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Donated Material: Graveyard Inscriptions
Killone Abbey Graveyard, Ennis:
Transcription Project

The Clare Roots Society

Clare Roots Society became aware of the wonderful work that had been done at Killone Abbey in cleaning up the cemetery there by the Ballyea Community Group in the latter half of 2008. That work had brought to light many gravestones that had been covered over and the Society decided that it was an opportune time to record the inscriptions on the stones. Volunteers to carry out the work were sought and nine people agreed to take on the task. These were:

Robert Cullen
Stephanie Moloney
Larry Brennan
Nicky Brennan
Michael Falvey
Donal Fitzpatrick
Patrick Killeen
Bernie Ryan
Eric Shaw

Based on the experiences of the Society in undertaking similar work in Drumcliffe, an agreed template for recording the inscriptions was decided upon and work commenced in November 2008. A map showing the approximate location of each grave was drawn up and it showed that there were over 300 graves to be recorded and photographed.

Many fine examples of stone-cutting were found particularly on the recumbent tombstones, with ornate decoration and lettering. The fact that these had been covered over by brambles and scrub helped to preserve the lettering. Even so, some of the letters were difficult to decipher and some unusual surnames were discovered. The volunteers gave second opinions to each other on the interpretation of the wordings and some of the volunteers went back again and again to view the lettering in different lighting conditions.

That work has now been completed and it is hoped that the findings will be of interest to the local community and to genealogists locally and much further afield. We are aware that there are further recumbent tombstones not yet uncovered, particularly in that narrow part of the graveyard that lies to the south of the Abbey. These and any other additions or corrections will be made to the record which is viewed as an ongoing exercise.

Clare Roots Society wishes to record its gratitude to those volunteers who undertook the work and to encourage the Ballyea Group in further works to enhance the beauty and tranquillity of Killone Abbey.

The correct copying of inscriptions from old gravestones is fraught with difficulties. It is inevitable that mistakes will occur. While every effort has been made to record the individual gravestones as accurately as possible, Clare Roots Society wishes to apologise to any individual or family whose family records are recorded in error. Should any family or individual become aware of errors to these records, please contact

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Killone Abbey Graveyard , Ennis