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Donated Material: Wills & Probate

Clare Wills and Administration found in the Limerick Will Books, 1858 – 1870

Title: Clare Wills and Administration found in the Limerick Will Books, 1858 – 1870
Type of Material: Probate Records
Dates: 1858 – 1870
Places: Clare
Source: Limerick District Will Books
Transcriber/Donator: Jessica Roode, U.S.A.

FHL# 100946 / 100947 - Limerick District will books, 1858-1888

Name Prefix/Suffix/Title etc. Will or Letters of Admin Written Page Number FHL Film# FamilySearch Image Number Year of Probate Will Granted/
Proved At:
Marital Status Occupation Surname Maiden Year of Death Death Date (D/M/Y) Death Place Residence Former Residence Others Named in Probate Summary and the will Special Note
Michael Behan   Will 426 007604241 251/710 1863 Limerick Bachelor   Behan   1863 09 April 1863 Cappa Cappa   Anne Behan, sister, of Cappa
Mary Mohalm (nee Gunnen), niece, wife of James Mahalm, seaman
James Bentley   Will 388 007604241 232/710 1863 Limerick Husband Head Constable Bentley   1860 13 February 1860 Glanlun Glanlun Doneraile, Co. Cork Anne Bentley, wife & executrix, of Glanlun
Jane Bentley, daughter
Elizabeth Bentley, daughter
Thomas Bentley, son
James Bentley, son
Henry James Bentley, son
Joseph Bolster, son-in-law
Richard Bentley Esq Will 480 007604241 329/710 1865 Limerick     Bentley   1865 21 May 1865 Doon House Doon House   William Bentley Esq, cousin & executor, of Hurliston (Broadford)
Anna Maria Bentley, mother
Jane Bentley, sister
Walter Bentley, brother
George Davies Esq, uncle
Catherine Davies, aunt & wife of George Davies
John Garvy, herdsman
Solomon Burke, stewart & gardiner
Michael Scanlan, groom
John Dwyer, head porter
Michael Kerin, nephew & son of John Kerin
John Kerin, brother-in-law, of Ennis, draper
Kate Kerin (nee Bentley), sister & wife of John Kerin
Jane Kerin, niece
Rev Patrick Quaid, PP of Kiluran Parish
Michael Roughan, herd
Edward McNamara, sportsman
Thomas Shaughnessy, ploughman
Daniel Hayes, labourer
Martin White
Michael Shanahan Sr
Michael Shanahan Jr, son of Michael Shanahan Sr
John Bethel, labourer
Catherine Fitzgerald, assistant to John Bethel
Charles Bingham Esq Will 497 007604241 338/710 1865 Limerick Husband   Bingham   1865 17 July 1865 Cappa (Kilrush) Cappa (Kilrush)   Margaret Bingham, wife & executrix, of Cappa (Kilrush)
Patrick Barry O'Brien Esq, executor, of Cappa (Kilrush)
Margaret Ferguson, daughter of Capt John Ferguson, of Swansea, Wales, formerly of Cappa (Kilrush), Co Clare
Fitzgerald Blood Esq Will 508 007604241 293/710 1864 Limerick     Blood   1864 25 May 1864 Ballykilty Ballykilty   Frank Morice Esq, executor, of Springfield
Millicent Blood, wife
William Spaight
Maria Blood, daughter
Millicent Blood, daughter
Joseph Blood, son
Francis Blood, son
Fitzgerald Blood, son
Charles Blood, son
Frederick Blood, son
John Blood, eldest son
Maria Blood   Will 149 007604241 111/710 1859 Limerick Widow   Blood   1859 07 July 1859 Elmvale Elmvale   Reverend James Hastings Allen, executor, of Clonlara, clerk
Richard Cathcart Esq, of Baggot St, solicitor
Eliazbeth Herbert (nee Blood), daughter & wife of Lieut. Col. Charles Herbert of Her Maj 54th Regt
Thomas Blood, husband, deceased
Frederica Goad (nee Blood), daughter & wife of Samuel Goad, of Simla, East Indies
Charlotte Boulton, grandaughter & wife of Henry Boulton Esq, of Province of Upper Canada
Susan Clarke (nee Blood), daughter & widow of Lieut Col John Clarke
Fanny Allen, wife of Rev James Hastings Allen, of Clonclara
Probated for second time at Limerick in 1861
John Bourke   Will 490 007604241 334/710 1865 Limerick   Shopkeeper Bourke   1865 07 May 1865 Kilkee Kilkee   Patrick Arthur M.D., executor, of Lambourne (Berks), Co. Berkshire, England
Michael Morony, of Kilkee
Tredrick Carey, of Kilkee
Anastasia Maria Arthur (nee Bourke), daughter & wife of Dr. Patrick Arthur
Ulick Bourk, son
Christopher, son
Eliza Henrietta Wright (nee Bourke), daughter
Patrick O'Connor, executor, of Kilrush, draper
Double probate
John Burke Or Bourke   Will 490 007604241 334/710 1865 Limerick   Shopkeeper Bourke   1865 07 May 1865 Kilkee Kilkee   See first probate Double probate: issued from District Registry at Limerick, 31 July 1865 folio 345
Andrew Brennan   Will 64 007604241 448/710 1868 Limerick Husband Farmer Brennan   1861 06 April 1861 Mount Gordon (Limerick City) Mountgordon (Limerick City)   Honora Brennan, wife & executrix, of Mount Gordon (Limerick City)
Andrew Brennan, son
Patrick Brennan, son
Bridget Brennan, daughter
Ellen Brennan, daughter
Henry Bridgeman Esq Will 272 007604241 172/710 1861 Limerick     Bridgeman   1861 00 January 1861 Rathlouba Rathlouba   John Reddan, grandson & "the Nominee of children", of Shannon View, solicitor
Dorthea Bridgeman (nee Boucher), wife, deceased
H John Bridgeman, father, deceased
John Bridgeman, son
Thomas Bridgeman, son
Orlando Bridgeman, son
Robert Bridgeman, son
Dorthea Bridgeman, daughter
William Winter Bridgeman, son
Francis O'Brien, executor, of Derra
Robert Havett, executor, of Grarrahaw
Elizabeth Browne   Will 512 007604241 295/710 1864 Limerick Widow   Browne   1864 09 September 1864 Newgrove Newgrove   Richard John Stacpoole Esq, executor, of Edenvale
Henry Spaight Esq, executor, of Affock Cottage
Luke Brady, nephew
Mary Brady, grand niece
Jane Stacpoole, niece & residuary legatee
William Stacpoole, grand nephew & son of Jane Stacpoole
Richard Stacpoole Jr, grand nephew & son of Jane Stacpoole
George William Stacpoole, grand nephew & son of Jane Stacpoole
Mrs Charles Armstrong, grand niece, of Larch HIll
Eliza O'Brien (nee Stacpoole), grand niece, residuary legatee & wife of Pierce O'Brien, of Brooke Lodge
Eliza O'Brien, daughter of Eliza O'Brien (nee Stacpoole) and Pierce O'Brien
Pierce O'Brien, son of Eliza O'Brien (nee Stacpoole) and Pierce O'Brien
Rev Archdeacon J[ ] Gregg, cousin
Randal Borough, nephew
William Borough, nephew
Rev T Green, nephew, of Kilranalagh
Mary Green, niece
Fanny Green, niece
Con't from column P
Mrs Mary Kenny, niece
Mrs Mary Gore, niece
Daniel Finnucane Jr, godchild
Anne Gore, daughter of Mrs Mary Gore
Eliza Gore, daughter of Mrs Mary Gore
Frances Gore, grand nephew
Daniel Finnucane Jr, godchild
Jane Gregg, cousin & daughter of late Rev Gregg Esq
Miss Alley Brew, of Tulla
Catherine Brew, sister of Miss Alley Brew
Henry Spaight Esq, friend
Mrs M [A] Ellicott (nee Borough), of Dublin
John Dwyer, stewart
Mrs Mary Tierny
John McMortney, coach man
Peter Walsh, butler
Margaret Walsh, wife of Peter Walsh, butler
Thomas Conners, gate keeper
Mrs Mary Hannen, gate keeper
William Hannen, son of Mrs Mary Hannen, gate keeper
Eliza Hannen, daughter of Mrs Mary Hannen, gate keeper
Mrs Dann, friend
James Burke   Will 216 007604241 524/710 1871 Limerick   Gentleman Burke   1870 19 December 1870 Lifford (Ennis) Lifford (Ennis)   Francis Morice Esq, executor, of Ennis, gentleman
John Cleary, executor, of Ennis, gentleman
Catherine Burke, wife
Mrs Eliza Cleary (nee Burke), sister
Andrew Burke, brother
Mrs Bridget Kennedy (nee Burke), sister
Mary Powell, natural daughter, of London
John Cleary, nephew, of Ennis
Ellen Kennedy, niece & daughter of Mrs Bridget Kennedy
John Powell, grandson & son of Mary Powell
Thomas Burke M.D. Will 52 007604241 442/710 1868 Limerick Husband Doctor Burke   1868 20 June 1868 Killaloe Killaloe Scarriff Frances Burke, wife & executrix, of Killaloe  
Edward William Burton Esq Will 232 007604241 152/710 1861 Limerick     Burton   1860 15 December 1860 Clifden House Clifden House   William Spaight Esq, executor, Derry Castle, Co. Tipperary
William Fitzgerald, of Adelphi
Augustine Butler Esq, of Ballyline
Rev Nathaniel Burton
Caroline Burton, wife & executrix
Marcus Patterson, step-son
Francis Windham Spaight, son of William Spaight Esq, of Derry Castle
George Dickson
Daniel Keane, pensioner
Anna Butler   Will 463 007604241 321/710 1865 Limerick Widow   Butler   1865 08 March 1865 Fir Grove Fir Grove   William Dawson Butler Esq, son & executor, of Mount Cashel
William Butler, brother-in-law
James Butler, son, deceased
Sophia Butler, daughter-in-law, widow of James Butler, son
Henry Butler, son
Charles Eyre Butler Esq, son
Deborah Eliza Butler, daughter
Mrs Molony
Miss Molony
Miss Anne Gennane
Thomas Morony, of Castle Crine
Mrs Ruen
Dennis McNamara, son of Mat McNamara
Aunt Palliseers
The children's aunt, Mrs. Major FitzGerald
Thomas FitzGerald
Thomas Cullinan
Thomas Molony
Miles Hickey
Paddy Hickey
Old Hones Moony, Toms father
Thady McNamara's Mother and her son James
Burn and his wife
Shane Moore
Widow Gleeson
James Ryan
Con't from column P
Family of Thomas Ryan, deceased
M. Ryan, Old John, the Masons son
Poor good natured Keaton
Anna Butler, granddaughter & sister to Sophia Butler and Jemima Butler
Sophia Butler, granddaughter & sister to Anna Butler and Jemima Butler
Jemima Butler, granddaughter & sister to Sophia Butler and Anna Butler
Miss Mary Singleton
Mrs Westropp
Eyer Butler Esqr, 40th Regt, deceased
John McMahon
John Molony
Charles Butler Esq Will 224 007604241 528/710 1871 Limerick     Butler   1870 12 December 1870 Ballymurtagh Ballymurtagh   Richard Dawson Esq, executor, of Bunratty
William Dawson Butler Esq, brother & executor, of Mountcashel, Co Clare
Hernry Butler Esq, brother, of Rathorp, Co Clare
William Maunsell Jr, brother-in-law
Michael Cahill   Will 186 007604241 509/710 1870 Limerick   Pensioner Cahill   1870 30 June 1870 Union Workhouse, Ennis Ennis   Reverend Robert Fitzgerald, executor, of Ennis, RC Clergyman  
Anne Canny   Will 3 007604241 417/710 1867 Limerick Widow   Canny   1867 13 June 1867 Ennis Ennis   Patrick William Dillon M.D., brother & executor, of Ennis
Margaret Reardon, daughter
Winefred Reardon, daughter
Patrick I Dillon, brother-in-law
John Carmody   Will 488 007604241 333/710 1865 Limerick   Farmer Carmody   1865 06 April 1865 Ardatagle Ardatagle   Patt Hannan, son-in-law & executor, of Limerick City, Co. Limerick
Margarat Carmody, wife
Marey Carmody, eldest daughter
Mary Carmody   Will 522 007604241 350/710 1866 Limerick Spinster   Carmody Carmody 1865 06 December 1865 Bleanmore (Knock) Bleanmore (Knock)   Francis Carmody, brother & legatee, of Bleanmore (Knock)
Michael Carmody, nephew, of Bleanmore, Co Clare
Andrew Caswell Esq Will 264 007604241 168/710 1861 Limerick     Caswell   1861 09 February 1861 Blackwater Blackwater   Daniel Doyle Esq, executor, of Limerick City, Co. Limerick
Samuel Brindly Esq, of Nenagle
John Hayes of Abington
See recalled grants
James Cathro   Will 513 007604241 346/710 1865 Limerick   Farmer Cathro   1864 12 May 1864 Caradota Caradota   William Blair Esq, executor, of Cappa (Kilrush)
Jannett Cathro, sister
Michael Cleary   Will 248 007604227 155/678 1878 Limerick   Farmer Cleary   1858 26 March 1858 Poulaboy Poulaboy   James Cleary, son & legatee, of Gladine (Miltown Malbay)
Mary McMahon, wife
Thomas Cleary, son
Anne Connellan   Will 563 007604241 371/710 1867 Limerick Widow   Connellan   1866 8 October 1866 Kilkee Kilkee   David Molony, son & executor, of New Zealand, formerly of Kilkee, shopkeeper
Simon Cahil, executor, of Kilkee
James Molony, grandson
Mary Herbert
Bridget Molony, daughter-in-law & wife of David Molony, of Kilkee
Mathew Corbett   Will 140 007604241 486/710 1870 Limerick   Farmer Corbett   1869 7 December 1869 New Hall New Hall   Reverend Mortimer Hartney, executor, of Clare Castle (Ennis), Roman Catholic Priest
Bridget Greene (nee Corbett), daughter & wife of Daniel Greene
Father Costigan
Father Corbett
Father Daly
William Glynn, son of Bartholomew Glynn
Major MacDonnell
Mary Anne Glynn, daughter of Bartholomew Glynn
Ellen Corbett, wife
Mrs Glynn, daughter & wife of Bartholomew Glynn
Mrs Ryan, daughter & wife of Thady Ryan
Major William Edward Armstrong MacDonnell, executor
John Cotter   Will 94 007604227 78/678 1877 Limerick   Farmer Cotter   1870 20 January 1870 Knockreagh Knockreagh   John Cotter, son & executor, of Knockreagh, farmer
Honor Cotter, daughter
Margaret Cotter, daughter
James Cotter, son
Patt Cotter, son
Stephen Cotter, son
Denis Cullinan   Will 132 007604241 482/710 1869 Limerick Husband Gentleman Cullinan   1869 20 September 1869 Glengariff (Kilfenora) Glengariff (Kilfenora)   See first probate 2nd Probate: Bedelia Mary Cullinan left estate unadministered. Former grant 13 November 1869
Denis Cullinan   Will 132 007604241 482/710 1869 Limerick Husband Gentleman Cullinan   1869 20 September 1869 Glengariff (Kilfenora) Glengariff (Kilfenora)   Bedelia Mary Cullinan, wife & sole executrix, of Glengariff (Kilfenora)
Anne FitzGerald (nee Cullinan), sister, wife of Francis FitzGerald & curatrix of minors and nephews/neice: John, Catherine, Frederick and George Lynch, the residuary legatees, of Ennis
Thomas Cullinan, brother
Charles Cullinan, brother
Mrs Mary Lynch (nee Cullinan), sister
John Cullinan, uncle, of Ennis
1st Probate
Ralph Cullinan   Will 459 007604241 319/710 1865 Limerick   Farmer Cullinan   1863 01 May 1863 Magowna Magowna   Michael Cullinan, son & executor, of Magowna, farmer
Stafford O'Brien Esq
Mary Cullinan, daughter
Jonas Studdert
Thomas Greene
Mrs Anne Bunton, of Ennis
Mrs Anne Cullinan, of Bushy Park
Manny Cullinan, granddaughter
Ralph Cullinan, grandson
Sinon Cunningham   Will 23 007604227 41/678 1876 Limerick   Farmer Cunningham   1867 14 January 1867 Eribul (Labasheeda) Eribul (Labasheeda)   Patt Hanrahan Jr, executor & husband of Susan Hanrahan (mother of the deceased), of Eribul (Labasheeda), farmer
Mary Cunningham, wife
Wainright Crowe Esq, land lord
Susan Cunningham, daughter
Susan Hanrahan, mother & wife of Patt Hanrahan, of Eribel
John Curtin   Will 263 007604241 168/710 1861 Limerick Husband Hotel Keeper Curtin   1861 27 February 1861 Ennis Ennis   Margaret Curtin(nee Byrnes), wife & executrix, of Ennis
Mary Curtin, daughther, only child
John Cleary, of Ennis, clerk to the Grand Jury Secretary
Bridget Daffy   Will 146 007604241 109/710 1859 Limerick Spinster   Daffy Daffy 1859 31 July 1859 Monanoe Monanoe   John Markham, nephew & principal legatee, of Monanoe
Lucy Molony, daughter of Mrs Molony
Katy Molony, daughter of Mrs Molony
Mrs Gallaher
Rev Father Vaughan
Mary Hartes
Jane Hartes
Thomas Daffy
Rev Father Moran
Patt Daffy
Austin Davoran   Will 178 007604241 505/710 1870 Limerick   Farmer Davoran   1860 04 January 1860 Lismorahan Lismorahan   Austin Davoran, son & executor, of Lismorahan
Eliza Davoren, daughter
Jane Davoren, daughter
Elenor Davoren (nee Canney), wife
Patrick Karham, son-in-law & executor
John Doherty   Will 306 007604241 190/710 1861 Limerick Husband Farmer Doherty   1861 30 June 1861 Carrowduff Carrowduff   Maria Doherty, wife & executrix, of Carrowduff
John Doherty Jr
Martin Casey, executor
Michael McMahon
Thomas O'Connors
Francis FitzPatrick
James Casey, executor
Patt Doherty, son
Philip Everett   Will 13 007604241 422/710 1867 Limerick   Farmer and pensioner Everett   1867 22 September 1867 Ardnacrusha Ardnacrusha   Reverend Benjamin Jacob, executor, of Kyleglass City, Co Limerick, clerk
John Pudon, nephew
Sarah Everett, wife
Ellen Bummell, half-sister
James Everitt, half-brother, residuary legatee
Charles Finucane Esq Will 331 007604241 203/710 1862 Limerick Husband Surgeon Finucane   1861 24 November 1861 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Cordelia Finucane, wife & executrix, of Ennistymon
George Thomas Whitstone, brother-in-law & executor, Dublin, Co Dublin
Thomas Fitzgibbon   Will 231 007604241 152/710 1861 Limerick   Farmer Fitzgibbon   1860 19 December 1860 Monmore Monmore   Michael FitzGibbon, father, guardian of daughter &executor, of Breaffa
Mary Fitzgibbon, daughter, 5 yrs old
Edmond P Foley   Will 564 007604241 371/710 1867 Limerick   Merchant Foley   1866 22 October 1866 Kilrush Kilrush   Patrick Peter Foley Esq, brother & executor, of Kilrush
Michael Foley M.D., brother & executor, of Kilrush
Mary Foley, mother
Mary Anne Dowling (nee Foley), sister & wife of John Dowling, of America
Peter Foley, father, deceased
John Connors, servant and shopman
Margaret Meade, servant
Michael Peter Foley M.D. Will 578 007604241 378/710 1867 Limerick Husband Doctor Foley   1867 27 March 1867 Kilrush Kilrush   Nora Foley, wife & executrix, of Kilrush
Mary Aloysius Foley, daughter
Teresa Foley, daughter
Patrick Peter Foley, brother
Edmond Foley, brother, deceased
George Gloster Esq Will 499 007604241 339/710 1865 Limerick Husband   Gloster   1865 05 September 1865 Parteen House Parteen House   Mary Gloster (nee Flemming), wife & executrix, of Parteen
John Hagerty, of Shoemakers Hill and Millfield
Michael Nealon, of St Thomas' Island, Co Clare, constabulary
Mathew McNamara, of St Thomas' Island, Co Clare
Mrs Johanna Cornerford, of St Thomas' Island, Co Clare
John Frawley, of St Thomas' Island, Co Clare
Jerome Morgan, of York stree, Dublin, Dublin Co, surgeon
Henery Maunsell Esq, of Georges street, Limerick, Co Limerick
George Gloster, eldest son
Edward Gloster, second son
Mary Harriet Gloster, daughter
Alicia Gloster, daughter
Mrs Alicia Judd (nee Gloster), sister
Robert Gloster, son
Charles Gloster, son
William Gloster, son
Edward Hodges Goggin Esq Will 600 007604241 384/710 1867 Limerick Husband   Goggin   1867 12 May 1867 Burton Hill Burton Hill   Agnes Goggin, wife & executrix, of Limerick City, Co. Limerick
William Bradshaw Goggin Esq, eldest son & executor, of Burton Hill
Martin O'Shea
Mark T O'Shaughnessy
David George Boyd
Michael Delhaunt
Mrs Watson, his children's aunt
Susan Philips (nee Goggin), daughter
Edward Philips, grandson
George Goggin, son
Edward Goggin, son
George Morgan Goggin, brother
Agnes Mary Goggin, daughter
Christianna Goggin, daughter
David Gorman   Will 552 007604241 315/710 1865 Limerick Husband Farmer Gorman   1865 08 February 1865 Sixmilebridge Sixmilebridge   Bridget Gorman (nee Brennan), wife & executrix, of Sixmilebridge
Thomas Gorman, brother
James Greene   Will 31 007604241 431/710 1868 Limerick Husband Pilot Greene   1868 26 February 1868 Green's Island (Crateloe) Green's Island (Crateloe) Smith's Island Judith Greene (nee Connellane), mother & executrix, of Green's Island (Crateloe)  
Michael Griffin   Will 579 007604241 379/710 1867 Limerick   Farmer Griffin   1867 22 February 1867 Ragheen Ragheen   Patrick Griffin, executor, of Kilmaly, farmer
Thomas Griffin, son
James Griffin, father
James Casy, father-in-law
John Casey, executor
Michael Griffin   Will 146 007604227 104/678 1877 Limerick   Farmer Griffin   1870 3 August 1870 Shandrum Shandrum   Michael Griffin, son & principal legatee, of Shandrum
John Neylon, executor, of Ballymake
Pat James Morrissy, executor, of Ballymake
Bridget Griffin, eldest daughter & guardian of younger siblings
Michael Griffin, eldest son
Catherine Griffin, daughter
Peter Griffin, second son
Rev P Moran, PP
Margaret Griffin, second daughter
Mary Griffin, third daughter
Michael Guinane   Will 265 007604241 169/710 1861 Limerick Husband Farmer Guinane   1861 31 January 1861 Kildysert Kildysert   Mary Guinane (nee Walsh), wife & principal legatee, of Kildysert
John Guinane, father, of Cormy Island, Barony of Clonderclaw
John Halloran   Will 543 007604241 311/710 1865 Limerick   Farmer Halloran   1864 15 October 1864 Labarden Labarden   Michael Halloran, son & executor, of Laccrow, farmer
James Quinlivan, executor, of Lissofin, farmer
John Halloran, son, of Teereragh
Michael McNamara
Thomas Halloran, son, of Laharden
Francis Gore
Edmond Gore Esq
Charters Brew Molony Esq, attorney, of Bindon street, Ennis
Margaret Halloran, wife
Laurence Hannan Reverend Will 525 007604241 352/710 1866 Limerick   R.C. Clergyman Hannan   1865 31 October 1865 Knockerra (Newmarket-on-Fergus) Knockerra (Newmarket-on-Fergus)   Thady Hannan, brother & executor, of Kilula and of Knockerra (Newmarket-on-Fergus), farmer
Margaret Finn, grandniece
Rev Patrick Moran
James Hannan, brother, deceased, of Kilula
Thomas Finucane, executor, of Knocerra, teacher
Mathew Hannan, oldest brother, deceased
John Harrison   Will 56 007604241 58/710 1858 Limerick   Farmer Harrison   1858 21 April 1858 Currumurra Currumurra   Rev Patrick Quaide, executor, of O'Callaghans Mills, Clonlea, Killuran and Mountallen, PP
Maurice O'Connell Esq, of Kilgorey
Michael Boland, second son of Mathew Boland, of Claremount
Mathew Boland, father of Michael Boland
Johanna Harrison, wife
Mary Balton (nee Harrison), sister
Rev John Gleeson, of Coobeady, Kilnoe and Tomgreany, PP
Eliza (Elizabeth) Harrison, daughter, 5yrs old (1858)
Catherine Harrison, daughter, 4yrs old (1858)
Michael Balton, nephew & son of Mary Balton (nee Harrison)
Patt Balton, nephew & son of Mary Balton (nee Harrison)
Patt Harrison, executor, of Kilnoe, farmer
John Grady, executor, of Annagh, farmer
John Harrison, son, 2yrs old (1858)
William Hennessy   Will 493 007604241 286/710 1864 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper Hennessy   1864 23 March 1864 Kilrush Kilrush   Honora (nee Griffin) Hennessy, wife & executrix, of Kilrush
James Hennessy, son
Ellen Hennessy, daughter
Patrick Hennessy, son
Rev Michael Pyne, executor, of Kilrush, CC
John Hogan   Will 434 007604227 251/678 1881 Limerick   Farmer Hogan   1862 27 September 1862 Ennis Lisheen   Patt Hogan, brother & executor, of Coolbawn, farmer
Edmond Walsh, of Lisheen
Mary Hogan, wife
John Hogan, son
Michael Hogan, son
Margaret Hogan, daughter
John Hogan, father & executor, of Cahormanagh, farmer
Henry Hogreve Sr, Esq Will 548 007604241 313/710 1865 Limerick   Soldier in 15th Hussars Hogreve   1864 23 December 1864 Ennis Ennis   Augustus Frederick Hogreve Esq, son & principal legatee, of Moy Castle
Thomas Wade Esq
Henry Ernest Hogreve, son
Patrick Hunt   Will 308 007604241 191/710 1861 Limerick Husband Carpenter Hunt   1861 21 February 1861 Kilrush Kilrush   Margaret Hunt (nee Kelly), wife & executrix, of Kilrush
William Hunt, eldest son
Sylvester Hurley   Will 488 007604241 333/710 1865 Limerick   Hotel Keeper Hurley   1865 30 April 1865 Killaloe Killaloe   Reverend Patrick Hurley, son & executor, of Toomavara (Killaloe), Co. Tipperary
Thomas Burke Esq, M.D., executor, of Killaloe, medical doctor
Anne Hurley, wife
Denis Hynes   Will 180 007604241 506/710 1870 Limerick   Gentleman Hynes   1865 25 February 1865 Kilrush Kilrush   John Armstrong, executor, of Kilrush, merchant
Kate Hynes, daughter
Ellen Hynes, daughter
Catherine Hynes, wife
Michael Roughan, executor, of Kilrush
Eliza Kean   Will 50 007604241 441/710 1868 Limerick Widow   Kean   1868 17 June 1868 Ennis Ennis   Wainright Crowe Esq, brother & executor, of Cahircalla (Ennis)
Ellen Crowe, niece & daughter of John Crowe Esq
John Crowe Esq, brother, deceased
Anne Dwyer (nee Crowe), niece, daughter of John Crowe Esq & wife of Rev Philip Dwyer
Fanny Crowe, niece & daughter of John Crowe Esq
William Crowe, nephew & son of John Crowe Esq
James D Crowe, nephew & son of John Crowe Esq
George Wyndham Crowe, nephew & son of John Crowe Esq
John Wainright Crowe, nephew & son of John Crowe Esq
John Robert Crowe, grandnephew & 1st son of nephew Capt Robert Crowe
Evelyn Norris Crowe, grandnephew & 2nd son of nephew Capt Robert Crowe
Capt Robert Crowe, nephew & son of John Crowe Esq
John Thomas Bourks/Banks, friend, doctor
Thomas Crowe, nephew, godson & son of Wainright Crowe Esq
Mary Banks, daughter of John Thomas Bourks/Banks
Nancy Finigan, kitchen maid
Fanny Crowe, sister-in-law
John Foley
James Kearney   Will 183 007604241 507/710 1870 Limerick   Farmer Kearney   1870 21 June 1870 O'Callaghan's Mill O'Callaghan's Mill   John Peter Kearney, son & executor, of Mary-street, Co Limerick, pawnbroker
Patrick M'Namara, executory, of Thomond-gate, Co Limerick, builder
Johanna Kearney (nee Cooney), wife
Patrick Kearney, son
Peter Kearney, son & executor
Patrick McNamara, executor, of Thomond Gate, builder
Thomas Keatinge   Will 543 007604241 361/710 1866 Limerick Husband Grocer Keatinge   1866 15 March 1866 Kilrush Kilrush   Honora Keatinge, wife & executrix, of Kilrush
Patt Keatinge, brother & executor, of Kirush, grocer
Hanora Keatinge, daughter, of Lucan
Bedelia Keatinge, daughter
Joseph Keatinge, son
Geoffry Keatinge, son
Thomas Keatinge, son
John James Keatinge, son
John Conyen
George Tasken
Timothy Behen
George Daxon
Patrick Kelly   Will 139 007604241 106/710 1859 Limerick   Farmer Kelly   1858 22 October 1858 Clohanenchy Clohanenchy   Cornelius Doherty, executor, of Clonnadrum, farmer
John Kelly, eldest son
James Kelly, second son
John Kelly, executor, of Cragaknok
Matt Kelly Esq
Catherine Kelly, wife
Timothy Kelly   Will 546 007604227 310/678 1882 Limerick   Gentleman Kelly   1868 18 March 1868 Cree Cree   Mary O'Donnell, daughter, wife of Richard O'Donnell, residuary legatee, of Carhueduff
Margaret Kelly, wife
Double probate
Francis Mulholland Kennedy Esq Will 496 007604241 337/710 1865 Limerick Husband   Kennedy   1865 20 June 1865 Kilkee Kilkee   Lydia Kennedy, wife & legatee, of Kilkee
Lydia Kennedy, daughter
Frederick William Kennedy, son
Francis Mulholand Kennedy, grandson
Richard Kennedy, son
Mary Clare, sister-in-law
Rebecca Duncan, sister-in-law
Nancy Hogan, servant
Anne Kelley, servant
John Kerin   Will 482 007604241 280/710 1864 Limerick Husband Farmer Kerin   1863 26 August 1863 Abbey Abbey   Fergus Curtin, brother-in-law & executor, of Muckinish, farmer
Mary Kerin (nee Pepper), 'present' wife & executrix
Timothy Kerin, eldest son & son of Mary Kerin (nee Pepper) and John Kerin
Thomas Kerin, son & son of Mary Kerin (nee Pepper) and John Kerin
Ellen Kerin, daughter of Mary Kerin (nee Pepper) and John Kerin
Michael Kerin, son of John Kerin
Luke Brady
William Brady
Patrick Kerin   Will 152 007604241 492/710 1870 Limerick Husband Farmer Kerin   1870 15 January 1870 Cragaknock Cragaknock   Michael Kerin, son & executor, of Lissynealon, farmer
Mary Kerin, wife & executrix, of Cragaknock
Anthony Kerin, son
Martin Kerin, son
Thomas Kerin, son, of America
Bridget Kerin, daughter
Margaret Kerin, daughter
Mary Kerin, daughter
Mathew Kelly Esq, executor, of Cragbrien
Sarah King   Will 537 007604241 308/710 1864 Limerick Widow   King   1864 14 September 1864 Tiermaclane Tiermaclane   Thomas King, eldest son & legatee, of Tiermaclane, gentleman
Richard Floyd, son-in-law
John Frost, nephew, of Cloumoney
Edmond Frost, nephew, of Rossmanaher House
George King, grandson
Thomas King Jr, grandson
Robert King, grandson
Sarah King, grandaughter
William Lewis Reverend Will 110 007604241 91/710 1859 Limerick   Clerk Lewis   1859 05 February 1859 Killeely Killeely   Mary Lewis, daughter, spinster & principal legatee, of Killeely
Rev William Bucknor Lewis, eldest son
Miss Margaret Elizabeth Burdon, daughter-in-law orsoon to be spouse of eldest son Rev William Bucknor Lewis
Joseph Gabbett Esq, executor, of Dublin City, barrister-at-law
Rev Joseph Gabbett, of Effin, Co Limerick, Prebendary of Effin
Francis Byves Lewis, son
Dorthea Lewis, daughter
Charles Gore Esq
Rev William Maunsell, son-in-law
Sir Mathew Barrington
Mrs Anne Banks
Mrs Catherine Patrickson (nee Downs)
Frances Catherine Maunsell (nee Lewis), daughter & wife of Rev William Maunsell
Margaret Anne Lewis (nee Campbell), daughter-in-law & widow of son, Capt Richard Lewis
Capt Richard Lewis, son, deceased, died at Gibralter on 30 Sep 1844, of the 94th & 45th Regt of Foot
Henry Bowler Esq
William Byves Esq, of Byves Castle, Co Limerick
William Franklin Esq, manager of the Provincial Bank
Cont'd from colum P
Doctor Jebb, former Bishop of Limerick
Anne Lewis, wife
Joseph Gore, relative
Rev R Augustus Maunsell, executor, curate of St Michaels, Diocese of Limerick
Rev William Newcomen Willis, executor, vicar of Corcomhide, Diocese of Limerick and minor Canon of the Cathedral of Limerick
Patrick Lillis   Will 343 007604241 209/710 1862 Limerick   Farmer Lillis   1860 27 May 1860 Ross Ross   John Lillis, brother & executor, of Ross, farmer
Thomas Lillis, son
Bridget Lillis (nee Keating), wife
Margaret Lillis, daughter
William Carey, brother-in-law & executor, of Carnacalla
Frederick Lowe Esq Will 244 007604241 158/710 1861 Limerick Husband Commander R.N. Lowe   1861 09 January 1861 Kincora Kincora London Maria Christina Lowe, wife & executrix, of Kincora  
Timothy Or Thady Lyddy   Will 507 007604241 343/710 1865 Limerick   Farmer Lyddy   1865 29 September 1865 Rossroe Rossroe   Martin Boyce, executor, of Castlequarter (Sixmilebridge), farmer
Mary Liddy, wife
Dan Liddy, son
Patrick Liddy, son
Daniel Lynch   Will 246 007604241 541/710 1871 Limerick   Farmer Lynch   1870 12 February 1870 Kilcullen Kilcullen   James Lynch, brother & executor, of Boulanaglara (Ennis), farmer
Thomas Pilkington, executor, of Ayledevour (Ennis), farmer
Maria Lynch (nee Mungovan), wife
James Lynch, son
Susanna Lynch, daughter
John Lynch, brother
James Castello, first cousin & executor, of Ennis, merchant
Michael Lyons   Will 137 007604241 484/710 1869 Limerick   Farmer Lyons   1865 04 January 1865 Barntick Barntick   Caroline Frost, niece & legatee, of Hemp Field (Ennis)
Bridget Cowman
John Lyons, brother
Dan Lyons, brother
Patrick M'Donnell Or Macdonnell   Will 561 007604241 706/710 1875 Limerick   Farmer MacDonnell   1861 15 May 1861 Keelty (Bodtke) Keelty (Bodtke)   Patrick Macdonnell, son & principal legatee, of Keelty (Bodtke), farmer
Bridget Macdonnell, daughter
Catherine Macdonnell, daughter
Margaret Macdonnell, daughter
Mary Macdonnell, daughter
Anne Macdonnell, daughter
Mary Anne Macdonnell, wife & executris
William Macdonnell, brother & executor, of Co Tipperary
Patrick Burke, excutor, of Basbane
Francis Macnamara   Will 7 007604241 410/710 1867 Limerick   Draper Macnamara   1867 2 June 1867 Ennis Ennis   William MacNamara, brother & executor, of Ennis, draper
Lucy Hayes (nee Macnamara), sister & wife of James Hayes, of St Edmonds College, Liverpool, England, mathematical teacher
Jane Hynes (nee Macnamara), sister & wife of John Hynes
Anne Hynes, niece & daughter of Jane Hynes
Eliza Hynes, niece & daughter of Jane Hynes
Jane Hynes, niece & daughter of Jane Hynes
Francis Macnamara, father
Anne Macnamara, mother
Rev Mother Julia McMahon, superioress of the Ennis Convent
Michael Madden   Will 274 007604241 173/710 1861 Limerick   Farmer Madden   1861 01 May 1861 Knockballyomeath Knockballyomeath   Michael Ryan, executor, of Arnacrusha, shopkeeper
Catherine Madden (nee O'Brien), wife
Michael Madden, son of Catherine Madden
Bridget Madden, daughter of Catherine Madden
James Madden, one of two eldest sons from first marriage
John Madden, one of two eldest sons from first marriage
Mary Madden, daughter from first marriage
Catherine Madden, daughter from first marriage
Michael Dillion, executor, of Denilan
James Madigan   Will 553 007604241 366/710 1866 Limerick Husband Farmer Madigan   1865 02 June 1865 Ballyvaskin (Miltown Malbay) Ballyvaskin (Miltown Malbay)   Mary Madigan (nee Fitzpatrick), wife & legatee, of Ballyvaskin (Miltown Malbay)
Andrew Madigan, nephew, of America
Pat shallow
Michael Madigan, brother
John O'Conner
Pat Morony
James Madigan, nephew, of America
Michael Marrinon
Henry Morony, of Bellowville
Honora Maddigan, niece, of America
Andrew Talty
Andrew Mulqueeny
Thady Malone   Will 2 007604241 417/710 1867 Limerick Husband Farmer Malone   1867 18 June 1867 Errinagh (Feakle) Errinagh (Feakle)   Anne Malone, wife & legatee, of Errinagh (Feakle)
Edmond Malone, son
Daniel Malone, son
Michael Martin Esq Will 253 007604241 163/710 1861 Limerick Husband   Martin   1860 24 March 1860 Killaloe Killaloe   Margaret (nee Fleetwood) Martin, wife & executrix, of Killaloe
Francis Martin, daughter
Eliza Martin, daughter
Rev Charles Mayne Mayne Clerke
Rev Richard Martin, son, of Dore Parsonage, Sheffield, England, deceased Nov 1852
John Kingsly Wolfe Esq, of Rockford, Co Tipperary
Richard Martin Reverend Will 47 007604241 54/710 1858 Limerick     Martin   1858 23 May 1858 Killaloe (Glebe) Killaloe (Glebe)   Sarah Charlotte Martin, daughter & executrix, of Killaloe
James Richard Martin Esq, son, of Killaloe
Frances Caroline Martin, daughter
Rev William Edwards, of Killaloe & executor
John M'Donnell   Will 431 007604241 254/710 1863 Limerick   Farmer McDonnell   1863 06 July 1863 Dunmore Dunmore   Patrick M'Donnell, brother & executor, of Dunmore, farmer  
Patrick Or Thomas McInereny   Will 440 007604241 258/710 1863 Limerick Husband Farmer McInereny   1863 23 August 1863 Dysert Dysert   Mary M'Inereny (nee Hartny), wife, of Dysert
Thomas Keatinge, executor, of Kilrush
Patrick Keatinge, executor, of Kilrush
John M'Kay   Will 387 007604241 232/710 1863 Limerick Husband Accoutant McKay   1862 24 December 1862 Kilrush Kilrush   Rhoda Armstrong M'Kay, wife, of Kilrush  
John M'Mahon Reverend Will 146 007604241 109/710 1859 Limerick   Priest McMahon   1859 22 February 1859 Miltown Malbay Miltown Malbay   Erina McMahon, sister & principal legatee, of Ennis
John McMahon, nephew
Rev John Fahy, executor, of Ennis
Michael Carmody, executor, of Ennis
Mary Anne M'Mahon   Will 87 007604241 459/710 1869 Limerick Widow   McMahon   1869 11 February 1869 Ennis Ennis   Reverend Andrew Newport, executor, of Ennis, R.C. Clergyman
John Shane, executor, of Ennis, corn merchant
Rev Matt Kenny
Rev Robert Fitzgerald
Christopher Lysaght, son of late Andrew Lysaght
Jane Carty, nurse
Jane Daly, assistant
Mary Jane MacMahon, daughter
Margaret MacMahon, daughter
Michael MacNamara, executor, of Ennis, solicitor
Michael M'Mahon   Will 509 007604241 294/710 1864 Limerick   Victualler McMahon   1864 06 August 1864 Ennis Ennis   Michael Carmody, executor, of Ennis, hotel keeper
Michael M'Inerny, executor, of Cratloe Moyle, farmer
Patrick McMahon, son, of America
Bridget Anne McMahon, grandaughter & eldest daughter of Andrew McMahon
Andrew McMahon, son
Mary Anne McMahon, sister of Bridget Anne McMahon & daughter of Andrew McMahon
Mary Mulcare (nee McMahon), daughter & wife of Philip Mulcare
Johanna Reynolds (nee McMahon & McCabe), daughter & wife of Martin Reynolds
Margaret McCree (nee McMahon), sister & widow
John Flaherty, servan
Pat McMahon, nephew & son of Pat McMahon
Pat McMahon, brother, deceased
Bridget McMahon, niece & daughter of James McMahon
James McMahon, brother
John Griffy Sr, of Ennis, victualler
Mathew Griffy, son of John Griffy Sr, of Ennis
John Griffy Jr, son of John Griffy Sr, of Ennis
Rev John Kenny, PP and vicar general
Andrew M'Namara   Will 92 007604241 462/710 1869 Limerick   Farmer Mcnamara   1867 14 June 1867 Creggane (Ennis) Creggane (Ennis)   James Clune, son-in-law & executor, of Knockhasabbole (Ennis), farmer
Andrew McNamara, son
Bridget McNamara, wife
Bridget Clune, grandaughter & daughter of James Clune and Catherin Clune (nee McNamara)
Patt McNamara, son
John McNamara, son
Mary McNamara, daughter
Bridget McNamara, daughter
Catherine Clune (nee McNamara), daughter & wife of James Clune, son-in-law, of Knockhasabbole, farmer
Patrick M'Namara   Will 356 007604241 216/710 1862 Limerick   Gentleman McNamara   1862 22 February 1862 Kildysart Kildysart   John Macnamara, son & executor, of Liverpool & New Fairy, Birkenhead, England, gentleman
Patrick J Farrell, son-in-law & executor, of Spike Island, gentleman
John Ryan MD, executor, of Clorrakilla
Bessy Macnamara, daughter
Anne Farrell (nee Macnamara), daughter & wife of Patrick J Farrell, of Spike Island, gentleman
Michael Macnamara, eldest son
Patt Mcnamara, son
Daniel Macnamara, son
Francis Morice Esq Will 42 007604241 51/710 1858 Limerick Husband   Morice   1858 15 January 1858 Springfield Springfield   Maria Morice (nee Spaight), wife & executrix, of Springfield
Maria Morice, daughter
Millicent Blood (nee Morice), eldest daughter & wife of Fitzgeral Blood Esc
Charlotte Morice, daughter & fiancÚ of Marcus Going Esq
Francis Morice Jr, son
Lucy Moore (nee Morice), sister
Thomas Spaight, of Corbally
Henry Spaight, of Corbally
William Moylan   Will 438 007604241 256/710 1863 Limerick   Farmer Moylan   1863 22 September 1863 Ballycorick Ballycorick Kilkee Thomas Moylan, executor, Ballycorick, farmer
Charles Culligan, executor, Spencil hill, farmer
Michael Moylan, brother, of Feighquin
Patt Moylan, brother, of Ballyhennan (Quin)
James Moylan, brother, of Ballyglass (Quin)
Bridget Clune (nee Moylan), sister, Tyrdagh (Tulla Parish)
Patt Hastings, of Orteagle (O'Briens Bridge)
Rev Timothy O'Brien, of Kilkee, PP
Rev Mr Daly, of Kildysart, RC Curate
Martin Moylan, of Ballycorick
Benjamin cope Esq, of Mount Pleasant
Rev Moylan, of Doorbeeg, PP
Robert Crawley, of Kilkee
Denis Mulvihill   Will 72 007604241 452/710 1869 Limerick   Shopkeeper Mulvihill   1868 28 December 1868 Kilrush Kilrush   Owen Doyle, executor, of Kilrush, shopkeeper
James M'Inerny, executor, of Kilrush, shopkeeper
Patrick Mulvihill, brother
Mary Mulvihill, mother
Margaret Mulvihill, wife
Patrick Mungovan   Will 494 007604241 286/710 1864 Limerick   Farmer Mungovan   1864 29 March 1864 Beachpark Beachpark   John Shaw, executor, of Ennis, corn merchant
Patt Burke, executor, of Kilmore, farmer
John Mungovan, of Mullough, husband of his Aunt Susan Mungovan
Susan Mungovan, aunt
Rev Patrick Moran
Catherine Pyne, widow of John Pyne, of Kilmaley
Mary Brennan, cousin & wife of Tomas Brennan, of Ballycoree
Honor Carney, aunt & wife of Michael Carney, of Magowna
Ellen O'Keeffe, wife of Daniel O'Keeffe, of Toureen
Honor Galvin (nee Mungovan), widow, of Toureen
Peter Pinder, cousin, of Kilrush
John Moloney, of Kilkee, surveyor
John Brassil, cousin, of Poulaforca
James Brassil, cousin, of Poulaforca
Daniel Pyne, of Kilcloher
Patt Burke, cousin, of Tiermaclane, joiner
Bridget McMahon, cousin & widow of Michael McMahon, of Ennis
Anne Moloney, daughter of James Moloney, of Lifford
Charles Pilkington Esq
Rev Dean John Kenny, of Ennis, PP
Cont'd from column P
Rev Francis McLaughlin, of Ennis, Franciscan Friar
Julia McMahon, of Ennis, Superioress of Convent of the Sister of Mercy
Maria Lynch (nee Mungovan), sister
Rev Andrew Newport, of Ennis, curate
Mathew Kenny, of Ennis, curate
John Maher, of Ennis, curate
Daniel Lynch, brother-in-law & husband of Maria Lynch (nee Mungovan)
Francis Castle
Catherine Pyne, mother of Daniel Pyne, of Kilcloher
Martin Connors, of Ballynilligan, farmer
Maria O'Donnell   Will 88 007604241 79/710 1858 Limerick Widow   O'Donnell   1858 02 October 1858 Crovrahan Crovrahan   John Ryan M.D., executor, of Clonakilla
Mrs Susan MacMahon, sister, of Ballnacally
Anne Power
Francis Power
Charles O'Donnell
Susan Hehir
Sinon Sheahan
Mrs Ryan, sister
Catherine McInerny
Rev Michael Roughan
Michael O'Donoghue   Will 585 007604241 382/710 1867 Limerick   Farmer O'Donoghue   1863 25 December 1863 Rinana Rinana   Francis O'Donoghue, executors, of Ballyagarrean, farmer
Simon O'Donoghue, eldest son & executor, of Drim
Timothy O'Donoghue, son
John O'Donoghue, son
Bridget O'Donoghue, 2nd eldest daughter
Anne O'Donoghue, 3rd eldest daughter
Ellen O'Donoghue, 4th daughter
Rebecca O'Donoghue, 5th daughter
Jane O'Donoghue, 6th daughter
Maria O'Donoghue
Carroll O'Grady M.D. Will 53 007604241 442/710 1868 Limerick Husband Doctor O'Grady   1867 28 January 1867 Kildysart Kildysart   Jane O'Grady, wife & legatee, of Kildysart
Terence Healy, brother-in-law & executor
Hayes O'Grady Esq Will 501 007604241 290/710 1864 Limerick Husband Admiral, English Navy O'Grady   1864 08 July 1864 Erinagh Erinagh   Susannah O'Grady, wife and executrix, of Erinagh
Standish Hayes O'Grady, son & executor
Carew O'Grady, son
Viscount Gillamore
Carew O'Grady, brother, of Agharnarta Castle, deceased
Standish Thomas O'Grady Esq, nephew & eldest son of Thomas O'Grady, of Landscape
Thomas O'Grady, brother, deceased
Miss Emily Caroline Papillion, fiancÚ of Carew O'Grady, son
Jane O'Grady, daughter
Vice Admiral
John O'Grady Honorable Will 29 007604241 430/710 1868 Limerick     O'Grady   1867 21 December 1867 Fortfergus (Ennis) Fortfergus (Ennis)   Honorable Richard O'Grady, brother, of Fortfergus & Rathpedagh Collage, Co Limerick
Thomas O'Grady, reputed son
Mary Kelly, servant
Honorable Thomas O'Grady, brother & executor, of St Georges Square, Pimtico, London, England
Lieut James Waller O'Grady, nephew, Royal Navy
Michael O'Keeffe   Will 302 007604241 571/710 1872 Limerick Husband Farmer O'Keefe   1869 20 November 1869 Holywell (Kilfenora) Holywell (Kilfenora)   Bridget O'Keeffe (nee Considine), wife & residuary legatee, of Holywell (Kilfenora)
Michael O'Keefe, son
Patrick O'Keefe, son
Thomas O'Keefe, son
John O'Keefe, son
Daniel O'Keefe, son
Mary O'Keefe, daughter
Margaret O'Keefe, daughter
Bridget O'Keefe, daughter
Terence O'Loughlen   Will 355 007604241 216/710 1862 Limerick Husband Farmer O'Loughlen   1862 29 June 1862 Cullinagh Cullinagh   Penny (Penelope) O'Loughlin, executrix & a widow, of Cullinagh
Thomas McMahon, executor, of Kilcanow
James Quinn, executor, of Knockdromagh
James Brenan
John Arkins
Michael O'Loughlin, father
Mary O'Loughlin, daughter
Bridget O'Loughlin (nee Egan), wife
Daniel Egan, father-in-law
John Pyne   Will 100 007604241 466/710 1869 Limerick   Farmer Pyne   1869 21 March 1869 Leitrim Leitrim   Rev Michael Pyne, son & only surviving child, of Killimer & Donaile (Kilrush), RC PP  
Thomas Read Reverend Will 71 007604241 451/710 1869 Limerick   Parish Priest Read   1868 13 December 1868 Donogrogue Castle Donogrogue Castle   Reverend Patrick Daly, executor, of Kilrush, C clerk
Mary Read, mother
Rev Timothy Kelly, of Kilrush, VG PP
Rev Lawrence J Browne, of Kilrush, CC
Rev Joseph Furness, o Kilmurry, PP
Thomas Muhihil, of Donogrogue
John Read, brother
Mrs Clanchy (nee Read), sister
Mrs Marinan (nee Read), sister
Daniel Boland
Dr John Ryan, executor, of Clonakilla
William Reidy   Will 461 007604241 320/710 1865 Limerick   Farmer Reidy   1864 12 August 1864 Rheneanna Rheneanna   Daniel Reidy, brother & executor, of Carrugar, farmer
Michael Brassil, executor, of Latton, farmer
Mary Reidy, wife
Mary Reidy, daughter & one of two youngest children with present wife
Anne Reidy, daughter & one of two youngest children with present wife
Thomas Reidy, son with present wife, of Australia
William Reidy, son with prior wife
James Reidy, son with prior wife
Michael Reidy, son with prior wife
Martin Reidy, son with prior wife
Henry Rosslewin Esq Will 546 007604241 362/710 1866 Limerick Husband   Rosslewin   1865 06 August 1865 Donogrogue Castle (Knock) Donogrogue Castle (Knock)   Jane Stamer Rosslewin, wife & legatee, of Donogrogue Castle (Knock)  
Francis Philip Russell Esq Will 535 007604241 307/710 1864 Limerick     Russell   1864 13 November 1864 Island House Island House   Robert Roger, friend & executor, of Cottage, merchant
Robert Anglim, executor, of Limerick city, stockbroker
Elizabeth Campbell (nee Ewart), niece & wife of Angus Campbell of Lockgier House, Scotland
Susan Ewart, niece
Mrs Anglim, wife of Robert Anglim
John Clements, friend & agent
Richard Russell Esq, relative
Philip Russell, uncle of Richard Russell
James Rutherford Browne
Rev Griffin
Hughes Russell Esq Will 64 007604241 67/710 1858 Limerick Husband   Russell   1858 15 April 1858 Kilkee Kilkee   Jane Russell (nee Blood), wife & executrix, of Kilkee
Mary Anne Blood
William Russell
William Blood
Thomas Blood
Hampden William Russell, only son
Francis C Russell, daughter
Maria Russell, daughter
Jane Studdert (nee Russell), daughter & widow of George Studdert
Edward Maunsell Esq, of Deer Park
Anne Ryan   Will 297 007604241 186/710 1861 Limerick Widow   Ryan   1861 21 July 1861 Killaloe Killaloe   James Ryan Sr, executor, of Killaloe, shopkeeper
John Woulfe, of Nihill late of Killaloe
Nathaniel Barton Esq
Lord Bishop of Killaloe
James Ryan Jr, nephew & child of sister Jane Ryan
Anne Ryan, niece & child of sister Jane Ryan
Jane Ryan, sister, deceased
Matthew Hayes, executor, of Coole, Co Tipperary, farmer
Mary Ryan   Will 366 007604241 221/710 1862 Limerick Spinster   Ryan Ryan 1862 09 October 1862 Killaloe Killaloe   Michael Minahan, executor, of Crievroe, farmer
Patt Mack
Mary Ryan, first cousin
Catherine O'Brien
Denis Carroll, of Nenagh
Bridget Ryan, daughter of Mary Ryan, first cousin
Mary Ryan, daughter of Mary Ryan, first cousin
Anne Ryan, daughter of Mary Ryan, first cousin
Rev Nicholas Power, PP
Con Ryan
John Crotty, executor, of Killaloe
Michael Ryan   Will 303 007604227 182/678 1879 Limerick   Farmer Ryan   1869 3 January 1869 Ardnaskea Ardnaskea   James Ryan, executor, of Tullyoohan, farmer
Joseph Ryan, son
Thady Ryan, son
Margaret Ryan, daughter
Bridget Ryan, daughter
Michael Ryan, son
Michael Corbett
Marcus Keene Esq, executor, of Beechpark
Patrick Joseph Ryder Reverend Will 118 007604241 475/710 1869 Limerick   Roman Catholic Priest Ryder   1869 30 May 1869 Glenfort (Ballyvaughan) Glenfort (Ballyvaughan)   Reverend Andrew Hanrahan, executor, of Ballyvaughan, Roman Catholic priest
Fergus Curtin, executor, of Muckinish, farmer
Ellen Ryder, niece & sister of Bridget Ryder
Bridget Ryder, niece & sister of Ellen Ryder
Michael Ryder, nephew
Mathew Scanlan   Will 17 007604241 424/710 1867 Limerick Husband Farmer Scanlan   1867 7 September 1867 Kilrush Kilrush   Bridget Scanlan, wife & legatee, of Kilrush
Ellen Scanlon, daughter
Mary Scanlon, daughter
Rev Michael Pyne, of Kilrush, CC
Patrick Shannon   Will 167 007604241 499/710 1870 Limerick   Farmer Shannon   1870 23 February 1870 Corofin Corofin   Anthony Hynes, executor, of Noughaville (Corofin), farmer
Michael Hogan, executor, of Corofin, farmer
Catherine Shannon, wife
William A Brew
Alice Simpson   Will 148 007604241 500/710 1870 Limerick Widow   Simpson   1869 15 July 1869 Cratloe Woods Cratloe Woods White Hall John Moore, executor, of Kilkee, hotel-keeper
Eliza Doyle (nee Simpson), daughter & wife of Daniel Doyle, solicitor
Mrs Edward M Gleeson (nee Simpson), daughter
James Simpson, son
Edward M Gleeson, son-in-law
Daniel Doyle, son-in-law, solicitor
Rev Edmond Molony, uncle of Edward M Gleeson
James Doyle, grandson
James Simpson, grandson & only child of Johnson Simpson
Johnson Simpson, son
Edward M Beauchamp, executor, Limerick City, Co Limerick, solicitor
Patrick Frost Esq, executor, of Castle Bank
Henry Spaight Esq Will 104 007604241 468/710 1869 Limerick     Spaight   1869 1 April 1869 Ardnatangle (O'Brien's Bridge) Ardnatangle (O'Brien's Bridge) Affock Cottage Robert Spaight Esq, executor, 2nd son & of Ardnatangle (O'Brien's Bridge)
Constantia Spaight, wife & executrix
William F.H. Spaight, eldest son & executor
Ellen Spaight (nee Crowe), daughter-in-law & wife of William F.H. Spaight
Miss Stapletons
F.G. Dererill
Helen Spaight, daughter
Anna Spaight, daughter
Gustava Spaight, daughter
Thomas Spaight Esq Will 115 007604241 473/710 1869 Limerick     Spaight   1869 31 May 1869 Ardnatangle (O'Brien's Bridge) Ardnatangle (O'Brien's Bridge)   John Gabbett Esq, executor, of Castlelake
Robert Spaight, nephew, son of Henry Spaight & executor, of Moghera
Elizabeth Spaight, wife
Helen Spaight, niece & daughter of Henry Spaight
Anna Margaret Spaight, niece & daughter of Henry Spaight
Gustava Spaight, niece & daughter of Henry Spaight
Henry Spaight, brother
William Fitzhenry Spaight, nephew & son of Henry Spaight
John Fitzgerald Studdert   Will 20 007604241 426/710 1867 Limerick Husband Admiral Studdert   1867 10 October 1867 Pella Pella   Anne Studdert, wife & residuary legatee, of Pella
John Studdert, son
Jeane Redmayne (nee Studdert), daughter
Richard Studdert, son, deceased 1867
Retired Admiral Royal Navy
Thomas Studdert Esq Will 190 007604241 511/710 1870 Limerick     Studdert   1870 27 November 1870 Danganelly (Cooraclare) Danganelly (Cooraclare)   Jonas Studdert Esq, executor, of Danganelly (Cooraclare)
Thomas de Clare Studdert, son & executor
Capt Richard Studdert, son, Royal Navy
George Studdert, son, of America
James Mullins, servant
Bessie Studdert, daughter
Charles Studdert, son, of Australia
Robert Studdert, son, of Australia
Fitzgerald Studdert, son
Austin Studdert, son
John Gabbett Esq, executor, of Castle Lake
Double Probate
Marcus Talbot Esq Will 78 007604241 455/710 1869 Limerick Husband   Talbot   1869 1 January 1869 Ennis Strasburgh AND Ennis   Eliza Talbot, wife & executrix, of Strasburgh (Ennis)
Ralph Westropp Jr Esq
George Trousdell, of Ennis
Mrs Mary O'Connell, of Kilgorey
Maurice O'Conneell Esq, of Kilgorey
James Leech, of Ennis, merchant
Michael Green MD, of Ennis, doctor
Bertram Henry Talbot, eldest son
Marcus Talbot, 2nd son
Lisa Talbot, daughter
Gertrude Talbot, daughter
Anna Talbot, daughter
Ida Mary Talbot, daughter
Lucy Molony (nee Talbot), daughter & wife of Michael Molony, of Ennis, solicitor
Michael Molony, son-in-law, of Ennis, solicitor
Miss Helen Taylor
Frances Trilly   Will 161 007604241 496/710 1870 Limerick Widow   Trilly   1870 18 March 1870 Drimna Drimna   Reverend Michael Culligan, executor, of Kilrush, RCC
Mrs Margaret Davoren (nee Trilly), daughter, of Kilrush
Rev Dinan, of Kilrush, VG PP
Ellen Trilly, daughter, of Drimina
Amos Vereker M.D. Will 35 007604241 433/710 1868 Limerick   Doctor Vereker   1868 17 March 1868 Killaloe glebe Killaloe Limerick City Rev Thomas Vereker, son & executor, of Killaloe, clerk
Henry Vereker Esq, son & executor, of Wellington Villa, Limerick City, Co Limerick
Catherine Vereker, wife
Sally Vereker, daughter-in-law & wife of Henry Vereker
John Henry Nunn, friend
James Wallace   Will 299 007604227 180/678 1879 Limerick   Shopkeeper Wallace   1870 23 October 1870 Kilrush Kilrush   Michael Roughan, executor, of Kilrush, shopkeeper
John Mahony, executor, of Kilrush, victualler
Julia Wallace (nee Boader), wife
Thomas Fitzgerald, of John street
Thomas Flannery, of John street
William Stewart, of Malt lane
Mary Culligan, of Malt lane
Michael O'Dea, Grace street
Margaret Gorman, Grace street
Thomas Sweeny, of Crafton street
Patrick Boader, father-in-law, of Grace street
Lucy Wallace, sister
Mary Downes, niece & daughter of John Downes and Mary Downes (nee Wallace)
John Downes, son of John Downes and Mary Downes (nee Wallace)
John Downes, brother-in-law & husband of Mary Downes (nee Wallace), deceased
Mary Downes (nee Wallace), sister & wife of John Downes, deceased
Finch White Esq Will 95 007604227 407/678 1883 Limerick     White   1868 24 February 1868 Kincora (Killaloe) Kincora (Killaloe) Fort Henry Finch White, son & executor, stationed at Aldershot, Lieutenant-Colonel 85th Regiment
Eliza White, daughter
Sarah S White, daughter
Robert R White, brother
Thomas White, son
Letitia White, daughter
David John Wilson Esq Will 473 007604241 276/710 1864 Limerick Husband   Wilson   1864 18 April 1864 Belvoir Belvoir   Mary Wilson, wife & exectrix, of Belvoir  
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