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Vandeleurs of Kilrush County Clare
by Senan Scanlan

7. Appendices

7.2 Griffith's Valuation – Vandeleur houses and buildings – Kilrush Town

Crofton Moore Vandeleur
(As immediate lessor (owner) for buildings in Kilrush Town as per Griffith's Valuation 1855)

Taken from

Kilrush Town Road/Street/Area Name Description
Kilrush Town Ennis Road. George Taylor Office & yard, Lime-kilns
    Matthew Talty Ho, off, yd, & sm gar.
    Margaret McMahon House and Yard
  Cooraclare Road Michael Meany House & small garden
    Daniel Kenny House & small garden
    James Bran House & small garden
  Poorhouse Old Road Thomas Sexton House
    Mary Holland House
    Roger Gorman House
    Michael Barrett House
    William Scales House
    Bridget Cooney House
  Cappagh James Lee House and Garden
    Dublin Steam Packet Co. Office and Yard
    Board of Customs Coast Guard Station
    Michael Behan House and Yard
    Daniel Power House and Yard
    Samuel Lomas House, House, House.
    Bridget Spaight House and Garden
    Patrick Behan House, offs, & Garden
  Poorhouse Old Road Patrick Healy Ho and sm gar (in rere)
    Michael Nash House and small garden
    Mary Crosby House and small garden
    John Walsh House and small garden
  Pound Street Susan Scanlan House, yd, & sm, gar.
    Bridget Collins Ho, yard, & sm garden
    John Galvin Ho, yard, & sm garden
    Johanna O'Dea Ho, yard, & sm garden
    Patrick McGrath Ho, yard, & sm garden
  Pound Street Michael Walsh Ho, yard & sm garden
    John Mahony Ho, yard & sm garden
    Hannah English Ho, yard & sm garden
    John Galivan Ho, yard & sm garden
    John Sinon Ho, yard & sm garden
    Thomas Gorman Ho, yard & sm garden
    Col. C.M. Vandeleur. Ruins
  Pound Street Col. C.M. Vandeleur. Nat. School-ho & yard
    Martin Mahony Ho, yard & sm. garden
    Sarah Mahony House and yard
    James Hennessy Ho, yard & sm. garden
    Michael Madigan Ho, yard & sm. garden
    Catherine Birmingham Ho, yard & sm. garden
    Bridget Scanlon Ho, yard & sm. garden
    Bridget Mahony Ho, yard & sm. garden
    Michael Breen Ho, yard & sm. garden
    Margaret Brien Ho, yard & sm. garden
  Market Square Col C.M. Vandeleur Market House
    George Taylor Tolls of fairs, markets & c.
    Mary Mescall House and yard
    Michael Mescall House, offices, and yard
    Matthew Mescall House
    John Grogan House and yard.
  Moore Street Patrick Scanlan Ho, offs, yard, & sm. garden.
    Honoria Chambers Ho, offs, yard, & sm. garden
    Thomas Chambers Ho, offs, yard, & sm. garden
    Matthew Connell Ho, offs, yard, & sm. garden
    Joseph Wallace Ho, offs, yard, & sm. garden
    Patrick Haneen Ho, offs, yard, & sm. garden
    William Moss Ho, offs, yard, & sm. garden
  Moore Street Cornelius O'Brien House, offices, and yard
    John Hannigan House, offices and yard.
    Denis Moloney House and yard.
    Benjamin Alexander House, yd, & sm. garden
    Col. C.M. Vandeleur. Sessions house and yard.
    Mary Bulger House, offs, yd, & garden
    Michael Quinlavan House, yard & garden
    Michael Scanlan House, yard & garden
    Col. C.M. Vandeleur. Ruins
    Godfrey Taylor Ho., office, yard, &gar
    Catherine Moloney House and yard
    John Allen House, yard, & sm. gar
    Patrick Ryan House, yard, & sm. gar
    Thomas Forde Ho., off.yard, &sm.gar
    John Kelly House and yard
    John Trousdell House.
    Jeremiah Dowling, jnr. House, office, and yard.
    Michael Grady House and yard
  Moore Street Col. C.M. Vandeleur. Building ground (waste)
    Mary Alender House
    Michael McMahon Ho., off.yard, &sm.gar
    John Walsh, jnr. House and office
    John Walsh House, office, and yard.
    John Flynn Ho., off.yard, &sm.gar
    Michael O'Brien House, office, and yard.
  Stewart Street Jeremiah Dowling Office and yard
    Joseph Moody Office.
    James Nowlan House
    John Edwards House
    Alicia Trousdell Ho., off.yard, &sm.gar
  Stewart Street Catherine Burns Slaughterhouse & yard.
    Col. C.M. Vandeleur. Milk-market.
    Joseph Moody Office and yard.
  Factory Lane (between Stewart St and the Turret) Denis Hynes Office and yard.
    Col. C.M. Vandeleur. Land (plantation)
    Thomas Wilson House and garden
    Unoccupied House, office, and land.
  Bow Lane (off Moore St.) Anne Walton House & small garden
  Grace Street Col. C.M.Vandeleur Church, infant school, grave-y
    Bridget Bunce House and yard
    Patrick Loughlan House and yard
    Elizabeth Kirkshaw
Catherine Madigan
House and yard
    William Bunce Ho, yard, & sm. garden.
    Patrick Quilnan Ho, yard, & sm. garden.
    Mary Waters House
    Michael Scanlan Ho, (unfinished), off, &yd
    Michael Kane House and yard
    Michael Pender House and yard
    Bridget Carmody House.
    Patrick Russell Ho, offs, yard, & garden.
  Old Pound Street
(off Grace Street)
Patrick Pender House and garden
    John Daly House and garden
    John Downes House.
  Russell's Lane (off Grace St towards Chapel St.) Benjamin Allender Office and yard
    Bridget Killeen House and yard
    Michael Grady Office and garden
    William Brew House, yard and garden
    Thomas Fitzgerald Offices
  Russell's Lane Anthony Shiels House
    William Fitzgibbon House
    Simon Boland Land.
    Denis Culligan House and yard.
    John Quinn &
Thos O'Connor
House and yard.
    John Dwyer Offices.
    Bridget McGrath House & small garden.
    John Minane House
    Michael Grady Office and yard.
  Salt-House Alley
(off Moore-street ?)
Denis Culligan House and yard.
  Chapel Street Christopher Ivers Ho, off, yd., & sm. gar.
    Christopher Gormely Ruins and garden.
    Thomas Brew House, yard, & sm.gar.
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur Ruins
    Charles McDonnell Office, yard, & sm.gar.
    John O'Neille Ho, offs, yard, & sm. gar.
    Thomas Brew Office and yard.
    Charles McDonnell Office and yard.
    John McDonnell House and yard
    Charles McDonnell Ho, offs, yard, & sm. gar.
    Michael Cunningham Ho, yard, & sm. garden
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur Ruins.
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur Ruins.
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur Ruins.
  High Street Sinon Boland Ho, yard, & sm. garden.
    Ellen Browne Ho, yard, & sm. garden.
    Denis McInerny Ho, off, yd., & sm. garden.
    Sinon Culligan Off. (dilap), yd, & sm.gar.
  The Crag (off High-St) William O'Neill Building ground
    Michael Burke House
    Margaret Walsh House
    Patrick Kenna House
    Ellen Sullivan House
    James Mack House
    Bridget Carmody House
    Michael Hickey House
    Connor Sullivan House
    Ellen Culligan House
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur (in fee) Land Plantation <2 acres
  The Glen John Scanlon Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Patrick Sullivan Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Bryan McMahon, jnr. Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Thomas Grady Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Catherine Keating Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    James Bran Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Martin Nolan Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Peter McMahon Office.
    William Scales Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Matthew Connell Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Martin Fennell Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Bridget Minnane House
    Matthew Burns Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Patrick Crowley Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Patrick Gorman Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Hannah Gorman Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Mary Kitchen House and yard.
    Catherine Mescall House and yard.
    John Egan Ho., (unfinished), off & yd
  The Glen Mary Rochford House and yard
    Patrick Mack House and yard
    Michael Behan House and yard
    Michael Crowley House and yard
    Timothy Giltinane Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Margaret Conway House
    John Murphy House and yard
    Michael McMahon Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Peter McMahon Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Matthew Kelly Ho, off, yd., & sm. gar.
    Debora Dundon Ho, yard, & sm., garden.
    Neptune Anderson Ho, offs, yard, & land (2 acres)
    John Heher Ho, offs, yard, & sm. gar.
    James Coughlan Ho, yard, & sm. garden.
    John Heher Off. yard, & sm.,garden
    John McMahon Ho, yard, & sm. garden.
    Bryan McMahon Ho, offs, yard, & sm. gar.
    Patrick Culligan Ho, yard, & sm. garden.
    Michael O'Brien Ho, yard, & sm. garden.
    Mary Casey House and small garden
    Martin Nolan Forge
    Thomas Mears House (in rere)
(both between Burton St and Moore St) Tanyard Lane Michael Cunningham Garden
  Malthouse Lane Anne Murphy House and yard
    Catherine Burns House and yard
    Jeremiah Dowling Office
    John & Thomas Slattery Office
  Burton Street Pierce Johnston House and yard
    Anne Parker House, office, and yard.
    Matthew Mescall Store and yard
  Burton Street Martin Daly Store and yard.
    John Davern House and yard
    William Hunt Office and yard
    Patrick Scanlon Office and yard
    Matthew Scanlon Store and tan-yard
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur Nat. school-ho. & yard.
    Mary Moloney Ho., yd, &
    John Enright Ho., off.yd. & Sm. gar.
    Patrick Morrissy Ho., yd, &
    James McMahon House.
    Thomas Mahony Store, yd., &
    Mrs. O'Donnell Garden (in rere)
    Mary Mangan Ho., off. yd., & sm, gar.
    William Hunt Ho., yd., & sm. garden.
    Patrick Mara Ho., yd., & sm. garden.
    Daniel Mara Ho., yd., & sm. garden.
    Cath. Miniter & lodgers Ho., off. yd., & sm, gar.
    John Gavan Ho., yd., & sm. garden.
    Michael Glynn Store, yd., &
    Col.C.M.Vandeleur Methodist Chapel &yd.
    John Burrell House and office.
    Michael Rochford Ho., off. yd., & sm, gar.
    Bartholomew Glynn House, office, and yard.
    Marcus Higgins House, office, and yard.
  Henry Street Sinon Madigan House and yard.
    John Allen House and yard.
    Bartholomew Glynn Store, yard, &
    Patrick Miniter Ho., off.yd. & sm. garden
    Patrick Darcy Ho, yard, & sm. garden.
    James Comyn Store, yard, &
    Denis Mullville House, yard, & garden.
    John Carey Office & garden (in rere)
    James Carey House and yard (in rere)
  Henry Street Unoccupied House and yard (in rere)
    Bridget Curtin Ho, offs, yard, & sm. garden.
    David Burke Ho., yard, &
    George Taylor Ho., off.yd. &Garden
    John Dwyer House, office, and yard
    Patrick Madigan Ho. offs. & Sm. garden.
    Ellen Madigan Ho., yard, &
    Daniel Gorman Ho. offs. Yd., sm. Gar.
    William Kane House, office, and yard.
    John Slattery Ho., store, yd., & garden
    Michael Behan Yard.
    Timothy Haley Ho, yard, &
    Joseph Moody Store, yd., &
    John Hunt Ho., offs, yd., &sm.gar.
    John Carey Ho, yard, & sm. garden
    Owen Doyle House, office, and yard.
    James Comyn House and yard.
    . Charles Blackhall House, office, and yard.
    Anthony Geary House, office, and yard.
    John Walsh Office.
  Ennis Road (now Vandeleur Street) Richard Enright House, office, and yard.
    Martin Griffin House, forge, and yard
    Thos. O'Donnell, M.D. Land (4 acres)
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur Parochial school-house
Offices, and land (2 acres)
  John Street Bartholomew Glynn Stores and yard.
    Margaret Grogan Stores and yard.
  John Street John McNamara Offices (unfinished) store &yd
    Matthew Mescall Store, yard & sm.gar.
    William Hennessy Offices and yard.
  Frances Street Michael Hassett House, offices, and yard.
    Michael Morissy Ho, offs, yard, & sm.gar.
    John Culligan House, office, and yard.
    Francis McMahon Ho, offs, yard, & sm. Gar.
    William Foley, M.D. Ho., off. yard, &sm.gar.
    Matthew Kelly, sen. Nat., Bank, offs. &Yard.
    George Hickson Provincial Bank, offices,
Yard & small garden
    Michael Williams Ho, offs, yard, & sm.gar.
    Thomas Elliott, M.D. Ho., off.yd & garden (1acre)
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur Bridewell and yards.
  Frances Street Peter Foley Ho. offs. Yd., sm. gar.
    John Kelly Store and Kiln
    Alicia Lucas Ho., offices, yard, & gar.
    James Langan Ho., offices, yard, & gar.
    Mary Ryan Ho., offices, yard, & gar.
    Honoria Foley Ho, offs, yard, & garden.
    Irwin W Patterson House, office, & land (4 acres)
    Irwin W Patterson Mill, stores, and yard
  Toler Street Charles McDonnell Timber yard
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur (in fee) Land (plantation 1 acre)
    Col.C.M. Vandeleur R.C. Chapel and yard.
    Michael Brew House, office, and yard
    John Glynn Ho., off. yard, &sm.gar.
  Hector Street Michael Corce House, yard, &sm. gar.
    James Connell House, yard, &sm. gar.
    Anne Comyn House, yard, &sm. gar.
  Hector Street John Egan House, yard, & sm.gar.
    Catherine O'Brien House and yard
    Catherine Connors Ho, yard, & sm. garden
    Michael Considine Ho, yard, & sm. garden
  Pound Street John Giltinane House, yard, and garden
    Patrick Madigan Ho, yard, &
    John Kiniery Ho, yard, &
    Sinon O'Neill Ho, yard, &
    John White Ho, yard, &
    John Connors Ho, yard, &
    James Burke Ho, yard, &
    Patrick Kavanagh Ho, yard, &
    Ml. & Honoria Roughan Ho., off. yd., & sm. gar.
    Martin Mahony Ho, yard, &
    Edmund Scanlan Ho, yard, &
    James Mahony Ho, yard, &
    John Kane Ho., off. yd., & sm. gar.
    Col. C.M. Vandeleur Pound
  Crofton Street Patrick Bryan Ho, yard, &
    Michael Williams Land (2 acres)
  The Strand Michael Galvan House and small garden.
    Thomas Mahony Ho., offs, & land (2 acres)
    Col. C.M. Vandeleur Waste of Houses, small gars.yds & streets (51acres)

Griffiths Valuation – Vandeleur land –
Kilrush Parish and others
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1785 – 1928