make the announcement to-day of a generous gift of £20 from Colonel Vandeleur to Very Rev. Dr. Dinan PP for distribution among the poor of Kilrush.

1875 Monday 20th December (CJ).
The Sisters of Mercy Kilrush, thankfully acknowledge the receipt of £10 from Colonel Vandeleur towards clothing the poor children attending their schools through Very Rev. Dr Dinan PP VG.

1876 Thom’s Directory.
Vandeleur Col. Crofton Moore, 4 Rutland Square, East. (Kilrush)
(The occupant of this house in 1883 was Cardinal Edward McCabe, Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland.)

1876 Monday 15th May (CJ).
Kilrush Presentments Sessions: These sessions were held on Tuesday Colonel Vandeleur in the chair. Others magistrates present -Michael Glynn, Randal Borough, Matthew Kelly, Benjamin Cox.

1876 Thursday 25th May (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur D L has left Kilrush House for Dresden, for a brief sojourn. I am informed that the popular gentleman will visit Philadelphia during the Centennial exhibition.

1876 Monday 3rd July (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur we learn is expected to be present on the Grand Jury in the ensuing week having made an extensive continental tour since he was last in the County------------.

1876 Monday 10th July (CJ).
Clare Assizes: Grand Jury Colonel Vandeleur D L foreman.

1876 Thursday 25th July (CJ).
Kilrush Board of Guardians meeting on Saturday, Colonel Vandeleur in the Chair.

1876 Monday 7th August (CJ).
A Good Landlord - merit where merit is due.

To the Editor of the Clare Journal,

Sir, ---At the last Clare Assizes after coming here from a sojourn in foreign lands for the benefit of his health, Colonel Vandeleur forgave Michael Doherty of Glaun in the vicinity of Ennistymon two years rent amounting to £48-------------. Yes and that is not all of this good landlords kindness. In the years of the famine '46,'47 and '48 he has been known to throw open his extensive storehouses and invite his tenantry to draw abundance of seeds gratis for to set their gardens and above this to abate rents and grant them long leases &c &c
I remain yours truly,
D Q G Monghna.

1876 Monday 25th September (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur is at present in New York.

1877 Thursday 15th February (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur has arrived at Nice where he will reside for a few weeks---------------.

1877 Tuesday 3rd April (FJ).

The annual elections for wardens and vestrymen took place in the vestry-room of the Kilrush Church yesterday. The Rev. W. H. Wolseley, Rector, presided. There were also present- Mr., George Taylor, Mr. Augustus Warren, Mr. Theobald Kylor, Mr. Wm. Kylor, Mr. Charles Coote, MR. Godfrey Taylor, Mr. Pardue, and Michael Meade. The chairman by his right appointed Mr. Michael Brew, Ballyerra, his warden for the coming year: and for the people's warden Mr. Geo. Taylor proposed and Mr. Theobald Kylor seconded the appointment of Mr. Coote, which was adopted. Voting papers were then distributed for the election of vestrymen and the results of the gross totals of nominations by those present allowed the following to be duly appointed: -Colonel Vandeleur, Mr.H.T. Laird, Major Huddert, Mr. Augustus Warren, Mr. George Kylor, Mr. Godfrey Taylor, Mr. Theobald Kylor, Mr. Robert Pardue, Mr. Burdge, Mr. Lawrence, and Mr. W. Brew. A vote of thanks to the outgoing vestrymen and the chairman brought the meeting to a close.

1877 Monday 16th April (CJ).
Crofton Moore Vandeleur?? Esq, of Ballinacourty died on Tuesday aged 32. His remains were buried on Friday in the family vault at Castleconnell.
(Son of Lt-Col John Vandeleur 10th Hussars of Mannister, Co. Limerick)

1877 Monday 23rd April (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur D L –This popular gentleman is expected to arrive at Kilrush House on Tuesday next.

1877 Monday 7th May (CJ).
Kilrush Butter Market: ---------------The Chairman (Colonel Vandeleur) said he had great pleasure in presiding at such a respectable meeting and felt pleased to meet his old friends and familiar faces here again after a long absence (Hear! Hear!). He was a long time away and came back with new ideas (laughter). He travelled many countries but would say their own was as good and healthy as any he had seen, was glad to see that the people were prospering and that their own town was in a rising condition (Hear! Hear!)

1877 Monday 27th August (CJ).
Kilrush Board of Guardians meeting on Saturday, Colonel Vandeleur Chairman.

1877 Monday 29th October (CJ).
Colonel C M Vandeleur Kilrush House has arrived home from his late continental tours. He appears to be in excellent health.

1877 Monday 12th November (CJ).
Colonel Vandeleur D L the popular chairman of the Kilrush Board of Guardians with characteristic generosity sent a large quantity of apples from his orchard on November Eve to the poor inmates of the Workhouse.

1878 Monday 21st January (CJ)
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians meeting-Colonel Vandeleur D L in the chair.

1878 Monday 25th January (CJ).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians meeting-Colonel Vandeleur D L in the chair.

1878 Thursday 14th March (CJ).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians meeting-Colonel Vandeleur D L in the chair.
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Benjamin Cox in the chair and subsequently Colonel Vandeleur JP DL.

1878 Thursday 8th August (CJ).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians meeting-Colonel Vandeleur D L in the chair. Other guardians Captain Hector Vandeleur------.

1878 Thursday 15th August (CJ)
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Colonel C M Vandeleur Chairman.

1878 Thursday 29th August (CJ).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians meeting-Colonel Vandeleur D L in the chair.
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Colonel Vandeleur in the chair.

1878 Thursday 5th September (CJ).
School Examination: Colonel Vandeleur, Hector S Vandeleur and Mrs. Vandeleur visited the No. I National School, Kilrush on the 28th August. They took much interest in the work of the school, which has been carried on by the principal teacher Mr. Trousdell aided by his two assistants and two monitors.

Subsequently Colonel Vandeleur and the members of his family visited the convent of the Sisters of Mercy.

1878 Thursday 26th September (CJ).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians meeting-Colonel Vandeleur D L in the chair.

1878 Thursday 3rd October (CJ).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians meeting-Colonel Vandeleur D L in the chair. (State of the Workhouse remaining 299)

1878 Monday 21st October (CJ).
An address has been presented to Colonel Vandeleur from some tenants upon the Kilkerrin estate of Colonel the Hon. Charles White, asking him to purchase the estate, which is about being sold. The fact speaks trumpet-tongued for estimable qualities of Colonel Vandeleur as a good landlord.

1879 Saturday 3rd May (IT).
County Clare Election: ----Captain Hector Vandeleur issued his address to the electors of County Clare on Saturday. He is in favour of tenant-right, of government grants for educational purposes, and the establishment of a Catholic University.

1879 Thursday 3rd July (Kilrush Herald).
Hector S. Vandeleur and Mrs Vandeleur arrived at Kilrush House on yesterday evening

1879 Saturday 5th July (IT).
County Clare Assizes, Ennis, Friday. Grand Jury---Captain Hector S Vandeleur.

1879 Thursday 10th July (KH).
The Vandeleur (Kilrush) National School.
Tuesday the 8th was a high day for the pupils attending this flourishing school. The Patron of the school Col.C.M. Vandeleur, D.L. and Mrs H.S.Vandeleur, Kilrush House, drove up to the school gate at 12 0'clock and were received by Canon Wolseley manager of the school...

1879 Thursday 24th July (KH).
Captain Hector S. Vandeleur, D.L. and Mrs Vandeleur left Kilrush House on Monday for Brighton.

1879 Thursday 31st July (KH).
Business will be resumed in the Vandeleur National School on tomorrow.

1879 Saturday 18th October (IT) (and KH Thursday 16th).
Colonel Vandeleur D.L., Kilrush House, has made reduction of 20% to his tenants in West Clare. Many of them owe five years rent.

1879 Thursday 27th November (KH).
Railway and Public Works for Clare,
To the Editor of the Kilrush Herald,

I would feel obliged by your making it known through the columns of your journal that I had a memorial and petition prepared and forwarded to Kilrush for signatures hoping by this means to carry out the suggestion embodied in my letter of the 27th August last, praying that a portion of the fund now in the hands of the Commissioners of Church Temporaries may be applied for the construction of Railways and Public Works throughout the County.

I remain, Yours Faithfully, Hector S. Vandeleur, Kilrush House, and 16th November 1879.

1879 Thursday 11th December (KH).
On Tuesday and Wednesday a battueing party consisting of the follows: RWC. Reeves Esq.D.L. Captain H.S.Vandeleur,D.L.,Captain John Vandeleur,Captain O’Callaghan, Francis W.Hickman,J. P. the Rev Robert Bennett, Major Lloyd, Major Brown. On the first day 19½ brace of woodcock was shot and similar results were achieved on the second day. All the sportsmen shot well

1879 Thursday 18th December (KH).
Market House, Kilrush.
Thursday and Friday the 1st and 2nd January 1880.
The members of the Kilrush Dramatic Club will on the above dates give their highly interesting entertainments under distinguished patronage and presence of Counsellor O'Gorman J.P., Randal Borough Esq J.P. and J.F. Counihan Esq M.D. ------------------
Reserved seats 2s -front seats 1s -gallery 6d.


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