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Donated Material: Military, Legal, Police & Prison Records

Some Clare men at Trinity College, Dublin, 1637 to 1846


“Alumni Dublinenses: a register of the students, graduates, professors, and provosts of Trinity College, in the University of Dublin.” (London, 1924) by George Dames Burtchaell and Thomas Ulick Sadleir.

Donator: Michael O'Loghlen, Q.C., Victoria, Australia

The entries below are drawn from the first edition of Alumni Dublinenses. This book, published in 1924, contains a register of the students, graduates etc of Trinity College, from about 1637 to 1846. Michael has not consulted the later edition, published in 1935.

The entries, arranged alphabetically by surname, disclose at least some of the men, connected with county Clare, who were at Trinity College, Dublin. Usually, the connection is by birth, land holding, or education.

This list is, of course, far from exhaustive.

Before using any individual entry, please check it for accuracy against the entry in the book and, if possible, the 1935 edition.

The name of the teacher who prepared the student for Trinity College appears in brackets. As will be seen, the entries include references to many men educated in Ennis at the school conducted before 1782 by Mr Crump, after 1782 by Rev Michael Fitzgerald (died 1831) and his successor, Dr Luke King; and at the classical academy run from about 1792 in Jail Street, Ennis by Mr Stephen O’Halloran (died 1828).

The entries suggest that, occasionally, parents living in counties Galway, Tipperary, Limerick and Kerry sent their sons to Rev Fitzgerald’s school at Ennis.

“None” indicates that Michael found no Clare person on the particular page.

If a page number isn’t listed, Michael hasn’t looked at that page.

Michael has added a postscript at the end of the notes. The postscript discloses other men, educated by Rev Fitzgerald or by Mr O’Halloran.

Finally, Michael has added several references.


Allen, p 9:
Henry, 1791; BA 1796. (No further details.)

Henry, son of Henry (Mr Allen), 1833; born c 1816, Clare.

Allen, p 10:
James Hastings, son of Henry (his father), 1818; born c1805, Clare. MA 1832. Dean of Killaloe.

Allen, p 11:

Annesley, p 15:
Henry, son of Maurice (Mr Wade), 1769. Born c1751, Clare. BA 1773.

Maurice, son of Francis (Mr Martin), 1787. Born c1771, Clare.

Apjohn, p 15:
William, (Mr Wade), 1767. (No further details.)
Note: This entry makes no reference to Clare, but seems included by B O’Dalaigh (1993).

Armstrong, p 18:

Armstrong, p 19:
Edmund, son of Thomas (Mr Martin), 1822; born c1807, Clare. BA 1827. MA and MB 1832.

Edward George, son of Robert Carew (Mr Bell), 1811; born c1794, Clare. BA 1816.

Armstrong, p 20:
John, son of Thomas (Mr White), 1826; born c1811, Clare. BA 1832.

John Sympson, son of Edmund (Mr Fitzgerald), 1792; born c1777, Clare. BA 1796.

Robert, son of Edmund (PT), 1786. Born c1772, Clare.

Arthur, p 21:
Edward, son of Thomas (Rugby school), 1835; born c1817, Clare. BA 1839. MA 1840.

Arthur, p 22:
Thomas, son of William (Mr Phillips), 1818; born c1802, Clare.

Atkins, p 25:
Robert, son of Robert (Mr Carter), 1793. Born c1775, Clare.

Aylmer, pp 28-9:


Ball, pp 36- 37:

Banks, p 38:
Perceval Weldon, son of Perceval (Mr O’Halloran), 1819; born c1805, Clare. MA 1834.

Barclay, p 39:
Andrew, son of David (Mr Young), 1699. Born c1681, Clare. BA 1704.

Henry, son of John (Mr Hugh Young, Dublin), 1696. Born c1678, Clare. BA 1701. MA 1704.

Thomas, son of Richard (Mr Fitzgerald), 1826. Born c1808, Clare.

Barron, p 43:

Behan, p 55:
Thomas Lawrence, son of Lawrence (Mr Fitzgerald), 1824; born c1805, King’s county. BA 1831.

Bell, pp 56- 57:

Bennis, p 59:
George, son of Augustine (Mr Carrig), 1685; born c1663 in Moymore, Clare. MA and MB 1691. MD 1699. Master of Enniskillen School.

Bentley, p 60:
John Davies, son of John (PT), 1827; born c1809, Clare.

William, son of William (deceased) (Mr King), 1840; born c1822, Clare. BA 1845.

Berkeley/ Berkley, p 62:
Thomas, son of David (Dr Barkley), 1742. Born c1723, Clare.

Bindon, p 66:
Harris, son of John Reid (PT), 1843; born c1827, Clare.

Henry, son of David (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1711; born c1694, Enish. BA 1716.

Samuel, son of David (Mr Ellis Walker, Drogheda), 1698. Born c1680, Clony, Tipperary. MP for Ennis 1715 and 1727.

Samuel Henry, son of Samuel (Mr Bell), 1831; born c1813, Clare. BA 1835. Irish Bar 1838. Emigrated to Victoria, Australia. Politician, and County Court Judge. Aust Dict Biography.

Thomas, son of David (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1702; born c1685, Enish. BA 1707. MA 1710. LL.B. and LL.D. 1718. Rector of Aghalurcher. Dean of Limerick. Died May 1740.

Bindon, p 67:

Blake, p 71:
Edward, second son of Charles of Ennis, Clare, 1791; Irish Bar 1801; Commissioner for Bankrupts.
Note: born 7 February 1772, second son of Charles Blake of Ennis, merchant and Mary McMahon. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 39.

Blake, p 72:
James, son of Charles (Mr Fitzgerald), 1793; born c1773, Clare.

Valentine, son of John (Rev Mr Fitzgerald), 1797; born c1780, Galway.

Walter, son of Netterville (Mr Fitzgerald), 1819; born c1803, Galway.

Blood, p 76:
Edmund, son of Neptune (Mr Price of Galway), 1716; born c1698, Glinvane, Clare.

Edward, son of George (Mr MacShean), 1825; born c1810, Clare.

Frederick, son of William (PT), 1778; born c1773, Clare. BA 1782.

George, son of Neptune (Mr Morgan of Tipperary), 1713; born c1696, Clare.

Neptune, priested 1623. Dean of Kilfenora 1663.

Neptune, son of Neptune (deacon of Finoborensis (Kilfenora)) (Mr John Jackson of Corofin), 1673; born c1655, Clare. Dean of Kilfenora 1692.

Samuel, son of Neptune (a deacon) (Mr Shaw of Galway), 1698-99; born c1680, Clare.

Borough/ Burrough, p 82:
Richard, son of Richard (Mr Hare of Cashel), 1774. Born c1756, Clare. First baronet, see Foster.

Bourchier, p 83:
Thomas, son of Daniel (Mr M’Caul of Kingstown), 1837; born c1831, Clare. BA 1842. Irish Bar 1844.

Bourke, pp 83-4:

Breen, p 94:

Brereton, p 96:
William, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1813; born c1797, Tipperary.

William Westropp, son of Arthur, 1813 (Mr Gwynne), born c1808, Clare; Irish Bar 1836; Chairman of county Galway.

Bresnan, p 96:
John, son of Michael (Mr Fitzgerald), 1805; born c1775, Kerry.

Brew p 96:
Arthur, son of Richard, 1781 (Rev James Martin), born c1763, Clare; Irish Bar 1794.
Note: second son of Richard Brew of Prospect, near Ennis and Eleanor Chartres. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 53.

Charters, son of Charters, 1818 (Mr Fitzgerald), born c1802, Clare.

Richard, son of Richard (Killaloe school), 1809; born c1793, Clare.

William Stacpoole, son of William Adams (PT), 1843; born c1826, Clare.

Brown, Browne, p 101-03:
Edmund, son of Thomas (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1717. Born c1699, Ballyslattery, county Clare.

Browne, p 104:
John Wills, son of John, Inspector (Mr King), 1840; born c1821, Clare. BA 1845. MA 1854.

Browne, p 105:

Bruce, p 107:
George. BA 1742. (No further details.)
Note: This entry makes no reference to Clare, but seems included by B O’Dalaigh (1993).

Brusnan/ Bresnan, p 107:
John, son of Michael (Mr Fitzgerald), 1805. Born c1775, Kerry.

Burke, p 114:
John, son of Rickard (Mr Hare of Cashel), 1780; born c1763, Clare.

Burke, p 115:
John Lardner, son of James (Mr O’Halloran), 1823; born c1805, Clare. BA 1831; MA 1833; LL.B. and LL.D. 1839.

Michael, son of James (Mr Burke), 1845; born c1818, Clare.

Michael Lardner, son of James (Mr Burke), 1837; RC; born c1826, Clare.

Burke, p 116:

Burton, p 119:
John, son of William (educator not recorded), 1816; born c1802, Clare. BA and LL.B. 1827. MA 1829.
Note: second son of William Burton of Cliften, county Clare and Martha Simmons. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 65.

Nathaniel, son of William (Mr Hartly), 1810; born c1796, Clare. BA 1814. LL.B. and LL.D. 1829.

Samuel, son of Francis (Dr Andrews of Kilkenny), 1710; born c1696, Myleck, Clare.

Burton, p 120:
William, son of Edward (Mr Carter), 1793. Born c1777, Clare.

Butler, p 121:

Butler, p 122:
Francis, son of Walter (Mr Fitzgerald), 1797; born c1780, Galway.

Francis James, son of William (Clongowes school), 1837; RC; born c1819, Clare.

Henry, son of Henry (PT), 1844; born c1827, Clare.

James, son of James (Mr Crump of Ennis), 1782; born c1768, Clare. LL.B 1790.
Note: eldest son of James Butler of Ennis and Terresa Hogan. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 67.

James, son of John (deceased), (Mr Fitzgerald), 1810; born c1793, Clare.

James, son of Theobald (Dr Bell), 1821; born c1805, Clare.

Butler, p 124:
William, son of William (Mr Martin), 1826; RC; born c1809, Clare.

Butt, p 124:

Byrne, p 125:


Campbell, pp 129-130:

Cantwell p 131:

Carr, p 136:
George, son of Charles (Bishop of Killaloe), (Dr M’Mullin), 1737. Born c1723, Killaloe. BA 1742. MA 1745.

Thomas, son of Charles (Bishop of Killaloe), 1723. Born c1705, Dublin. BA 1727. MA 1730. DD 1761.

Carroll, p 137:
William Parker, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1792; born c1776, Limerick. Lieutenant General. KCH.

Carte, p 138:
Edward, son of Edward (Mr Fitzgerald), 1818. Born c1801, Limerick. BA 1830.

William, son of Edward (Mr Fitzgerald), 1816. Born c1798, Limerick. BA 1820

Carter, p 138:
Bryan, son of John (Mr Hare of Cashel), 1784. Born c1766, Clare. BA 1788.

Casey, p 140:
Ignatius, son of Anthony (Mr Casey), 1769; born c1752, Clare.

William, son of Francis (Mr Porter), 1802; born c1785, Clare. BA 1806. MA 1832.

Cecil, p 143:
Thomas, son of Joseph (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1712; born c1696, Killaloe, Clare. BA 1716.

Cheevers, p 148:

Clanchy, p 151:

Clanchy, p 152:
Thomas, son of George (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1699; born c1681, Clare.

Clancy, p 152:
Michael, son of Daniel (Mr Price of Galway), 1721; born c1704, Clare.

Coghlan, pp 161-2:

Colpoys, p 166:
John, son of George (Mr Hare of Cashel), 1781. Born c1764, Clare.

Comyn, p 167:
Nicholas, son of Laurence (Mr Fitzgerald), 1792; born c1778, Clare.

Connor, pp 169-70:

Cox, p 184:
Benjamin, son of Joseph (Mr Hartshorn), 1825; born c1806, Clare.

Cox, p 185:
James, son of John (Mr Hartshorn), 1831; born c1813, Clare. BA 1836. MA 1846. See Foster.

John, son of Robert (Mr Kerin), 1789; born c1771, Clare. BA 1794.

John, (Mr Wade), 1767. (No further details.)
Note: This entry makes no reference to Clare but seems included by B O’Dalaigh (1993).

Creagh, p 190:
Charles, son of James (Mr Fitzgerald), 1794; born c1778, Clare. BA 1799. MA 1802.

Pierce, son of Richard (Mr Fitzgerald), 1813; born c1798, Clare.
Note: born 14 January 1798, first son of Richard Creagh of Dangan and Catherine O’Callaghan. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 109.

Pierce Simon, son of Simon (Mr Fitzgerald), 1824; born c1808, Clare.

Richard, son of Pierce (Mr Crump of Ennis), 1778; born c1765, Clare. BA 1783. Irish Bar 1799.
Note: born 15 September 1767, second son of Pierce Creagh of Dangan, near Sixmilebridge and Lavinia Pennefather. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 109.

William Pennefather, son of Simon (Mr Fitzgerald), 1824; born c1809, Clare.

Crowe, p 198:
John, son of Thomas (Mr Phillips), 1822; born 1805, Clare.
A son of Thomas Crowe (1777- 1855) and Ellen Tymons (1778- 1855), John Crowe was baptised 2 October 1805, C of I, Ennis. He married Frances Elizabeth Stather (1905-1899) on 18 August 1829, and died at Ennis 24 March 1851. [email, 26 January 2021, from Philip Crowe of Brisbane, Queensland.]

Thomas, son of Thomas (Mr Von Feinaigle, namely, Gregor von Feinaigle, an educator who worked in Dublin in and after 1813), 1820; born 1803, Clare.
A son of Thomas Crowe (1777- 1855) and Ellen Tymons (1778- 1855), Thomas was born on 20 April 1803, and baptised 23 April 1803, C of I, Ennis.
He married Charlotte Isabelle Forster Hume (bef.1809-1907) on 3 December 1838, and died at Corofin 12 May 1877. [email 26 January 2021, from Philip Crowe of Brisbane, Queensland.]

Wainwright, son of Thomas (Dr King), 1836; born c1817, Clare.
A son of Thomas Crowe (1777- 1855) and Ellen Tymons (1778- 1855), Wainwright Crowe was born 29 December 1817, Ennis, and baptised C of I, 03 January 1818.
He married Ann Millicent Spraight (abt.1835-1898) on 29 April 1856, and died 21 April 1873 at Ennis. He was the last Crowe resident of The Abbey before it became a Police barrack. [email, 26 January 2021, from Philip Crowe of Brisbane, Queensland.]

William, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1830; born 1813, Clare.
A son of Thomas Crowe (1777-1855) and Ellen Tymons (1778-1855), William Crowe was baptised on 27 March 1813 parish of Drumcliff, C of I, Ennis. He was one of 15 children. He died on 29 December 1837. He never married. [email, 26 January 2021, from Philip Crowe of Brisbane, Queensland.]

Culligan, p 200:
Charles, son of John (Mr O’Halloran), 1825; born c1806, Clare. BA 1831. Irish Bar 1835.

Cullinan, p 200:
Michael, son of Timothy (Mr King), 1844; RC; born c1826, Clare.

Patrick, son of Dennis (Mr O’Halloran), 1823; born c1806, Clare. BA 1828. MB 1831.

Roger, son of Denis (Mr O’Halloran), 1821; born c1802, Clare. BA 1826.

Cuppaidge, p 202:
James, son of George (Mr King), 1836; born c1818, Galway.

William, son of Richard (Mr King), 1836; born c1817, Galway. BA 1842. MA 1844.

Curran, p 203:
Edward, son of William (Mr Allen), 1830; born c1809, Clare.

Curtin, p 203:
Constance, son of Peter (Mr Fitzgerald), 1793; born c1772, Clare.

Cusack, pp 204-05:


D’Alton p 206:

Daly, p 207:

Daly, p 208:
Michael, son of John (Mr Fitzgerald), 1784; born c1762, Clare. Irish Bar, 1794.

Darby, p 210:

Davoren, p 215:
Andrew Davenport, son of Rev Michael Davoren (Rev Michael Davoren), 1799; born c1781, Clare. BA 1803.
Note: see George Unthank Macnamara, The O’Davorens of Cahermacnaughton (Limerick, 1912-13).

Irwin, son of Andrew (Mr Lynch), 1833; born c1815, Clare.

Lucius, son of Rev Michael Davoren (Rev Michael Fitzgerald), 1813; born c1796, Clare. BA 1819. MB 1823.

Michael, son of Andrew (deceased) (Mr Armstrong), 1769; born c1746, Clare. BA 1773. MA 1776.

William, son of James (Mr Hare of Cashel), 1769; born c1753, Clare.

William, son of Michael (Michael Davoren), 1801; born c1782, Clare. BA 1808.

D’Esterre, p 226:
Henry, son of Henry (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1701. Born c1684, Limerick.
Note: This entry makes no reference to Clare but seems included by B O’Dalaigh (1993).
Compare the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 130.

Henry, son of Henry (deceased), (Mr Monsell), 1776. Born c1758, Clare. Irish Bar 1785.

Devereux, p 226:
Robert, son of William (Mr Monsell), 1775. Born c1758, Limerick. BA 1780. LL.B 1792.
Note: first son of William Devereux of Deer Park, county Clare and Margaret Atkins. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 130.

Dickson, p 227:
Hugh, son of Francis (Mr Clarke), 1785; born c1764, Clare. BA 1789.

Dickson, p 228:

Dillon, p 231:

Dixon, p 232:

Dobbins, p 233:
James, son of James (Dr Clarke), 1736. Born c1720, Clare. BA 1741. MA 1747.

Dundon/ Dondon, p 250:
John, (Rev Mr Downes), 1758. Born c1738. BA 1762.


Egan, p 260:
John, son of Denis (Mr Fitzgerald), 1791. Born c1769, Clare.

England, p 265:
Note: but cf. David England and Richard England (fl 1680-1710);
James Frost, History of Clare (Dublin, 1893), p 572 notes, “From the number of petitions to the Court of Claims to which the signatures of the Englands is attached as witnesses, it would appear that they were attorneys of Ennis”.
Perhaps also of Limerick.

Enright, p 265:


Fallon, p 272:

Finucane, p 281:
Andrew, son of Judge Matthias Finucane (Rev John Moore), 1798; born c1781, Clare.

Matthias, son of Andrew (Mr McMullen), 1755; born c1737, Clare. Irish Bar 1764. Judge of the Common Pleas, Ireland. Ball, Judges in Ireland (1926), vol 2, pp 180-1; 188; 228; 234; 248; 253-4.

Michael, son of Daniel (Mr Fitzgerald), 1815; born c1798, Clare.

Fitzgerald, p 283:
Augustine, son of William (Mr Campbell of Dublin), 1714; born c1698, Clare.

Augustine, son of Edward (Dr Darby), 1781; born 1765, Clare. 1st baronet. Lieutenant General.

Augustine, son of Michael ( Dr Burke), 1846; born c1827, Clare. Dean of Armagh.

Charles, son of Michael (Mr Fitzgerald), 1818; born c1802, Clare.

Fitzgerald, p 284:
George, son of Robert (Mr Fitzgerald), 1823; born c1794, Clare.

James, eldest son of William of Ennis (Rev Mr Benson), 1759; born c1742, Clare. Irish Bar 1769. Prime Serjeant 1787. Died 1835. Dict Nat Biography. Kildare Members of Parliament.

James, son of Edward (Dr Darby), 1782; born c1767, Clare.

Fitzgerald, p 285:

Fitzgerald, p 286:
Michael, son of Michael (educated by his father), 1823; born c1805, Clare.

Michael, son of Charles (King), 1844; born c1826, Clare.

Norton, son of William (Mr Campbell, Dublin), 1716. Born c1701, Moycastle, county Clare. BA 1720.

Richard, son of Augustine (Mr Fitzgerald), 1792; born c1776, Clare.

Fitzgerald, p 287:
William, son of Garrett (Rev Mr Benson), 1757-58; born c1740, Clare.

FitzPatrick, pp 288-89:

Flanagan, p 290:

Foster, p 302:
Marcus Patterson, son of Patrick (Mr Fitzgerald), 1791; born c1776, Clare.

French, p 308:
Edmund, son of Edmund (Mr Vesey), 1747. Born c1729, Clare. BA 1752.


Gabbett, p 313:
Poole, son of Robert (Mr Riordan), 1835. Born c1819, Clare. BA 1843.

Robert, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1791. Born c1775, Clare. BA 1795.

Thomas, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1793. Born c1776, Limerick. Irish Bar 1800.

Gayer, p 320:
Edward, son of Daniel (Mr Fitzgerald), 1792. Born c1775, Clare.

Gillman, Gilman, p 327:
Richard, son of John (Mr Ball), 1771; born c1755, Clare.

Gore, p 334:
Francis, son of Francis (Eton College), 1703; born c1685, Clare.

Francis, son of Francis (Mr Rudd), 1779; born c1763, Clare. BA 1783. Irish Bar 1787.

Francis, son of Francis (Chester school), 1818; born c1801, Clare.

Henry, son of Francis (Chester school), 1818; born c1799, Clare. BA 1821.

Gore, p 335:

Gowan, p 337:

Greene, p 344:
Henry, son of George, farmer (Mr H Greene), 1832. Born c1806, Clare.

Hugh, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1821. Born c1805, Limerick. BA 1825.

James, son of Henry (Mr Slattery), 1820. Born c1828.

John, son of Henry (Mr O’Halloran), 1808. Born c1786, Clare.

Greene, p 345:
John, son of Benjamin (Mr King), 1833. Born c1816, Clare.

Gregg, p 346:
John, son of Richard (Mr O’Halloran), 1819; born c1800, Clare. BA 1825. MA, BD and DD 1860. Bishop of Cork. Dict National Biography, and Boase.
Note: Dwyer (1876) remarked, The Right Rev Dr Gregg, Bishop of Cork, is another of the sons of genius of whom Ennis is rightly proud. Old Stephen O’Halloran taught him in his private school.

Richard, son of Jonathan (Mr Fitzgerald), 1794. Born c1777, Clare.

Griffin, p 348:
Mortogh, son of Edmond (Mr Ingram), 1744. Born c1748, Clare.

Griffith, p 348:
Charles, son of James (Mr Hernings), 1839. Born c1823, Clare.

Griffith, p 349:
James, son of William (Mr O’Halloran), 1802. Born c1784, Clare.

Gunning, p 352:
Michael, son of John (Mr Wade), 1777. Born c1755, Clare. BA 1782.

Guthrie, p 353:
John, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1786; born c1770, Galway. Irish Bar 1794.


Hadlock, p 355:
William, son of Roger (Mr Ashe), 1775. Born c1759, Clare. BA 1780.

Hanlon, p 368:
Alexander Patrick, son of Patrick (Dr King), 1839; born c1814, Clare. BA 1844. LL.B. and LL.D. 1865.

Hare, p 370:

Hare, p 371:
George, son of William (Mr Coghlan), 1819; born c1799, Clare.

John David, son of Denis (Mr Molony), 1832; born c1812, Clare. BA 1837. LL.B. 1840. LL.D. 1845. See Foster (a reference).

Matthias, son of Denis (Mr O’Halloran), 1821; RC; born c1798, Clare. BA and MA 1843. LL.B. and LL.D. 1853.

Patrick, son of _ (_), 1764; born c1746, Clare.
Note: According to B O’Dalaigh (1993), he obtained an MA from Trinity College in 1764. He conducted a classical school in Cashel. Obituary, Clonmel Herald, 3 July 1818.

Harrison, p 374:
John William, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1791; born c1774, Clare. Irish Bar 1796.

Jones, son of John (Mr Crump of Ennis), 1782; born c1768, Clare. BA 1787. Irish Bar 1790. MP Kildare 1796.

Harrison, p 375:
Robert, son of Francis (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1726; born c1708, Clare.

Hartigan, p 376:
Charles, son of Edward (Dr King), 1845; born c1827, Galway.

Hawkesworth, p 381:
Amory, 1784. BA 1785. LL.B 1789. Irish Bar 1790.
Note: second son of Timothy Hawksworth of Ennis, shopkeeper and Mary Amory. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 219.

Hawksworth, p 382:
Henry, son of Timothy (Mr Adamson), 1781. Born c1762, Clare.

Hayes, pp 383; 384:

Hely, p 388:
Michael, son of John, farmer (Rev Fitzgerald), 1813. Born c1793, Clare.

Henn, p 389:
Richard, son of William (Rev Dr French), 1781; born c1765, Clare.

William, son of Richard (Dr Hewetson), 1755; born c1737, Clare.

Hickey, p 395:
James, son of Daniel (Mr Young of Dublin), 1698-99; born c1680, Clare. Also spelt Hicky.

Hickman, p 395:
Anthony, son of George (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1724; born c1707, Clare.

Charles, son of Thomas (Mr Jackson of Mount Temple), 1723; born c1707, near Ennis, Clare.

Hugh P, son of Thomas (PT), 1822; born c1806, Clare. BA 1827.

John Patrick, son of Richard Fitzgerald (Mr Leney), 1815; born c1800, Clare. BA 1819.

Hickman, p 396:
Robert, son of Thomas (Dr Andrews of Kilkenny), 1710; born c1693, Clare.

Robert, (Dr Hewetson), 1766. [ Kilkenny College, August 1758, aged 8 years, son of Thomas.]
Note: this entry makes no reference to Clare but seems included by B O’Dalaigh (1993)..

Thomas, son of Richard (Mr Campbell), 1788; born c1772, Clare.

Hogan, p 405:
Richard. BA 1620. Prebend of Rath (Killaloe) 1637. RC 1641.
Note kindly supplied by Maureen Ahern:
This is from Cotton, Vol 1 Munster, Pg 495-
Robert Hogan M.A.
" of the College of Dublin, a native," instituted September 15. [ff.] In 1641 the Rebels forced him to profess himself a Roman Catholic.
[MS. T.C. D. F. 2. 22.]
He appears to have been instituted as Prebendary of Rath on 15 September1637. He would have been Church of Ireland at that time. If he professed himself RC in 1641, I wonder if the Prebendary was then vacant until Neptune Blood in 1667. There's no mention of it. But during the Commonwealth period 1649-1660, some Church offices were vacant.

Holmes, pp 406; 407; 408:

Howard, pp 412-13:

Huddart, p 414:

Huleat/ Huleatt, p 417:
James, son of Samuel (Dr Cashin of Limerick), 1735. Born c1717, Clare. BA 1739. MA 1745.

Arthur, son of Samuel (Dr Cashin of Limerick), 1732. Born c1714, Clare. BA 1736. MA 1739.

Arthur, son of Rev John (Richard Henn, Lotan), 1798. Born c1781, Clare. BA 1803.

Hugh, son of John (Mr Carrol), 1800. Born c1784, Clare. BA 1805.

Hugh, son of John (deceased), (Mr Elmes), 1841. Born c1823, Clare. BA 1847. MA 1863.

Huson, p 421:
John, son of Francis (Mr Delany of Dublin), 1686. Born c1670, Clare.

Hynes, p 425:
James, son of Patrick (deceased) (Mr O’Halloran), 1826; born c1808, Clare. BA 1834.

Matthew, son of Thomas (Mr King), 1833; RC; born c1817, Clare.

Patrick, son of John (Mr Molony), 1832; RC; born c1813, Clare.


Ievers (see also Ivers), p 426:
Ambrose, son of Henry (Mr John Jackson), 1678. Born c1662, Clare.

Henry, son of John (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1714. Born c1697, Clare. Irish Bar 1730.

Ivers, p 431:
Augustine, son of John (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1714. Born c1699, Clare. BA 1718.


James, p 434:

Janns/ Janes, p 435:
James, son of Richard (his father), 1741. Born c1724, Clare. BA 1745. MA 1748.

Johnson/ Johnston, pp 440-445:

Jones, p 446- 447:

Jones, p 448-449:
Joseph, son of Samuel (Mr Carroll), 1784. Born c1767, Clare. BA 1788. MA 1832.

Samuel, son of Samuel (Mr Buckley), 1791. Born c1771, Clare. BA 1796. MA 1832.

Jones, p 450:


Kean, p 452:

Kean, p 453:
Patrick, son of Robert (Mr Fitzgerald), 1821; born c1803, Clare.

Robert, son of Robert (Mr Fitzgerald), 1828; born c1812, Clare.

Keane, p 453:
Charles, son of Robert Charles (Mr Fitzgerald), 1819; born c1803, Clare.

Keating, p 454:
George, son of William (Dr King), 1836; born c1818, Limerick.

Keller, p 456:
Daniel, son of Daniel (Mr Munan), 1770; born c1749, Clare.

Kelly, p 456:
Charles, son of James (educated by Mr Butt, and has a Clare connection despite appearances to the contrary); 1833; born c1816 London; Irish Bar 1839.

Kelly, p 457:

Kelly, p 458:
Joseph, son of James (Mr Butt), 1837; RC; born c1820, Paris, France.

Kelly, p 459:

Kenny, p 462:
Edward, son of Rev _, Archdeacon (Mr Fitzgerald), 1804; born c1788. Also spelt Kenney. No further details.

John, son of John (PT), 1823; born c1803, Clare.

John F, son of John Edmund (PT), 1823; born c1802, Clare. BA 1835. Also spelt Kenney.

Joseph, son of John (deceased) (Mr O’Halloran), 1828; born c1805, Clare. BA 1838. MB 1840.

Patrick, son of Mathias (Dr King), 1839; RC; born c1822, Clare. BA 1846.

Kent, p 463:
Andrew, son of George (Mr Crump of Ennis), 1780; born c1761, Clare.

Charles, son of Francis (Mr Wado), 1770; born c1750, Clare. BA 1775.

Kerin, p 464:
Timothy, son of Timothy (Rev Mr Hare of Cashel), 1780; born c1763, Clare.

King, p 467-470:


Lalor, p 478:

Lardner, p 482:
William O’Brien, son of John (Mr Fitzgerald), 1786; born c1766, Clare.

Lawlor, p 486:

Leadon, p 487:
Michael, son of Connor (Rev Michael Fitzgerald), 1799. Born c1780, Clare. BA 1803. MA 1808.

Roger, son of Bartholomew (Mr Hare of Cashel), 1784. Born c1762, Clare. BA 1788.

Lee, p 490:
Richard, son of Henry (Mr Ryland of Limerick), 1685; born c1667, Clandiralagh, Clare.

Lestrange, p 498:

Lewin, p 499:
Henry Ross, son of Henry (Mr Rudd), 1783: born c1767, Clare.

Lloyd, p 504:

Lloyd, p 505:
Benjamin, (PT), 1756. BA 1760. [ Of Gray’s Inn; son of Rice of Killaloe, county Clare. Doctor of Civil Law. Irish Bar 1765.]
Note: Perhaps son of Rice Lloyd, Trinity College 1723; born Tipperary c1706.]

Lloyd, p 506:

Lloyd, p 507:
Thomas, son of Benjamin (his father), 1726. Born c1708, Killaloe, county Clare. BA 1730. MA 1733. MB 1740.

Lloyd, p 508:

Lynch, p 517-18:

Lysaght, p 520:
Andrew; second son of Conor of Tenemohir, Clare (who died 1637-8). (Educated by Gillysaght). Deacon 1618. Priest 1623. Prebend of Dysart (Killaloe) 1615-20. Rector of Rath 1620. Archdeacon of Kilfenora 1632-41.

Andrew, son of John (Mr Huddart), 1827; RC; born c1809, Clare. Irish Bar 1835.
Note: first son of John Lysaght of Ballyvorda and Bridget O’Brien. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 298.

Christopher, son of George (Mr Fitzgerald), 1791; born c1775, Clare.

Daniel (Donel); first son of Conor of Tenemohir, Clare (who died 1637-38). (Educated by Gillysaght (M’Gillisaght)). Archdeacon of Ardfert 1621-25. Archdeacon of Aghadoe 1621 and Vicar of Kilconive. Precentor of Ardfert etc 1624. Rector of Rathblanynge (Killaloe) 1612, unless he shall reside therein after he shall have finished his studies in Trinity College, Dublin, the presentation to be void.

Edward, son of John (Mr Hare), 1777; born c1762, Clare. Irish Bar 1788. Dict Nat Biography.

James, son of George (Mr Fitzgerald), 1791; born c1775, Clare.

Patrick, third son of Conor of Tenemohir, Clare. (Educated by Gillysaght). Deacon 1623. Priest 1624. Chancellor of Kilfenora etc 1623. Died 1676.


McAdam, p 522:

McCann, p 523:

McCarthy, pp 524-25:

McCausland, p 526:

McClelland, p 527:

McDermott, pp 530-1:

McDonnell, p 532:
Edward, son of Charles (Dr Carpendale), 1810. Born c1792, Clare.

McDonogh, p 533:

McGrath, p 535:

McInerney, p 536:

Mackey, p 537:
James, son of John (Mr Fitzgerald), 1792. Born c1769, Clare. BA 1796.

McMahon, p 539:
Andrew, son of Timothy (Mr Hare of Cashel), 1783; born c1765, Clare. BA 1787. LL.B. 1790. Irish Bar 1790.

Francis, son of Francis (PT), 1777; born c1759, Clare.

Thomas, son of John (Mr Turpin), 1841; RC; born c1824, Clare. BA 1845.

McMahon, p 540:

Macnamara, McNamara p 541:
Francis, (Dr Benson), 1765.
Note: this entry makes no reference to Clare but seems included by O’Dalaigh (1993).

Francis, son of James (Dr King), 1837; born c1819, Ennis, Clare.

James, son of John (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1704-05; born c1683, Clare.

John, son of Denis (PT), 1778; born c1760, Clare.

Matthew, son of Denis (Mr O’Halloran), 1819; born c1799, Clare.

Michael, son of Thomas (PT), 1841; born c1823, Clare.

Richard, son of Francis (Mr Jones), 1798; born c1783, Clare.

Thaddeus, son of James (Mr Fitzgerald), 1788; born c1771, Clare. BA 1791.

William, (Dr Benson), 1765.
Note: this entry makes no reference to Clare but seems included by O’Dalaigh (1993).

William, son of Francis (Mr Bonafous), 1805; born c1790, Clare.

Macowen/ McOwen, p 542:
Peter John, son of William (Mr Jessop), 1769. Born c1747, Clare. [ Assumed the name of Owen only. See Lincoln’s Inn records.]

Madden, p 543:

Madder, p 544:
John, son of John (Dr Skelton), 1733; born c1717, Clare. BA 1738. MA 1742.
Also spelt Mader.

Magrath, p 546:
Denis, son of Connor (Mr Kennedy), 1791. Born c1768, Clare. BA 1797.

Maguire, p 547:

Mahon, p 548:
Charles, son of James (PT), 1773; born Clare. (NFP). BA 1778. Irish Bar 1781.

Charles, son of Charles (Mr Fitzgerald), 1805. Born c1789, Clare. BA 1810.

Charles James Patrick, known as The O’Gorman Mahon, son of Patrick (Mr Shine), 1819. Born 1802, Clare, died 1891. BA 1822. MA 1832. MP Clare 1830; Ennis 1847; Clare 1879; Carlow 1887. Irish Bar 1834. See Dict National Biography, and Boase.
Note, kindly supplied by Declan Barron, Ennis- I found this reference to Rev. Michael Fitzgerald as teacher for The O'Gorman Mahon (1802-1891) even though Mahon was a Catholic.
From Dolman's Magazine Vol.VI July-Dec 1847. pg.172, headed, Sketches of Irish Agitators.
O’Gorman Mahon was then sent to Clongowes College, kept by the Jesuits, where he was educated by Fr Shine SJ. He then entered the Middle Temple and was called to the Irish Bar.
See also Clare Champion, 13 September 2002.

Edward, son of Patrick (Mr Fitzgerald), 1797. Born c1777, Clare. BA 1808. MA 1810.

James, son of William (Mr Kennedy), 1791. Born c1772, Clare. BA 1802. MA 1832.

James, son of Charles (Mr Von Feinaigel), 1818. Born c1802, Clare.

Mahon, p 549:
Thomas, son of Charles (Mr Fitzgerald), 1804. Born c1788. (No further
Note: According to the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Irish Manuscripts Commission, Dublin, 1982), p 323 Thomas was the first son of Charles Mahon and Rebecca Crowe.
Further note: Rebecca Crowe was a daughter of Thomas Crowe and Elizabeth Wainwright. Thomas Mahon was a son of Rebecca and Charles Mahon. Thomas Mahon married Alicia Michin. [ Email on 30 November 2021, from Philip Crowe of Brisbane, Queensland.]

Mahony, p 549:
None. But see Pierce Mahony in the postscript.

Malone, pp 550; 551:

Martin, p 557:
James, son of Rev James (Mr Richard Hean Lolan), 1798; born c1792, Clare. BA 1803. MA 1825.

James, son of James (Mr Tatam), 1826; born c1808, Clare.

James Richard, son of Richard (Mr Hogan), 1835; born c1817, Clare.

Martin, p 558:
Richard, son of James (Mr Wheland), 1796; born c1780, Clare.

Richard, son of Michael (Rev Mr Allen), 1824; born c1806, Clare.

Martin, p 559:

Massey/ Massy p 560:
Charles Whitshed, son of Hugh (baronet), (Mr Madder), 1785. Born c1770, Clare. BA 1789.

Hugh Dillon, (Mr Benson), 1757. First baronet.
Note: this entry makes no reference to Clare but seems included by O’Dalaigh (1993). His sons, Charles and Hugh, born in Clare, see other entries.

Hugh Dillon, son of Hugh (baronet), (Mr Madder), 1785. Born c1758, Clare.
Second baronet.

Macredy, p 572:

Miller, p 576:

Miller, p 577:
Thomas, son of Fitzwilliam (self educated), 1832; born c1814, Clare.

Thomas Fitzwilliam, son of Fitzwilliam (Mr Gayer), 1830; born c1812, Clare.
BA 1837. MA 1841. BD and DD 1859.

William, son of John (Dr Thompson), 1746; born c1732, Clare. Of Lincoln’s Inn. Irish Bar 1755.

William, son of John (Mr Madder), 1791; born c1775, Clare.

Miller, p 578:

Molony, p 583:
Arthur, son of James (PT), 1773; born c1755, Clare.

Arthur, son of Walter (Mr Leney), 1817; born c1801, Clare. MA 1832.

Croasdaile, son of Henry (Mr Miller), 1805; born Clare.

Molony, p 584:
Henry, son of Patrick (deceased), (PT), 1838; born c1807, Clare.

James, son of James (Dr Ford), 1740; born c1722, Clare.

James, son of James (Mr Hackett), 1769; born c1762, Clare.

Michael, son of Michael (Mr Fea), 1808; RC; born c1802, Clare. BA 1813. MA 1832. Also spelt Moloney.

Michael, son of Myles (Mr Fitzgerald), 1821; born c1802, Clare.

Walter, son of Walter (Dr Miller), 1812; born c1795, Clare.

William, son of James (Mr O’Halloran), 1825; born c1805, Clare. BA 1831. MA 1834. LL.B. and LL.D. 1840.

Mongan, p 586:
Daniel, son of James, farmer (Mr Barry), 1825. Born c1795, Clare.

James, son of James deceased (Mr Barry) 1813. Born c1795, Clare. RC. BA 1820.

John, son of John (Mr Fitzgerald), 1814. Born c1798, Monaghan. BA 1818. MA 1825.

Thomas, son of James (Mr Barry) 1815. Born c1797, Clare. BA 1824.
Note: fifth son of James Mongan of Ennis and Mary O’Brien. Educated TCD and county Clare. Younger brother of James Mongan. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 343.

Moroney/ Morony, p 599:
Francis, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1804; born c1786, Clare.

Thomas, son of Andrew (Mr Ashe), 1775; born c1759, Clare. See Lincoln’s Inn Records.

Edward, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1797; born c1782, Clare.

Thomas, son of Edmond (Mr Monsell), 1769; born c1753, Clare.

Thomas, son of Thomas (Mr Bell), 1827; born c1808, Clare.

Morris, p 600:
Thaddeus, son of John (deceased), (Mr Fitzgerald), 1792. Born c1769, Clare.
BA 1796. MA 1800.

Mosse, p 601:

Mullins, p 604:
Foster, son of Patrick, farmer (Mr Fitzgerald), 1831. Born c1812, Clare.

Mulvihill, p 605:
William, son of Daniel (Mr Fitzgerald), 1813; born c1795, Clare. BA 1818. MA and MB 1824. Altered name to Mulville.

Mulville, p 605:
William Geale, son of William (Dr King), 1845; born c1832, Galway.

Murphy, p 606:
John Baldwin, son of Michael (Mr Fitzgerald), 1833. RC. Born c1816, Tipperary. BA 1837. Irish Bar 1840. Queen’s Counsel.

Murphy, p 607:


Neilan, p 612:

Nugent, pp 623-24:


O’Beirne, p 626:

O’Brien, p 627:
Son of the Earl of Thomond, 1613.

Charles, son of Matthew (Mr Phillips), 1823; born c1807, Clare.

Donogh, son of Conor of Lemeneigh, Clare, 1614.

Edward, son of D_ (Mr Hare of Cashel), 1782; born c1776, Clare.

Edward, son of Henry (Mr Fitzgerald), 1797; born c1777, Clare.
Note: curate of Hollywood, Glendalough diocese according to Canon B Leslie.

Henry, son of Thomas (_), 1755; born c1737, Clare. Also spelt O’Brian.

James, son of Edmund (perhaps Edward) (Mr Fitzgerald), 1789; born c1775, Clare.

O’Brien, p 628:
Lucius, son of Lucius (Mr Davoren), 1793; born c1776, Clare.

Lucius Henry, son of Edward (Dr Thompson), 1748; born c1733, Clare. BA 1752. 3rd baronet. PC. Irish Bar 1758. Dict Nat Biography.

Matthew, son of Matthew (PT), 1830; born c1814, Clare. Pon Caius College, Cambridge 1834, etc.

Murrogh, son of Edward (Mr Fitzgerald), 1805; born c1787, Clare.

Nicholas, son of Henry (Rev M Fitzgerald), 1799; born c1780, Clare.

O’Brien, see also Cornelius O’Brien in the postscript.

O’Callaghan, p 629:
Cornelius, son of John (Mr Moore), 1802; born c1786, Clare.

Cornelius, son of Henry (Mr Feinaigle) [Gregor von Feinaigle] 1823; born c1807, Clare.

Daniel, (PT), 1766.
Note: this entry makes no reference to Clare but seems included by O’Dalaigh (1993).

Simon Cornelius, son of Cornelius (Mr O’Brien), 1827; born c1812, Clare.

O’Connell, p 629:
Maurice, son of Bartholomew (Mr Fitzgerald), 1787; born c1769, Clare.
Note: compare Charles O’Connell, first son of Maurice O’Connell of Moyreish, county Clare and Martha Swyney in the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 373.
Query whether these might be related to Connell O’Connell, a solicitor to whom Charles O’Connell was apprenticed.

O’Connor, p 630:
Michael, son of Peter (Mr O’Halloran), 1814; born c1793, Roscommon.

O’Donaghoe, p 631:
John, son of John (Mr Barry), 1819; born c1797, Clare.

O’Donnel, p 631:
John, son of John (Mr Hawkesworth), 1821; born c1805, Clare.

O’Donoghue, p 632:
John, son of John (deceased) (Mr Barry), 1818; born c1797, Clare. BA 1824.
MA 1832.

Maurice, son of Peter (deceased) (Mr O’Halloran), 1827; born c1804, Clare.
BA 1840. MB 1842.

O’Dwyer, p 633:
William, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1812; RC; born c1797, Clare. BA 1817.

O’Flaherty, p 633:
Martin Francis, son of John (Dr King, Ennis), 1837; RC; born c1819, Clare.

O’Flanagan, p 633:
James, son of James (Mr O’Halloran), 1825; born c1806, Clare.

Theophilus, son of Matthew (Mr O’Reilly), 1784; born c1760, Clare. BA 1789.

O’Gorman, p 634:
Nicholas Purcell, son of James (Mr Purcell), 1794. RC. Born c1778, Clare.
Irish Bar 1803. Queen’s Counsel. Chairman of County Kilkenny.

O’Grady, p 634:

O’Halloran, p 635:
James, son of Stephen (Stephen O’Halloran), 1808; born c 1791, Clare.

Stephen Ryan, son of Stephen (Mr Tonergan), 1836; born c1808, Ennis, Clare.
BA 1850.

O’Keefe, p 636:

O’Loghlen, p 637:
Bryan, son of Michael (Oscott College, Birmingham), 1845; born 1828; RC; baptised St Andrew’s, Dublin 6 July 1828; Irish Bar 1856; Victorian Bar 1863; Premier of Victoria; died 1905, Melbourne. Aust Dict Biography. Dict Irish Biography.

Colman, son of Hugh (Mr Butt); 1835; born c1818; RC; BA 1840; Irish Bar; died at Ruan, Clare 1848.

Hugh, son of Michael (Oscott College, Birmingham), 1845; born 1827; RC; died 1850, Clare.
Note: see the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 383. The same page refers, also, to his father, brothers and first cousins.

Michael, son of Colman (Mr Fitzgerald, Ennis), 1805; born 1789, Clare; RC; BA 1809. Irish Bar 1811. Master of the Rolls, Ireland; died 1842. Dict Nat Biography.
Note: his mother was Susanna Finucane, according to the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 383.

O’Loghlen, p 638:
Hugh, son of Hugh (Mr Butt), 1835; born 1818, Clare; RC; died 1874.
Note: The educator, Mr Butt, was very likely in London. See letters dated 4 October 1833 and 26 October 1833, written by (Sir) Michael O’Loghlen (d1842) to his daughter, Susan.
Others to attend Mr Butt’s school include Colman O’Loghlen, and Charles and Joseph Kelly.

O’Loughlin, p 638:
Patrick, son of John (Mr O’Halloran), 1808; born c1790, Clare.

O’Neill, p 639:

O’Regan, p 640:
John, son of John (Mr King), 1833; RC; born c1818, Ennis, Clare. Archdeacon of Kildare.

Thomas, son of John (Ennis College), 1837; RC; born c1831, Clare.

Ormsby, p 643:
Thomas, son of Arthur (deceased) (Mr Fitzgerald), 1805; born c1789, Clare.

Orpin / Orpen, p 644:
Thomas, (Mr Power), 1751. Born county Clare. No further details.

O’Shaughnessy, p 645:
Michael, son of Patrick (Mr O’Halloran), 1813. RC. Born c1796, Cork. Irish Bar 1828. Queen’s Counsel. See Boase.

Sands, son of Daniel (Rev Mr Fitzgerald), 1825. RC. Born c1809, Clare.

O’Sullivan, p 646:

Owen, see MacOwen/McOwen.


Paterson, Patterson, pp 656-7:
Patrick, son of John (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1699. Born c1683, Clare.

Francis, son of Francis (Dr Hewson), 1772. Born Ennis, Clare. Of the Middle Temple. Irish Bar 1778.

Marcus, third son of Montrose of Ennis, Clare (Dr Cashin of Limerick), 1732.
Born c1723, Limerick. BA 1736. LLD 1765. Of the Middle Temple. Irish Bar 1742. Chief Justice of Common Pleas (L). Privy Council.

Marcus, son of Marcus (Mr Greaves), 1836. Born c1817, Clare.

Peacocke, p 658:
William, son of Joseph (Mr Fitzgerald), 1794. Born c1777, Clare. BA 1798. MA 1809.

Perrin, p 663:

Phillips, p 667:

Pilkington, pp 670-671:

Porter, p 675:

Powell, p 677:

Power, p 678:
Francis, son of Dominick (Mr Monsell), 1774; born c1759, Clare.

Power, p 679:
Michael, son of William (Dr Young), 1739. Born c1716, Clare. BA 1743.

Purdon, p 686:
Edward, son of Symon (Mr Morgan of Tipperary), 1708. Born c1693, Clare. BA 1712. MA 1715. Irish Bar 1713. See Dictionary of National Biography.

Simon, son of Simon (Mr Morgan of Tipperary), 1708. Born c1691, Clare. BA 1712.


Read/Reade, p 694:
Charles, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1784. Born c1763, Clare.

John, son of William (Mr Monsell), 1769. Born c1750, Clare. BA 1773.

John, son of William (PT), 1806. Born c1788, Clare. BA 1809. Knighted 1811.

Read, p 695:
William, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1784. Born c1764, Clare.

Regan, p 697:
Thomas, son of William (Mr Buckley), 1790. Born c1770, Clare.

William, son of William (Mr Bourke), 1781. Born c1764, Clare. BA 1787. LL.B 1791.

Royse, p 719:
Nicolas, son of Nicholas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1818. Born c1800, Limerick.

Ryan, p 723:
Edmund, son of John (Mr Fitzgerald), 1796; born c1779, Clare.

Ryan, p 724:


Sampson p 730:
Francis Cornelius, son of Denis (Mr O’Halloran), 1824; born c1807, Dublin.
RC. BA 1828. MB 1833.

Sampson, p 731:
John, son of Denis (Mr Fitzgerald), 1815; born c1799, Clare. BA 1819.

Ralph, son of John (Mr O’Halloran), 1796; born c1779, Clare. RC.

Sandes, pp 731-2:
Francis, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1817; born c1800, Kerry. BA 1822.

Maurice, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1823; born c1805, Kerry. BA 1828.

Stephen Creagh, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1795; born c1779, Kerry. BA 1799. Fellow 1807. MA 1807. BD 1816. DD 1822. Archbishop King’s Lecturer 1831. Bishop of Cashel. Died 14 November 1842.

Thomas, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1788; born c1771, Kerry. BA 1792.

William, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1792; born c1773, Kerry. BA 1796.

William, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1817; born c1799, Kerry. BA 1821.

William, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1818; born c1799, Kerry. BA 1823.

William Stephen, son of Stephen Creagh (Mr Wickam), 1837; born c1818, Dublin. BA 1841. MA 1865. Bishop of Killaloe.

Sarsfield, p 734:

Scott, p 738:

Scott, p 739:
John, son of John (deceased), (Dr Baillie), 1835. Born c1816, Clare.

John Fitzwilliam, son of William (Dr Baillie), 1835. Born c1817, Clare.

Richard, son of Richard (Mr Nunan), 1778. Born c1758, Clare. BA 1782. MA 1788.

William, son of John ((Mr Fitzgerald), 1794. Born c1779, Clare. BA 1799.

Scott, p 740:
William, son of William (deceased). (PT), 1846. Born c1827, Clare.

Shannon, p 743:

Sharkey, p 744:
Execkiel, son of James (Mr Burgoyne), 1781; born c1759, Clare. BA 1785. MA 1789.

Sheehan, p 747:

Shone, p 751:

Singleton, p 753:
Edward, son of Edward (Mr Von Feinaigle), 1817; born c1800, Clare. BA 1821.

Hugh, son of Edward (Mr Fitzgerald), 1813; born c1799, Clare. BA 1818.

Singleton, p 754:

Skerrett, p 755:
William Joseph, son of William (deceased) (Dr Stephens), 1835; RC; born c1818, Clare.

Speight/ Spight, see Spaight.

Spaight, p 769:
George, son of William (deceased) (Mr Fitzgerald), 1804; born c1787, Clare.
BA 1809.

Thomas, son of Thomas (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1710; born c1696, Lodge, Clare. Also spelt Spight.

William, son of Thomas (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1713; born c1698, Lodge, Clare. Irish Bar 1729. Also spelt Speight.

Stacpoole, p 773:
George, third son of George (Mr Wall), 1762; age not recorded. Born Annagh, Clare. Irish Bar 1779.

George, son of George (Mr Fitzgerald), 1789; born c1773, Clare.

George William, son of William (Mr Fitzgerald), 1789; born c1774, Clare. BA 1772. LL.B. 1795. LL.D. 1799. See Lincoln’s Inn records.

Henry, see postscript.

William, 1762, (Mr Wall). BA 1766.
Note: this entry makes no reference to Clare but seems included by O’Dalaigh (1993).

William Henry, son of Hogan (Mr Fitzgerald), 1804; born c1787. DD 1826. Dean of Kilfenora.

Stamer, p 774:
Hugh, son of Pierce (Mr Moloney), 1835; born c1813, Clare. BA 1839.

John, son of Pierce (Mr O’Halloran), 1821; born c1803, Clare. BA 1828.

Stapleton, p 776:
John, son of John (Mr Monsell), 1777; born c1759, Clare.

Staunton, p 776-77:
None, but see Michael Staunton in the postscript.

Steele, p 778:
Thomas, son of William (deceased), (Mr Collins), 1805. Born c1787, Clare. BA 1810. [ Incorporated at Cambridge, 1820.] See Dict National Biography.

Stenson, p 778:
John Ormsby, son of James (Mr Allen), 1844. Born c1811, Clare.

Stephens, p 778:
John, son of Henry (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1712. Born c1694, Ballysheen, county Clare. BA 1717.

Stitch, p 790:
John, son of Andrew (Mr Fitzgerald), 1803. Born c1787, Clare. BA 1808.

Matthew, son of Michael (Mr Hare of Cashel), 1781. Born c1760, Clare. BA 1785. MB 1789.

Studdert, p 791:
Charles, son of Charles (Mr Feinaigle of Dublin), 1835. Born c1809, Clare.

Frederick, son of Thomas (Dr Knight), 1835. Born c1817, Clare.

George, son of Thomas (Dr Wilson), 1830. Born c1809, Clare.

Jonas, son of Richard (Mr Rose), 1771. Born c1756, Clare. Irish Bar 1780.

Jonas, son of George (Mr Fitzgerald), 1806. Born c1790, Clare.

Maurice, son of Richard (Mr Rose), 1770. Born c1770, Clare. BA 1775. LL.B and LL.D 1784.

Studdert, p 792:
Richard, son of Maurice (Mr Fitzgerald), 1795; born c1779-80, Clare; died 4 May 1873. Vicar of Quin, east of Ennis, from 1818 until his death.
Succession list for the Diocese of Killaloe, p 703.
Note: Additional information kindly supplied by Mr Peter Beirne of the County Clare Library.

Richard, son of George (Rev Michael Fitzgerald), 1806. Age not recorded.
Born Clare.

Robert, son of Thomas (Dr Knight), 1835; born c1818, Clare.

Thomas, son of George (Mr Henry Porter), 1799; born c1781, Clare. Irish Bar 1806.
Note: first son of George Studdert of Kilkishen House, county Clare and Hannah Blood. See the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 468.
Thomas perhaps had a son, Robert Ashworth Studdert.

Sullivan, p 793:

Synge, p 798:


Talbot, p 799:

Tate, p 800:

Terry, p 805:

Thynne, p 811:
William Short, son of John (Mr Moran), 1822. Born c1802, Clare. BA 1831.

Toomey, p 816:

Tymons, p 829:

Tyne, p 830:


Vandeleur, p 835:
Boyle, son of Giles (deceased) (Mr Kerr), 1776; born c1769, Clare. Irish Bar 1781.

James, son of Giles (Mr Timothy Wilson), 1679; born c1661, Moyhill, Clare.
BA 1683. MA 1686. Also spelt Vanderlure.

John, son of Giles (Mr Timothy Wilson), 1679; born c1662, Moyhill, Clare. BA 1683. MA 1686. Also spelt Vanderlure.

John Ormsby, second son of John of Kilrush, Clare (Dr Hewetson), 1755; age not shown. Of the Middle Temple. Irish Bar 1764. Also spelt Vanderlure.

John Scott, son of Boyle (Rev Louis Kerr), 1805; born c1791, Clare. BA 1808.

John Scott, son of Boyle (Rev Louis Kerr), 1805; born c1791, Clare. BA 1808.

Michael, son of Giles (Mr Wilson), 1682; born c1666, Clare. BA 1686. MA 1692. Also spelt Vanderlure.

Thomas, son of John (Mr Cashin of Limerick), 1722; born c1704, Clare. BA 1727. Irish Bar 1732.

Vandeleur, p 836:
William, son of Crofton (Mr Gwynne), 1807; born c1790, Clare. BA 1811. MA 1827.

Vero, p 838:
Thomas, son of Thomas (Mr Roberts), 1726. Born c1708, Clare. BA 1735.


Walsh/ Welsh, p 853:
Andrew, son of Andrew (Mr Fitzgerald), 1790. Born c1774, Clare. BA 1794.

Walsh/ Welsh, p 854:

Walsh/ Welsh, p 855:
Richard, son of Andrew (Mr Fitzgerald), 1793. Born c1776, Clare. BA 1798.

Walsh, p 856:

West, p 869:

Westropp, p 870:
Henry, son of Henry (Mr Fitzgerald), 1802; born c1786, Limerick. BA 1807.

John, son of Poole (Mr Westropp), 1791; born c1776, Clare. BA 1796.

Thomas, son of Thomas (Dr King), 1846; born c1828, Limerick.

White, p 872:
Benjamin, son of Thomas (Mr Fitzgerald), 1809; born c1794, Tipperary.

White, pp 873-75:

Wilson, p 885:

Wilson, p 887:
John, son of Richard (Dr Macklowain), 1703. Born c1685, Clare. BA 1708.

Wilson, p 888:

Woulfe, p 896:
Ralph, son of Samuel (Mr Molony), 1827; RC; born c1819, Clare. BA 1838.

Stephen, son of Stephen (Mr Fitzgerald), 1808; born c1779; Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer, Ireland. Though he came from a Clare family and is recorded as born in Clare, he probably was born abroad.

Wright, p 897:


Other information, from notes written c1843 by Sir Colman O’Loghlen (privately held) -

Mahony, Peter:
a schoolmate of his father, Michael O’Loghlen at the Ennis school conducted by Rev Michael Fitzgerald. According to the King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982), p 324 Pierce Mahony was educated at the Ennis College.
Pierce Mahony was a pallbearer at the funeral of Michael O’Loghlen, in Dublin in October 1842, and he seems meant.
If so, according to John Falvey in a personal communication, his father also called Peirce was manager of the Earl of Devon’s estates in county Limerick.
Peirce Mahony of Kilmorna, Co Kerry (1792-1853) RC, established a highly successful firm of solicitors in Dublin in partnership with his brother David. He was Daniel O’Connell’s private solicitor, playing an important part in the campaign for Catholic Emancipation (1829) and in the defence of O’Connell and his colleagues in the State Trials of 1843-44. Pierce Mahony was MP for Kinsale.
According to the King’s Inns Admissions Papers, he was the first son of Pierce Mahony of Woodlawn, county Kerry and Anna Maria Maunsell. See also the Dictionary of Irish Biography (RIA).

Staunton, Michael:
a schoolmate of his father, Michael O’Loghlen at the Ennis school conducted by the Rev Michael Fitzgerald.
Michael Staunton was a pallbearer at the funeral of Michael O’Loghlen, in Dublin in October 1842.
Michael Staunton (c1788-c1870) of Clare is well known as the founder in about 1822 and after, in Dublin, of the Weekly Register and the Morning Register. RC. Lord Mayor of Dublin, 1847. Perhaps emigrated to Australia.
Incidentally, Staunton’s counsel in the Court of King’s Bench, Dublin in November 1821 was his school mate, Michael O’Loghlen.

Other information, from an article by H.C. (Henry Comber), Cornelius OBrien of Birchfield (1782- 1857), published in 1984 in Clare -

O’Brien, Cornelius:
According to a memorial of his apprenticeship to Cornelius O’Callaghan, attorney, Cornelius O’Brien was educated at the school run by Stephen O’Halloran of Ennis.
(Perhaps this Cornelius O’Callaghan might be shown in Alumni Dublinenses, p 629, as born c1786, son of John.)

Many attorneys received their training as apprentices. Such Clare men did not attend Trinity College. The King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982) contain many references to attorneys connected with county Clare, summarised in Clare Attorneys to 1867 (Donated Material: Military, Legal, Police and Prison Records).

Other information from Brian O’Dalaigh (1993) - Henry Stacpoole:
attended Trinity College though his name is not recorded in the College register.

Other information from P.D. (Rev Canon Philip Dwyer), A Handbook of Lisdoonvarna and its vicinity (Dublin, 1876), p 22. He mentioned several men educated at Ennis, including- Harte and Stephen Sandes, who both became Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin.
Dr Gregg, Bishop of Cork.
Dionysius Lardner.
Dion Boucicault.
Mulready, the great historical painter, whose house is still under the Causeway.
Dermody, the poet.
Robert Crowe MP, who wrote against the Union and then supported it.
Colonel O’Neill, son of a tobacco twister, a man of lofty stature and noble bearing who volunteered and fought his way through the Peninsular Wars, up to the head of his regiment.
Chief Justice Patterson.
Sir M O’Loghlen, Master of the Rolls.
The O’Gorman who wrote on fishing.
Giles Dixon, that wit of high renown, sent for by George IV to crown his royal banquets with fascinating drollery.

Further references:

Alumni Dublinenses, 1924.

Alumni Dublinenses, 1935.

The King’s Inns Admissions Papers (Dublin, 1982).

For detailed information on the Ennis Grammar School, see Michael Quane, Ennis Grammar School, in volume X of the North Munster Antiquarian Journal (1996), pp 27-47.

For information concerning schools in and near Ennis, see Brian O’Dalaigh, Irish Historic Towns Atlas, number 25, Ennis (Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 2012).

For detailed and relevant information, see Brian O’Dalaigh, Some Students from County Clare at Trinity College, Dublin in the Eighteenth Century, volume 8, North Munster Antiquarian Journal (1993), pp 81-91.

With apologies to those whom I have omitted,

Michael O’Loghlen Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia.
December, 2021.

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