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Vandeleurs of Kilrush County Clare
by Senan Scanlan

2. Vandeleur References (c.1750-1920)

2.4 1880-1899

1880 Thursday 1st January (KH).
Fashionable Intelligence:
Among the many distinguished visitors at the Vandeleur Arms Hotel, Kilrush this week was the Hon. Algernon Bourke, Local Government Board Inspector who arrived on Saturday and adjourned their until 2 o'clock on Monday when the Hon. Gentleman left by steamer for Limerick.

1880 Thursday 1st January (KH).
All Honour to Mr. Burton.
To the Editor of the Herald
Dear Sir,
-------- Mr F.N. Burton, ----- with his usual feelings for the poor he sent a cheque for £20 to be distributed among the destitute of Carrigaholt-----
Yours Truly, John Behan, the “Burton Arms”, Carrigaholt.

1880 Thursday 18th March (KH).
Very Rev. Dr. Dinan P.P. & V.G. acknowledges with thanks having received £5 from Hector Vandeleur Esq, Kilrush House, for the relief of the poor.

1880 Thursday 18th March (KH).
John Cullinan Esq, Captain Hector Vandeleur's Conducting Agent Ennis is authorised to inform electors of the borough that a Liberal Conservative candidate connected with County Clare, will seek the honour of representing them in the Imperial Parliament at the approaching election. People say that this candidate in R.W.C. Reeves Esq.D.L. Besburough.

1880 Friday 3rd September (IT).
(Raising of the siege of Candahar).
“Major Vandeleur has died of his wounds”. ----------------. (Thomas Burton Vandeleur Major 7th Fusiliers b 01/04/1836,killed in action 26th August 1880 at Kandahar, Afghanistan he was the eldest son of Rev William Richard Vandeleur Rector of Julianstown and first cousin of Crofton Moore Vandeleur)

Bassett’s Directory, 1880-1.[69]
Part 6: Kilrush: Gentry
Colonel C.M. Vandeleur, D.L., Kilrush House
Robert William Carey Reeves, D.L., Bessborough House, Killimer
Michael Glynn, J.P., Merchant’s Quay House
Major R. M. Studdert, J.P., Fort House, Kilrush
Randal Borough, J.P., Cappa House
Benjamin Cox, J.P., Mountpleasant House, Clarefield
Matthew Kelly, J.P., Bank House
Thomas S. Brew, J.P., Leadmore House
Francis W. Hickman, J.P., Killmore House
E Burke Browne, J.P., Castlepark House
Nicholas O'Gorman, J.P., Bellevue House
Michael S. Brew, Ballyerra House
Holmer T. Land, Bank House, Provincial Bank
Samuel Bourke, Thomastown
Richard B. Silles, Newtown House
William Brew, Leadmore House

Part 6: Kilrush: Union Workhouse:
Chairman - Colonel C. M. Vandeleur, D.L., Kilrush House
Vice-Chairman - Robert William Carey Reeves, D.L., Bessborough House
Deputy Vice-Chairman - George Blackall, Tullard
Clerk and Returning Officer - Augustus Warren
Medical Officer - Bartholomew Madigan
Dispensary & Consulting Sanitary Officer - Dr. J. F. Counihan
Relieving Officer - Carroll Daly
Master - John Pilkington
Matron - Mary O'Keeffe
Chaplains - Roman Catholic - Very Rev. Dr. Dinan
Irish Church - Rev. W. H. Wolseley
Schoolmaster - Martin Flynn
Schoolmistress - Kate O'Brien
Nurses - The Sisters of Mercy
Porters - Michael Hanrahan and Thomas Gorman.

1881 Monday 24th January (CJ).
The Creek of Kilrush is frozen over, where there is an ebb and flow of the tide. A circumstance not known for over 60 years.

1881 Monday 14th March (CJ).
Kilrush Union: -in the chair Mr. H.S. Vandeleur Esq D. L. and subsequently R.W.C. Reeves Esq D.L.

1881 Monday 14th March (CJ)
Malicious Outrage: On Thursday night last a most shocking and daring outrage was committed on the Rev. Sorsby, Presbyterian Minister of Kilrush, his horse a valuable one, was stabbed in several places of the body and the legs nearly cut through ----------------------.

1881 Sunday 3rd April (British Census for 17 Eaton Square, London, Middlesex, England.)[70]

Marital Status
Hector S. Vandeleur Head M Male 45 Clare, Ireland Late Captain Rifle Brigade
Charlotte Vandeleur Wife M Female 34 Hemley, Stafford,  
Norah Vandeleur Daur   Female 3 Brighton, Sussex  
Emma Smith Serv. U Female 30 Lyndon, Rutland Cook
Mathilda Newman Serv. U Female 30 Isle of Wight Housemaid
Eliza Heathcote Serv. U Female 23 London Under Housemaid
William Long Serv. U Male 20 Brighton, Sussex Footman
Emily Druce Serv. U Female 18 Chelsea, London Kitchen-maid
Sarah Pucknell Serv. U Female 27 Brighton, Sussex Lady's Maid
Sophie Glayre Serv. U Female 22 Canton De Vaud, Switzerland Swiss Nurse

1881 Monday 11th July (IT).
The Army.
Lieutenant-Colonel J.O. Vandeleur of the Royal Sussex Regiment is returning home from Malta on leave of absence to the 16th of October.
(John Ormsby Moore b 05/07/1841 d 26/02/1901 son of Crofton Moore Vandeleur)

1881 Tuesday 26th July (IT).
Major Boyle Vandeleur of the 5th Royal Irish Lancers stationed at Newbridge has been granted leave of absence to the 31st inst.
(Son of the Rev. William Richard, Rector of Julianstown: Boyle of Moyville, Athenry, Co, Galway b 13/03/1837 and d 4/10/1902 nephew of the Right Hon. John Ormsby Vandeleur and first cousin of Crofton Moore Vandeleur)

1881 Thursday 1st September (CJ).
Kilrush Races: Stewards Hector S. Vandeleur Esq D.L. Col MacDonnell D.L. F N V Burton Esq D.L. Capt. W H O'Shea M.P. E P Westby Esq D.L. R W C Reeves Esq D.L. F Hickman Esq J.P.

1881 Wednesday 9th November (IT).
Death of Colonel Vandeleur.
A telegram from Kilrush announced the death of Colonel Vandeleur, D.L. which took place at his residence, Kilrush House between seven and eight o'clock yesterday evening. Colonel Vandeleur represented Clare for a long time in Parliament in the conservative interest. He was 73 years of age.

1881 Thursday 10th November (CJ).
Death of Col Crofton Moore Vandeleur D.L.
It is with deep regret we have to announce the death of Col. Vandeleur which occurred Tuesday morning. For some time he has been in a delicate state of health he received a severe shock by the death of his beloved wife from which he can scarcely be said to have ever recovered. Though a Conservative, Col Vandeleur was a man of liberal tendencies, he had too much common sense to be an obdurate partisan: he was too practical to be a bigot: towards all he was considerate: by temperament he was moderate, by experience tolerant: by instinct sympathetic. He was not and did not profess to be in any way infallible. He made mistakes like other men, but broadly gauged his attitude towards friend and foe was generous and extremely respectful: while his action was as free from fanaticism as it was intended to be useful to all coming within its influence.

Crofton Moore Vandeleur first entered the arena of public life in 1841 when he contested the representation of this County with the ultra-Liberals, Major William Nugent MacNamara and Mr. Cornelius O'Brien with the result that the representatives of the Tory party principles found himself at the foot of the poll. In 1852 when he again raised the Conservative banner and had to encounter his old opponent “Corsey O'Brien” in conjunction with the old veteran Sir John Forster Fitzgerald he polled 1139 votes. Mr O'Brien having only two of a majority over him and the Geraldine 13! Due to the intimidation carried out at that election the elected members were unseated on petition and a new election took place in the following year when by an extraordinary coincidence the years and the votes tallied against C.M Vandeleur and he was defeated by a majority of 53. However in 1859 we find him, professing the same principles and leading the poll with a triumphant record of 3829 votes, Col Luke White 2234 and Mr. Francis MacNamara 1999. From that election of '59 to that of '74 Col Vandeleur retained his seat in the Imperial Parliament as the tried and trusted and faithful representative of his constituents. In 1874 the then prime minister unnecessarily dissolved Parliament during the recess when the members were scattered all over Europe and it was not possible for many of them to meet their constituents within the appointed time: so it was with Col. Vandeleur he was in Egypt and in his absence appeared as candidates Lord Francis Conyngham and Sir Colman O'Loghlen. Both adopted Home Rule principles and Col. Vandeleur was defeated by a considerable majority and with that final struggle his Parliament career ended

It was not altogether his absence that then told against Col Vandeleur though he had a keen interest in the furtherance of his political party we find him voting conscientiously with the Liberal Government in the great question of the Irish Church Disestablishment. By that vote he alienated the support of the ultra-Conservative party in the County while failing to conciliate the Liberal and Catholic election. There was another important question in which he took part which we might have expected would have commended him to the confidence of the tenant farmers of this County. When the Land Act of 1874 was passing through its stages in the House of Commons he not only gave it his cordial support but he introduced a clause that half the County cess should be paid by the Landlords. He failed to carry it, but true as the needle to the pole to the principle which he advocated he ever afterwards carried it out on his own estates. As one of the landlords and as a kindly representative he will be long remembered in Clare: but for his generosity his large-hearted liberality in all manner of causes chiefly on those of education and religion-will he be both and longest remembered by us.

The people of Kilrush will have special reason to regret him; his purse seemed every ready for the pursuit of all improvements having for their object the welfare and improvement of that pretty and thriving town with which as its proprietor he was so warmly identified. Viewing the whole line of his action the character of his career and the tenure of his conduct to all thoughtful people, whatever may be their beliefs and opinions his death should be, will be, we cannot but think a source of deep and long-felt regret.

Col. Vandeleur was born in 1808 and had thus attained his 73rd year. He succeeded his father the Right Hon. John Ormsby Vandeleur, Second Commissioner of Customs in 1828. He was Honorary Colonel of the Clare Militia and in 1832 filled the office of High Sheriff until his health became impaired. He was invariably chosen as foreman of the Clare Grand Jury. In 1832 he married Lady Grace Toler, the daughter of the fourth? Earl of Norbury, and has issue living three sons and two daughters: Captain H.S. Vandeleur late of the 60th Rifles who succeeds to the estate, Captain Crofton Toler Vandeleur late of the 10th Hussars and Lieutenant Col. John Ormsby Moore Vandeleur late of the 75th Regt. Elizabeth Frances married to Mr. St. John Blacker-Douglas D.L. Elm Park, Killylea and Grace Dorothy married to Mr. R W Carey-Reeves D.L. Bessborough. The funeral will take place on Saturday the 12th inst at one o’clock.

1881 Monday 14th November (CJ).
The Funeral of Col Vandeleur D.L.
------------ Hundreds of his tenantry and others collected----------several gentlemen who were unable to attend send their carriages. At a quarter to two o'clock the funeral started from Kilrush House the coffin was borne by the shoulders of his workers----------after the chief mourners came six sergeants of the Clare Militia, then a company of the 107th Royal Sussex--------100 men of the R.I.C. and about 50 from the Royal Artillery-------------.
Funeral service was read by Canon Wolseley.

1881 Thursday 17th November (CJ).
Kilrush Board of Guardians.
------Board meeting adjourned as a slight token of deep respect for Col Vandeleur----------.

1882 Thursday 19th January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Michael Meare, gatekeeper at Kilrush House and James Halloran of Kilrush were summoned for cutting some trees on the demesne of Captain Vandeleur on the evening of the 28th December 1881. Halloran was sent to jail for 14 days or pay a fine of £1.

1882 Saturday 21st January (CA).
Notice to Creditors:
---------Notice is hereby given that all persons being creditors of or otherwise having claims or demands upon or against the estate of the said Crofton Moore Vandeleur Esq, deceased, --------Executors John Thomas Blacker Douglas of Elm Park in the County of Armagh and Robert William Carey Reeves, D.L., Bessborough, Killimer in the County of Clare. -------------- John Maunsell, Solicitor for the executors, 11 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin.

1882 Saturday 28th January (CA).
Kilrush Union--- R W C Reeves in the Chair----

1882 Monday 27th March (CJ).
Mr. Hector S Vandeleur's tenants are availing themselves of the abatement now being offered, and we are glad to see the friendly relations that exist between them and the eminently popular agent of the estate Mr F B Keane J P. The time for collecting rents under the abatement is limited and the tenants have largely availed themselves of the concession. Mr. Keane and Mr. Shannon will remain for a few days longer, most probably all will then be paid in, except such tenants who have asked and obtained further time to meet the coming fairs to dispose of cattle Clare Advertiser.

1882 Monday 9th October (CJ).
Kilrush Land Commission:
Judgements delivered this day---The Vandeleur Estate.

Tenant Old Rent; Valuation: New Rent:
J S O'Donnell £140. £120-15 £115.
P Spellisey £26-10 £18. £21-10
G Fitzgerald £24 £9-5 £24. ?
P Connell £22 £16-10 £16.

1882 Monday 27th November (CJ).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians meeting-M S Gibson Esq in the chair and subsequently R W C Reeves J P DL--------Resolved: That in view of bringing more prominently before the authorities the subject matter of employment of the labouring poor on reproductive work----we nominate the following gentlemen as a deputation committee to wait on the Chief Secretary foe Ireland, viz.: H S Vandeleur Esq DL. R W C Reeves Esq D L, -----
Arrears Court In Kilrush: --------Captain Vandeleur's tenants claimed the protection of the Land Act in many instances--------------.

1882 Thursday 28th December (CJ).
At a numerously attended meeting of the tenants of Captain Vandeleur held at Dysert on Friday last, a petition was drawn up and signed by over two hundred of the farmers present. The document which was forthwith forwarded to Captain Vandeleur, applied for a reduction of 25% on their rents, same as that given to last year and rendered their reason for the fact on the failure of their crops this season and their utter inability in consequence to meet the full demand made by Mr. F B Keane the agent this week in Kilrush. In this petition they also ask Captain Vandeleur to come at an early date to see for himself how they are situated as was the custom of his father the late Colonel Vandeleur and to hear from their own lips their individual circumstances. The absence of the family from Kilrush House is a source of very great regret in the neighbourhood.

1883 Saturday 20th January (CA).
Kilrush Union Board of Guardians:
Mr. Grogan acknowledged that their charitable Chairman Capt. H.S. Vandeleur sent £25 towards the relief of the able bodied labourers who were in want of employment--- and he also got a large sum from the people of the town.

1883 Saturday 10th February (CA).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians: Hector S. Vandeleur Chairman presided.

1883 Saturday 17th February (CA).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians: Hector S. Vandeleur Chairman presided.

1883 Saturday 24th February (CA).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians: Hector S. Vandeleur Chairman presided.

1883 Saturday 8th March (CA)
The tenantry of the Vandeleur Estate crowded to the rent office on Thursday and Friday to pay up old arrears------some being two, three, four and five years in debt. Writs have been served to a few apprehension of eviction caused much trouble of mind to several---but we are pleased to say that the amicable relations existing for generations between the Vandeleur family and their tenantry will not be severed. Mr. Vandeleur care, suavity and consideration for his numerous tenantries were most happily exemplified at the rent office on the above named days. The arrears had been accruing during the lengthened illness of his father, the late Col. Vandeleur, were a heritage to Mr. Vandeleur's brothers. They could insist on their legal rights. If high rents were complained of Mr. Vandeleur said they were not laid on by him. He would see the respective places listen to each made case and was prepared to redress grievances where such might exist. He was aware of the altered state of the Country, bad harvests etc., and where needful would make allowances. In some cases he did so liberally to widows many whose lips were heard expressing a prayerful gratitude to the throne of mercy for the long life and safe-keeping of Mr. Vandeleur and his family.

1883 Saturday 10th March (CA).
To the Editor of the Clare Advertiser, Kilrush, 6th March 1883.
Dear Sir,
I fear you have been misinformed with regard to the relations which now exist between Mr. Vandeleur and his tenantry and it might be inferred from remarks on the Advertiser on Saturday that the most cordial good feelings exist between them: But I can assure you the very opposite is the fact for during the last fortnight instead of blessings, curses deep and long were uttered by those same tenants against him and no wonder as his invariable answer last week was “no surrender”. Since the rise put on by the present proprietor's father some years ago rents on his property are the highest in West Clare. ----------- For if you make many enquiries of those concerned you will find that no person ever acted more tyrannically stubbornness than he has done lately. You have quoted some good acts of his such as lighting the town, which is a boon indeed------ however he gets tolls from the town.
An Observer.

1883 Saturday 17th March (CA).
Kilrush Union-Board of Guardians: Hector S. Vandeleur Chairman presided.

1883 Spring Assizes.[71]
In the return of the Grand Jury panel Hector S. Vandeleur is described as “non-resident”.

1883 Saturday 22nd September (CA).
Kilrush Races.
----------------Nor can we pass by without a word of favourable comment the gentleman who headed the list of stewards- Mr. Hector S. Vandeleur –his interest was shown by his liberal subscription.

1883 Saturday 6th October (CA).
Kilrush Land Sub-Commission.
The following decisions were delivered at the Kilrush Court-House by Mr. Reeves Q.C.
Hector S. Vandeleur Landlord.

Tenants Old Rent New Rent.
William Dalton £16 £13-5s
J O'Dea. £33 £24
-------- ---- ----
-------- ---- ----

1883 Saturday 29th December (CA).
Vandeleur: On Christmas Day at 17 Eaton Square, the wife of Hector S. Vandeleur of Kilrush Co. Clare a son. (Captain Alexander Moore, m 03/11/1910, killed WW1 30/10/1914)

1884 Friday 9th May (Times Of London).
On the 8th inst at Brussels Crofton Toler Vandeleur formerly Captain of the 10th Hussars and the 7th Dragoon Guards, second son of the late Col. Vandeleur of Kilrush House, aged 44
(Captain b 07/03/1840 married 08/10/1864 brother of Hector Stewart and grandfather of J O E Vandeleur)

1884 Saturday 20th September (CA).
Cecil Foster Seymour Vandeleur son and heir of Mr. Hector S. Vandeleur left Kilrush House this week to pursue his studied at Eton College where he has already distinguished himself for his high literary attainments (Major Seymour Vandeleur b 11/07/1869, killed in South Africa on 31/08/1901).

1884 Saturday 18th October (CA).
Mr H S Vandeleur steam yacht Linga under the careful command of Capt. James Martin has sailed for the Clyde.

1884 Saturday 8th November (CA).
The handsome steam yacht Linga brought here by Mr H S Vandeleur we understand has been berthed at Leadmore for the winter. The Linga would have been brought to Scotland but for the tempestuous weather, which has prevailed for a good while past. The hands are said to have been paid off but Capt. Martin remains in charge and a more faithful commander could not have control of a craft either with sails or steam.

1884 Saturday 6th December (CA).
H.S. Vandeleur DL and Mrs Vandeleur of Kilrush House are now on a visit with Lord and Lady Inchiquin of Dromoland Castle.

1884 Saturday 13th December (CA).
Mr H. S. Vandeleur DL. and Mrs Vandeleur arrived at Kilrush House on Monday from Lord Inchiquin's seat at Dromoland.

1884 Saturday 20th December (CA).
Kilrush Union. ------------ Mr H S Vandeleur -Chairman.

1885 Saturday 3rd January (CA).
Mr Hector S Vandeleur DL arrived at the Clare Club Ennis- on Friday.

1885 Saturday 14th February (CA).
Mr H.S. Vandeleur's English domestics are about quitting Kilrush House for a residence in London.

1885 Saturday 4th April (CA).
Mrs Vandeleur paid her first visit to the Vandeleur National School on the 22nd January last.

1885 Saturday 18th April (CA).
For grazing purposes only, subject to survey, part of the lands on Kilrush Demesne:
Now in the possession of Hector S Vandeleur Esq, from the 1st day of May next to the first day of April 1886?

The grazing will be let in lots to suit purchasers and contains in all about 200 acres. The lands are well divided and fenced and are known by the following names: Fort Field, Brew's Field, Culligan’s Field, Cow Field, Long Field, and Mount Vana, Glebe Fields, Church Fields, paddock and lawns.

In each division there is a plentiful supply of water there is also a herd with whom the purchaser may arrange to care for the stock. The caretaker will show the lands to any person who may apply.

Proposals will be received in writing by Hallam G. Studdert, Hazelwood, Quinn, Co. Clare on or before the 1st day of May next who will immediately decree the accepted proposal. Half the grazing must be paid on the 1st of August and the remainder previous to the removal of the stock from the lands.
(Demesne; Land held by the manorial lord and not set out to tenants. It was farmed by tenants owing labour services and by hired labour. Leasehold was first used on demesne land and became a lucrative source of income for the lord because it was not circumscribed by the custom of the manor. It could be leased at its true market value and was subject to review. In leasing demesne land the lord no longer required labour services. Rather than forego this right, labour services were commuted to a cash payment known as quit-rent.).

1885 Tuesday 5th May
Meeting of Select Committee on the Shannon Navigation Bill.[72]
Members Present: Mr. Corry, Mr Ewart, Mr. Hibbert, Mr.Kenny, Mr Thomas Lea, Mr. O'Shea, Mr. O'Sullivan, Mr Synan. John T Hibbert Esq, in the Chair.

Mr. Michael Glynn called in: and examined :(This Committee met in London)
Mr. O'Shea.
You are a miller, a woollen manufacturer, and merchant in Kilrush? --Yes.
And a magistrate for the county? --Yes.
And you are well acquainted with Cappa Pier? --I am.
What is the state of the pier at the present time? --It is in a very fair state.
It was built in three lengths, was it not? --Yes in three lengths.
And if it was extended some 240 feet would the number of vessels coming there be largely increased? --Very much so.
At the present time Cappa Pier is under the management of the Board of Works, is it not? --Yes.
I believe there has been considerable complaint as to their management? --Yes.
There is complaint, for instance, that undue favouritism is shown to the steamship company? --Yes, certainly.
It is said that they have got the monopoly of 150 feet of the best part of the pier? --Precisely so.
What steamship company is that? -- The Waterford Steamship Company, and any other steamship company that may happen to come, and who is continually plying between Kilrush, Limerick, and Foynes: it is the Waterford Steamship Company principally.

Mr Synan.
Is that the company that has the steamer on the Shannon? --Yes
I thought that was the Limerick Company? --No.

Mr. O'Sullivan.
Do you mean the Dublin Steamship Company? No: the Dublin Steamship Company has nothing to say to the Shannon for the last 15 to 20 years.

Mr Synan.
Is there not a Limerick steamship on the river? --It is called the Limerick Steamship: it is not called the Limerick Company; it is called Lower Shannon Steamship Company, which plies to Waterford.

Mr. O'Shea.
Some time ago you wanted to land a cargo of wheat at the pier did you not? --Yes.
And you had to apply foe permission to do so at the head office of the Board of Works in Dublin? --Yes.
That was in October Last? -- And on several occasions before that.
And the answer was that you could not be allowed to do so, as your ship would interfere with the steamer? --Yes, that was it.

There is a complaint also of undue favouritism in the rates? Yes, inasmuch as that, if another steamer came, that is to say, if a steamer outward bound only came to that pier casually, it would have to pay the full rates: it seldom occurs, but it does sometimes occur. I am aware that a steamer taking cattle to Liverpool came down to take cattle off that pier, and she had to pay the full rates and charges: the charges were the same on that occasion that any other steamer coming casually there would have to pay: that is three or four years ago.

In fact, in the case of this permanent company, the Lower Shannon Navigation Company, their rates are absolutely 50% lower than what would be charged to any other steamer coming? --Certainly: In the case of those steamers that at present pay, or have been paying for the last 15 or 16 years, their charge is only 1s,or 1s-6d at the most, for every time the steamer leaves that pier with a cargo, I may say, of people almost, and goods, for Limerick or Foynes: it is only the same charge coming back again: for instance, I believe one steamer only pays 2s a day for the double run, while another steamer pays 3s a day for the double run: then of course, the cargo those steamers carry has also to be paid for at 1½d a ton.

Mr Synan.
Have you read the rates in the Schedule to the Bill? --Yes.
Are you satisfied with them? --There is no reference as to the charge.

Mr. O'Shea.
Do you think as a practical man that it would be better, if possible, that a schedule of the rates should be fixed by each public body by the trustees for each separate pier or harbour? --Certainly.
The inhabitants of Kilrush are very anxious to get this pier into their own hands, are they not? -Yes.
And they have already taken legal steps to establish town commissioners? -Yes they have.
And a radius set down will include the pier? -Yes, it will include the pier.
But supposing anything has to be done to the pier before those town commissioners were appointed, the inhabitants would like to see the pier vested in trustees? --Yes.
If that were done would they wish to see the pier vested in trustees chosen from the trading classes, the commercial classes of the place? --Certainly.
Would such a body of trustees, as the following be satisfactory to the inhabitants: Dr. Dinan, Mr. Culligan, Mr. Madigan, Mr. G Doherty, and Mr. Glynn? --Yes and Mr. J .C. Mahony.
The traders amongst them and the merchants amongst them are all solvent men are they? --Yes: all quite solvent.
And they are deeply interested in the pier? --They are all equally interested in the pier: they are quite solvent and equally interested in the pier.

You stated that the inhabitants would like the pier to be vested in trustees chosen from the trading classes? --Yes.
Would they approve of any of the principal landowners being trustees? -No: Mr. Doherty is a landed proprietor, but his land does not touch the Kilrush Pier.

Mr. Lee.
I merely wish to ask one question. You are desirous that the trustees should be named in the Bill or by the Board of Works: you wish that the names of the trustees should be settled by Parliament or by the Board of Works? --It is immaterial where it is so long as they are named.
Do you speak for any meeting or body? --Yes: we had a meeting, a large meeting.
And you were authorised at that meeting to represent them here? --Yes.

Mr. O'Sullivan.
Do you think that the people of Kilrush would object to have a representative or two from the board of guardians of Kilrush on the board? --They would have no objection at all.
Would they have any objection to a man having great property having one representative on the board: would there be any objection to one representative from the people of property on the board of Kilrush? --I am not aware and could not answer that. You might select one or two guardians if you like.
Would you give power to the board of guardians to select one or two representatives? -Yes: I would not object to that.

Mr. Carey.
I presume that your objection to the steamship company that is regularly trading there, having a preference in dues, is that it gives them practically a monopoly of the trade? --No doubt whatever of that: they have the exclusive right to that: they are allowed to have it by the Board of Works, and have had it for many years. On several occasions the people of Kilrush looked for accommodation to discharge vessels where the steamer came to, and they refused.
Do you think that if the harbour pier were under the control of a local board, that monopoly would be done away with? --I think it would. I think the trustees, for their own interests and for the interests of the pier, would do everything in their power to facilitate their steamers, and to show no undue interference such as arises now. There may be some cases where a steamer would not suffer by a sailing ship or another steamer coming for a day or two, or half a day: such things are not allowed now: but if the pier was vested in trustees, such a thing would not be any detriment to the steamboat interests, and might be allowed.
With regard to the cargo of grain, which you referred to, which you applied to land there, was that from Limerick, or where was it from? --It was a cargo of Australian wheat shipped from the Port of Victoria in Australia, and bought by me at Queenstown, the port of call.
It would have been a great convenience to you, undoubtedly, if you had been permitted to discharge the cargo there? --Yes.
Would the ship have come to the pier without extra cost? --She would have come into the pier without extra cost.
Where had you to discharge that cargo in consequence? --Afloat: and when we had about half out, we brought her up to the pier, but we could not touch the steamboat pier, but had to go to the upper end of the pier where the water is about 15 feet in depth.
Is the water deeper there than in the other place? --Yes, than further up.
Could not the other part of the pier be dredged to give accommodation for ships coming up there? -
It could not for those vessels: this vessel is allowed to draw 18 feet of water and we are bound to discharge this vessel while afloat. Then if you are to dredge that pier, it would be no sooner dredged than it would fill up again.
Then supposing that steamboat berth had been available could you have discharged it afloat at that particular place? --Yes, if there was an extension of the pier: but not otherwise.
So that clause in your charter party prevented you, under any circumstances from discharging at the pier? --Unless with the tolerances of the captain. The clause in the charter party stands good in favour of the ships being discharged afloat: but the captain, if he sees it fit can do it.
He will do it for a consideration? --Yes for a very little consideration, if any. I have known them to come in there voluntarily, get their crew in a boat, and go along the pier and take soundings to see it there is a substance there, to save the ship from injury, and then they come there.
Are you aware whether the principal lord of the soil, Captain Vandeleur has at any time found or spent any money upon this Pier? --I heard that his father gave a grant towards the pier years ago.
When it was first made? --Yes.
Do you know at all what his opinion is with respect to the formation of a local authority? --I cannot say.
You are not aware whether he himself would wish to be represented upon it? --I am not aware whether he would or not: he is away from us for some time. I know very well that there was not a man more anxious than he was for the extension of the pier: he always gave us all the help he could towards the extension of the pier: but how he would feel now if he was put in as a trustee, I could not say: I do not know whether he would be disposed to act as a trustee or not.

Mr O'Shea.
I am authorised to say that Mr. Vandeleur as lord of the soil, has no objection to the pier being vested in the town commissioners.

Mr. Synon.
Do you propose to extend the pier 240 feet towards the Scattery Roads? --Towards Hog Island, in the direction of Scattery Roads.
Would that interfere with the navigation of the river? Not a bit.
Would it not narrow the navigation? --There would be any amount of space outside between that and Hog Island.

Summary of some points from Report.
Situation of Kilrush pier opposite Scattery Roads, the works which were commenced in July 1841 not having been completed till April 1845: Cost £8690-5s paid by a grant of £4390-2-6, district £2150-1-3 and Colonel Vandeleur £2150-1-3. Further works from time to time – Estimates in 1880 for lengthening Kilrush Pier, at a cost of £8,000 this has not been carried out.

Statement of traffic at Kilrush Pier for 1884:

Year 1884
No. of vessels
* 496
*Excludes passenger steamers.

1885 Saturday 25th July (CA).
-------Were carried out at Kilmihil on Wednesday and Thursday on the estate of Stewart Vandeleur Esq--------------.

1885 17th October (CA).
Kilrush House- To the Editor of the Clare Advertiser,
Tarbert Co. Kerry 12th October 1885.
---------------Knowing that Kilrush and its extensive environs has been for more than a century in the possession of the Vandeleur Family. I made enquiries what interest had been maintained by the proprietor of one of the nicest situated towns in all Thomond. --------------- What have been Mr Vandeleur’s contributions to commerce out of a vast rent roll? Kilrush House is now left to the charge of a caretaker-who cannot discharge the functions of an Irish Landlord, and should not the law of reciprocity bind a man who raises a large annual income to spend a fair share of that income amongst the tenantry who pile up thousands upon thousands of pounds sterling by the most arduous toil, mental and physical. --------------- Mr. Vandeleur has shown that he is not in touch with the people, whom he once called his “dear friends” and said to them that like the Romans of old “the proudest boast that he has was that he was a Clareman and a native of Kilrush”.

1886 Saturday 18th February (SR).
Mr Hallam Studdert the newly appointed agent on the Vandeleur Estate attended at Ennistymon on the 2nd inst and kindly gave an abatement of 20% on the years rent, which gave great satisfaction to those that paid. Others asked time until March which
the kind agent freely granted.

1886 Saturday 21st August (SR).
A Boycotted Regatta.
The Glin Regatta was completely boycotted by the National League on Saturday in consequence of the stewards having refused to expel the Knight of Glin from their number. The League got up horse races near Glin Castle, and the regatta was practically unattended.

1886 Saturday 11th September (SR)
Kilrush Union.
With reference to the extension of the graveyard the Chairman received the following telegram:
To Michael S Gibson Esq, Chairman of the Kilrush Union, Your letter has been forwarded to me, which shall have prompt attention,
Hector Vandeleur,

1886 Saturday 2nd October (SR).
The Landlords and their Rents in County Clare. Kilrush Thursday.
Today the tenants on the West Clare estates of the Marquis of Conyngham, Mr Westby DL, Marcus Keane J P, and the Stewart Vandeleur prepared to meet their agent Mr. Keane at Kilrush concerning the rents due. In all cases applications for reductions of rents were made by tenants owing to the agricultural depression. The tenants of Mr. Keane at Scattery Island about twelve in number were given no abatement and only one tenant paid. Mr Vandeleur gave an abatement of twenty percent and most of his tenants paid and on the estate of Mr. Westby and Mr. Marcus Keane fifteen percent abatement was granted and as in the last case the tenants were paying as long as the agent waited to receive their rents from them. He left for Ennis at 4 o'clock and the tenants will go to Kilkee on Tuesday to meet the agent for the remainder to pay.

1886 Saturday 11th December (SR)
Kilrush Town Commissioners (Monday).
Chairman: I am pleased to inform you that the people of the town, who had at first opposed the idea, altered their minds now seeing the great improvements afforded them in so short a time. He had to regret that he was compelled to refer to the late case of the commissioners against Mr Vandeleur, which has got such publicity in the press. It would be well that the public should know that Mr. Vandeleur gave every assistance in his power for the formation of the Town Commissioners and that the people admired him for his many good qualities.
Mr. Murphy: He was given the use of the Market House free of charge.
Chairman: I am sure Mr. Vandeleur would not allow the case to go into court were it not for bad advice.

1887 Monday 18th June (CJ).
Two relieving officers of the Kilrush Union were on Tuesday served with notices of evictions of 18 tenants on the estate of Captain Vandeleur, making in all 50 tenants to be evicted.

1887 Tuesday 28th July (CJ).
The Vandeleur Estate, Kilrush, Wednesday.
There is much satisfaction expressed today by the Vandeleur tenants regarding the proposals of a settlement with the landlord. Over two hundred of these tenants have joined the Plan of Campaign, of which about 100 were to be evicted. Through the Very Rev. Dr. Dinan of Kilrush the differences between the landlord and his tenants is likely to be peaceably settled the proposed abatement being 30% all round. The only question now rising is as to the County Cess and taxes-----------.

1887 Monday 5th September (CJ).
Mr. R W C Reeves and his tenantry--------granted his tenants a reduction of 25% on judicial rents mutually agreed after the passing of the Land Act. Most of the rents were then paid the friendliest relationships, has always existed between Mr. Reeves and his tenants.

1887 Saturday 22nd October (SR).
A Kilrush Telegram says:
It has now transpired that the sheriff has not legally carried out the eviction of Mr. James Clancy in Vandeleur Street, as Mr. Clancy was at the time concealed in a case inside the counter of the shop in his house. The police are already breaking locks put on by the sheriff. The matter is locally regarded as a victory over the authorities.

1888 (See also Chapter 5 for a detailed account of the Vandeleur Evictions).

1888 Monday 16th April (CJ).
The Vandeleur Estate:
There is much commotion in connection with this estate owing to the speedy approach of the long rumoured evictions, which were some time ago to be carried out in Kilrush and its locality and other parishes over which it extends. There are 50 Hussars to be drafted into Kilrush---------.

1888 Monday 7th May (CJ).
Mr. John Dillon M P in addressing the people of Kilrush and the Vandeleur Estate tenantry who are about to be evicted advising them to defend their homesteads against the landlord and to act loyal to the Plan of Campaign.

1888 Monday 4th June (CJ).
The Vandeleur Estate: Within the past few nights the entire estate of Captain Vandeleur around Kilrush has been cleared of all stock lest the agent or sheriff should make raids for rent or legal expenses. Not a four footed beast remains over the Vandeleur Estate within an area of over five miles.

1888 Thursday 5th July (CJ).
The impending evictions on the Vandeleur Estate: ----We heard that no amicable arrangement has yet been arrived at between Captain Vandeleur and his tenants------.

1888 Thursday 12th July (CJ).
------It is reported that all the stabling attached to Kilrush House-----have been fitted for accommodation of a troop of dragoons who with a hundred men of the Berkshire Regiment will assist the evicting forces. ----.

1888 Wednesday 18th July (The New York Times)
The War on Irish Tenants.
A thousand people to be driven from home.
Evictions to be made by the aid of military and police.
(By commercial cable from our own correspondent).
London, July 17. -Evictions on the Vandeleur estate in West Clare will begin tomorrow, and this will not tend to soothe the present feverish state of party feeling. One hundred and fourteen families, representing 1,000 people, are to be turned out of their homes for refusing to pay what they deem exorbitant rents. The evicting force consists of 500 dragoons and infantry, in addition to the constabulary, and the preparations are as elaborate as they might be for a small war. All the houses are barricaded, but the police are provided with battering rams. Parish priests are actively at work counselling submission, and it is hoped that there will be no blood shed. The arrears of rent amount to £80,000. This large sum, however, is mainly due to the arbitrary raising of rentals in 1874, which most of the tenants have never been able to pay. In consequence the late Col. Vandeleur was defeated for Parliament mainly by his tenantry. Those who paid the increased rents became impoverished, and finally all the tenants joined the Plan of Campaign.

There is general regret that the evictions are to take place, as both sides have for some time been steadily drawing near to a compromise basis of payment which would have been adopted before many months. The present offer of the landlord is to wipe off all arrears to March1886 for one full year's rent, with 32% reduction. The tenants demand that the arrears be wiped off to a year's later date with 20% reduction on judicial and 35% on non-judicial rents. The evictions appear to be taking place over a very small difference, and it seems as though such harsh measures, so injurious to all parties, could have been avoided.
(£80,000 in 1888 would be equivalent to over £6m stg today: 2009)

1888 Thursday 19th July (CJ)
The Kilrush Evictions ---Commencement of the Campaign.
-----It is most worthy to mention that when the evictions party started a chapel bell tolled and every shop in Kilrush had the shutters put up and remained thus all day as an expression of sympathy with the tenants.

1888 Monday 23rd July (CJ)
The Kilrush Evictions-------------------------.

1888 Monday 30th July (CJ).
The Vandeleur Evictions-------------------------.

1888 Thursday 2nd August (CJ).
The Kilrush Evictions---------------------------.

1888 Monday 6th August (CJ).
The Vandeleur Evictions------------------------.

1888 Thursday 9th August (CJ).
The Vandeleur Evictions------------------------.

1888 Thursday 30th August (CJ).
The Clare Evictions--------------------------------.

1888 Monday 3rd September (CJ).
The Vandeleur Evictions-------------------------.

1888 Thursday 6th September (CJ).
The Vandeleur Evictions---------------------------.

1888 Monday 10th September (CJ).
The Vandeleur Evictions-----------------------------.

1888 Thursday 13th September (CJ).
The Vandeleur Evictions-----------------------------.

1888 Monday 1st October (CJ).
The Vandeleur Prosecutions ----------------------.

1888 Thursday 18th October (CJ).
The Vandeleur Prosecutions ---------------------.

1888 Thursday 22nd November (CJ).
The Vandeleur Estate Prosecutions -------------------.

1888 Thursday 13th December (CJ).
The Vandeleur Evictions------------------------------------------.

1888 Thursday 20th December (CJ).
The Vandeleur Evictions---------------------------------------------.

1889 Tuesday 1st January (IT).
Captain Vandeleur and his Tenants. (From our correspondent) Kilrush, Monday Night.
It will be remembered that recently some tenants with Mr. Grogan, P L G for Kilrush at their head as spokesman, waited on the agent of the Vandeleur estate at the rent office here, with a view of settling the long-standing dispute between the landlord and his tenants regarding their proposals, then published in these columns. Captain Vandeleur has issued the following notice to his tenants, circulated to them here today, and addressed to Mr. Studdert the agent:

Dear Sir, -I have received this day Daniel Grogan's letter with proposal on behalf of my tenants. I have now received no rent from my estate since March 1885, and have waited abroad at very great personal sacrifice to myself and my family, expecting a settlement. I now make a final effort to keep my tenants in their holdings, and avoid the ruin of those evicted. From first to last I have desired nothing but what is fair, and I now forego claims that I know to be perfectly just. In this spirit I make the following further concession:

I will accept a payment in cash of one year's rent payment in full for all rents and arrears due up to and for 25th March 1887,and if this amount be not paid on or before the 1st February next, then my offer to be at an end.

Let the tenants be informed that whilst I have been abroad no transactions whatever have been or are carried out on my estate by you except with my direct knowledge and sanction---- Yours faithfully, Hector Stewart Vandeleur: To Hallam G. Studdert, Agent

1889 Saturday 25th February (KH).
Summer Excursions.
We understand that the excursions given by the Lower Shannon Steamship Company from Kilrush to Tralee and Limerick and which were so popular last year will be resumed on Sunday week. What marred their success to a great extent (The Vandeleur Evictions) last year is now happily “A thing of the past”.

8th April 1889.
The Vandeleur Estate.[73]
§ MR. SEXTON (Belfast, W.) asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland how long the Plan of Campaign had been in operation on the
Vandeleur estate, in Clare; whether the dispute had now been terminated by an agreement between Captain Vandeleur and his tenants, some 500 in number; and what were the terms of the settlement agreed upon in regard to judicial tenants, non-judicial tenants, and tenants evicted?
I am informed that the Plan of Campaign has been in operation on the Vandeleur estate since December 1886. So far as the Irish Government is aware, no agreement has been come to between the landlord and the tenants.

1889 Saturday 4th May (KH).
The Vandeleur Estate
Sir Charles Russell has fixed this day at his chambers in the Temple for the purpose of hearing the parties concerned in the arbitration of the dispute between Capt. Vandeleur and his tenants. It is anticipated that one sitting will be sufficient to terminate this stage of the inquiry. Father McKenna, Father O'Meara and Mr. Reidy are present at the investigation before Sir Charles. I hear, says the London correspondent of the Freeman's Journal the Capt. Vandeleur has made a claim on the government to be recompensed for the loss he has sustained by the destruction of his tenant's homes during the memorable eviction campaign on his estate.

The claim is based on the fact the demolition of the cottages was carried out by the forces of the Crown against the express protest of Capt. Vandeleur's agent. If Capt. Vandeleur can substantiate that allegation there is no doubt that the government must compensate him, whether before or after legal proceedings have been taken being a matter of detail. Even Mr. Balfour can scarcely contend in his most extravagant moment that the battering ram is a thing of beauty and it certainly will not be, after this episode to him at least, a joy forever.

1889 Saturday 6th July (KH).
At the meeting of the Town Commissioners on Monday night Mr Wm Glynn was co-opted a member of the Council and Harbour Board instead of his late lamented father.

1889 Saturday 13th July (KH).
The Vandeleur Plantation.
At the suit of Mr. Edward Murphy, steward of the Vandeleur Estate several persons were prosecuted for trespassing with their stock on the Plantation.

1889 Saturday 20th August (KH).
The Vandeleur Estate.
Mr Henneker Heaton M.P. accompanied by Major Lett arrived at Kilrush House on Saturday evening on a friendly visit to the Vandeleur tenants and on Monday settled the remaining knotty points. His visit was alike satisfactory to himself and the priests of the district.

1889 Saturday 19th October (KH).
Mr John C Mahony Presided at the meeting of the Town Commissioners on Monday night---------. He moved that one week be given to Capt. Vandeleur to consider whether he will rent the tolls and customs to them and if not, they will get up fairs and he can be restraining them afterwards by injunctions and orders to his heart's content-------------.

1889 Saturday 19th October (KH).
Letter from Captain Hector Stewart Vandeleur, Carlton Club, Pall Mall, London.
Dear Sir,
I wish to bring to the notice of the Kilrush Board of Guardians the great importance of considering the course the proposed line of the railway should take from Ennis to Kilrush and Kilkee. A line from Ennis passing through the east side of the County would be more convenient ------------------.
Hector Stewart Vandeleur.
The Chairman supported Capt. H.S. Vandeleur's views on the matter.

1889 Saturday 26th October (KH).
Captain Vandeleur and the South Clare Railway.
------------ If Capt. Vandeleur took any interest in the matter why did he not attend the meeting of the Grand Jury in Ennis last July------------?
--------- Of course we do not mean it to be understood that we would not welcome back Capt. Vandeleur into our midst should he ever recognise the fact that “Property has its duties as well as its rights”.

1889 Saturday 26th October (KH)
Kilrush House. -To Let
A report prevails in town that Kilrush House is to be let! This is indeed very extraordinary news if true. We don’t believe it.

1889 Saturday 2nd November (KH).
Most of the tenants on the Vandeleur Estate have now paid their rents according to the final award of Sir Charles Russell.

1890 Saturday 1st Fevruary (KH)
Mr. H S Vandeleur and the Town Commissioners.
The Town Commissioners changed their minds this week and held another meeting on Wednesday night to rescind the last week's resolution and instead of waiting for the Assizes to have a deputation at once despatched to London to have an interview with the lord of the soil on the subject of leasing from him the Tolls and Customs of this Town----------.

1890 Saturday 8th March (KH)
Capt. Vandeleur and the Town Commissioners.
One of the best meetings of the Town Commissioners took place on Tuesday evening Mr. Mahony presided.
---------------Capt. Vandeleur will soon find that he has made a terrible mistake if he does not deal fairly with the inhabitants.

1890 Saturday 15th March (KH).
Capt. Vandeleur and the Town Commissioners.
---------Capt. Vandeleur demanded personal security for surrendering, if required the Tolls and Customs, should the Town Commissioners be discontinued. -------.
Capt. Vandeleur should be taught that he owed something more to Kilrush than merely drawing his rents out and spending them abroad, ---------------.
Capt. Vandeleur said he would be in Kilrush next week--------------.

1890 Saturday 19th July (KH)
------------- Our justly respected and learned Parish Priest and Vicar- General, the Very Rev. Dr White has brought to a most satisfactory issue his negotiations between our civic body and Mr. Vandeleur and his agent Mr. H G Studdert. The result is that the landlord of the town will co-operate with the people to get up first such fairs and markets and will take out a Provisional Order to regulate them and this power he will vest in a representative of the Town Commissioners.

1890 Saturday 18th October (KH),
Vandeleur v Wolseley.
This was an ejectment process brought on the title by Mr. H S Vandeleur, D.L, against the Ven. Archdeacon Wolseley of the Glebe, Kilrush for the recovery of 3½ Irish acres rent £11 odd which the plaintiffs solicitor stated had been always given to the rector for the time being and which the Rector sold last year to Mr. Walsh of Kilrush for a sum of £75. ------------.

1890 Saturday 29th November (KH).
Mr. Vandeleur and the Town Commissioners.
----------- We respectfully urge Mr. Vandeleur to treat with the people and their representatives in a kindly and considerate manner as his, lamented late, father used to do and especially so when their claims are just.

1891 Saturday 8th January (KH).
Tax rentals of the Marquis of Conyngham in Ireland:
1691 £1,800
1782 £9,000
1874 £32,644 (according to Domesday which only represented the Poor Law Valuation). A significant amount of this contributed by the poor of Kilkee.
(In 1874 the Marquis of Conyngham owned 27613 acres in Clare with a valuation of £10808 or about 8s per acre, Crofton Vandeleur owned 19790 acres with a valuation of £11216 or about 11s per acre. Based on these figures it is estimated that Mr. Vandeleur rental would then have been close to £30,000 per annum)

1891 Saturday 7th February (SR).
The Vandeleur Estate
The London correspondent of the “Freeman” is responsible for the statement that Colonel Vandeleur has made certain representations to his Parliamentary friends during the last week urging them to induce Sir Charles Russell to bring pressure to bear on the tenants to pay the award under the arbitration in which Sir Charles Russell acted.

1891 Saturday 7th March (KH)
An Almost Useless Pier and a Chocked Creek.
The public have been subjected to the greatest inconvenience during the past week since the berth of the Lower Shannon Company's steamer at Cappa was appropriated by another steamer the “William Connall” having a cargo of potatoes for the guardians and coals, the rest of the pier has been occupied by a steamer with rails for the South Clare Railway Company and a schooner occupies the upper portion of the pier. The Lower Shannon had in consequence to refuse eggs, butter, cattle and other merchandise as it became risky enough for passengers to have to cross a large vessel with open hatches and other obstructions before getting on board the river steamer. Even the ship “Nobbleburn” with her large cargo of wheat for the Messrs M Glynn & Sons must discharge in the harbour, which entails great loss to the owners of the ship, to the firm to which consigned and to the Harbour Board. All this commercial deadlock and great inconvenience-almost amounting to panic-arises from the inadequacy of the present pier at Cappa and the unapproachable conditions of the otherwise fine creek up to our doors...........

1891 Saturday 4th July (KH).
Mr Hector Stewart Vandeleur, D.L. who has been attending the Assizes at Ennis arrived at Kilrush House-his ancestral home early on Tuesday accompanied by his agent Mr.H.G. Studdert J.P. He went over a portion of the South Clare Railway on Wednesday and Thursday and was much interested and pleased with the progress made with the line and the works around Kilrush. On yesterday Mr. Vandeleur left for London.

We landed at Kilrush, on the Clare shore, a small fishing and trading port, whence one sees the Shannon, broad, majestic, peaceful and deserted, lose itself in the ocean. A car was in waiting to take us to our halting-place, nine miles across a marshy country, marked with turf cuttings, peopled by crows, herons and frogs, with a few smoky hovels at long intervals. The vegetation consisted of tufts of rushes furze-bushes, and an abundance of those violet and yellow wild flowers, which here give a little cheerfulness to barren and uncultivated parts. Soon the sight of ruins, with which this melancholy desert is strewn, shows us that once more we are in presence of “the Irish difficulty” as it is called in English politics; we are on Vandeleur property. Whence people have recently been “evicted” en masse. By the roadside is a house turned inside out, the thatched roof all staved in, which has undergone one of those regular sieges which I have already described. In an outhouse, in a state of indifferent repair, a whole family live, in company with the pigs and the geese. These are the evicted tenants who have been allowed to go in as “caretakers”....................

1892 Saturday 27th February (KH).
Clare Grand Jury.
The Clare Grand Jury was sworn in at the Court House Ennis today (Friday) at 1 o'clock-----Messrs H.S. Vandeleur--------------.

1892 Saturday 7th May (SR).
The Vandeleur Estate.
---------An eviction notice at the suit of Capt. Vandeleur against the Archdeacon Wolseley on a decree obtained at the January Quarter Sessions---------also against Richard Walsh, Patrick Kelly of Kilrush and also against Patrick Moloney now residing in the United States. The eviction on Archdeacon Wolseley is on the title for selling some land he got in connection with the Glebe and which Capt. Vandeleur claimed to have given for the Rector of the Parish for the time being.

1892 Saturday 25th June (Southern Star).
On Tuesday Capt. Croker, Sheriff of Clare, with a force of twenty-one policemen, in charge of District-Inspector Irwin, of Kilrush, commenced a series of evictions on Capt. Vandeleur's estate in the neighbourhood of Kilrush. There was no disturbance. Two evictions were carried out. Extensive seizures were made on the holdings of the reinstated tenants under Sir Charles Russell's award.

1892 Saturday 10th December (KH).
The Town Board.
The Commissioners then passed a vote of thanks to Mr. Vandeleur, Mr. Studdert his agent and to Rev. Dr. Malone in thus giving them powerful assistance and influence to improve the Town and its port.
The Vicar then read Mr. H. Vandeleur's letter:
Dear Dr. Malone,
----------------------I am prepared to grant a lease subject to the conditions that the Government give a grant aid to the Creek. --------------- Hector Stewart Vandeleur. November 21st 1892.

1893 Saturday 7th January (KH).
For Progress.
The Improvement of the Port of Kilrush, Great Influential Public Meeting.
------ Capt. Vandeleur who was received amid loud applause proposed that Dr. Malone take the chair, which was unanimously carried with acclamation.
Captain Vandeleur said with the opening of the New Year he wished them success, and hoped by this time next year that they would have made much progress in the improvement of their port (Applause). This would be not only of vast utility to Kilrush, but to the entire County of Clare, which, with Kilrush, now enjoyed railways which, he was certain, would prove of immense public advantage and remunerative to the companies, (Hear hear) For a long time various efforts were made to improve Kilrush. His late lamented friend Mr. Glynn appeared before a Committee of the House of Commons with a scheme to extend Cappa Pier, but the objections raised against Kilrush then were that it did not enjoy a corporate representative body, and had no railway connection. Well he was glad to see that they had now got rid of all these objections. They had town commissioners and a well-equipped railway to Kilrush, which would carry out everything that was expected of it. (Applause). As their chairman had stated private enterprise could not go further to improve the part, and they knew that capitalists now held their pockets tightly, so that they should approach the Government. ----------------.

1893 Saturday 28th January (KH).
The Rev. Dr. Malone P.P. & V.G. has received £1 from Most Rev. Dr. MacRedmond Lord Bishop of Killaloe and £5 from Mr H.S. Vandeleur, D.L., for the local Society of St. Vincent de Paul for the poor of the town.

1893 Saturday 18th June (KH).
Kilrush Demesne not to be opened to excursionists:
Mr Murphy Town Clerk read the following letter from Mr. Studdert, Land Agent to Mr. Vandeleur

Hazelwood, Quinn, 25/05/1893...
Dear Sir,
On receipt of your letter, re the request of the Kilrush Town Commissioners that Kilrush House should be opened to excursionists, I at once forwarded your letter to Mr. Vandeleur’s to his London address and only this day received an answer as Mr. Vandeleur has been in France for some weeks. Mr Vandeleur instructed me to inform the Kilrush Town Commissioners that he regrets he cannot comply with their request. --------------. Hallam G. Studdert.

1893 Saturday 9th September (KH).
Kilrush Harbour Regatta.
----Very sincere thanks for their liberal subscriptions to -----Mr. H.S. Vandeleur, D.L. and Mr. Reeves, D.L. ------------.

1894 Saturday 2nd June (KH).
A serious Contention.
It would seem that a new complication has arisen between Mr. H.S.Vandeleur, D.L. and the tenants on his estate, arising out of the expiry six months of the famous arbitration award of Sir Charles Russell. ------------.

1894 Saturday 9th June (SR).
The Vandeleur Estate: Kilrush Thursday
Today at the Kilrush Quarter Sessions before his honour Judge Kelly the dispute between Capt. Vandeleur and his tenants arising out of the famous arbitration of Sir Charles Russell (now Lord Russell of Killowen) came up for hearing. A large number of tenants have been proceeded against for the half-year's rent ending the 25th March 1893 and others of the poorer classes for more. The tenants refused to pay unless they received the full benefit under Lord Russell's award. The Capt. Vandeleur refuses to allow alleging that the award expired on the 29th Sept 1892. ------------An indemnity was given to give the tenants an abatement of 32½ % from the old rent due in June '93 and this to continue until March '94.

1894 Saturday 20th July (KH).
The Vandeleur Estate.
Mr H.G. Studdert J.P. Estate agent and Mr. Michael Shannon the under agent have been attending at the Vandeleur Estate Office, Kilrush during the past week receiving rents from tenants. A great deal of rent has been received and any tenants asking for more time has got it from Mr. Studdert.

1894 Saturday 1st September (KH).
West Clare Cattle and Horse Show.
President: Hector Stewart Vandeleur-------------.

1894 Saturday 15th September (KH).
The following amounts were handed in re: (West Clare Cattle and Horse Show).

Mr H.S. Vandeleur, D.L. £20.
Lord Leconfield. £20.
H R Glynn. £10-10.
W.V. Burton D.L. £10-10.
Major Hickman £5-5.
R W C Reeves D.L. £5-5.
F W G Hickman J.P. £5-5.
F J O'Doherty £5-5.
T R Henn D.L. £5-5.
F V Westby D.L. £5-5.
Colonel Lloyd £3-3.
John Madigan. £3-3.
Provincial Bank. £3-0.
National Bank £3-0.
J Courigan J.P. £2-2.
T Kelly Solr. £2-2.
Dr Counihan. £2-2.
John C Mahony £2-2.
Major G Studdert £2-2.
Dr P C Hickey £2-0.
Joseph Dowling

1895 Saturday 20th March (SR).
Today Major Fred Cullinan, sub-sheriff of the County accompanied by the special staff of bailiffs and an armed police escort carried out three evictions on the Vandeleur estate. The tenants dispossessed were Patrick Madigan, John Crowley and Thomas Higgins. They were heavy arrears of rent due on each holding. After possession had been taken, caretakers with police were placed in charge of the houses. The proceedings passed off without any disturbance. Mr Michael Shannon under-agent of the estate attended the evictions on behalf of the landlord Hector Stewart Vandeleur.

1895 Saturday 30th March (KH).
Vandeleur Estate,

Four Evictions this Week: ------------
Mr Thomas Higgins owed £280.
Mr Pat Madigan owed £192.
(Both were evicted in 1888 and reinstated)
John Crowley owed £380.
-Carrowmore (Near Doonbeg)
Walshe owed £162.

1895 Saturday 8th June (KH).
Mr H.S. Vandeleur, D.L.:
There is a rumour prevailing in town-which we hope is well founded Mr and Mrs Vandeleur and family are to reside almost permanently for the future at the beautiful ancestral home of the Vandeleur family-Kilrush House-and so long deserved. The inhabitants of the town and his numerous tenants would indeed be delighted to see Mr and Mrs Vandeleur reside in their midst. And that too apart from the fact that absenteeism is the greatest curse of the country. But let all that pass and in the future we have no doubt but Mr Vandeleur will do all in his power to promote the interests of his native town-Kilrush.

Since the foregoing was written and put in type we learn on the best authority that Mr Vandeleur, Mrs Vandeleur and family are coming home for good and will attend the West Clare Cattle and Horse Show the first week in August. We are very glad indeed that Mr Vandeleur and his family are coming back: he will never have cause to regret it: and we beg to tender him and his family- A Cead Mille Fáilte.

1895 Saturday 3rd August (KH).
Fashionable News:
Mr H.S.Vandeleur D.L., Mrs Vandeleur and suite will arrive at Kilrush House early this week.

1895 Saturday 17th August (KH).
Mr H.S.Vandeleur, D.L. attended the Board of Guardians meeting on Saturday and Petty Court Sessions on Monday.

1895 Saturday 31st August (KH).
Mr H.S.Vandeleur presided at the weekly meeting of the Kilrush Board of Guardians.

1895 Saturday 7th September (KH).
The Town Clerk read the following:
Kilrush House 12/08/1895.
-------------Will you kindly express to Mr John C. Mahony Chairman and the town commissioners my sincere thanks for their warm-hearted welcome informing the body at the same time of the satisfaction we have of being again amongst them.
I am, Yours Faithfully, Hector S. Vandeleur.

1895 Saturday 14th September (SR).
Kilrush Board of Guardians:
Present Chairman Michael Mescall;
Messrs Hector S. Vandeleur D.L., R.W.C. Reeves D.L., J Culligan J.P., F. W G. Hickman J.P. ----.

1895 Saturday 5th October (SR).
Kilrush Patty Sessions:
In the Chair- Mr Hector S. Vandeleur and Mr. T. Lillis-----------------.

1895 Saturday 12th October (KH).
Letter from Mr Vandeleur,
On the neglected condition of this town Mr Vandeleur addressed a letter to the Town Clerk, Mr John Murphy,
--------- I believe that I am right in stating that it is the paramount duty of the town commissioners to see the town properly lighted and it was for that purpose my father erected street lights. I beg also to point out that not enough attention is paid to cleaning the town the smells on Saturday coming from the refuse &c&c, left in the streets was most noisome.
I Remain, Yours Faithfully, Hector S. Vandeleur.

1896 Saturday 11th January (SR).
Lamps for Merchants Quay.
---- It appeared the while Mr Vandeleur was willing to so all responsibility would afterwards be with the Commissioners which they refused to accept inasmuch as they derived no revenue from the Quay.

1896 Saturday 23rd May (KH).
Fashionable News.
Mr Hector S. Vandeleur, D.L., Mrs H.S. Vandeleur and the Misses Vandeleur are expected at Kilrush House early in July.

1896 Saturday 1st August (KH).
Mr H.S.Vandeleur D.L., Mrs Vandeleur and family and suite are to arrive at Kilrush House on next Monday where they will spend the autumn.

1896 Saturday 1st August (Southern Star).
A Kilrush correspondent telegraphs-An eviction was carried out on the Vandeleur estate at Caherfeenick on Saturday. The tenant evicted was named Walsh. His house was afterwards levelled to the ground. There was a large force of police present.

1896 Saturday 18th August (KH).
Fashionable News:
The following house party is at present staying at Kilrush House:
Mr Hector S. Vandeleur, D.L., Lieutenant Seymour Vandeleur, the Misses Vandeleur and Major Alexander Vandeleur, Captain Foster M.F.H.: the Hons Mr and Mrs Morris.
The party left on Thursday by the SS Eglinton for the Cahircon preserves deer-stalking.

1896 Saturday 5th September (KH).
Mr H.S.Vandeleur, D.L presided at the meeting of the Kilrush Board of Guardians on Saturday. Mrs Vandeleur has arrived in Kilrush from Carlsbad.

1896 Saturday 24th October (SR).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions: ---------------attended by Mr Hector S. Vandeleur.
Kilrush Board of Guardians: ----------- attended by Mr Hector S. Vandeleur

1896 Thursday 12th November (KH).
Shooting party at Kilrush House:
The following party have shot over the Kilrush Demesne and Cahircon preserves this week. Mr H.S.Vandeleur, D.L., Lieut. C.F.Vandeleur, D.S.O., Mr Wm V Reeves................

1896 Thursday 19th November (KH).
Mr H.S.Vandeleur, D.L. and Mrs Vandeleur and suite leave Kilrush House on next Thursday for London for the season.

1897 Thursday 4th March (KH).
Mr. H S Vandeleur D L who has been attending the Clare Assizes during the week-on the Grand Jury-arrived at Kilrush House on Wednesday.

1897 Thursday 1st April (KH).
Kilrush House Burnt to the ground:
------Only a housekeeper and maid were in charge of the palatial residence. The Vandeleur family, who occupy this beautiful country seat for a period of three months each year, are at present staying at their London residence situated in Cadogan Square, S W. It was built over one hundred years ago by the Right Hon. John Ormsby Vandeleur. Additions were made by his successor Col. Crofton M Vandeleur whilst Mr. H S Vandeleur D L who fell in for the estate some twenty years ago put up the north wing and generally beautified the pile. The mansion was not in any particular style of architecture. ------------------.

1897 Saturday 3rd April (SR).
Great Fire
Kilrush House Burned to the Ground £30,000 worth of property damaged.

Kilrush House, the fine old ancestral home of the Vandeleur family has been burned to the ground and as I write all that remains of the stately edifice is the charred walls, which alone successfully battled against the onslaught of the terrible fire fiend. It was one of the most devastating conflagrations, which has ever occurred in our County. ------------------

The damage done must be simply enormous. We have heard that Mr. Vandeleur had the place insured in the Alliance Office for over £20,000. He having transferred the insurance from the Sun to this Office two months since. But it is readily recognised that if this is so it will not go near covering the damage done. Mr. O'Ryan of the Provincial Bank is we believe the local agent for the Alliance. --------------------.

It was I understand the intention of Mr. Vandeleur to reside there permanently in the near future and settle down amongst his extensive tenantry. At present he is in London with his family leaving Kilrush House in the care of a housekeeper and a few under servants.
(Kilrush House was burned on the night 25th/26th March 1897).

1897 Thursday 6th May (KH).
Kilrush Town Commissioners.
72 Cadogan Square, London S W 2/05/1897.
Dear Sir,
I have received your letter of the 5th instant enclosing me a copy of the resolution passed by the Kilrush Town Commissioners sympathising with myself and my family in the great disaster that has befallen us.

Please express on our behalf to Mr. Luke O'Brien and the Town Commissioners our thanks foe such sympathy and kindly feeling. I also should like to take this opportunity of thanking those who under such difficulties did their utmost to save Kilrush House.
I am, Dear Sir, Yours Faithfully, Hector S Vandeleur.

1897 Thursday 2nd September (KH).
Kilrush Petty Sessions Court.
The Vandeleur Estate.
---Mr. H S Vandeleur D L sought orders for the possessions of the holdings of some twenty tenants on his estate at Monmore, Carnacalla and Ballymacrinan under the eviction made easy clauses of the Land Act of 1880---------.
Chairman: What is the date of the ejectment decrees? --------------October 1885----.

1897 Saturday 30th October (SR).
Evictions on the Vandeleur Estate.
Kilrush Wednesday, (from our correspondent).
The Sub-sheriff of the County with a strong force of police has been engaged this morning in dispossessing tenants on the Vandeleur Estate who held as caretakers. The unfortunate tenants are handicapped with rent, and there is not the remotest possibility of anything like a settlement. Their condition at this inclement season of the year exciting the greatest public sympathy. The Landlord Mr. Vandeleur is at present staying in Kilkee.

1897 Thursday 4th November (KH).
The Late Evictions in West Clare.
The threatened eviction campaign on the estate of Mr H S Vandeleur D L in West Clare commenced to-day and it is said will continue for several days.

1898 Thursday 17th March (KH).
Estate of H S Vandeleur.
To be let from 25th March inst. The Lime Kiln's Kilrush and premises attached. Proposals for same in writing will be received by Hallam G Studdert, Hazelwood, Quinn on and up to 24th inst.

1898 Thursday 14th April (KH).
A Kilrush gentleman wounded in the Soudan War.
----------Lieutenant C F Seymour Vandeleur son of Mr. H S Vandeleur D L, Kilrush House was severely wounded in the leg. Lieutenant Vandeleur was in the van of his regiment the Seaforth Highlanders at the time he received his injury and a comrade Lieutenant Gore was killed near him-----------------------.

1898 Thursday 21st July (KH).
Kilrush Petty Sessions.
Mr. H S Vandeleur D L proprietor of Merchants Quay sued a turf-boat owner named Shannahan of Limerick for 13s-9d Quayage Fees.

1898 Saturday 29th August (SR).
Evictions on the Vandeleur Estate.
On Friday the sheriff deputy---- carried out two evictions on Capt. H.S. Vandeleur's Estate.
------------First at Carradota Mr. James Bennett? ----Arrears £360 to Sept 96.
------------the sheriff party then moved into town and took possession of a house and premises occupied by Mary McNamara who owed £?

1898 Saturday 26th November (SR).
Seizure at the Kilrush Workhouse.
Kilrush Monday. (From our correspondent).
The Sub-sheriff for Clare, Major Fred Cullinan wound up a seizing expedition today in West Clare by paying a surprise visit to Kilrush Workhouse, where he ordered the bailiffs to seize the ambulance car and horse under foot of a County Court decree for rent due by the guardians on the dispensary house they hold at Carrigaholt from Mr. Burton.
The Car at the time was about being driven for a patient------------- the route was changed, the rendezvous being the local pound where the car and horse were duly placed in Mr Joe Griffin's charge. --------.

1898 Saturday 3rd December (SR).
Land Commissioners at Kilrush,
(From our correspondent).
Today the Land Sub-Commissioners (No.7)
T Crean (Chairman), R Donovan and C J Harold with E E West, Registrar, sat at Kilrush and commenced the hearing of applications to fix fair rents on properties within the Union. The list numbered 51 coming from the estates of Messrs. Vandeleur, T R Henn, McDonnell, Crowe, Scott, Chambers, Doherty, Foley, Burton, Stacpoole, Morgan, Studdert, etc.

1898 Thursday 8th December (KH).
Shooting Party at Kilrush House.
Mr. H S Vandeleur D L with the following party: Mr R W C Reeves D L, Mr. W O V Burton D L, Mr. W V Reeves J P, Mr. Francis W Gore-Hickman J P, Mr Hallam J Studdert J P and Mr. Wainwright F Crowe J P, shot on Wednesday over Kilrush House demesne and to-day the shoot continued over other portions of the extensive preserves. The first day's bag was 265 mixed. Mr. F J Murphy, estate steward and Head Gamekeeper superintended the arrangements.

1899 Tuesday 28th February (IT).
Clare Spring Assizes: Grand Jury—Hector S. Vandeleur, D.L, Kilrush House? --.

1899 Thursday 6th April (CJ).
Marriage of Hon. Edward O'Brien and Lady Beatrice Hare.
-----List of presents----Mr. and Mrs. Vandeleur a meat carver in case, -----.

1899 Thursday 13th April (CJ).
A popular demonstration took place in Kilrush on Saturday evening when it became known that Mr. H R Glynn was returned as a County Councillor. Tar barrels freely blazed and a meeting was held in front of Mr. Glynn's residence when speeches congratulating the successful candidate were delivered.

1899 Monday 7th August (CJ).
Colonel (Captain) Vandeleur and the Kilrush Pier:
----In the House of Commons on Friday Mr. Hanbury said the Department of Woods and Forests were prepared to consider the advisability of making over the foreshore in which the pier stood to Colonel Vandeleur if he obtained a satisfactory provisional order regarding the pier dues----.

1899 Thursday 17th August (CJ).
Visitors to Kilkee-----Mrs. Vandeleur-------.

1899 Monday 21st August (CJ).
Funeral of Mr. E J Murphy, Kilrush: ----------A beautiful wreath from the members of the Kilrush Boat Club, Hector S Vandeleur D L, --------.

1899 Thursday 7th September (CJ).
The re-erection of the Kilrush House will we understand soon be commenced.

1899 Thursday 9th November (KH).
Board of Trade; Session 1899 & 1900 Kilrush Pier.
Provisional Order:
Power to Mr. H S Vandeleur Esq. To construct a Pier or Quay (Merchants Quay) and other works to alter existing, and to levy new tolls, rates, duties and charges to make alter and rescind Bye-Laws and impose penalties for breach thereof and for other purposes.
----- Notice is hereby given that application is intended to be made to the Board of Trade on or before the 23rd December next, by Hector S Vandeleur of Kilrush House in the County of Clare, John Cullinan Solr. Ennis and Holmes Greig and Greig, London.


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