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Vandeleurs of Kilrush County Clare
by Senan Scanlan

8. Sources


National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin:

Clare Advertiser and Kilrush Gazette (CA)
Clare Journal and Ennis Advertiser (CJ)
Ennis Chronicle & Clare Advertiser (EC)
Irish Times (IT)
Kilrush Herald and Kilkee Gazette (KH)
Limerick Chronicle (LC)
Limerick Reporter (LR)
Times of London (TL)
Saturday Record. (SR)

Kilrush Youth Centre, Kilrush, Co Clare.
Memorial Inscriptions from the Church of Ireland, Grace Street.

Representative Church Body Library, Braemor Road, Churchtown, Dublin.
Ref P25 (1-2) (1-3)

Kilrush Church of Ireland Parish Register.

National Archives of Ireland, Bishop Street, Dublin.
Vandeleur Leases.

National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin.
Manuscript MS 35365(17), Conyngham Papers, Vandeleur Estate Kilrush Proposals to Purchase 1921 Microfilm copy of Registry of Deeds Names Index: P2009, P2016 and Land Index P2124 and P2125.

The Irish Genealogical Research Society, Tombstone Inscriptions, Vol 1, Dublin 2001. Ref 3B 28.

Local Studies Centre, Clare County Library, The Manse, Harmony Row, Ennis, Co Clare.

Vandeleur Leases.

Registry of Deeds, Henrietta Street, Dublin 1.
Memorial of Deed Reference Number.148/513/104109.

Printed Primary.
Annual Register 1848, London 1849.
O'Connell M R, Editor, The Correspondence of Daniel O'Connell, Vol 2 (1815-1823), IMC, Dublin, 1972
O'Connell M R, Editor, The Correspondence of Daniel O'Connell, Vol 7 (1842-1845), IMC, Dublin, 1978
Thom's Dublin Directories. (Various years)
Dublin Directory. (Various years)
Dublin Directory: Nobility and Gentry. (Various years)


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Memorial Inscriptions from
the Church of Ireland, Kilrush
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