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Donated Material: Graveyard Inscriptions
Memorial Inscriptions from West Clare Graveyards

Transcriber’s Introduction

These inscriptions were compiled during 1988, under the supervision of the late George Harratt, and only include burials up to this date. I have transcribed them from the old paper files by kind permission of the Kilrush Youth Centre. It is recommended that anybody searching for an old grave should also consult these files and any associated graveyards maps.

The correct copying of inscriptions from gravestones is extremely difficult. Accordingly it is inevitable that there are some errors in the original copying and also in typing from the original hand written records. In the transcribing of the inscriptions from these records I have no doubt unintentionally added more errors. I apologise in advance for these errors. All such errors should be advised to me at the following e-mail address I will make every effort to correct any errors in association with Clare County Library.

All the graves are numbered, however there are graveyard maps associated with only just over half the graveyards. It is assumed that the other maps were lost or perhaps never completed. I have retained the grave numbers as these may assist in locating a specific grave. However it is hoped that the inscriptions alone will be of some assistance to those tracing their ancestors.

In my transcribing these inscriptions I have endeavoured to adhere to the following conventions where IHS appears at part of the inscription I have put this at the beginning of the inscription. Where the surname appears on the base of the gravestone, I have put this in capital letters at the end of the inscription. I have ignored the capital letters at the beginning of sentences, as I was not sure where most sentences began. I have endeavoured to use capital letters for the first and last words of the final sentence, which usually begins with “May the Lord” and ends with “Amen”. I have also included the full Christian name where it was shortened on the gravestone e.g. Patk. for Patrick and Mich. for Michael. For graves with inscriptions in Irish I have tried where possible to include the English name. In addition where there are different surnames buried in the same grave all are included under “Name”.

The spelling of townland and parish names has only been corrected where it can be more easily recognised on either Ordnance Survey maps or found using internet search engines such as Google. In addition a small number of townland names could not be found. These are included without change but with a? Missing or incomplete inscriptions are also designated with a?

Finally it should be remembered that these inscriptions were completed during 1988 and new or amended inscriptions may not have yet been completed on graves of persons who died during the previous years of say 1987 and perhaps 1986. In addition today some of the older graves are totally covered with vegetation and could be difficult to locate. The majority of these graveyards have expanded significantly in the intervening 22 years.

Senan Scanlan 2010.

West Clare Graveyards: 
Kyleatneen [Ballard] Graveyard, Miltown Malbay
Kiltinnaun [Bansha] Graveyard, Kilkee
Kilkeevan [Breaffa] Graveyard, Kilrush
Killimer [Old Burrane] Graveyard
Killimer [New Burrane] Graveyard
Castlepark Graveyard, Kilmihil
Kilnacloghaun [Clohanes] Graveyard
Coore Graveyard
Doonbeg Graveyard
Doonmore Graveyard, Doonbeg
Killard Graveyard, Doonbeg
Kilfearagh Graveyard, Kilkee
Kilnagalliagh Burial Ground
Lisdeen Burial Ground, Kilkee
Farrihy Graveyard, Bealaha
Kilcrony [Kilcrona] Graveyard, Carrigaholt 
Moyarta Graveyard, Carrigaholt
Templemeeagh [Querrin] Graveyard
Moneen [Kilbaha] Graveyard
Kilballyowen Graveyard, Cross
Kiltrellig Burial Ground, Kilbaha
Kilcarroll Graveyard
Molougha Graveyard
Knockerra Graveyard
Shankill [Old Shanakyle] Graveyard, Kilrush
New Shanakyle Graveyard, Kilrush
Kilmacduane Graveyard, Cooraclare
Killaknick [Dromelihy] Graveyard, Cree/Cooraclare
Kilmurry McMahon Graveyard
Kill [Leitrim] Graveyard
Sheeaun [Shyan] Burial Ground
St. Michael's Old Church Graveyard, Kilmihil
St. Michael's New Graveyard [Reilig Nua], Kilmihil
Knocknahilamore [Knocknahilla] Burial Ground
Kylebreedia Graveyard, Mullagh
Killernan Graveyard
Seafield Graveyard, Quilty
Kilmurry Ibrickan Graveyard
Kilfarboy Graveyard
Kildeema [Kildimo] Graveyard
Drumminaphonta [Freagh] Graveyard, Miltown Malbay
Kilfiddane Graveyard, Labasheeda
Killofin Graveyard, Labasheeda
Killadysert [Kildysart] Graveyard