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Donated Material: Military, Police & Prison Records

Military Record for John LYNCH

Title: Military Record for John LYNCH
Main Family Name: LYNCH
Dates: 1848-1852
Places: Madras, India
Sources: Register of HEIC Recruits, 1846-1853 India Office L/MIL/9/44
Donator: Joan Birtles, NSW, Australia

John LYNCH was born June 1827 at Kilrush, Kilrush, Co Clare to Patrick Lynch according to his marriage record in Madras, India.

John enlisted at Exeter, UK aged 20 and the date of Attestation was 18 January 1848. He was shown as a Slater & Plasterer.

He was 5ft 6-1/4", Lt brown hair, hazel eyes, fair complexion, pitted with small pock [sic].

John sailed on the ship "Elizabeth" for Madras 8th March 1848 as a Private in the 2nd European Light Infantry.

John "Purchased" himself out of the army 15 January 1852 with the assistance of his father-in-law John THORPE who 'had land under cultivation belonging to him".

NOTE: John, his wife Paulina and daughter Deborah Jane left Madras, India 12 December 1852 and arrived at Port Jackson, Australia 22nd February 1853 on the barque "William Prowse" as steerage passengers.

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