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Donated Material: Wills & Probate

Index to Prerogative Wills; Clare Abstracts; Surnames A-B

Title: Index to Prerogative Wills; Clare Abstracts; Surnames A-B
Type of Material: Wills
Dates: 1536-1810
Places: Clare
Source: Vicars, Sir A. (Editor) Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland,
1536-1810, Dublin, 1897
Transcriber/Donator: Cathy Joynt Labath, Iowa, U.S.A.

1790 ADAMS, Abigail, Ennis, widow
1773 ADAMS, Joseph, Ennis, gent.
1757 ADAMS, William, Killue, gent.
1742 ALLEN, Samuel, Co. Clare, clothier
1728 AMORY, Thos., Bunratty, gent.
1733 ANDREWS, Bridgeman, Lecrue, gent.
1709 ANNESLEY, Elinor, Waterpark, widow
1766 ANNESLEY, Rev. Maurice, Waterpark, clk.
1753 BARRINGTON, Samuel, Ennis Co. Clare
1684 BENNIS, Andrew, Balliemulcashel, Co. Clare, gent.
1769 BENTLEY, John Simon, Killaderry, co Clare
1769 BENTLEY, Mary, Killaderry, co Clare, widow
1591 BETAGHE, Thomas, Baleneslough. co .Clare, esq.
1733 BINDON, David, Cloney, co. Clare, esq.
1765 BINDON, Francis, Cloney, co Clare
1749 BINDON, Henry, Ennis, co Clare, esq
1806 BLOOD, Anne, Ennis, co Clare, widow
1750 BLOOD, Elizabeth, Bohersallagh, co Clare, widow
1779 BLOOD, Eliz., Ennis, co Clare, widow
1799 BLOOD, John, Ballykilty, co Clare, gent.
1760 BLOOD, Mathew, Ballikinacurra, co Clare, gent.
1744 BLOOD, Neptune, Bohersallagh, co Clare, gent.
1802 BLOOD, Neptune, Park, co Clare, esq.
1802 BLOOD, Neptune, Brickhill, co Clare.
1731 BLOOD, Thos., Bohersallagh, co Clare, gent.
1741 BLOOD, Thos., Corrofin, co Clare, gent (This will declared null and void)
1791 BLOOD, William, Roxton, co Clare, esq.
1804 BLOOD, William, Ennis, co Clare, gent.
1800 BOLAN, James, Ennis, co Clare, gent
1770 BOLAN, Thomas, Ennis, co Clare
1789 BOUCHIER, John, Elmhill, co Clare, esq.
1786 BOURKE, John, Knockvanie, co Clare
1786 BOURKE, Theobd., Knockvanie, co Clare
1771 BOWERMAN, John, Prospect hill, co Clare, esq.
1643 BRIDGMAN, Winter, Drumkevan, co Clare, esq
1780 BROWNE, Thos., Newgrove, co Clare
1765 BURDON, Francis, Cloney, co Clare, esq.
1778 BURKE, Mary, Rincahy, co Clare
1807 BURKE, Michael, Usher's Island, merchant
1737 BURTON, Mary, wife of Francis B., Buncraggy, co Clare, esq.
1712 BURTON, Samuel, Buncraggy, co Clare, esq.
1735 BURY, Richard, Mount Pleasant, co Clare, esq.
1723 BUTLER, James, Castlekeal, co Clare, esq.
1798 BUTLER, James, Millbrook, co Clare, gent.
1788 BUTLER, Peter, Bunmahon, co Clare, gent
1735 BUTLER, William, Rossroe, co Clare, esq. (delivered out in 1760)

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