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Vandeleurs of Kilrush County Clare
by Senan Scanlan

2. Vandeleur References (c.1750-1920)

2.5 1900-2008

1900 Thursday 22nd February (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council and the Vandeleur Provisional Order: Kilrush Tuesday:
A long discussion took place last night at the Urban Council meeting on the undertaking given to bear a portion of the expenses incurred in connection with the opposition by the County Council to the provisional order sought for by Mr. Vandeleur for taking over the improvement at Merchants Quay.

1900 Thursday 12th April (CJ).
Official Inquiry Kilrush Pier:
Notice is hereby given that Captain the Honourable F.C.P. Vereker R.N. Assoc Inst C.E. one of the provisional officers of the Board of Trade will hold a public local inquiry at the Court House Kilrush on Friday the 27th April 1900 at 10.00am. respecting the application which Mr Hector S. Vandeleur has made to the Board of Trade for a provisional order under the General Pier and Harbour Acts and respecting the objections which have been made thereto. All persons interested are invited to attend the inquiry:
(Signed) T.D.W. Pelham Asst Sec.Board of Trade, Fisheries and Harbours Dept. April 10th 1900.

1900 Monday 30th April (CJ).
Merchants Quay-Inquiry.
----------with regard to the ownership of the Creek the first date they had was 1838 and produced a bank book of the Provincial Bank, where small sums were lodged to the credit of Mr. Vandeleur for quayage and wharfage and also an entry in the account book of the surrender of the patent slip by Messrs Spaight, Limerick this place was at the side of the Creek. From the Harbour Books he detailed sums of money paid for the building of the pier, £2413 was spent on the three quays by Mr. Vandeleur. ------
The first vessel which they had a record of entering was an Italian schooner “Confidence” and the date was 1839. In 1850 the quay was completed, Theobald Taylor was after that made Harbour Master and collected tolls which he credited to Col. C.M. Vandeleur, Godfrey Taylor succeeded him as tenant and at present Henry Taylor was collecting for Mr. Vandeleur since '95.

1900 Monday 18th June (CJ).
Kilrush Quay Again
Action for the recovery of tolls by Mr. Vandeleur.
Defendant Decreed.
At the Ennis Quarter Sessions on Saturday before his Honor Judge Carton Q.C. A suit was heard, brought by Mr. Hector S. Vandeleur D.L. against Messrs. H.R. Glynn and H J Glynn, Kilrush trading as Messrs M.G. Glynn & Sons for the recovery of a sum of £50 being part of a larger sum of £103-1s-9d due by the defendants to the plaintiff for wharfage and quayage on steamers, packet-boats and schooners at Merchants Quay, Kilrush---------------------.

1900 Friday 3rd August (IT).
The Queen has approved of the appointment of Captain Hector Vandeleur to be Her Majesty's Lieutenant of the County Clare, in the room of the late Lord Inchiquin.

1900 Monday 6th August (CJ).
Inquiry into Provisional Order for Kilrush Pier.
---------------------- Report by the Hon. Capt. Vereker R.N.
-- I therefore submit that in those circumstances the Board should decline to proceed with the order applied for by Capt. Vandeleur and refuse his application.

1900 Monday 1st October (CJ).
Galvin's Evicted Farm.
The Local Government Board again wrote in reference to Galvin's evicted farm now in possession of the Guardians. The Board returned the writ served on the Guardians by the landlord Mr. Vandeleur for possession on account of arrears--------------------.

1901 Friday 18th January (KH).
The Merchants Quay-Kilrush.
Vandeleur v Glynn.
High Court of Appeal, before the Lord Chancellor Lord Justice Fitzgerald, Lord Justice Walker and Lord Justice Holmes----- Result Glynn's appeal dismissed---.

1901 Saturday 19th January (IT).
The Magistracy
The Lord Chancellor has appointed Frank Martyn, Esq, Cregan's Castle, Ballyvaughan, to the Commission of the peace for the County Clare, on the recommendation of Captain Hector Stewart Vandeleur, Lieutenant of the County.

1901 Monday 4th March (IT).
Death of Colonel J.O.M. Vandeleur.
We regret to announce the death, which occurred on 26th ult .of Colonel John Ormsby Moore Vandeleur, late Gordon Highlanders, after a short illness. He was the youngest son of the late Colonel C M Vandeleur, M .P and Lady Grace Vandeleur, of Kilrush, and brother of Mr. H.S. Vandeleur, Lord Lieutenant of Clare. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon at Kilrush, and was very largely attended. The town was in mourning, and all creeds and classes joined in the procession.

1901 Friday 8th March (KH).
Funeral of Colonel John Ormsby Vandeleur.
The internment of the late Lieut-Colonel J O Vandeleur, Gordan Highlanders, third son of the late lamented Col Crofton Moore Vandeleur D L of Kilrush House and formerly Member of Parliament for Clare, took place on Saturday in the Kilrush Cemetery. The remains of the gallant gentleman lay in the church since their arrival from London the night previous.

At two o'clock a memorial service was held at which appropriate anthems were sung. Rev Canon Hyde M A Rector officiating. Subsequently the oak casket, covered with a profusion of magnificent floral emblems the last tribute from sorrowing friends, was borne from the church by the employees of the Vandeleur Estate and deposited temporarily in a moss lined vault. On Monday they were transferred to the imposing family mausoleum. The deceased was but little known to the present generation here having lived abroad since he left the army but the inhabitants of olden days remember him as a thorough gentleman and proficient sportsman.

He belonged to the first aristocratic house in Clare, his father the “Old Colonel” as he was popularly called being the embodiment of all that was noble, good and kind whilst his spouse, Lady Grace Vandeleur still remembered for her many excellent works in our midst was second daughter of the second Earl of Norbury.

The chief mourners included: Mrs Hector S Vandeleur, Miss Norah Vandeleur, Captain R S Vandeleur, Seaforth Highlanders (nephew), Mr E Philips Castleconnell (cousin), Mr Whitehead Sixmilebridge. Amongst the public we noticed the Very Rev Dr S Malone, P P, V G, M.R.I.A., Rev M J Lynch Killimer, Rev Wm Corbett-Tait L L D the Manse-------.

Mr. H S Vandeleur, Lord Lieutenant of Clare, Kilrush House and Cahircon, brother of the deceased could not be present as he is on his way to South Africa to visit his distinguished son Major Cecil F Seymour Vandeleur D S O of the Irish Guards now on General Lord Kitchener's Staff, who lies wounded at the front.

1901 Friday 15th March (KH).
Mr. H S Vandeleur Lord Lieutenant of Clare accompanied by Major Seymour Vandeleur D S O Irish Guards, lately severely wounded at Middelfontein, South Africa have sailed from Capetown and is expected home shortly.

Vandeleurs in 1901 Census.[75]
(Those highlighted in bold are the former Kilrush Vandeleurs)

Surname Christian Name Townland/Town Parish Relation to Head of Family Religion Age Where Born
Vandeleur Alexander Moore Cahiracon Kilfiddane Son C of E 17 England
Vandeleur Cecil F. S. Cahiracon Kilfiddane Son C of E 31 England
Vandeleur Charlotte Cahiracon Kilfiddane Wife C of E 54 England
Vandeleur Evelyn N. Cahiracon Kilfiddane Daughter C of E 22 England
Vandeleur Hector S. Cahiracon Kilfiddane Head of Family C of E 65 Dublin
Vandeleur Frank Donnybrook Feenagh Head of Family Catholic 33 Clare
Vandeleur Johanna Cloonsnaghta Killadysert Mother Catholic 72 Clare
Vandeleur Margaret Cloonsnaghta Killadysert Wife Catholic 25 Clare
Vandeleur Mary Rathlaheen S. Tomfinlough Wife's Mother C of E 69 Clare
Vandeleur Patrick Cloonsnaghta Killadysert Head of Family Catholic 41 Clare

1901 Sunday 14th April
Lease for 7 years by James Creagh Richard Scott, Wilts, to Hector Vandeleur, Cahircon, Killadysert, Co Clare of shooting rights in Co. Clare. Rent £5 p.a.

1901 Sunday 1st September (New York Times.)
Lieut.Col. Vandeleur Slain.
One of the Best-Known Officers in the British Army Killed in Boer Attack on a Train.
LONDON, Aug.31. -A dispatch from Lord Kitchener, dated Pretoria, to-day says:

“A train was blown up to-day between Waterval and Haman's Kraal by 250 Boers, who at once fired on the train, setting it on fire. Lieut. Col. Vandeleur of the Irish Guards, a most promising officer was killed. The other casualties have not yet been reported.”

Lord Kitchener has hardly ever before referred in terms similar to those contained in the foregoing dispatch to a deceased officer, and this shows the esteem in which Lieut. Col. Vandeleur was held better than anything else could do. The Irishman who lost his life through the blowing up of the train near Waterval was only one of the most promising but also one of the greatest favourites in society among the officers of the British Army. His career was a brilliant one almost from the day he entered the service and he was honoured in a manner that was unique, becoming a Lieutenant, Captain, and Major in the same year. At the time of his death he was one of the youngest officers of his rank in the service.

C.F. Seymour Vandeleur was born on July 11, 1869 being the son of Hector S. Vandeleur of Kilrush, Ireland. He was educated at Eton, and from there went to Sandhurst. In 1889 he entered the army as a Lieutenant in the Scots Guards, and soon afterwards became a Captain and a Major. In 1894 he was sent on special service to Uganda, and from then on had seen almost continual service. In 1895 he took part in the Unyoro expedition: The following year he served on the Nile: he took a prominent and gallant part in the Niger expedition of 1897,and the same year the Royal Geographical Society awarded the Murchison Grant to him for his valuable work in surveying in East Africa and the Niger district. He surveyed no less than 2073 miles.

After a few months in England as aide de camp to Lord Methuen, commanding the home district, Major Vandeleur went out to Africa again, and served with the Egyptian Army in the Sudan expedition of 1898. He was wounded at the battle of Khartoum, and received the Medjidieh Medal for his gallantry.

Besides being a brilliant soldier, Lieut. Col. Vandeleur was famous as a sportsman and during his brief periods at home was an enthusiastic polo player. He wrote a book entitled “Campaigning on the Upper Nile and Niger.”

1901 Saturday 7th September (Anglo-Celt)
Lord Norbury’s Descendant-
Colonel Vandeleur, who has just been killed in South Africa, was the eldest son of Captain Hector Vandeleur, a large landed proprietor in the County Clare, whose mansion, Kilrush House, on the banks of the Shannon, an old residence containing portraits of great value, was burnt to the ground accidentally some three years ago. His grandfather, another Colonel Vandeleur, was member for the County Clare, in the Whig interest, from 1859 till the General Election of 1874 when he lost the seat owing to his opposition to Home Rule. The Vandeleurs are the descendants of the notorious Lord Norbury, of whom they possess a very striking portrait. Colonel Vandeleur, the grandfather of the young man who has now lost his life at the early age of two and thirty, married Lady Grace Toler; she was a granddaughter of “the hanging judge”.

1901 Friday 6th September (KH).
Urban Council Meeting.
Death of Colonel Vandeleur.
Before the minutes were read:
Mr. Mahony said a melancholy duty devolved on him that night, as they were aware the death had just occurred in South Africa of the son of the respected landlord of Kilrush Mr. H S Vandeleur. This young soldier’s career was one of great promise -----and as a man who would make his mark in the future. ---------.

Mr Carey said he did not object to the note of condolence but thought they should proceed with the business, Mr. Vandeleur was not the only one killed in South Africa belonging to Kilrush. There were sons of Mr. Hanrahan, Mr, Steward and others yet perhaps because they were humble people the council did not adjourn or pass resolutions.

Mr Cleary- There was as good men as him belonging to the town shot in South Africa and there was not a word about them here. If he stopped at home and minded his own business he would not get shot.

The vote of condolence was passed and the business proceeded with.

1902 Thursday 15th May (IT).
For Sale: Pheasant’s Eggs, price £2-15s per 100.Apply to D Mollison, Kilrush House: cheques to made payable to William J Studdert, Hazelwood, Quinn, Co. Clare.

1902 Saturday 3rd May (IT).
All Ireland Magistrates Conference:
Public interest in the All Ireland Magistrates Conference continues to increase. At a consultation held on Monday it was decided to hold the meeting on May 15th. The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor of Dublin will take the chair in the Mansion House at 3 pm. on that date. He will be supported by one of the most representative gatherings. The following will be present- The Right Hon. The Lord Mayor of Belfast, the Right Hon. The Lord Mayor of Cork (Alderman E Fitzgerald), the Earl of Rossmore (Lieutenant of County Monaghan), the Earl of Carysfort (Lieutenant of County Wicklow), Lord Stopford (Lieutenant of County Wexford), Captain Vandeleur (Lieutenant of County Clare)---.

1902 Wednesday 23rd July (IT).
International Boat Race at Cork
(O'Brien Cup contest)
---------Amongst those present on a specially reserved platform during the day were: The Earl and Countess of Bandon, Lord O’Brien, Lady O'Brien-----Mr. Hector Vandeleur H M L Co Clare and Miss Vandeleur----------------.

1902 Thursday 28th August (CJ).
Kilrush Horse and Cattle Show:
----Mr. H S Vandeleur Lord Lieutenant of the County wrote consenting to act as president of the show.

1902 Friday 5th September (KH).
A fine marble monument in memory of the late Lieut-Col C F S Vandeleur D S O, Irish Guards, son of Mr H S Vandeleur Lord Lieutenant of the County of Clare is being erected in the Kilrush Protestant Church. The distinguished young officer as will be remembered was killed during the war in South Africa.

Mr H G Studdert J P Land Agent of the Vandeleur Estate and Mr Shannon have been attending the Rent Office, Kilrush this week receiving rents from tenants on the Estate.

1902 Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd September (IT).
Classified Advertisement: Man Servants Wanted:
Herd and Sheppard required, very respectable, to live in lodge and wife to attend gate: from the North of Ireland preferred. Apply to H S Vandeleur, Esq Cahircon, via Ennis.

1902 Monday 13th October (CJ & Kh ON THE 10/10/1092).
There is a rumour which we give with all reserve that Mr. H Vandeleur Lord Lieutenant of Clare has sold his London mansion at 72 Cadogan Square, Chelsea. This is supposed to indicate his permanent residence in the future at Cahircon House near Kildysert.

1902 Saturday 27th December (IT).
Landowners Convention meeting of Clare Branch:
The annual meeting of the Clare Landowners' Convention was held on Saturday afternoon in Ennis. Mr. H .S. Vandeleur, H M L, was in the chair and there were also present:
Lord Inchiquin, Colonel J. O'Callaghan, D L--------.

1903 Thursday 8th January (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions: The Vandeleur Estate:
At the Kilrush Quarter Sessions today before Judge Carton there were a large number of processes from the Vandeleur Estate against tenants for ground rents and rent------. Mr F F Callinan appeared for the landlord------.

1903 Monday 2nd February (CJ).
Mr and Mrs Vandeleur and Miss Norah Vandeleur have arrived at the Shelbourne Hotel from Cahircon Co. Clare.

1903 Friday 6th February (KH).
Mr. H S Vandeleur, Mrs and Miss Vandeleur, Kilrush attended the Viceregal Court in Dublin this week.

1903 Tuesday 26th February (CJ).
Mr and Mrs Vandeleur and Miss Norah Vandeleur have arrived at (34) Eaton Place, London for the season from Cahircon.

1903 Monday 6th May (CJ).
Mr Henry W Foreman, who has been appointed to an important position on the Vandeleur Estate at Kilrush, has been presented on his departure from Woodlawn, Co. Galway with an illuminated address --------------.

1903 Friday 5th June (KH).
At the Kilrush Quarter Sessions on Wednesday before County Court Judge Carton, Michael Flanagan, a farmer residing at Tullycrine, brought an action against the landlord Mr. H S Vandeleur for trespass of cattle, which came off the defendant's holding adjoining. His Honor considered the claim rather exaggerated and gave a decree for £5. Mr Thomas Kelly Solr. Appeared for the tenant and Mr. F Cullinan for Mr. Vandeleur.

1903 Monday 29th June (IT).
Clare Magistrates: There was a meeting of the Clare magistrates at the County Courthouse on Friday, convened by Mr, H S Vandeleur, H M L, for the preparation of an address to Their Majesties on their approaching visit. ----------. Mr. Vandeleur proposed that:

We the Magistrates of the County of Clare, humbly beg to offer our sincere and heartfelt welcome to Their Majesties, King Edward V11, and Alexandra beloved Queen of this United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, thanking them for the honour they are doing us in visiting this part of their Empire. We appreciate most fully the interest shown in the welfare of their subjects in Ireland and trust their Royal progress through the country may be one of unmixed pleasure and satisfaction, and that Providence will protect and watch over their Majesties always is our earnest hope. (Hear, hear).

1903 Friday 3rd July (KH).
At a meeting of the Clare Magistrates held last Friday at Ennis Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L presiding (and who also convened the meeting) it was decided to present an address to the King and Queen on the occasion of their approaching visit to the Emerald Isle.

1903 Monday 3rd August (CJ).
Fashionable Marriage: Keane---Moloney:
The marriage of Mr Marcus Keane D L of Beechpark, Ennis with Henrietta Mary Moloney of Kiltannon, Tulla took place at St Mary's Abbot's Kensington on the 28th July. -------Presents List--- Mr and Mrs Vandeleur (Cahircon) pair of silver candlesticks.

1903 Monday 10th August (CJ).
Mr H S Vandeleur H M L, Mrs Vandeleur and Miss Vandeleur are staying at Cahircon.

1903 Monday 17th August (CJ).
Mr H S Vandeleur H M L, Mrs Vandeleur and Miss Vandeleur have arrived at Cahircon from England.

1903 Monday 5th October (CJ).
We learn that Mr H S Vandeleur H M L will not sell his estates under the Land Purchase Act.

1903 Friday 9th October (KH).
The Vandeleur Estate.
In a letter to the Rev. Father McNamara C C of Cooraclare who had written to Mr H S Vandeleur relative to the sale to the tenants of their holding under the Land Purchase Act in the Caherfeenick district. His Dublin Solicitor states, that Mr. Vandeleur has not yet definitely decided to avail himself of the Land Act, but that doubtless if the tenants on his entire estate in Clare were prepared to give a reasonable price he would be prepared to sell to them. In this connection a conference of the tenants will be held in Kilrush on Wednesday.

1903 Thursday 15th October (IT).
Vandeleur Estate.
A conference of the tenants on the extensive Vandeleur Estate, which extends nearly into every part of west Clare, was held yesterday afternoon at the Temperance Hall, Kilrush, to consider the question of purchase under the Wyndham Act as a notification has been already received from the Dublin solicitors to the landlord that he was prepared to dispose of the entire of his property on reasonable terms. The gathering was large, and it was stated that over three-fourths of the tenants were in attendance.

The Very Rev. Dr. Malone P.P., V.G., was moved to the chair.

Mr. Brew, J.P., suggested that the first step would be to ascertain from the landlord what terms of purchase he required, and what the tenants, he believed, should take into account was not the owners book or paper revenue, but the act rental (Hear, hear)

The Secretaries having been appointed, Rev. Father Clancy was unanimously chosen to communicate with the landlord as to the terms, which he sought for purchase .The meeting closed with the usual compliment to the chairman.

1903 Friday 23rd October (KH).
Conference of the Tenants (see above)
------Mr Luke O'Brien said the greater body of the Vandeleur tenants should stand by the evicted tenants until their restoration was secured.
------Father Clancy said they would be traitors if they acted otherwise, there would be no purchases if they were not restored.

1903 Friday 13th November (KH).
Land Purchase in West Clare.
Mr. Vandeleur's terms of Sale, 18 Stephen's Green North, Dublin. 04/11/1903.
Hector Stewart Vandeleur's Estate.
Dear Sir, we have now conferred with Mr. Vandeleur with reference to your letter on the 14/10 and he is prepared to sell on the following terms:

1) To tenants who have had their judicial rents fixed since the 15th August 1896 at a reduction of 4s in the £ (24½ years purchase)
2) To tenants who have their judicial rents fixed since before 15th August at a reduction of 5s in the £ (23 years purchase).
3) To yearly and other tenants at a reduction of 5s in the £.
4) Evicted tenants or their representatives to be reinstated in their evicted farms wherever same shall be still unoccupied on condition of their purchasing at a reduction of 5s in the £ on their former rents and paying a half year's rent on going into possession immediately before the advance to them is made (23 years purchase).
5) All fishing, shooting and sporting rights also quarrying rights as heretofore exercised to be reserved to Mr. Vandeleur.
6) Turbary tenants to enjoy the rights as previously exercised.
7) The tenants to discharge all rents due to the 25th March 1903 and the 1st May 1903 according to their gale day, the half-year's rent to 29th September and to the 1st November 1903 not to be collected by Mr. Vandeleur. The tenants to pay interest on purchase money at £3-10s per cent from the signing of agreement until completion of the sale.

The above offer and conditions are only on condition of the entire of the agricultural portion of the Vandeleur Estate in the County of Clare being sold on the above-mentioned terms in their entirety.
Yours Faithfully, Maunsell, Darley and Orpen

To Rev A Clancy P P Killimer, Co Clare.
At a meeting of the tenants on Wednesday------ tenants offer 18 years purchase on judicial rents fixed since August 1896------and 15 years purchase on judicial rents before August 1896---- Tenants to have all hunting, fishing and quarrying rights.

1903 Thursday 19th November (CJ).
In the Kilrush Workhouse on Saturday there were 322 males an increase over the corresponding week last year of 9.

1903 Thursday 10th December (IT).
Coursing: County Clare Club Meeting, Ennis, Wednesday Night.
Patrons: The Most Rev. T J McRedmond, Lord Bishop of Killaloe, Lord Inchiquin, H S Vandeleur H M L-----.

1903 Monday 14th December (CJ).
Cappa Boat Slip:
The Board of Trade have written to the Kilrush Urban Council approving the construction of the new slip way at Cappa on condition that the Council pay 2s-6d a year as an acknowledgement of the rights of the Crown in the tidal lands occupied by such work. The Council have sent the letter to the Admiralty Board who have had the slip made.

1903 Friday 25th December (KH).
A memorial to the Landlord.
On Thursday last quite a large number of the local tenants on the Vandeleur Estate attended at the National Club Rooms, Bank Place with a view to asking Mr. H G Studdert J P the land agent on the Vandeleur Estate-then attending the Rent Office, Kilrush-for an abatement in their rents now collecting owing to the bad harvest.

1904 Thursday 7th January (CJ).
The Vandeleur Estate.
Tenants in the County Court on Tuesday at the Kilrush Quarter Sessions. A number of rent processes on the estate of Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L came up before Justice Carton. They had been served on the 22nd and 23rd of December

Early in the month negotiations had been proceeding for the purchase of this estate by the tenants. Under the Act of 1903 the landlord had demanded 24½ years purchase of judicial rents fixed since the 15th August 1896 and 23 years purchase of all other rents with the reservation to him of all fishing, shooting, sporting and quarrying rights. He also agreed to sell to the evicted tenants whose holdings were unoccupied at 23 years purchase of their former rents on condition of their paying a half-year's rent on going into possession. The tenants rejected these terms and made an offer which included the following: 1) Tenants who had their judicial rents fixed since before the 15th August 1896 to give eighteen years purchase. 2) Tenants who have had their judicial rents fixed before the15th August 1896 to give fifteen years purchase? 3) Yearly and other tenants to give 15 years purchase. 4) Evicted tenants to be reinstated without any payment being demanded on condition of their purchase at 15 years purchase of their former rents. 5) Shooting rights to be conveyed to the tenants as also quarrying rights conveyable under the Act.

The landlord would not accept this offer-----Legal argument followed.
Decrees were given in thirty cases, eight cases were dismissed.

1904 Thursday 4th February (CJ).
The extension work at Cappa Pier, Kilrush has been finished and in a manner worthy of the contractor Mr. John Ryan, Vandeleur Street.

1904 Monday 8th February (CJ).
On Friday judgement was reserved in the court of King's Bench in the case of Mr. Vandeleur D L against Patrick McAuliffe, which was an action for a drainage charge on lands held by the defendant from the plaintiff.

1904 Saturday 28th May (IT).
A marriage has been arranged, and will shortly take place, between Mr. Sydney R Christie-Miller, of Britwell Court, Bucks, and 21 St James' Place, S W, and Evelyn Norah, daughter of Mr. Hector S. Vandeleur, of Cahircon, Ennis, Co. Clare.

1904 Thursday 9th June (CJ).
The Vandeleur Estate-Impending Evictions.
At Kilrush Petty Sessions Court today before Mr. Harper R M (in the chair), Mr. Talty and Mr. Mahony a number of cases were listed for hearing in which Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L proceeds under the evictions clauses of the Land Act sought possession of farms on the estate held by Kate Martin, Ballymacrinan, Eliza Martin and Michael Reidy, Ballinaglin, Bridget Brew, Clooneylissaun: Thomas Burke, Cloneylessane, Michael Keane, Mary Keane and the representatives of Thomas Keane, Monmore, James Fennell,Carnacalla and John Cleary Carradotia.
The Court granted orders for possession in the usual terms-------.

1904 Thursday 14th July (CJ).
Marriage of Mr. Sidney R. Christie-Miller and Miss Nora Vandeleur.
The marriage of Mr. Sidney R. Christie-Miller of Britwell Court, Bucks and 21 St James's Place with Miss Nora Vandeleur, daughter of Mr H S Vandeleur of Kilrush and Cahircon, Lord Lieutenant of County Clare was celebrated in St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, London. ----
(The list of presents covers one column of the paper and includes ------ a diamond tiara, opera glasses, set of motor rugs and silver candlesticks ------.)

1904 Thursday 14th July (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
At the Kilrush Petty Sessions on Monday two boys named Casey and Simmons were charged at the suit of Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L “That they did steal take and carry away a quantity of grass off the demesne”. The case was dismissed, as “grass was not a subject of larceny by statute law”.

1904 Monday 12th September (CJ).
The Kilrush Monument:

---On Tuesday the work of the erection of the Manchester Memorial began in Kilrush at ten o’clock in the morning. The Kilrush Fife and Drum Band with their banner at their head marched to the site---and discoursed a selection of Irish National Airs. --------.

1904 Thursday 22nd September (CJ).
The steam yacht “Ithurial” belonging to Mr H S Vandeleur, Cahircon House with a party on board arrived at Clare Castle the other day. A motorcar was in readiness to meet them at the pier. The yacht left for Cahircon at 6 o'clock the same evening.

1904 Saturday 15th October (IT).
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Vandeleur have been spending the autumn at Cahircon House, on the Shannon, where they have been doing much entertaining.

1905 Wednesday 8th February (II).
Clare Land Agents Death.
The death is announced of Mr. Hallam Studdert, which took place at his residence at Hazelwood, near Ennis, on Monday evening after he had undergone an operation for an internal complaint.

The late Mr. Studdert, it will be recollected, was agent over the Vandeleur estate, and took a prominent part in the memorable West Clare evictions during the time when resistance was stoutly maintained against the entrance of the sheriff and bailiffs.

1905 Thursday 23rd February (CJ).
Mr. and Mrs. Vandeleur have arrived at their residence 50 Rutland Gate, London from Cahircon County Clare.

1905 Monday 27th February (CJ).
Kilrush: that the Treasury will not takeover the Creek at the amount of compensation sought for by Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L---------.

1905 Monday 3rd April (CJ).
There was not much land business in the Kilrush Quarter Sessions last week. There were some processes against tenants on the Vandeleur Estate------All would go to show, in fact, that we are nearing better times. --------.

1905 Friday 14th April (KH).
The Vandeleur Estate.
Fresh efforts to purchase.
Last Saturday renewed and energetic efforts were commenced by a large and representatives meeting of the tenants of the Vandeleur Estate at a meeting at the National Club Room in Bank Place with a view to purchase their holdings under the Land Act. ---Resolved “ That Mr. H R Glynn of Leadmore House, Kilrush is appointed chairman of the Tenants Committee and is authorised to negotiate with the landlord Mr. H S Vandeleur Esq, H M L with a view to the purchase of their holdings under the Irish Land Act of 1903”-------.

1905 Monday 21st August (CJ).
Kilrush Guardians: State of the House,
Number in House per last return 327.
Admitted since 44
Discharge 32
Died 1
Remaining on above date 338.
Corresponding week last year 326.

1905 Friday 8th September (KH).
Mr. H S Vandeleur and Mrs. Vandeleur have arrived at Cahircon House from the Continent.

1905 Friday 22nd September (KH).
Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L has been in Kilrush two or three times during the week and it is rumoured that one of his visits had reference to the sale of his estates to the tenants under the Land Purchase Act.

1905 Friday 20th October (KH).
A farmer named Shannon of Ballynote had a process at Kilrush Quarter Sessions on yesterday for £14 for alleged injury to his crops by Mr. Vandeleur pheasants, the case was dismissed.

1905 Friday 10th November (KH).
Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L has been entertaining his first shooting party this week at Cahircon.

1905 Friday 24th November (KH).
We heard that negotiations for the purchase of the Vandeleur Estate by the tenants are progressing satisfactorily.

1905 Monday 4th December (CJ).
It is again rumoured that the sale of the Vandeleur Estate is close at hand. Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L was in Kilrush on Thursday it is said in connection with negotiations and has interviews with the representatives of the tenants. The terms it is said are 7s in the £ abatement on fixed term rents and 5s-6d in the £ on second term rents.

1905 Thurday 14th December (CJ).
Vandeleur Evictions---Meeting of the Tenants.
Mr James Burke was elected chairman of the meeting of Mr. Vandeleur's tenants held in Kilrush on the 9th inst. The following resolutions were proposed by Michael Shannon seconded by Thomas Tubridy and adopted “That as Mr. J C Mahony refused to attend a very large and representative meeting of Mr. Vandeleur's tenants to explain the situation the following committee to be appointed to go into the matter and to ask the landlord to come and meet the tenants or to send a representative”. Archdeacon Malone, Kilrush, Canon Fitzgerald, Kilkee, Very Rev M B Curry PP Cooraclare, ------James Burke, Michael Shannon, Michael O’Dea, Thomas Tubridy, James Dougherty ----. Joseph Dowling, H R Glynn, Sinon Madigan Ballynote-----.

1905 Saturday 23rd December (II).
Landlord and Tenant.

Mr. Hector Vandeleur, DL, Cahircon House, has offered to dispose of his West Clare property at 20 and 22½ years purchase of first and second-term rents.

An agreement has been arrived at between the landlord and the tenants on the Wallscourt estate, near Loughrea, for a sale at 22 years purchase of judicial rents, conditional on the Estates Commissioners buying grazing farms from Lord Wallscourt for division amongst the tenants, who agree to buy back from the Commissioners at the same price they purchase from the landlord.

1906 Monday 8th January (CJ).
Mr H S Vandeleur has appointed Mr John Brennan principal teacher of the Tullycrine National School. Mr Brennan (of Scattery Island) is an experienced and most successful teacher.

1906 Monday 8th January (CJ).
----Mr. J J Keating's suggestion at the meeting of the Kilrush Guardians was adopted: to compel able-bodied men in the House to break stones.

1906 Friday 19th January (KH).
It is rumoured that Mr. H S Vandeleur, H M L has withdrawn the terms of sale offered to his tenants for the purchase of their holdings, which all impartial people considered reasonable and fair.

1906 Friday 26th January (KH).
Mrs Bernard Conlin, Frances Street, received one guinea from Mr. H S Vandeleur, H M L, Cahircon House towards the stall at the Christian Brothers Bazaar, and 10s from Mr W V Burton D L of Carrigaholt Castle towards the same object.
In a Circular Letter to each of his tenants Mr. H S Vandeleur, has withdrawn the terms of sale to them of their holdings under the Land Purchase Act in December last.

1906 Thursday 8th March (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: Monthly Meeting.
----Mr. O’Dwyer “The town was better off when Mr. Vandeleur collected the Tolls himself. He gave them to us when they were no use to himself”
---Mr. O'Brien “I disagree with you”.
---The Chairman (Mr. Batt Culligan J P) “I think we are unanimous that the Tolls are a great asset to the town but we are paying too much for collecting them”----.

1906 Thursday 22nd March (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
At the suit of Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L two boys named Michael Moloney and Martin Burton were prosecuted for taking away a bundle of sticks from the demesne on the 19th of February last. ----Fines 1s and 2s-6d costs each.

1906 Monday 23rd April (CJ).
Easter Vestries-Kilrush.
The following appointments were made:
Rector's Church Warden, Joseph Brews, Ballyerra House, Kilrush.
People's Church Warden, H G Supple, Bleak House, Cappa.
Parochial nominations: H S Vandeleur H M L Cahircon, Ennis, F V Westby D L, Roebuck Castle, Dundrum Co Dublin, H G Supple, Cappa, Kilrush-------.

1906 Saturday 6th October (IT).
A marriage is arranged, and will take place in India in the last week of November, between William Vandeleur Reeves, son of the late Robert Carey Reeves J P, of Bessborough, Co. Clare, and Aileen, daughter of the late Ven. Archdeacon Long of Templemore, Co. Tipperary

1906 Saturday 29th December (IT).
Evicted Tenants: In House of Commons,
-----Replying to Mr. John Redmond, the Chief Secretary said since the discussion in the House on 23rd October the Estates Commissioners had received reports from their inspectors in 683 additional claims had been rejected by them as being untenable. Thirty-five additional evicted tenants had been reinstated-namely, 22 by the landlords with the aid of grants made by the Commissioners and 13 by the Commissioners themselves. This brought the total number of evicted tenants reinstated or provided with new holdings up to 577.Additional arrangements would, it was believed, soon be completed for the restoration of a large number of evicted tenants upon the Massereene estate in Counties Louth and Meath, and arrangements had also been made for the reinstatement of 30 evicted tenants on the Vandeleur estate--------------.

1907 Thursday 28th February (CJ).
Lloyds of London have opened a principal agency at Kilrush for Co. Clare and Messrs M Glynn and Sons have been officially appointed agents.

1907 Wednesday 13th March (II).
Vandeleur Reinstatement.
Mr. Halpin M P received the following telegram from Kilrush last night: “Ten tenants restored today through the popular representative, John Ryan. Good work to continue in the morning, -Studdert Gibson, J P Kilrush”.

1907 Friday 3rd May (KH).
On the recommendation of Mr. H S Vandeleur, H M L the Lord Chancellor has appointed Mr. Jos K Kett D C to the Commission of the Peace for the County of Clare. This appointment has given general satisfaction in West Clare, as Mr. Kett is pre-eminently worthy of the honour conferred on him.

1907 Friday 24th May (KH).
To aid the wounded soldiers, generous free grants, and substantial loans for the Vandeleur Tenants.
The Head Inspector of the Estates Commissioners, Mr John Ryan is at present engaged in the Kilrush District purchasing large lots of young cattle to stock the lands of the tenants on the Vandeleur Estate who were recently re-instated on their holdings after being years out of possession. The money so extended was in the nature of a free grant and was in every case a substantial figure ranging from one hundred to three hundred guineas. ------.

1907 Thursday 20th June (CJ).
Extensive structural alterations are being carried out in the Kilrush R C Church and the improvements include additional large windows, handsome approaches, confessionals of an ornate design, and a beautifully carved marble pulpit. The work will take a considerable time before reaching the completed stage.

1907 Thursday 8th August (CJ).
Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L and Mrs. Vandeleur have arrived at Cahircon.

1907 Friday 27th September (KH).
The Land Act.
It is stated the tenants of his estate near Ennistymon are negotiating with Mr H S Vandeleur H M L for the purchase of their holdings under the Land Act.

1907 Thursday 31st October (CJ).
The Quilty Fishermen's Fund.
Mr. Vandeleur's Fund (Received by the Provincial Bank, Ennis) Amount already £73-2s-6d.
The following gentlemen form a committee of the fund opened by Mr. Vandeleur H M L for the Quilty fishermen; Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L Cahircon, Lord Inchiquin, Lord Dunboyne Knappogue Castle--------.

1907 Friday 8th November (KH).
We are glad to be in a position to announce that Mr. J S Dowling U C, Cappa House, has been appointed Justice of the Peace for the County of Clare by the Lord Chancellor on the recommendation of Mr, H S Vandeleur, and H M L.

1907 Saturday 9th November (IT).
Colonel (Captain) and Mrs. Hector Vandeleur entertained a party last week at Cahircon, Co Clare for their first shoot. Their guests included Sir Charles and Lady Barrington, Lord Gifford, Sir Richard and Lady Musgrave, and Mr. and Mrs. Christie-Miller. Their second shoot will take place at the end of the month.
(Evelyn Norah 2nd daughter of Hector Stewart Vandeleur married 14/07/1904, Sydney Richardson Christie-Miller JP of Clarendon Park, Salisbury, Wilts)

1908 Thursday 27th February (CJ).
The Irish Land Commission -Sub-Commission No. 2.
Rent Reduction in West Clare.
H S Vandeleur, landlord, Timothy Culligan, tenant former rent £59 judicial rent £44-10s.

1908 Friday 15th May (KH).
Estate of H S Vandeleur Esq, H M L.
Take notice that all Bogs, Woods, Covers and Warrens on the several Estates of H S Vandeleur Esq, H M L are poisoned for the destruction of vermin and the preservation of game and same will be renewed from time to time during the year as may be found necessary. Any person found trespassing or in pursuit of game will be prosecuted.

1908 Wednesday 17th June (II).
Irish Major-General Dead.
The death has occurred at Coventry Street, London, of Major-General John Ormsby Vandeleur, son of the late Col. (Robert) Vandeleur, of Springfort, Co. Cork, and cousin of Capt. Vandeleur, Kilrush, Co. Clare. The deceased, who had a distinguished military career took part in the Egyptian campaign in 1882, including the defence of Alexandria, and was in the Soudan expedition of 1884-5, in connection with which he was mentioned in despatches, received the clasp, and was appointed C.B.

1908 Monday 20th July (CJ and KH on Friday 24th July).
Sale of the Vandeleur Estate. ------Kilrush Wednesday,
Purchase negotiations completed on historic estate. Stirring incidents and scenes recalled.
Negotiations, protracted for a couple of years past between the tenants and landlord on the extensive Vandeleure Estate stretching from Ennistymon to Labasheeda in one diameter and from Kildysart to Loop Head on the other, was resumed on yesterday in this town lasting from noon until nightfall and after a series of conferences between a committee and the land agent Mr. R R Studdert J P: Mr. Orpen of the firm Maunsell, Darley and Orpen solicitors Dublin and Mr. Garvey who made survey and valuation of the property acting in the interests of the owner a basis of settlement was arrived at by mutual consent and agreement which is confidently expected will receive the immediate gratification of Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L Cahircon House,Killadysert and of Cadogan Square, Chelsea, London.------------------------. The Vandeleur Estate was away back in the eighties the scene of one of the most memorable and desperate struggles of the Land War--------.

1908 Monday 3rd August (CJ).
Colonel (Captain) H S Vandeleur H M L and Mrs. Vandeleur have arrived at Cahircon from England.

1908 Monday 10th August (CJ).
The “Kilrush Herald” understands that Mr. Vandeleur has agreed to the terms offered by his Clare tenants for the purchase of their holdings so that the negotiations may now be regarded as practically complete.

1908 Friday 23rd August (KH).
The Vandeleur Estate.
This historic property the scene in bygone days of a terrific struggle between the Landlord and tenants is now rapidly and peacefully and by mutual and satisfactory arrangement passing into ownership of the occupiers. All this week the tenants have been attending at the Rent Office in Lower Moore Street, signing the purchase agreements and at an early date the formalities will be completed and the entire body numbering about six hundred tenants declared peasant proprietors. The purchase prices are a 19½ year's rate in the case of the first term occupiers and 21½ year's purchase of second term rents.

1908 Thursday 17th September (CJ).
West Clare Executive---United Irish League.
There were two cases of evicted tenants on the Vandeleur Estate submitted for consideration, and it was stated that the other tenants had proceeded to purchase.

1908 Saturday 21st November (IT).
The Earl and Countess of Portarlington, who were the guests last week of Colonel (Captain) and Mrs. Hector Vandeleur at Cahircon, are entertaining a party this week at Emo Park for their shoot.

1908 Monday 14th December (CJ).
Colonel (Captain) and Mrs Vandeleur entertained last week for shooting at Cahircon, the Earl of Gifford, Captain Hon. Arthur and Lady Annabel O’Neill, Countess of Limerick, Sir Richard Musgrave, Hon. George Massey, Captain Robert Peel, Mr. Lycett Green and Mr. A M Vandeleur 2nd Life Guards.

1908 Wednesday 23rd December (IT).
Meeting of Co. Clare Landlords: Ennis, Monday Evening:
A largely attended meeting of the County Clare landowners was held at the County Clubhouse on Saturday, Mr. Hector S. Vandeleur, and H M L, presiding, to consider the new Land Bill.

After consideration discussion, on the motion of Lord Dunboyne, seconded by Colonel Tottenham, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

That we condemn the Irish Land Bill, introduced on 23rd November, as being unjust to owners and occupiers of land in Ireland, certain to bring voluntary negotiations to an end and calculated to encourage and promote agrarian strife-----------------That we are resolutely opposed to the proposed introduction of compulsory purchase-------------That we believe it would be impossible, even if it were desirable, to set up a court which would be safely entrusted with the fixing of the selling price of estates-----------That the reduction of the bonus by the Treasury on an inflated and unreliable estimate of future purchase transactions deals a mischievous and unjustifiable blow at both landlords and tenants----.

1908 Friday 25th Deccember (KH).
The Vandeleur Estate.
With some twenty or thirty exceptions all the Vandeleur tenants have now signed the purchase agreement so this very extensive estate is virtually sold.

1909 Tuesday 10th August (IT).
Colonel? Hector Vandeleur, H M L, and Mrs. Vandeleur have arrived at Cahircon, Co. Clare.

1909 Friday 10th September (KH).
Owing to the illness of Mr. H S Vandeleur H M L his son, Captain A M Vandeleur has taken up the management of the estate-Now (only) the Town and Demesne Lands.

1909 Tuesday 5th October (FJ).
Death of Captain Hector Vandeleur - Famous Eviction Campaign Recalled.

From our special correspondent, Ennis Monday.

This afternoon news reached Ennis of the death at his London residence, 50 Rutland Gate, of Captain Hector S. Vandeleur, his Majesty's Lieutenant for Clare. He had been suffering for about four months from brain affection and within the past month his son Captain Vandeleur, had taken over the management of his extensive Clare estates.

Captain Vandeleur, who was son of the late Colonel Crofton Moore Vandeleur, M.P for Clare, and Lady Grace Vandeleur, was in his seventy-fourth year. He obtained his captaincy in the Rifle Brigade and soon after left the army. He spent a considerable part of each year at his West Clare residence, Kilrush House, which, however, was accidentally destroyed by fire, about thirteen years ago. Since then the family have lived at another Clare mansion, Cahircon House on the banks of the Shannon, and at Rutland Gate, S, W., London.

His name will be remembered through the famous Vandeleur Evictions campaign in West Clare, in the late eighties, which attracted an immense amount of interest throughout the United Kingdom, and in connection with which the late Lord Russell of Killowen made his well-remembered award. Within the last year or two a number of the tenants then put out of their holdings were restored under the Evicted Tenants Act. Of recent years the relations between landlord and tenants on the estate were of a most amicable nature.

Captain Vandeleur was married in July 1869 (18/07/1867) to Charlotte, eldest daughter of William Orme Foster, M P, of Stourton Castle, Staffs. His eldest son was the late Lieut. Seymour Vandeleur, D.S.O., Scots Guards, (and Irish Guards) who met his death in the South African war. Lieut. Seymour Vandeleur had previously seen a good deal of service in the Soudan, and had published some valuable geographical works.

The second son, Lieut. A Moore Vandeleur of the Second Life Guards succeeds to the estates. The funeral will take place at Kilrush, on Friday next at three o'clock.

1909 Thursday 7th October (FJ)
By The Way.
Captain Hector Stewart Vandeleur, who died in London, was on two occasion’s Tory candidate for the County Clare, which his father Colonel Crofton Moore Vandeleur, had represented in the Tory interest from 1859 till 1874. In 1879 he contested that county at a by-election to fill the vacancy created by the appointment of Sir Bryan O'Loughlin as Attorney General for Victoria. He had been elected in 1877 on the death of his brother Sir Colman O'Loghlen, to the seat, but had never returned to these countries. On that occasion Captain Vandeleur's opponents were the veteran Colonel The O'Gorman Mahon who had represented the county in 1830,and won the seat, returning to parliament after lapse of seven and twenty years, and Mr. Peter O’Brien, now Lord O'Brien of Kilfenora, the Chief Justice of Ireland who stood in the Liberal interest. In 1879 Captain Vandeleur polled 1531 votes, as against 1661 recorded for The O'Gorman Mahon: but when a year later he stood for the county, at the General Election of 1860, the enthusiasm for Home Rule had so much increased that he only polled 912 votes, against 3283 votes recorded for The O'Gorman Mahon, who was at the head of the poll.

The Vandeleur family in the old times regarded the representation of County Clare as a family perquisite, for which they fought in bitterly contested elections, with varying success and failure, against the O’Brien, the FitzGeralds, and the MacNamaras. The first Vandeleur, a “settler” in the evil days of Charles 11, obtained an immense tract of land by the fortune he acquired as one of the Commissioners for applotting quit rents in Ireland. The grandfather of Captain Vandeleur was made, for his services to the Union Commissioner of the Customs in Ireland, while his younger brother was appointed a Judge of the King's Bench. His father married Lady Grace Toler, a granddaughter of Lord Norbury, of whose amazing eccentricities and highly humorous temperament anecdotes, although she is five and thirty years in her grave are still repeated in Clare society. The Vandeleur family has not been without its tragedies. The father of Lady Grace Vandeleur, the second Lord Norbury, was shot in his demesne at Durrow, and Captain Vandeleur's eldest son was killed in action in the South African War.

The evictions on the Vandeleur estate during the Land War in 1888,which were characterised by many sensational incidents, including even the submission of the dispute to Lord Russell of Killowen, then Sir Charles Russell, the former Attorney-General of the Gladstone Government: for arbitration, have now happily all but faded from the public memory. It is, however, worthy of record that one Parliamentary career of great firmness of purpose and of unflinching courage is directly due to these evictions. Captain Pirie, who has been since 1890 Radical member for North Aberdeen, and had served with great distinction in the 3rd Hussars in the Egyptian War, the Soudan, and the Nile Expedition, was stationed with his regiment at the time of the Vandeleur evictions at Cahir, and was ordered to go in command of his troop to the evictions in Clare to preserve order. His experience of sufferings of the people and breaking up of their homes was to him a complete revolution of all his former views. He had been devoted to soldering and had thought little of politics, and his leanings were strongly in the direction of Toryism. He came back from the Vandeleur evictions in strong sympathy with the people, contested, to prove the depth of his convictions, a hopeless seat, and eventually became a member of the House of Commons, in which he is a thorough-going supporter of the popular rights and liberties.

1909 Saturday 9th October (IT).
Obituary---Captain Vandeleur, HML. The death occurred on Monday, at his London residence of Captain Hector S. Vandeleur, in the 74th year of his age, after an illness of about four months' duration. He was son of Colonel Crofton Moore Vandeleur formerly Member of Parliament for Kilrush, and of Lady Grace Vandeleur. He is succeeded by his son, Lieutenant A. Moore Vandeleur, in the extensive family estates in County Clare. Captain Vandeleur was for many years His Majesty's Lieutenant for his native County of Clare. A considerable portion of his earlier life was spent in the Army, during which time he was attached to the Rifle Brigade, and he retired when he attained the rank of Captain. During the land agitation of the late eighties his name was prominently before the public in connection with the evictions on the Vandeleur estate, in West Clare, in connection with which the late Lord Russell of Killowen made an award which has been frequently referred to in subsequent legal decisions affecting points raised in connection with the operations of the land laws. These evictions created at the time considerable excitement in Ireland, and were followed with no small amount of interest throughout the United Kingdom.

In recent years the relations between landlord and tenants were of a most amicable character, and within the past year or two a number of tenants who were dispossessed during the evictions have been restored to their holdings on the estate under the operations of the Evicted Tenants Act. Captain Vandeleur was married, in July 1869 (1867) to Charlotte, eldest daughter of Wm. Orme Foster, M P, of Stourton Castle, Staffordshire. His eldest son was Lieutenant Seymour Vandeleur, D S O, of the Scots Guards, (and Irish Guards) who saw a good deal of active service abroad, and who, it will be remembered, met his death under very tragic circumstances during the South African war. Lieutenant Seymour Vandeleur had previously served in the Soudan, and published some geographical works of considerable value. After he left the Army Captain Vandeleur was accustomed to spend a portion of each year on his Clare estates, residing first at Kilrush House, which was accidentally destroyed by fire about thirteen years ago. The Irish residence of the family since that date has been Cahircon House beautifully situated on the banks of the Shannon. The interment will take place at Kilrush on Friday afternoon.

1909 Monday 11th October (IT)
The funeral of Captain Hector S. Vandeleur, his Majesty's Lieutenant for the County Clare, took place yesterday evening in his native town. The remains were enclosed in a suite of coffins the outer one being of polished oak panelled with heavy brass and inscribed:

Hector Stewart Vandeleur,
Late Captain Rifle Brigade,
Died 3rd October 1909,
Aged 73 years.

The casket containing the remains arrived by mail train on Thursday afternoon and was received at the Railway Station by Captain Alexander Moore Vandeleur of the 2nd Life Guards, Knightsbridge, and son. On the platform also were Rev. Canon Hyde M.A.Rector of Kilrush, Very Rev Canon McInerney P.P. and V.G. Kilrush, Rev William Corbett Tait LLD. The manse, Mr R.R. Studdert, J.P.Hareword, agent of the Vandeleur estate, also the members of the local corporate bodies and principle officials, leading merchants, a large force of police in full uniform, in charge of District Inspector John McNally, R.I.C. A party of coastguards-men from Cappa station and the estate employees with many of the general public.

At three o'clock yesterday a special Service was conducted in the church by the Rev. Canon Hyde, assisted by the Rev. M. Waugh, Rector of Kildysart, and Rev. Robert Bennett, B A, Rector of Kilmurray McMahon. Afterwards the remains were deposited in the Vandeleur mausoleum, erected by the late Colonel Crofton Moore Vandeleur.

The chief mourners were:
Mrs Hector S, Vandeleur (wife), Captain Alexander M. Vandeleur (son), Mrs C.F. Christie Miller (daughter), Mr.C.F. Christie Miller (son-in-law), Mr J.W. Gilbert Smith, Mr. R.R. Studdert, J.P. Esq., etc.

Amongst those present were:
Very Rev. Canon McInerney, PP and V G: Rev. P J Scanlan CC: Rev. William Corbett Tait, LLD: Charles Armstrong MacDonnell, D L, and New Hall: William Joynt Glynn. J P Pella House: Mr. Robert Lane Joynt J P Ennis: Mr Marcus Keane D L Beechpark: Francis W Gore-Hickman D L, Kilmore House, Knock: Capt. White, Natenan, Tulla: A Lane Joynt J P: John Cullinan, Crown Solicitor, Ennis: R H Callinan, D L Ennis: William Conyngham Vandeleur Burton D L, Carrigaholt Castle: Herbert Darley, Dublin: Dr. J F Counihan J P Kilrush: Dr. J B Sullivan, Knock: Dr. J M Studdert J P Carrigaholt: M S Brews, J P Ballyerra House: F N Westby D L: Michael Mescal J P (Chairman of the Kilrush Rural District Council), A M Harner R M Kilkee: E A Ellis J P: R G Ellis J P:Michael Studdert,Dromelihy: Charles E Glynn, Thomas Kelly, solicitor: D R Hilliard solicitor, Michael Killeen solicitor; J A MacFarlan MNB: E G Bushe MNB : B Culligan J P(Chairman of the Kilrush Urban Council): H G Supple, Bleak House,Cappa: District-Inspector McNally,R I C: Dr. Joseph A Mescall, John S Carroll, John C Mahony J P: J F Blackhall C P S: Robert H Borough, P J Boyle, Thomas Ryan U C : Michael Crotty U C: Joshua S Dowling J P, Cappa House: Michael O'Meara U C : J J Keating U C: J J Kelly VS: John O'Dwyer U C:John Murphy, Town Clerk: Andrew Bourke, Harbour Master: Michael Morrissey, Town Surveyor: Joseph Brews. C E: James Green, Postmaster: Thomas Lenehan, R Crowley, Owen O'Connell, W C R: James Allen, P M Boyle, Patrick Behan, Michael Williams, J Mitchell P B: J Ryan N B, Patrick Mungoevan, William McInerney, William Moody, John Lynch (Henry Street) Stephen Hennessy, Denis O’Connell (Harbour Master Merchant's Quay), Patrick Roughan, John McMahon, J Foreman, J Finlay, Andrew Ryan, Patrick O'Reilly, Richard Walsh, Richard O'Dwyer, John Lynch (Moore Street) P J Dillon, Thomas Slattery, Michael Slattery, Thomas Lillis, Denis Slattery,John Brennan N T,Tullycrine: John Murphy N T Moyasta:Stephen Roughan, R O: Michael Black. J J Bradley, John O'Dea, John O'Connell (Moyne), Michael Finucane, T Finucane, Head Constable McDonough Patrick McAuliffe, Thomas Cusack (Cross), J J Garry, Michael Williams, Thomas Brew, Daniel Galvin, Patrick Carrig, Thomas Coote: Michael Scanlan, Robert McAllen (Scattery Island), Patrick Brennan (do.): J G Fitzgerald D C Kilkee: John Sheedy, John Crotty D C: Michael O'Shea, Luke O'Brien U C: Chief Officer Hammond C G, Cappa: Charles Martin, J Sliney, Morgan McNamara, Michael O’Dea, Peter Pender,etc.----------.

1909 Saturday 16th October (IT),
VANDELEUR: - On Sunday, October 3rd, 1909,after a paralytic seizure, Captain Hector Stewart Vandeleur (Late Rifle Brigade), of Kilrush and Cahircon, Co Lieutenant of Clare eldest son of the late Colonel Vandeleur, M.P. and Lady Grace Vandeleur aged 73.

1910 Friday 25th February (II)
------The arrivals by the North Wall route include Capt. Vandeleur---------------.

1910 Friday 11th March (KH).
The Kilrush Town tenants Association have commenced a vigorous campaign in regard to Captain Vandeleur's action in raising ground rents considerably on houses where the leases have expired. It is stated that rents on all houses in Frances Street, Toler Street, Market Square and Moore Street is in future to be 5s a foot frontage.

1910 Saturday 26th March (FJ)
Town Parks.
On the Vandeleur estate there were several applications to fix fair rents on holdings adjoining Kilrush, which on the part of the landlord, Mr. Cullinan resisted on the grounds that the lands in question were town parks and outside the Acts. The facts of each of these applications-the rent, situation, user, and condition of letting-were very fully and patiently heard by the Court, and ably presented and criticised on both sides. The tenants interested were Michael Crotty, James Bourke, William Moody, and John Lynch, all living at or near Kilrush.

1910 Friday 1st April (KH).
Kilrush Town Tenants Association.
Resolved: “That the actual occupiers of houses demand a reduction of 25% in their rents, owing to the depression of trade in our Town and we urge the Town Tenants to band themselves together and stand as one man in their just demand.

1910 Friday 6th May (KH).
Kilrush Urban Council: Kilrush Demesne: Agitation to save the Glorious Forest Trees.
Correspondence Read: ---House of Commons 19th April 1910.
Dear Mr. Murphy,
I would beg you to convey to the members of the Kilrush Urban Council my best thanks for their letter of the 18th and to assure them that I an entirely with them in the matter of the Kilrush Demesne. ---------------
I am Sincerely Yours: Arthur Lynch (Colonel and M P)

1910 Wednesday 25th May (FJ).
Mr. Wm. Field M P moves “That, in view of the Development Grant to be provided by Parliament in connection with the Budget, the Government should be urged to undertake at once a general scheme for the re-afforestation of Ireland”. The question of re-afforestation affected the climate, the soil, and the protection of cattle.

Mr. Mescall (Co. Clare) seconded, and said a forest of 300 acres in connection with Mr. Vandeleur's estate, near Kilrush, was now for sale, and he urged the Department to acquire it.

The Vice-President said this question had already occupied his attention. It was a valuable estate that they would like to acquire but they could not apply any of the £6,000 they had except to buy Estate Commissioners or the Congested Districts Board. This was one of the objects for which they were going to ask money from the Development Commissioners, and such an estate as Colonel Vandeleur's was one of the first they ought to acquire.
The resolution was carried.

1910 Friday 24th June (KH).
Kilrush Urban Council: The Kilrush Woodlands.
Captain A M Vandeleur willing to sell.
With reference to the above important question and the proposal to establish a School of Forestry and Agriculture Col Lynch M P has sent the following letter to Mr. Birrell. ----------- I find that he (Captain Vandeleur) is in sympathy with the desire of the Kilrush Urban Council and that he is prepared to sell estate lands to the Lands Commissioners on reasonable terms, consideration being given to the value of the woods over and above the value of the land for ordinary agriculture-----.

1910 Tuesday 26th July (II).
A marriage has been arranged, and will take place at the end of October, between Captain Vandeleur, 2nd Life Guards, only surviving son of the late Hector Vandeleur, of Kilrush and Cahircon, Co. Clare, and the Hon. Violet Meysey-Thompson, eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Knaresborough,

1910 Friday 23rd September (II)
New H M L. for Co. Clare.
It is officially announced that the King has on the recommendation of the Lord Lieutenant, appointed Sir Michael O'Loughlin, Bart. to be his Majesty's Lieutenant of Co. Clare, in succession to the late Captain H S Vandeleur.

1910 Friday 23rd September (KH).
Kilrush Urban Council:
The question of the Tolls and Customs on the fairs and markets of Kilrush is causing some uneasiness to the Urban Council as the landlord Captain A M Vandeleur who initially gave the entire revenue for the use of the locality is now pressing the body corporate, who acted as collectors, for a rental of £40 a year exclusive of rates

1910 Friday 4th November (FJ).
There was a large gathering yesterday at St. Peter's Church, Eaton Square, at the wedding of Captain Vandeleur, 2nd Life Guards, son of the late Mr. Hector Vandeleur, of Kilrush and Cahircon, and the Hon. Violet Meysey Thompson, eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Knaresborough. The church was beautifully decorated with white flowers and the service fully choral, was performed by the Rev, F A Donaldson, assisted by the Rev. John Storrs, Vicar of St. Peter's. Lord Knaresborough gave away his daughter. She wore a dress of soft white satin draped with old family lace, and the train was composed entirely of the same old lace and was mounted over cloth and silver. After the reception at 7 Grosvenor Place the happy couple left for Paris en route for Egypt.

1910 Friday 23rd December (KH).
Shooting Party.
Major Fitzgerald and Captain Fitzgerald of Petworth Manor, Gloucestershire who shot the Vandeleur Demesne preserve this week stayed at the Vandeleur Arms Hotel Kilrush. They were accompanied by the following guns Captain Leslie, Major Morton, Col W C V Burton, Mr H Finch, The Knight of Glin and Mr. R R Studdert J P.

1911 Thursday 5th January (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: The Artisans Dwellings Schemes.
In reference to a letter from Mr. R R Studdert agent to Captain Vandeleur some discussion arose as to whether the land to be acquired from Mr. Thos. Slattery should be Irish or statute measure. The ground selected is on the Ballynote Road beyond the Gas Works in Stewart Street and Mr. Slattery consents to the sale of a portion of his holding for this purpose----.

1911 Friday 6th January (KH).
The Vandeleur Estate.
Letter from Maunsell Darley and Orpen (Solrs) to Thomas Kelly Solr Frances Street.
---------Captain Vandeleur never gave any authority to anyone to hold markets or fairs other than those for which he holds a franchise. We are to-day writing to the Town Council Kilrush warning them that Captain Vandeleur will treat the holding of any fairs or market other than those which he has a franchise as a disturbance of the market. Captain Vandeleur never participated in the present arrangements or risks on any of the (alleged) new fairs or markets.

1911 Monday 27th February (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council; Landlord's complaint about Crag Quarry,
Captain Vandeleur's Estate—Crag Quarry,
Dear Sir,
Complaint has been made to me that your Council are abusing privileges in the way their men are working in the quarry------Yours Faithfully R R Studdert.

1911 Monday 6th March (CJ).
Kilrush Demesne: Appeal to the Estate Commissioners.
At the meeting of the Kilrush Urban Council the following resolution was proposed by Mr. F J O'Doherty J P and seconded by Mr. Michael O'Meara and unanimously adopted:
“That understanding the Estate Commissioners have acquired the Vandeleur Demesne situate at Kilrush, County Clare, we respectively appeal to them to vest same in the Department of Agriculture as we are of opinion it would be an ideal one for conversion at very little outlay into an Agricultural Station as has been done in other parts of the country----------------”.

1911 Monday 13th March (CJ).
The Kilrush Urban Council has called on the Estate Commissioners to sell them the division of the Vandeleur Demesne known as the Cricket Field for use benefit of the people of Kilrush as a recreational ground for the holding therein of sports, races shows and other amusements. ----.

1911 Monday 20th March (CJ).
It was stated that there are fully three hundred applications sent to the Estate Commissioners for Applotments on the Vandeleur Demesne around Kilrush House. Although a report prevails that Captain Vandeleur has disposed of the place to the Estate Commissioners, the Commissioners are deluged with proposals from all quarters.

1911 Monday 4th September (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: The Cricket Field again.
A letter was read from the office of the Estate Commissioners, Dublin, offering to sell the Cricket Field (of which a temporary letting has been made) to the Urban Council under section 36 of the Local Government Act for a cash payment of £929 to be used as a recreational ground. The area was defined as 55 acres 3 roods 19 perches of the lands of Kilrush.

1907-1912 House of commoms Debates[76]
West Clare Evicted Tenants. April 30, 1907.
The Estates Commissioners inform me that sixty-two evicted tenants have been reinstated in County Clare. Of these thirty have been reinstated on the Vandeleur estate, and the Commissioners have already sanctioned grants, amounting in all to £2,618, to some twenty-five of the latter tenants. The Commissioners appear to be doing all that can be done in the matter, but in any event I could not interfere with their discretion in such cases.

Land Purchase (Ireland). February 19th, 1912.
§ Mr. LYNCH asked the Chief Secretary whether his attention has been drawn to the fact that the tenants of the Mountshannon and Ballyguiry (parish of Killofin, rural district of Killadysert), portions of the estate of Captain Vandeleur in West Clare, have, on several occasions during the past five years, made offers in regard to sale, and that these offers have been refused; whether the fact that these estates are held by middle landlords (Mr. Marcus Keane, for Mountshannon, and Miss Helena Barclay, for Ballyguiry) forms any obstacle to the operations of the Land Act of 1909; and, if not, whether steps will be taken by the Congested Districts Board, without further delay, to deal with these estates?

Land Purchase October 31st 1912
§ Mr. T. W. RUSSELL (Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture, Ireland)
The Department have received copy of resolution in question, but they are not in a position to take the course suggested. It may be pointed out that on 29th March 1910, the hon. Member called attention to a resolution unanimously adopted by the Kilrush Urban District Council, suggesting to the Department the desirability of saving the woods on the Vandeleur estate from destruction and of acquiring these lands for the purpose of building an agricultural college, with a school of forestry. Resolutions to a similar effect were adopted by the Kilrush Board of Guardians in October, 1910, and by the Clare County Committee of Agriculture in March, 1911, in which latter month also the urban district council unanimously appealed to the Department to purchase these lands and establish an agricultural station there. The Department, however, informed the urban district council and the county committee that the lands were to be acquired, with the consent of the Treasury, for utilisation as a forestry centre, and that it was not proposed to establish an agricultural station or a school of forestry at this centre.

1912 Saturday 20th January (II).
Sir Charles and Lady Barrington have been entertaining a party this week for their woodcock shoot, including Lord Massy, Capt. and the Hon. Mrs. Vandeleur, the Earl of Rosse, Sir George Abercromby, Mr. Percy La Touché, Major Darby Griffiths, and Mr. A K Charlesworth.

1912 Saturday 23rd March (II).
---- Capt. and The Hon. Mrs. Vandeleur have arrived in London and are staying at 50 Rutland Gate.

1912 Monday 3rd April (CJ).
Colonel Lynch M P in West Clare.
Col Arthur Lynch M P spent the weekend on a visit to his constituents in West Clare. On Saturday night he addressed a special meeting of the Kilrush Urban Council in reference to the questions, which are driving such intense feeling in the Western Capital, the proposed waterworks schemes and the control of the Vandeleur's Cricket Field where Kilrush sports will be held next Sunday.

1912 Wednesday 24th April (II).
Captain and the Hon. Mrs. Vandeleur have arrived at 42 Lowndes Street, (London) which they have taken for the season.

1912 Friday 21st June (KH).
The Purchase of Kilrush Town.
We give hereunder copy of letter addressed to the Kilrush branch of the Town Tenants Association:

Dear Mr. Nagle. If Mr. Vandeleur agrees to include the town holdings in the sale of his estate there is nothing to prevent them being sold as in other towns under the Land Acts to the occupying tenants. It is for the people of Kilrush to decide the importance of a sale and I hope they will lose no time in setting to work to secure what will give them after a brief struggle the complete ownership of their homes and what I consider essential for the health and future prosperity of the town a portion of the land on the demesne to provide accommodation plots for the Town tenants. ----
I hope the schedule forms will be filled up at once. You should ask my friend, Colonel Lynch, your parliamentary representative to impress upon the Government, The Estate Commissioners and the Congested Districts Boards the necessity for attending immediately to the just claims of the people of Kilrush to become owners of their homes and to obtain a share of that land which runs right up to the town and which was created by the Almighty for the benefit of His people. Mr J M C Briscoe. To Mr. T Nagle, Hon Sec. Town Tenants Association Kilrush.

1912 Monday 1st July (CJ).
Kilrush Board of Guardians: State of the House: Number in the house as per last return 253.

1912 Monday 30th September (CJ).
The Kilrush Urban Council are to enter into a contract with Captain A M Vandeleur, the Patentee of the Markets and Fairs of Kilrush for the sale to them of all his rights and interests in the patents for the Kilrush Fairs and Markets.

1913 Friday 18th January (II).
Captain Alexander Vandeleur who has been appointed High Sheriff of Co. Clare is the only surviving son of the late Captain Hector Vandeleur, and is married to Lord and Lady Knaresborough's eldest daughter. Captain Vandeleur acquired Cahircon from the representative of the late Col. The Hon. Charles White, an uncle of Lord Annaly, after the burning of the Vandeleur family seat at Kilrush House some six (teen) ago.

1913 Monday 3rd January (CJ)
The afforestation on the Kilrush Demesne has begun and a large staff of workmen has been engaged for the planting of the forty acre division known as Brew's Hill.

1913 Friday 7th March (KH).
County Clare Spring Assizes: Captain A M Vandeleur High Sheriff attended Opening.

1913 Thursday 3rd April (CJ).
The Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction in Ireland have just forwarded to the Kilrush Urban Council a paying order for £187 odd as recompense in lieu of rates on their Forestry Station at the Kilrush Demesne--This includes a period from July 1911 to 31st March 1913.

1913 Friday 27th June (KH).
Kilrush Urban Council.
Tolls and Customs. The Local Government Board although having expressed agreement to the proposed purchase of the Tolls and Customs now refused to sanction the loan applied for of £300 on the ground that it was not “work” within the meaning of the section.

1913 Thursday 3rd July (CJ).
Clare Summer Assizes: The Clare Summer Assizes were opened on Tuesday by Lord Justice Cherry, who was accompanied into court by the High Sheriff Captain A M Vandeleur-----.

1913 Friday 1st August (KH)
Kilrush Urban Council.
The transfer of £300 from the Harbour Board funds for the purchase of the Tolls and Customs was ratified

1914 Tuesday 3rd March (II).
---------Recent arrivals from England by the Kingstown Mail Capt. Vandeleur. --------.

1914 Wednesday 25th November (II)
Lieut J B Vandeleur, Leicester Regiment, who has been killed, was the only son of the Late Col. J O Vandeleur C B of Ballinacourty .He was a kinsman of Capt. W M C Vandeleur, Moyville, Galway, whose death on 10th September has been reported, and of the late Lieut-Col, C. Vandeleur, D S O, Kilrush who was killed in action in the Boer War.
(John Beauclerk Vandeleur, 2nd Lieut Durham Light Infantry b 1887 killed in action 1914 son of Col John Ormsby CB 1897 of Ballinacourty and grandson of Lt-Col John10th Hussars, of Mannister Co. Limerick: and Capt. William Mount Charles Crofton 2nd Essex Regiment killed in action 26th August 1914 son of William Richard of Moyville Co. Galway and grandson of the Rev William Richard Rector of Julianstown and great-grandson of Crofton and Alice Burton)

1915 Friday 15th January (FJ).
Captain Alexander Moore Vandeleur, 2nd Life Guards, who is unofficially reported, missing, is the only surviving son of the late Captain Hector Stewart Vandeleur (Rifle Brigade), of Kilrush and Cahircon Co. Clare, whom he succeeded in 1909.

1915 Saturday 16th January (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council: The Fair Green.
Mr. R R. Studdert agent to Captain Vandeleur wrote to reply to the Council's request for the use of the Fair Green, stating that it was ridiculous to expect it for nothing. Some time ago the locks on the gates which were the property of Captain Vandeleur were broken and entrance effected without any right. Mr. O’Meara: It would be a good job if we were rid of him. Mr. Nagle: If a deputation went to him he might give it to them. Mr. O'Dwyer: They went before and they might as well have remained at home... Mr. Carmody: The Kaiser has a hold of him and it would be a good job if he never let him go. Mr O'Meara: It is a dying kick, the present fellow was just as good as any of them, and none of them ever did anything for Kilrush. Mr. Connolly: Landlords in other towns give parks, and here Mr. Vandeleur won’t give an acre or two of a field that is not worth 2d to him.
It was decided to write to Mr. Studdert again asking him to let the Fair Green at a nominal rent.

1915 Monday 18th January (CJ).
There is no news yet of Captain Alexander Moore Vandeleur 2nd Life Guards who is unofficially reported missing.

1915 Monday 22nd March (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: To split up the land, Mr Michael O'Meara handed in a notice of his intention to move or cause to be moved at the next meeting “That the resolution on their books calling on Mr. T W Russell and the Department of Agriculture, to take over the Vandeleur Demesne lands as a School of Forestry and Agriculture Station be rescinded with a view to having the said lands striped up and divided amongst the deserving poor tenants in the town of Kilrush.

Rates on Public Buildings:
Mr. Nagle inquired if Captain Vandeleur had paid rates on the Courthouse as was done in Kilkee and Carrigaholt.
The Clerk (sharply): No Sir it is exempt.

1915 Saturday 24th April (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council:

Vandeleur Demesne.
The following communication was received from Mr. T P Gill Secretary to the Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland.
Dear Sir: With reference to your letter of the 11th ult. relative to the utilisation of the Department's land at Kilrush. I have to acquaint you for the information of the Kilrush Urban District Council that the property in question was purchased out of funds specially provided for the preservation of woodland and is held by the Department as trustee under the Irish Land Acts solely for the purpose of forestry. The Department is therefore not in a position to utilise the lands for the establishment of an Agricultural School...............

1915 Monday 15th November (II and IT 16th November).
Death of Mrs. H S Vandeleur.
The “Morning Post” announces the death of Mrs. Vandeleur, which occurred at 50 Rutland Gate, London, on Friday. She was the eldest daughter of the late W O. Foster, of Apley Park, Bridgenorth, and married in 1867 Hector Stewart Vandeleur, of Kilrush and Cahircon, H M L for Clare, who died in 1909.
A marriage has been arranged, and is expected to take place shortly, between Crofton Talbot Vandeleur, of Wardenstown, Killucan, Westmeath, Second Lieutenant N.S.Y.? and Ruth Sidney, daughter of the late Abel John Layard and of Mrs. Layard,East Hayes House, Bath.
(Captain Crofton Thomas Burton Vandeleur, of Wardenstown, Co. Westmeath and Moyville Co Galway J P, High Sheriff Westmeath, 12th Lancers born 20/02/1842, married 07/10/1868, Hon. Mary Letitia (Maletta) Yelverton and died without issue on 13/06/1881, leaving his estate to his wife, and on her death in 15/03/1910 to his cousin, Maurice Spring Rice Bayly. Maurice S R Bayly's son Crofton Talbot Bayly changed his name to Crofton Talbot Bayly-Vandeleur by Royal Licence on succeeding to the Wardenstown Estate on the 26/04/1911.)[77]

1916 Saturday 29th January (IT)
Large Bequest to a missing officer: Mrs. Charlotte Vandeleur, of 50 Rutland Gate, London, S W, who died on the 12th November last, eldest daughter of the late W O Foster, of Apley Park, Bridge North, and widow of Hector Stewart Vandeleur, of Kilrush and Cahircon, H M Lieutenant for Clare, left estate of the gross value of £15,873-15s-6d, of which £15,166-10s-6d is nett personally. By her will dated 21st April, 1913,she appointed her son, Captain Alexander Moore Vandeleur, 2nd Life Guards, as sole executor thereof, but by codicil dated 10th June 1915,in the event of his predecease, she appointed his wife, the Hon. Violet Ethel Vandeleur (daughter of Lord Knaresborough, of Kirby Hall, York), as administrator of the estate. Her said son is now believed to be a prisoner in Germany, and administration of the estate has been granted to his wife.

1916 Friday 14th July (IT).
Obituary: Mr. R R Studdert, J P. The death occurred at the County Club Ennis, on Wednesday evening, of Mr. R R Studdert. J P. formerly of Hazelwood. He was in his 80th year, and, though in feeble health he had acted on the Grand Jury at the Assizes on the previous day. Mr. Studdert was the oldest magistrate in the County Clare, and one of the best-known land agents in Ireland. Amongst the estates over which he acted were the Vandeleur estate the agency which he succeeded on the death of his brother Mr. Hallam Studdert, he was very popular with all classes.

1916 Thursday 20th July (CJ).
Funeral of Mr. R R Studdert-------Letters and Cards of deep sympathy have been received by the relatives from Mr. R W Richards, Solrs. Dublin, Mr Walter Nolan C C P, Tipperary and Mrs Vandeleur Cahircon---.

1916 Friday 29th September (IT).
The Hon. Mrs. Vandeleur paid a short visit to Cahircon, County Clare. She has now returned to England.

1916 Thursday 9th November (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council:
The Chairman (Batt Culligan J P) said that Mr. Vandeleur's new agent was coming to town at the end of the month. It would be well if deputation met him in connection with the fair-green and Market House. Mr. Carmody: For purchase of the Market House? Chairman: Oh no, only the portion we require for butter. Chairman: The deputation should try to get the fair-green from him. Mr. Ryan: If Mr. Vandeleur was alive we would get it. He proposed it to the deputation when the law with Pat Culligan would be over. Chairman: He may be alive. Mr. Ryan: I hope he is alive. I wished every man and woman who went to France came back alive. It was decided to appoint a deputation.

1917 Friday 12th January (KH).
Kilrush Urban Council: The Demesne lands for Tillage. ----Mr. O'Meara spoke earnestly to have a resolution adopted to have the demesne lands, now in the occupation of the Board of Agriculture, split up and divided amongst the shopkeepers and others of the working class to be tilled this spring to avert distress and famine----.

1917 Friday 30th March (KH).
Vandeleur Estate.
Mrs Anne Grogan of Derha was processed at the suit of Mr. Willis the agent on the Vandeleur Estate for a sum of £16 for a year's rent up to September 1915. A tenant named McInerney was decreed for £7-4s for rent up to March 1916 on the same property also a tenant named Canny for a sum of £5-15s for the rent up to March 1916 and another tenant for a sum of £18 due up to April 1916.

1917 Monday 25th June (IT).
The Hon. Mrs. Vandeleur is at present at Cahircon, County Clare, where she intends to spend a few weeks.

1918 Friday 24th May (KH).
Kilrush Urban Council.
A Cinema Company to rent Town Hall. ---- On the office record of the Vandeleur Estate and on the documents I have seen I do not think there is anything regarding an explanation. The Urban Council has had permission for a number of years to hold meetings in the Market House but the building is in the absolute disposal of Captain Vandeleur------. I have found a tenant who is willing to do some painting of the wood-work----- C De L Willis. ---- --Mr. O'Brien said it was an effort to clear the Council out of the tumble down old place after all the people of Kilrush had paid to the Vandeleurs.

1919 Saturday 14th June (II)
The Hon. Doris Meysey-Thompson, daughter of Lord Knaresborough, has returned to 50 Rutland Gate, London, to stay with her sister, the Hon. Mrs. Vandeleur, for some weeks. Mrs. Vandeleur is married to Capt. Alexander Moore Vandeleur, of Cahircon, Kilrush.

1919 Friday 29th August (KH).
The late Captain Vandeleur.
The late Captain Vandeleur 2nd Life Guards of Cahircon, Ennis left £32,726 bequested to his wife £1,500 and the residue of the estate in trust for life and then for his eldest son, who failing to his daughter who failing to his cousin Crofton Bury Vandeleur.

1920 Saturday 10th April (II).
Highly Important Sale by Public Auction as a going concern
Mill, two Yards and Premises: equipped with modern machinery at Kilrush in the County of Clare. Messrs Mescal and Casey (Ennis) have received instructions from Thomas J Mahony Esq to sell by Public Auction the above property at the Market House Kilrush County of Clare, on Wednesday 21st April 1920 at the hour of 1 o'clock.

1) A large three storied building used as a mill with a large yard attached held under lease dated the 1/12/1886 for 99 years at a yearly rent of £4-14-2 payable to the Trustees of the Vandeleur Estate.
2) A large yard known as McDonnell's Yard held under lease for 99 years from 25/03/1885 at an adjusted rent of £2-16-6 payable to the Trustees of the Vandeleur Estate.
3) A large yard held under lease for 99 years from 25/03/1885 at a yearly rent of £1-17-8 payable to the Trustees of the Vandeleur Estate
All the premises are situated in the best business part of the Town of Kilrush and are practically adjoining each other. A large an extensive business has been carried on in the premises by the vendor and an old established trade condition and goodwill will be assigned. --- The mill is fitted with one 44hp National Suction? Gas Engine, 1 Push Saw Bench, 1 Band Saw, 1 Combined Log And Deal Frame -----. After the premises are sold a large quantity of Norwegian prepared flooring, Canada spruce----about 1,000 assorted standing all grown within a mile of the mill---.

1920 Wednesday 10th November (II).
The marriage took place on Monday at St. James's Piccadilly, of Mr. Gerard Domville, younger surviving son of the late Admiral Sir Cecil Domville and Moselle Lady Domville, of Branksomo Hall, Bournemouth, and Miss Beatrice Vandeleur, only child of Col. and Mrs. Robert Vandeleur, of the Hive, Parkstone. Miss Vandeleur's father is related to the Vandeleurs of Kilrush, and her mother, a daughter of Major-General George de la Poer Beresford, is a sister of Mrs. Greer, of Curragh Grange, Co Kildare.
(Col. later Brig-Gen Robert Seymour Vandeleur CB (1919) CMG (1915) was the son of Crofton Bury and his uncle was Hector Stewart Vandeleur of Kilrush and Cahircon).

1921 Friday 6th May (KH).
The Market House burnt down. A fine old building in Ruins. The Market House, Kilrush situated in the centre of the town was discovered in flames at two o'clock on Friday morning. ------ The Market House was private property the Vandeleur family being the owners. The Kilrush Urban Council was about purchasing the Market House. It is stated that it is 125 years since the Market House was built.

1921 Sunday 22nd May (Manuscript).[78]
16 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin.
Estate of Vandeleur Trustees. Co Clare.
I certify that I have examined the title to the townlands of Kilrush, Kilrush Urban District, Ballyurra, Leadmore, Cappagh, Drimna, and Ballymacurtaun all in the Barony of Moyarta and Co, of Clare and I am of opinion that Sydney Richardson Christie-Miller, Charles Granville Kekewich and Arthur William Foster, Trustees of the settlement on the Vandeleur Estate dated 2/11/1910 have good title to convey, free from incumbrances, all said portions of the said lands as are still unsold and of which they are in either actual possession or in receipt of rent from, subject as to tenanted premises to the tenancies affecting same. H D Connor.

Estate of late Captain A M Vandeleur.
Terms-re sale of ground rents-Kilrush.

1) Tenants paying 22½ years purchase of Rent.
2) Vendor paying tenants’ solicitor 2½% towards tenants costs. .
3) Vendor paying agents 2½% on purchase money.
4) Tenant paying costs-mapping.
5) Vendor pays stamp duty on conveyance, but does not pay the registration of conveyance.

The above terms practically work out at a nett 20 years purchase.

1921 Saturday 4th June (CC).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions.

At the Ennis Quarter Sessions before Judge Bodkin K. C. On Thursday the trustees of the Vandeleur settled estate applied for £7,000 compensation in respect of the burning of the Market House, Kilrush on the night of April 28th. Mr. G. Cullinan B. L. (instructed by Mr. F F Cullinan C S) for the applicants. Mr. E Counihan Solr appeared for the Kilrush Urban Council. ---------------

Mr. G de Laval Willis, Ennis, deposed that he was agent for the Vandeleur Estate since 1916. The trustees got up possession of the house from a man named Brew in March 1921 to whom they paid £300 compensation for dispossessing him. There had been negotiations between the Urban Council of Kilrush and the trustees for the sale of the Market House and the Fair Green. They offered the house and green to the Urban Council for £1,000. If the sale had not taken place he estimated that the trustees would make £100 out of the place. ----------.

Mr T S Brew deposed his father was a postmaster who had been dismissed for voting foe one of the Vandeleurs at an election. Then he had been appointed weigh-master in Kilrush by the Vandeleurs. Witness subsequently got possession and paid a nominal rent of £1 per year for the Market House. --------. After much discussion and calculations his honour gave a decree for £700 on the estimate of Mr. Michael McMahon, Auctioneer Ennis.

1921 Wednesday 24th August (II).
The Hon. Mrs. Vandeleur, widow of the late Captain Alexander Vandeleur, who was killed in action in 1914, is to marry Major Alger Howard, of Thornby Castle, Gloucestershire. Mrs. Vandeleur is the eldest daughter of Lord and Lady Knaresborough, while Major Howard is related to the Norfolk’s, and is now Windsor Herald. The Vandeleurs are a well-known Clare family, and one of the best, but most unfortunate, scions was the author of what is known as the “Ralahine experiment with Craig in 1831”.

1922 Friday 23rd April (KH).
Tenants wish to buy
The Vandeleur Tenants of Kilrush we are informed decided to issue a manifesto in the event of the landlord agreeing to sell at a decent purchase. ---The tenants have given notice that after June they will refuse to pay rent---.

1922 Saturday 5th August (CC).
Burnings in Kilrush
Kilrush Barracks, which had been occupied by Irregulars, was destroyed on Friday night last. The building was the property of Mr. F J O’Doherty, Kilrush. On Sunday, Kilmore House, Knock, a beautiful mansion the property of Mr. Hickman, solr. Ennis was burned to the ground.

1922 Saturday 23rd December (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council

Sale of the Market House and the Fair Green.
Mr. Lillis: a deputation of us interviewed Mr de L Willis this week in reference to the sale of the Market House and the Fair Green. He told us if the council advanced the sum of £50 more he would guarantee the Council would get the places. That would be £375.
Mr. Crotty: Write to him and let him send us that offer in writing.
Chairman: He will put that offer before the trustees and do his best for us---.

1923 Friday 22nd June (FJ).
Town Park Lands. Action of Vandeleur Estate Tenants
A deputation from the tenants of Town Park lands on the Vandeleur estate, Kilrush, waited on the Minister for Agriculture yesterday and asked to be included as tenants of agricultural lands under the Purchase Bill. An assurance was given to the deputation that unless any change was made in the Bill before it went through; such lands came within the scope of the Bill.

1923 Saturday 28th July (CC).
Kilrush Sessions Court
Claiming a bog. Charles Martin, Kilrush summoned five small farmers all from Monmore for cutting his property on the Vandeleur Estate. Mr. F F Cullinan Solr. Ennis appeared for Martin. Dr. Daly Ennistymon appeared for the defendant. Mr. G de Laval Willis was present on behalf of the Vandeleur trustees, ---------------. A decree for 18/- was given against each defendant-------.

1923 Saturday 22nd September (II).
Purchase in Free State-New Act Explained

On August 9th last, the date of the passing of the Land Acts, the relationship of Landlord and tenant came to an end in the Free State. Although not yet formally installed as owners of their holdings, tenants who at that date had not purchased under previous Land Acts are no longer subject to landlords.

Upon the passing of the Act the landlord was displaced by the Land Commission, into whose hands the management of all estates passed. In the interval between the passing of the Act and the vesting of his holding in the occupying tenant as owner there are three stages: The first has a reference to the payment of arrears: the second relates to payment in lieu of rent, and the third to the payments to be made in the period between the appointed day and the gale day immediately following the order vesting the holding in the tenant---------------.

1924 Saturday 12th April (CC).
Larceny of Shrubs
.The State at the prosecution of Supt. Cronin charged three young men from Danganelly, Cooraclare, named Chas O'Brien and Patrick McMahon with the larceny of shrubs from the Kilrush Demesne the property of the Ministry of Agriculture on the 20th March ---.
The defendants then said he did not know they were the property of the Government, but thought they belonged to Vandeleur---------.

1924 Saturday 21st June (CC).
Kilrush Club House

Compensation claims at Ennis Sessions before Judge Bodkin K C at Ennis Quarter Sessions. The Committee at the Kilrush Club claimed £5,000 for the burning of their premises in Toler Street which they held from Mr. F J O'Doherty at a yearly rent of £24-5s. Mr. M Killeen Solr. representing the applicants said that the case had been adjourned from Kilrush to Ennis and that Mr. O'Doherty was also making a claim in respect of the same premises. Mr O'Doherty claimed £2,000 and £500 for damage to the Barracks adjoining

Mr. M J Byrne, Listowel, appeared for the applicant whose claim was opposed by Mr. James Lynch, State Solr. Applicant said he held the Club premises from Giles Alexander D Vandeleur, a minor by Anne Violet Vandeleur Howard, his mother, under a lease of 99 years dating from 1910.Previous to 1910 he held the premises under an old lease. Towards the end of January 1921 the premises were commandeered by the Crown and all the furniture belonging to the Club removed. The Crown retained possession for 12 months and then handed back to Mr. Dowling Secretary of the Club. The Provisional Government then commandeered it, and the Free State troops occupied it but vacated it a few days previous to the 28th July 1922,the date on which it was burned and completely gutted.

1924 Saturday 12th July (CC).
Kilrush Committee Urban Affairs
Fair Green and Market House: With reference to the proposed purchase of the Fair Green and Market House, Mr O'Dwyer said a gentleman had spoken to him that morning and contended that as it was fee-simple property the Landlord should prepare the deed and not Mr. Killeen the Committee Solr. He said that if Mr. Killeen prepared the deed the Landlord could charge rent for the place afterwards--------------------------.

1926 Thursday 18th November (IT).
Offer to Technical Committee. --The old Protestant school at Kilrush has been offered to the County Clare Technical Committee by the trustees of the Vandeleur estate for £300 to be used as a centre for agricultural and technical classes. The Committee adjourned final consideration of the offer pending the report of the Government Commission on Technical Education in the Free State.

1928 Saturday 10th March (CC).
Kilrush Town Hall
The application of the Kilrush Urban Council for a loan of £3,500 for the reconstruction of the old Market House as a Town Hall has been refused on the grounds that with a loan of £6,000 required for the installation of the water supply now in progress...................

1928 Saturday 16th June (CC).
Flanagan's Holding
The trustees of the Vandeleur Estate sought an ejectment decree against Ml. Blunny from a holding in High Street, Kilrush. The case for the plaintiff so far as it could be followed without the aid of a map was that a holding known as “Flanagan's “ had been let to the defendant, but the defendant had taken possession of the piece in excess of that. The question then arose as to what was Flanagan's Holding? The rate charged by the landlords for lettings in High Street was 1/- a foot frontage....................He was ejected.................

1929 Thursday 12th December (IT).
Mr. Marcus Keane. The death has occurred of Mr. Marcus Keane, of Beechpark, Ennis. Born in 1854 he was for many years one of the best known and popular figures in the public life of Clare. He was a Justice of the Peace and a Deputy Lieutenant for the county and in 1905 held the office of High Sheriff. He held all the important land agencies in the county, with the exception of the Leconfield, Vandeleur and Inchiquin estates.

1934 Wednesday 4th July (IT).
Kilrush Quay Charges: Judgement Reserved

The hearing was resumed of the action of Daniel Ryan, Kilrush, Co. Clare, against the Shannon Steamship Company, in which the plaintiff claimed a declaration that he is entitled to fix quayage and wharfage charges for vessels using Merchant's Quay, Kilrush, of which he is the owner, and that the defendants should be ordered to pay him at the rates so fixed.

The defendant company (of which Messrs Glynn millers are the principal owners) contended that the new rates fixed by the plaintiff are unreasonable and exorbitant: that they are willing, and have always been willing, to pay reasonable rates; and they suggested that rates should be fixed by the Minister for Industry and Commerce after a local inquiry.

--------Mr. Phelps, for the defendants said that Messrs. Glynn had never denied that Mr. Ryan was the owner of Merchant's Quay in succession to the Vandeleurs and was entitled to fix reasonable charges for its use---------------.

1935 Saturday 23rd February (II)
When 10 men were summoned, at Kilrush, for arrears of ground rent owing on the Vandeleur estate, Mr. F. F. Cullinan, solr.for the plaintiffs, said there were some questions of the Minister being approached with regard to legislation on the matter. “There is, I understand,” he added “a prospect of a settlement being reached in this dispute”. The cases were adjourned.

1935 Wednesday 6th March (II).
Kilrush Rents Decision
The two-year agitation in Kilrush for the reduction of ground rents paid by the tenants of the Vandeleur Estate has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion.
The terms agreed to are a 40% reduction in the existing ground rents, applicable to arrears due since the agitation started up to 1936. --------------.

1938 Wednesday 5th January (IT).
The National Museum: Some Notable Acquisitions

The national collection of musical instruments in the National Museum, Dublin, recently recorded by Galpin as among the fifty-three noted collections of European musical instruments, has been enriched by several notable acquisitions. To the important group of Irish bagpipes has been added, through the kindness of Mr. Donnchad O'Laoghaire, of Wexford, what is claimed to be the most elaborate set of bagpipes in existence. It is a massive ebony instrument: the chanter, reputed to be very melodious, is 18 inches long: it has five regulators, with 24 keys, and the tones of both basses resemble those of an organ: the drones are also notable. The tubing and keys are of silver, and the various pipes are tipped with ivory.

It was made at Kilrush, Co. Clare approximately 100 years ago by Thomas and Andrew Maloney, one a smith, the other a joiner by trade to the order of a local landlord, Vandeleur and after various vicissitudes passed into the possession of Mr. O'Laoghaire, then active in the Gaelic movement in Clare, and a noted piper. He had it reconditioned by Mr. Rowsome.

(These were the pipes made by the Maloney brothers of Pipers Hill, Tonovoher, Killimer to the instruction of Crofton Moore Vandeleur for the use of his son who died young in 1849. The Maloney cabin can still be seen today at the top of the hill.)

1947 Monday 17th March (IT).
Tribute to work of the Irish Guards

About 100 members of the Eire branch of the Irish Guards' Old Comrades' Association met at the inaugural dinner of the branch in the Central Hotel, Dublin, last Saturday night.
They included men from many parts of the country, and with them were representatives of the London, Liverpool and Belfast branches of the association ----------

Colonel J. O. E. Vandeleur D S O, commanding the regiment, who replied, conveyed the best wishes of the serving regiment to all ex-Guardsmen living in the South of Ireland.

“We are deeply conscious” he said, “of the magnificent contribution which the men of Southern Ireland have made to the reputation of our regiment in two wars, I think we can say without boasting that the example set by old soldiers in the 1914-1918 war has been upheld by the young men in the last war”.

The soul of a regiment existed very largely in the soul of the old comrades, concluded Colonel Vandeleur. -----.

2008 Thursday 27th March (IT)
An Irishman's Diary

During Operation Market Garden-the disastrous Allied attempt to break through to the Rhine in 1944-Lieut Col. John Ormsby Evelyn “JOE” Vandeleur led the Irish Guards Group that began the initially successful ground-based assault. The push towards Arnhem on the Rhine comprised the euphemistically named “Garden” campaign of the operation, while “Market” was the airborne end. Together the operation to secure a series of bridges across German-occupied Netherlands to allow a rapid advance into Germany.

Joe Vandeleur was born in Nowshera on the Indian northwest frontier, now Pakistan, and rose to the rank of brigadier while serving in the army. He died in Maidenhead in 1988 at the age of 84.

As an advisor to the 1977 Richard Attenborough-directed film of the Operation Market Garden, called A Bridge too Far he apparently told Michael Caine, the actor who played his role, that the command he gave to begin the attack was a quietly spoken. “Well, get a move on, then”, into the microphone. Caine used the line instead of the scripted,” Forward, go, charge”. Operation Garden was all a long way from the ancestral garden established by Joe Vandeleur's great-great-grandfather, John Ormsby Vandeleur, after he built Kilrush House on the 400-acre family demesne in West Clare in 1808. Lewis's Topographical Directory of Ireland of 1842 described the house as “a handsome and spacious mansion immediately adjoining the town and commanding an extensive view of the Shannon, and the Clare and Kerry shores”.

In the early 19th century Vandeleur oversaw the development of a port and customs house in Kilrush and the town's main streets and square were planned and developed. His son, Col Crofton Moore Vandeleur, who inherited the estate in 1828, continued the market town's development. Sites were donated by him for a courthouse, a Catholic church and a Sisters of Mercy convent and a fever hospital was built. By 1831 there were 712 houses in the town, according to Lewis. But evictions during the Famine, when the local economy collapsed, were the catalyst for the first groundswell of resentment against the local landlords. Around 1,000 people were evicted from the Vandeleur's estate in the late 1840's, a policy continued by Crofton Moore's son, Hector Stewart Vandeleur, who took over the estate in 1881 as the Land War was beginning. An absentee landlord, his draconian measures drew, through his agent, Brew considerable attention from the media. The New York Times ran a series of reports in 1888 during the height of the Land War in the area. In July, it stated that preparations, including 500 dragoons and infantry, for the evicting of 114 families were as elaborate as for a small war. “All the houses are barricaded, but the police are provided with rams. Parish priests are actively at work counselling submission, and it is hoped that there will be no bloodshed. The arrears of rent amount to £80,000”. The local population was incensed mounting a campaign of obstruction during the summer shutting shops, cutting bridges, and ringing warning bells while efforts continued to reach agreement.

Photographs of battering rams demolishing cottages by Robert French of the Lawrence Photographic Studios, Dublin, became the defining images of the era. The following year, a compromise was agreed on the rent arrears and the tenants were reinstated.

Kilrush House was burned down just 111 years ago, on a stormy March 26th in 1897, apparently following a chimney fire in the servants' apartments. The Clare Journal remarked that efforts by a relay of men with buckets to put out the blaze were “sickening”. The “splendid” billiard was the last to succumb.

It marked the end of the Vandeleur presence in West Clare. The house was never rebuilt and within a few years the estate was taken over by the Land Commission under the Land Purchase Scheme.

Hector Stewart Vandeleur's male heirs both died prematurely, one in the Boer War, the other on the Western Front. Their first cousin, Col Crofton Bury Vandeleur, was Joe Vandeleur's father, who had the family name ascribed to the flower, Streptocarpus vandeleurii, after discovering it unclassified in South Africa.

Today, seeds of the rare vandeleurii have been purchased for germination by the operators of the restored Vandeleur garden, which lay disused for over a century within its four walls.

Work began on the restoration in 2000, with many sub-tropical plants planted around the original perimeter path system, and a Victorian-style, timber frame glasshouse was added in 2006. A cafe and centre with meeting rooms and exhibition area are housed within refurbished stable buildings.

Visitors, especially those with memories, memorabilia and photographs of Vandeleur days in Kilrush, are always welcome in the gardens.


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