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Donated Material: Wills & Probate

Clare Wills and Administration found in the Limerick Will Books, 1871– 1888

Title: Clare Wills and Administration found in the Limerick Will Books, 1871– 1888
Type of Material: Probate Records
Dates: 1871– 1880
Places: Clare
Source: Limerick District Will Books
Transcriber/Donator: Jessica Roode, U.S.A.

FHL# 100946 / 100947 - Limerick District will books, 1858-1888

Name Prefix/Suffix/Title etc. Will or Letters of Admin Year of Probate Will Granted/Proved At: Marital Status Occupation Surname Maiden Year of Death Death Date (D/M/Y) Death Place Residence Former Residence Others Named in Probate Summary Special Note
James Hastings Allen Very Reverend Will 1880 Limerick Husband Dean of Killaloe Allen   1880 10 May 1880 Clonlara Clonlara   Frances Allen, wife & residuary legatee, of Clonlara  
Bedelia Arthur   Will 1877 Limerick Widow   Arthur   1877 1 March 1877 Newmarket-on-Fergus Newmarket-on-Fergus   Jane Schweizer (nee Arthur), daugher, Widow & principle legatee, of Ennis formerly of Inverness-terrace, Hyde Park, London, England  
Randal Borough Esquire Will 1877 Limerick   J.P. Borough   1877 8 March 1877 Querin Querin   Margaret Borough, executrix, of Querin  
Michael Bourke   Will 1872 Limerick   Gentleman Bourke   1872 27 January 1872 Milltown Malbay Milltown Malbay Carrigview (Clarina), Co Limerick Reverend Edward O'Shaughnessy, executor, of Miltown Malbay, parish priest
Reverend Patrick Quaid, executor, of O'Callaghans Mill, parish priest
Thomas M'Mahon Cregan, executor, of Limerick city, Co Limerick
James Bowles Reverend Will 1881 Limerick   RC Parish Priest Bowles   1880 25 December 1880 Tulla Tulla   Rev Michael O'Donovan, executor, of Tulla, RC clergyman
Rev John Egan, executor, of Ennis, RC clergyman
John P M'Craith, executor, of Roscrea, Co Tipperary, solicitor
Patrick Breen   Will 1877 Limerick   Farmer and land surveyor Breen   1875 1 October 1875 Fairy Lodge (Cloonmore) Fairy Lodge (Cloonmore)   Michael Shannon, executor, of Ennis, merchant
Connor Sullivan, executor, of Cloonmore, farmer
Patrick Joseph Breen   Will 1881 Limerick Husband Civil Engineer and farmer Breen   1880 14 August 1880 Fernpark (Kilmacduane) Fernpark (Kilmacduane)   Anne Mary Breen, wife & universal legatee, of Fernpark (Kilmacduane)  
Susan Brew   Will 1877 Limerick Spinster   Brew   1876 2 April 1876 Tullaroe Tullaroe Newtown Connor Griffin, universal legatee, of Tullaroe, farmer  
Maria Brew   Will 1879 Limerick Widow   Brew   1878 10 October 1878 Parknamunna Parknamunna   Robert Nix, executor, of Stone Park (Meelick), farmer  
Michael Brew   Will 1881 Limerick   Farmer Brew   1878 21 October 1878 Parknamunna Parknamunna   Robert Nix, executor, of Stone Park (Meelick), farmer  
Bridget Butler   Will 1876 Limerick Widow   Butler   1876 30 January 1876 Crusheen Crusheen   Susan Hehir, executrix & Widow, of Crusheen
Mary Hehir, executrix, spinster, of Crusheen
John Butler   Will 1877 Limerick   Farmer Butler   1872 20 April 1872 Derryhalla Derryhalla   Mary Butler, executrix, of Derryhalla  
James Butler   Will 1877 Limerick   Yeoman Butler   1877 16 February 1877 Rossroe Rossroe   Bridget Butler, mother, Widow & legatee  
Honor Butler   Will 1877 Limerick Widow   Butler   1876 30 May 1876 Ballyscanlon Ballyscanlon   Bridget Butler, curatrix of Margaret Butler & Widow, of Renneen
Margaret Butler, residuary legatee
Darby Callinan   Will 1873 Limerick   Farmer Callinan   1872 18 December 1872 Carroweragh (Ennistymon) Carroweragh (Ennistymon)   Margaret Callinan, wife & residuary legatee, of Carroweragh (Ennistymon)  
Susan Casey   Will 1876 Limerick Widow   Casey   1875 2 February 1875 Labasheeda Labasheeda   Patrick Casey, executor, of Kilrush, County Commission Agent
Bridget Casey, spinster & executrix, of Labasheeda
Michael Cassidy   Will 1880 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper Cassidy   1880 4 September 1880 Carrowcraheen Carrowcraheen   Mary Cassidy, wife & executrix, of Carrowcraheen  
William Clancy   Will 1874 Limerick Husband Gentleman Clancy   1874 28 March 1874 Doonas (Clonlara) Doonas (Clonlara)   Catherine Clancy, wife & executrix, of Doonas (Clonlara)  
Nancy Clune   Will 1876 Limerick Widow   Clune   1876 5 November 1876 Inagh Inagh   Margaret Connell, executrix & wife of Thady Connell, farmer, of Clooneyogan (Lahinch)  
Michael Clune Reverend Will 1877 Limerick   Parish Priest Clune   1874 26 October 1874 Rossmanaher (Sixmilebridge) Rossmanaher (Sixmilebridge)   Charles Clune, executor, of Scart, farmer  
Thady Clune   Will 1881 Limerick Husband Farmer Clune   1878 14 November 1878 Danganbrack Danganbrack   Bridget Clune, wife & executrix, of Danganbrack  
Sarah Collins   Will 1873 Limerick Widow   Collins   1873 22 August 1873 Dunsallagh (Miltown Malbay) Dunsallagh (Miltown Malbay)   John Hehir, executor, of Dunsallagh (Miltown Malbay), farmer  
Andrew Connellan Reverend Will 1874 Limerick   RC PP Connellan   1874 10 September 1874 Feakle Feakle   Reverend Michael Donovan, executor, of Tulla, RC Clergyman
Matthew Purcell, executor, of Bauroe (Feakle), farmer
John Corbett   Will 1871 Limerick   Farmer Corbett   1871 21 March 1871 Cragroe Cragroe   Thomas Reidy, executor, of Garrura (Tulla), farmer  
Jane Corrigan   Will 1873 Limerick Widow   Corrigan   1873 7 March 1873 Newhall (Ennis) Newhall (Ennis)   William Edward Armstrong MacDonnell, executor, of Newhall (Ennis), Lieutenant-Colonel  
John Cox Esquire Will 1872 Limerick     Cox   1872 9 January 1872 Clarefield Clarefield   Reverend George Burkitt, executor, of Kilkee, clerk
Reverend James Martin, executor, of Finnoe (Borrisokane), Co Tipperary, clerk
Francis Morony Cox   Will 1877 Limerick   Gentleman Cox   1877 11 May 1877 Kateville Kateville   Mary Cox, spinster & residuary legatee, of Kateville  
Thomas Crowe Esquire Will 1877 Limerick     Crowe   1877 12 May 1877 Dromore House Dromore House   Thomas Crowe Esq, executor, of Dromore
Robert H Crowe Esq, executor, of Larch Hill
Isabella Crowe, executrix, of Dromore
James Crowe   Will 1878 Limerick   Farmer Crowe   1877 13 November 1877 Kilmihill Kilmihill   Thomas Crowley, executor, of Kilmihill, farmer
James Cushin, executor, of Shragh, farmer
John Culligan   Will 1878 Limerick   Farmer Culligan   1878 13 May 1878 Cassernagh (Knock) Cassernagh (Knock)   Michael Culligan, executor, of Burrane, farmer  
Charles Culligan   Will 1881 Limerick   Farmer Culligan   1877 23 April 1877 Cahershaughnessy Cahershaughnessy   James Culligan, executor, of Cahershaughnessy, farmer  
Michael Cullinan   Will 1871 Limerick Husband Attorney-at-Law Cullinan   1871 18 February 1871 River View (Ennis) River View (Ennis)   Jane Cullinan, wife & executrix, of River View (Ennis)  
Charles Cullinan M.D. Will 1874 Limerick   Doctor Cullinan   1873 22 November 1873 Infirmary Ennis Ennis Crusheen Michael Lynch, executor, of Fairyhill, farmer
John Gallery O'Dwyer, executor, of Ennis, merchant
James Cullinan Esquire Will 1875 Limerick Husband   Cullinan   1871 24 March 1871 Woodstock (Ennis) Woodstock (Ennis)   Margaret Cullinan, wife & executrix, of Woodstock (Ennis)
Michael Cullinan M.D., son & executor, of Quin, medical doctor
Bryan Cullinan, son & executor, of Woodstock (Ennis), farmer
Timothy Cullinan Esquire Will 1875 Limerick Husband   Cullinan   1875 28 March 1875 Shanavoe Shanavoe   Susan Cullinan, wife & executrix, of Shannaway (Ennis)
Timothy Cullinan Esq, son & executor, of Shannaway (Ennis)
Michael Cullinan   Will 1876 Limerick Husband Gentleman Cullinan   1875 16 December 1875 Magowna (Ennis) Magowna (Ennis)   Margaret Cullinan, wife & executrix, of Magowna (Ennis)  
Cormac Michael Cullinan   Will 1879 Limerick   Medical student Cullinan   1879 18 February 1879 Shanavoe Shanavoe   John Cullinan, executor, of Shanavoe, farmer  
Patrick Curtin   Will 1878 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper and Grocer Curtin   1878 11 June 1878 Henry-street, Kilrush Henry-street, Kilrush   Eliza Curtin, wife & executrix, of Henry-street, Kilrush  
Bessie Curtin   Will 1879 Limerick Widow   Curtin   1879 8 April 1879 Ennis Ennis   Pierce O'Brien Esq, executor, of Durra
Robert Hewitt Esq, executor, of Granahan
Cornelius O'Brien Esq, executor, of Clonroad Cottage
Honora Cusack   Will 1876 Limerick Widow   Cusack Slattery 1875 1 September 1875 Tulla Tulla   Bridget M'Namara (nee Slattery), sister, universal legatee & wife of John M'Namara (victualler), of Tulla  
George Alps Dartnell Esquire Will 1880 Limerick Husband   Dartnell   1880 9 August 1880 The Retreat (Miltown Malbay) The Retreat (Miltown Malbay) 3 Cresent, Limerick, Co Limerick Charlotte Dartnellm, wife & executrix, of The Retreat (Miltown Malbay)  
Patrick Davoren   Will 1880 Limerick Husband Clerk Davoren   1880 9 February 1880 Kilrush Kilrush   Bridget Davoren, wife & universal legatee, of Pound St, Kilrush Clerk in a flour merchant's shop
William Dillon   Will 1882 Limerick Husband Farmer Dillon   1876 28 September 1876 Drinagh Drinagh   Bridget Dillon, wife & universal legatee, of Drinagh  
Laurence Droney   Will 1875 Limerick   Farmer Droney   1875 28 April 1875 Carhunahuan Carhunahuan   Patrick Kelly, executor, of Ramagh (Liscanor), farmer  
Thomas Earles   Will 1880 Limerick Husband Yeoman Earles   1880 9 January 1880 Tooreen Tooreen   Bridget Earles, wife & residuary legatee, of Tooreen  
George Egan   Will 1880 Limerick Husband Sergeant Egan   1880 21 May 1880 Ennis Ennis   Lizzie Egan, wife & universal legatee, of Ennis Sergeant in County Clare militia
Mathew Fallahee   Will 1879 Limerick Bachelor Porter at Kildysart Workhouse Fallahee   1878 4 November 1878 Kildysart Kildysart Ballinguiry Thomas Fallahee, son & principal legatee, of Ballinguiry, farmer  
Patt Fennell   Will 1877 Limerick   Farmer Fennell   1876 4 January 1876 Fodera Fodera   John Keatinge, executor, of Kilballyowen, farmer  
Martin Finn   Will 1884 Limerick Husband Farmer Finn   1876 4 December 1876 Carhumana North Carhumana North   Bridget Finn, wife & executrix, of Carhumana North By decree of court judge 9 Jun 1879
Timothy Fitzpatrick   Will 1878 Limerick   Shopkeeper Fitzpatrick   1876 11 November 1876 Tulla Tulla   John Hynes, executor, of Tulla, merchant
Patrick Hynes, executor, of Tulla, merchant
Laurence Flynn   Will 1874 Limerick   Laborer Flynn   1872 17 January 1872 Union Workhouse, Ennistymon Milltown Malbay   James Molony, executor, of Drummin (Miltown Malbay), farmer  
John Fogarty Reverend Will 1880 Limerick   Parish Priest Fogarty   1880 28 April 1880 Carrigaholt Carrigaholt   Rev James Daly, executor, of Kilkee, RC Curate
Richard B Silles, executor, of Newtown, gentleman farmer
Patrick Foley   Will 1874 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper Foley   1874 14 February 1874 Corofin Corofin   Ellen Foley, wife & residuary legatee, of Corofin  
Patrick Peter Foley   Will 1875 Limerick Husband Merchant Foley   1875 14 February 1875 Kilrush Kilrush   Mary Foley, wife & executrix during viduity, of Kilrush  
Joseph Furniss Reverend Will 1880 Limerick   RC Parish Priest Furniss   1880 7 March 1880 Dunaille Dunaille   Anne Furniss, executrix & spinster, of Dunaille  
Joseph Gabbett Esquire Will 1880 Limerick     Gabbett   1880 1 January 1880 Lough Bunneagh Lough Bunneagh   Michael Furnell Esq, executor, of Lough Bunneagh, marshall  
James Gallagher   Will 1873 Limerick   Farmer Gallagher   1873 6 July 1873 Milltown Milltown   Dan Carr, executor, of Broadford, shopkeeper  
Patrick Galvin   Will 1875 Limerick Husband Householder Galvin   1875 25 February 1875 Kilkee Kilkee   Catherine Galvin, wife & executrix, of Kilkee  
Michael Gibson   Will 1880 Limerick   Farmer Gibson   1879 15 October 1879 Ballyvoe (Ennis) Ballyvoe (Ennis)   Thomas Gibson, executor, of Quinlan-street, Limerick, Co Limerick, gentleman
Martin Lavan, executor, of Portumna, Co Galway, shopkeeper
Mary Gore   Will 1874 Limerick Widow   Gore   1873 26 December 1873 Tyredagh (Tulla) Tyredagh (Tulla)   Edmond Gore Esquire, executor, of Tyredagh (Tulla)  
Margaret Gorman   Will 1880 Limerick Widow   Gorman   1879 5 September 1879 Dunogan Dunogan   Patt Donnellan, executor, of Carrownagry, farmer
John M'Mahon, executor, of Dummin, farmer
Thomas Green   Will 1877 Limerick   Farmer Green   1877 12 January 1877 Carrowbloughbeg Carrowbloughbeg   Michael Cahill, executor, of Clohanes, farmer
Martin Gorman, executor, of Deryard, farmer
Conner Griffin   Will 1882 Limerick Husband Farmer Griffin   1880 15 April 1880 Tullaroe Tullaroe   Anne Griffin, wife & residuary legatee, of Tullaroe  
Mathew Halloran   Will 1884 Limerick     Halloran   1878 9 August 1878 Roslara Roslara   John Halloran, executor, of Cooke-terrace, Belfast, inland revenue officer  
John Hanneen   Will 1880 Limerick   Farmer Hanneen   1880 27 March 1880 Castletown Castletown   Patrick Hanneen, executor, of Castletown, farmer By decree
Laurence Hanneen   Will 1882 Limerick Husband Farmer Hanneen   1879 24 August 1879 Shraheen Shraheen   Sarah Hanneen, wife & executrix, of Shraheen  
Patrick Haugh   Will 1874 Limerick Husband Carpenter Haugh   1873 1 August 1873 Kilkee Kilkee   Bridget Haugh, wife & legatee, of Kilkeel  
Hannah Hayes   Will 1871 Limerick Widow   Hayes   1871 11 June 1871 Feakle Feakle   Edmond Hayes, son & legatee, of Feakle, farmer  
Patrick Healy   Will 1875 Limerick   Farmer Healy   1875 13 July 1875 Clohanes (Kilrush) Clohanes (Kilrush)   Richard O'Donnell, executor, of Clohanes (Kilrush), farmer  
James Healy   Will 1878 Limerick Husband Farmer Healy   1878 21 April 1878 Manus (Clare Castle) Manus (Clare Castle)   Eliza Healy, wife & executrix, of Manus (Clare Castle)  
James Hickey   Will 1881 Limerick   Schoolmaster Hickey   1876 10 November 1876 Cahercanivan Cahercanivan   Lucy Hickey, sister & legatee, of Cahercanivan  
Patrick Hogan   Will 1876 Limerick   Caretaker Hogan   1874 29 May 1874 Daganelly (Cooraclare) Daganelly (Cooraclare)   James Hogan, brother & executor, of Daganelly (Cooraclare), herdsman  
Thady Hogan   Will 1878 Limerick Husband Gentleman Hogan   1877 18 June 1877 Ballkinacurra Ballkinacurra   Catherine Hogan, wife & universal legatee, of Ballkinacurra
Rev Timothy Hogan, son & universal legatee, of Ennis, RC clergyman
James Hogan   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Hogan   1876 14 March 1876 Monreel Monreel   Thomas Hogan, executor, of Monreel, farmer  
John Hurley   Will 1873 Limerick   Writing Clerk Hurley   1873 10 July 1873 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Michael Hayes, executor, of Ennistymon, boot and shoemaker  
John Hussey   Will 1878 Limerick Husband Farmer Hussey   1878 30 September 1878 Coolreagh Coolreagh   Bridget Hussey, wife & executrix, of Coolreagh  
John Hynes   Will 1873 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper Hynes   1872 21 July 1872 Ennis Ennis   Jane Hynes, wife & executrix, of Ennis  
Terence Hynes   Will 1879 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper and Farmer Hynes   1878 24 December 1878 Ballyvaughan Ballyvaughan   Alfred John Evans, executor, of Sansouce, gentleman
Helen Hynes, wife & executrix, of Ballyvaughan
Jane Maria Hynes, spinster & executrix, of Ballyvaughan
John Irwin   Will 1873 Limerick Husband Gentleman Irwin   1872 25 August 1872 Ballyvaughan Ballyvaughan   Elizabeth Rebecca Irwin, wife & executrix, of Ballyvaughan  
John Jackson Reverend Will 1877 Limerick   Clerk Jackson   1877 16 July 1877 New Quay New Quay   Anna Smyth, Widow & executrix, of Templemore, Co Tipperary  
Robert Francis Dring Jervoise Reverend Will 1873 Limerick Husband Clerk Jervoise   1872 2 December 1872 Bawnkyle Bawnkyle   Amelia Susanna Jervoise, wife & universal legatee, of Limerick  
John Kelly Esquire Will 1871 Limerick   D.L. Kelly   1871 18 February 1871 Fir Grove (Bunratty)   Perry-square, Limerick, Co Limerick James Kelly Esq, executor, of Fir Grove (Bunratty)
Michael Kelly Esq, executor, of Fir Grove (Bunratty)
James Joyce Esq, executor, of Fir Grove (Bunratty)
Patrick Kelly   Will 1876 Limerick   Farmer Kelly   1876 28 February 1876 Fray Fray   Michael Kelly, brother & principal legatee, of Freaghvaleen (Miltown Malbay), farmer  
Timothy Kelly   Will 1879 Limerick   Merchant Kelly   1879 16 February 1879 Clare Castle Clare Castle   Michael Griffin, executor, of Patrick-street, Limerick, Co Limerick, shopkeeper  
Matt Kelly   Will 1880 Limerick   Bank manager Kelly   1880 31 July 1880 Doolaugh Lodge Doolaugh Lodge   Matthew Kelly J.P., executor, of Doolaugh Lodge Manager of the Kilrush branch of the National Bank
Matthew Kennedy   Will 1879 Limerick   Shopkeeper Kennedy   1878 12 November 1878 Ennis Ennis   Thomas Kennedy, exector, of Mill-street, shopkeeper  
Laurence Kennedy   Will 1881 Limerick   Farmer Kennedy   1875 20 May 1875 Gortadooig Gortadooig   James Kennedy, executor, of Ennis, cartwright
Peter Kennedy, executor, of Ivyhill, farmer
Mary J Or Mary Kerin   Will 1877 Limerick Spinster   Kerin   1877 6 March 1877 Ballingaddy Gortnaboul   William Daly, executor, of Ballingaddy, farmer
Edmond Cahill, of Caherbolane, farmer
John Killeen   Will 1877 Limerick   Farmer Killeen   1877 5 October 1877 Clohanatinna Clohanatinna   John Killeen, executor, of Derreen, farmer  
John Kinahan Reverend Will 1875 Limerick   Clerk Kinahan   1875 19 August 1875 Feakle Feakle   John Kinahan, son & executor, of Curragh Camp, Surgeon-Major  
John King   Will 1875 Limerick   Gentleman King   1873 23 June 1873 Cahercorcawn Cahercorcawn   Simon O'Donoghue, executor, of Rhinanna, farmer
Francis O'Donoghue, executor, of Ballygreen (Newmarket-on-Fergus), farmer
James Leech   Will 1875 Limerick   Merchant Leech   1875 13 April 1875 Maryborough, Queen's County Ennis   James Peacock Myles M.D., executor, of Parsonstown, King's Co
Cox Cotton Esq, executor, of Briarfield, Co Roscommon
Stephen Littleton   Will 1883 Limerick Husband Farmer Littleton   1877 8 March 1877 Dangan Dangan   Catherine Littleton, wife & executrix  
Michael Lynch   Will 1872 Limerick   Farmer Lynch   1872 17 April 1872 Dunaha (Kilrush) Dunaha (Kilrush)   Pat M'Guire, executor, of Dunaha (Kilrush), farmer  
Thomas Lynch   Will 1872 Limerick   Farmer Lynch   1871 15 February 1871 Killoo (Clare Castle) Killoo (Clare Castle)   Patrick Lynch, executor, Kilbricken, farmer
Michael M'Mahon, executor, of Killoo (Clare Castle), farmer
John Madden Reverend Will 1877 Limerick   RC Parish Priest Madden   1877 25 September 1877 Carrowreagh (Kilshanny) Carrowreagh (Kilshanny)   Rev Andrew Hanrahan, executor, of Ballyvaughan, RC priest
Rev Michael Crowe, executor, of Lisdooney, RC priest
John Madigan   Will 1883 Limerick Husband Farmer Madigan   1874 22 May 1874 Moyaddabeg Moyaddabeg   Ellen Madigan, wife & residuary legatee, of Moyaddabeg  
Mary Mannion   Will 1882 Limerick Widow   Mannion   1880 2 December 1880 Portryan Portryan   James Collins, executor, of Ballinphonta, farmer  
Michael Markham   Will 1877 Limerick   shopkeeper Markham   1876 13 November 1876 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Anne Markham, executrix, of Ennistymon
Francis O'Donohue, executor, of Ennistymon, builder
John M'Cormack   Will 1876 Limerick   Gentleman farmer McCormack   1876 26 March 1876 Cappavilla Cappavilla   Dr John Ryan MD, executor, of Castleconnell, Co Limerick  
Donough M'Craith Esquire Will 1872 Limerick     McCraith   1871 18 September 1871 O'Brien's-bridge O'Brien's-bridge   James O'Grady, executor, of Erina (Castleconnell)  
Bridget M'Donogh Or M'Donough   Will 1874 Limerick Widow   McDonough   1874 28 March 1874 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Reverend Patrick Arthur M'Donough, son & executor, of Clarenbridge, Co Galway, RC Clergyman  
James M'Ennally   Will 1871 Limerick   Petty Sessions Clerk McEnnally   1871 22 October 1871 Crusheen Crusheen   Charles Cullinan M.D., executor, of Crusheen  
James M'Grath   Will 1872 Limerick   Farmer McGrath   1872 29 October 1872 Rhynaganaught Rhynaganaught   Thomas M'Grath, executor, of Dunbeg  
John M'Inerney   Will 1874 Limerick Husband Farmer McInerney   1874 17 September 1874 Smithtown (Bunratty) Smithtown (Bunratty)   Sarah M'Inerney, wife & executrix, of Smithtown (Bunratty)  
John M'Mahon   Will 1879 Limerick   Farmer McMahon   1879 25 April 1879 Ballynacraggy Ballynacraggy   Michael Power, executor, of Brooklodge, farmer
Michael M'Mahon, executor, of Ballycraggy, farmer
Susan Macmahon   Will 1882 Limerick Widow   McMahon   1880 11 July 1880 Knockasoggarth Knockasoggarth   Alexander MacMahon, executor, of Knockasoggarth, gentleman Double probate
Susan Macmahon   Will 1882 Limerick Widow   McMahon   1880 11 July 1880 Knockasoggarth Knockasoggarth   Michael Ryan, executor, of Clonakilla (Ballinacally), gentleman Double probate
Robert M'Namara   Will 1874 Limerick   Farmer McNamara   1873 25 December 1873 Claremount Claremount   Sir David Vandeleur Roche, executor, of Carass (Croom), Co Limerick, baronet  
Patrick M'Namara   Will 1875 Limerick   Farmer McNamara   1875 2 July 1875 Carhermore Carhermore   James Flynn, executor, of Sixmilebridge, mill owner  
Michael Macnamara   Will 1876 Limerick Husband Farmer McNamara   1876 7 July 1876 Kilfenora Kilfenora   Bridget Macnamara, wife & executrix, of Kilfenora  
Michael M'Namara   Will 1876 Limerick   Farmer McNamara   1876 18 October 1876 Ballymacraven (Ennistymon) Ballymacraven (Ennistymon)   William Murphy, excutor, of Ballymacraven (Ennistymon), farmer  
James M'Namara   Will 1877 Limerick   Merchant's clerk McNamara   1877 20 October 1877 Ennis Ennis   Dr William Stamer MD, executor, of Ennis, medical doctor
John Shaw, executor, of Ennis, corn merchant
Michael M'Namara   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer McNamara   1878 27 January 1878 Carhureagh Carhureagh   James M'Namara, executor, of Carhureagh, farmer
Michael Halloran, executor, of Moyralla, farmer
Daniel Meade   Will 1879 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper Meade   1878 4 December 1878 Clonbony Miltown Malbay   Margaret Meade, wife & legatee, of Miltown Malbay  
Michael Meehan   Will 1873 Limerick   Shopkeeper and farmer Meehan   1873 24 February 1873 Kildysart Kildysart   John M'Mahon, executor, of Gurtnaha (Kilrush), farmer
Patt Meere, executor, of Ballylean (Kilrush), farmer
James Menzies   Will 1880 Limerick   Bank manager Menzies   1880 24 May 1880 Ennis Ennis   Capt John Pyne, executor, stationed at Belfast, Co Antrim, captain in 16th Regt of Foot
Susan Menzies, executrix & spinster, of Ennis
Michael Meskel   Will 1876 Limerick Husband Farmer Meskel   1875 27 October 1875 Cluggagh (Fountain Cross) Cluggagh (Fountain Cross)   Margaret Meskel, wife & legatee, of Cluggagh (Fountain Cross) Limited during viduity
Richard Molony   Will 1874 Limerick Husband Merchant Molony   1874 12 September 1874   Ennis   Mary Molony, wife & residuary legatee, of Ennis
Mary Molony, daughter, spinster & residuary legatee, of Ennis
Chartres Brew Molony Esquire Will 1875 Limerick   Solicitor Molony   1875 24 July 1875 Ennis Ennis   Mary Molony, daughter, spinster & executrix, of Ennis  
Jeremiah Molony   Will 1877 Limerick   Farmer Molony   1877 20 February 1877 Hill Park (Labasheeda) Hill Park (Labasheeda)   Catherine Molony, executrix, of Hill Park (Labasheeda)  
James Molony   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer Molony   1878 26 February 1878 Clonmoher Clonmoher   David Cooney, executor, of Ballymacdonnell (Bodyke), farmer
Daniel Callaghan, executor, of Ballydonahan (Bodyke), farmer
James Moore   Will 1872 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper Moore   1871 15 December 1871 Killaloe Killaloe   Margaret Moore, wife & universal legatee, of Killaloe  
John William Moore   Will 1877 Limerick   Hotel proprietor Moore   1877 1 May 1877 Kilkee Kilkee   Susan Moore, executrix, of Kilkee  
Patrick Moran Reverend Will 1876 Limerick   Parish Priest Moran   1875 13 December 1875 Tromoroe (Miltown Malbay) Tromoroe (Miltown Malbay)   Hannah Moran, sister, spinster & executrix, of Tromoroe (Miltown Malbay)  
Mary Moran   Will 1884 Limerick Widow   Moran   1879 22 December 1879 Lahensy Lahensy   Francis Woulfe, executor, of Lahensy, farmer  
Hannah Morony   Will 1872 Limerick     Morony   1871 12 December 1871 Quinsboro Quinsboro Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England Emily Griffiths, executrix & wife of Edward G S Griffiths Esquire, of Quinsboro  
Thomas Morony   Will 1873 Limerick   Farmer Morony   1872 6 August 1872 Reanahomana Reanahomana   Patrick Bleach, executor, of Caherhurley (Bodyke), farmer  
Martin Morony   Will 1878 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper Morony   1878 11 May 1878 Scariff Scariff   Mary Morony, wife & executrix, of Scariff  
Georgina Morony   Will 1879 Limerick Widow   Morony   1879 20 June 1879 Wellington (Miltown Malbay) Wellington (Miltown Malbay)   Charles Richardson Ellis Esq, executor, of Wellington (Miltown Malbay) Wife of Edward Morony
James Morony   Will 1879 Limerick   Farmer Morony   1877 20 February 1877 Spanish Point Spanish Point   James Clancy, exexutor, of Spanish Point, farmer
Patt O'Connor, exexutor, of Braiffa, farmer
Ellen Mulqueene   Will 1873 Limerick Widow   Mulqueene   1872 22 December 1872 Ennis Ennis   John Meehan, executor, of Ennis, shopkeeper
Patrick Considine, executor, of Ennis, shopkeeper
James Mulqueene   Will 1883 Limerick   Shopkeeper Mulqueene   1871 21 December 1871 Ennis Ennis   John Meehan, executor, of Ennis, merchant
Patrick Considine, executor, of Ennis, shopkeeper
Patt Neagle Or Nagle   Will 1878 Limerick   Farmer Nagle   1878 26 August 1878 Horse Island (Ballinacally) Horse Island (Ballinacally)   Pat Nagle, executor, of Horse Island (Ballinacally), farmer
John Kerin Sr, executor, of Horse Island (Ballinacally), farmer
Patrick Nagle   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Nagle   1880 23 December 1880 Elmvale Elmvale   Michael Killeen, admistrator to Bedelia Nagles estate, of Clonfeigh (Ennis), farmer
Bedelia Nagle, wife & residuary legatee, deceased
Susan Nealon   Will 1880 Limerick Widow   Nealon   1880 26 March 1880 Rossmount Rossmount   Patrick Reynolds, executor, of Rossmount, farmer  
Andrew Newport Reverend Will 1880 Limerick   Parish Priest Newport   1879 17 April 1879 Cooraclare Cooraclare   Rev Michael Dinan, executor, of Kilrush, parish priest & Vicar-General  
Laurence Neylon   Will 1877 Limerick   Farmer Neylon   1877 12 February 1877 Annfield Annfield   Michael Horan, executor, of Moanreal, farmer
John Devitt, executor, of Knockerscaw, farmer
Francis O'Brien   Will 1876 Limerick   Shopkeeper O'Brien   1876 2 January 1876 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Cornelius Joseph O'Brien, son & executor, of Ennistymon
Austin O'Brien, son & executor, of Ennistymon
Thomas O'Connor   Will 1875 Limerick   Farmer O'Connor   1875 4 April 1875 Coolacousane Coolacousane   Edmond M'Mahon, executor, of Paradise (Ballinacally), farmer
Michael M'Inerney, executor, of Killard (Dunbeg), farmer
Michael O'Connor   Will 1880 Limerick   Yeoman O'Connor   1880 31 May 1880 Annagh Annagh   William Marrinan, executor, of Miltown, farmer  
Simon O'Donnell Esquire Will 1873 Limerick     O'Donnell   1873 8 March 1873 Shannon View Shannon View   Francis O'Donnell Esquire, executor, of Kilkee  
Thomas O'Donoghue   Will 1873 Limerick   Gentleman O'Donoghue   1873 4 April 1873 Wilds Cottage Renanna (Newmarket-on-Fergus) Wilds Cottage Renanna (Newmarket-on-Fergus)   Patrick S O'Donoghue, son & executor, of Wilds Cottage Renanna (Newmarket-on-Fergus), farmer  
James O'Gorman   Will 1878 Limerick   Farmer O'Gorman   1877 1 May 1877 Donogan Donogan   Patrick O'Dwyer, executor, of Moyglass (Kilmurry Ilrickane), farmer
James Lynch, executor, of Treanmana (Kilmurry Ilrickane), farmer
George O'Grady   Will 1876 Limerick   Shopkeeper O'Grady   1872 3 October 1872 Kilrush Kilrush   Anne (O'Grady) Healy, daughter, principal legatee & wife of John Healy, of Limerick city, Co Limerick  
Standish Thomas O'Grady Esquire Will 1876 Limerick     O'Grady   1876 13 September 1876 Frederick-street, Dublin, Co Dublin Landscape   James Smyth O'Grady Esq, executor, of Erina (Castleconnell)  
James O'Grady Esquire Will 1877 Limerick     O'Grady   1876 21 December 1876 Dublin, Co Dublin Erinagh   Henry Deane O'Grady, brother & executor, of Erinagh  
Thomas North East O'Halloran Esquire Will 1877 Limerick     O'Halloran   1876 11 April 1876 Deerpark Deerpark   Thomas North East O'Halloran Jr, executor, of Deerpark, gentleman  
Patrick O'Loghlin   Will 1875 Limerick   Farmer O'Loghlin   1874 16 November 1874 Cullane (Lisdoonvarna) Cullane (Lisdoonvarna)   Patrick O'Loghlin, son & principal legatee, of Cullane (Lisdoonvarna), farmer  
Patrick O'Loughlin   Will 1882 Limerick Husband Farmer O'Loughlin   1878 13 May 1878 Moanreel Moanreel   Mary O'Loughlin, wife & universal legatee, of Moanreel  
Michael O'Loghlin   Will 1882 Limerick Husband Farmer O'Loughlin   1880 7 August 1880 Feigh Feigh   Margaret O'Loghlin, wife & principal legatee, of Feigh  
Jeremiah O'Mahony   Will 1873 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper O'Mahony   1873 2 April 1873 Kilkee Kilkee Bruff, Co Limerick Ann O'Mahony, wife, of Bruff, Co Limerick  
Francis O'Neill   Will 1875 Limerick Husband Farmer O'Neill   1873 31 March 1873 Lifford (Ennis) Lifford (Ennis)   Hannah O'Neill, wife, of Lifford (Ennis)  
Garrett O'Sullivan Reverend Will 1874 Limerick   Parish Priest O'Sullivan   1874 18 June 1874 Parteen Parteen   Mary (nee O'Sullivan) Byron, sister, principal and risiduary legatee & a widow, of Parteen  
John Parnell   Will 1877 Limerick   Farmer Parnell   1877 26 February 1877 Meelick Meelick   Mary Parnell, executrix, of Meelick  
Thomas Austin Peacock   Will 1872 Limerick Husband Gentleman Peacock   1872 15 April 1872 Knock Knock   Jane Peacock, wife & principal legatee, of Knock  
James Pelissier   Will 1876 Limerick Husband Agent Pelissier   1876 13 October 1876 Queenstown, Co Cork Cappa (Kilrush)   Jemima Pelissier, wife & executrix, of Cappa (Kilrush)  
John Petty Esquire Will 1880 Limerick     Petty   1880 1 July 1880 Ennis Ennis   John Hill Esq, executor, of Carrowduff
John O'Donnell Esq, executor, of Carrowduff
Charles Phayer   Will 1879 Limerick   Farmer Phayer   1879 25 July 1879 Meelick Meelick   Edward Phayer, executor, of George-street, Limerick, Co Limerick, gentleman  
William Alexander Powell   Will 1878 Limerick   Shopkeeper Powell   1878 15 October 1878 Tulla Tulla   William M'Garrigle, executor, of Tulla, hotel keeper  
Anna Power   Will 1875 Limerick Widow   Power   1874 2 December 1874 Killaloe Killaloe Clonshire (Adare), Co Limerick William Power Esquire, son & executor, of Clonshire (Adare), Co Limerick  
Thomas Quealy   Will 1873 Limerick   Farmer Quealy   1871 27 May 1871 Liscannor Liscannor   Stephen Quealy, executor, of Cregg (Lahinch), farmer  
Thomas Quinlivan   Will 1873 Limerick   Farmer Quinlivan   1873 21 February 1873 Furrour Furrour   John Quealy, executor, of Deconade (Lisscasy), farmer
Thomas Quinlivan, executor, of Knockalough (Kilmichil), farmer
Michael Quinlivan   Will 1880 Limerick   Gentleman Quinlivan   1880 1 July 1880 Rossroe Rossroe   James Quinlivan, executor, of Ballyroughan, gentleman & farmer  
William Reeves   Will 1879 Limerick   Farmer Reeves   1876 24 November 1876 Broadford Aughrim   Patrick Reeves, executor, of Scarrif, farmer
John M'Namara, executor, of Tengaree, farmer
Patrick Reidy   Will 1873 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper and farmer Reidy   1873 25 January 1873 Newmarket-on-Fergus Newmarket-on-Fergus   Maria Reidy, wife & executrix, of Newmarket-on-Fergus  
Daniel Riedy   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Riedy   1877 March 1877 Ballynagonaghta Ballynagonaghta   Anne Murphy, niece, wife of John Murphy & universal legatee, of Ballynagonaghta, farmer  
Patrick Riedy   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Riedy   1879 18 February 1879 Ballynagonaghta Ballynagonaghta   Anne Murphy, niece, wife of John Murphy & universal legatee, of Ballynagonaghta, farmer  
Robert Rodger Esquire Will 1877 Limerick   J.P. Rodger   1876 8 October 1876 The Cottage (Parteen) The Cottage (Parteen)   Samuel B Rodger, exector, of Athlone, Co Westmeath, Sub-Inspector Royal Irish Constabulary  
Patrick Ronan   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Ronan   1879 27 September 1879 Carrowkeal Carrowkeal   Thomas Ronan, nephew & principle legatee, of Kilshanny (Ennistymon), farmer  
Patt Roughan   Will 1876 Limerick   Farmer Roughan   1875 6 August 1875 Clonroad Clonroad   Thomas Roughan, executor, of Fountain (Fountain Cross), farmer
Thomas Glynn, executor, of Skehanagh (Clare Castle), farmer
Jane Russell   Will 1879 Limerick Widow   Russell   1872 21 June 1872 Southview (Kilkee) Southview (Kilkee)   Hampden William Russell Esquire, executor, of Imperial Hotel Limerick  
Michael Ryan   Will 1873 Limerick   Farmer Ryan   1872 14 March 1872 Knockballymeath Knockballymeath   Michael Lane, executor, of Firhill (Ardnacrusha), farmer  
Anne Ryan   Will 1873 Limerick Spinster   Ryan   1875 19 April 1875 Ennis Ennis   Reverend John Fogarty RCC, executor, of Ennis
William Stamer M.D., executor, of Ennis
John Fitzmaurice Ryan   Will 1877 Limerick   Officer of Excise Ryan   1876 10 April 1876 Kilrush Kilrush   Catherine Ryan, executrix & spinster, of Cecil-street, Limerick  
Matthew Scanlan Esquire Will 1872 Limerick     Scanlan   1872 8 March 1872 O'Brien's-bridge O'Brien's-bridge   Michael Hugh Wheeler Scanlan Esquire, executor, of Kilbeg House (Ballingarry)  
William Scanlan Esquire Will 1876 Limerick     Scanlan   1876 16 July 1876 Drewsborough Drewsborough   Timothy Bunton, executor, of Ennis, County Solicitor  
Michael Scanlan   Will 1881 Limerick   Slater and plasterer Scanlan   1874 21 July 1874 Kilrush Kilrush   Martin Scanlan, son & legatee, of Kilrush, slater  
Jeremiah Scanlan   Will 1883 Limerick   Farmer Scanlan   1878 18 October 1878 Ardclooney Ardclooney   Patrick Vaughan, executor, of Kilcredan, farmer  
Anne Shannon   Will 1877 Limerick Spinster   Shannon   1877 23 July 1877 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Thomas Kelly, executor, of Francis-street, Kilrush, attorney & solicitor  
Catherine Shannon   Will 1880 Limerick Widow   Shannon   1880 September 1880 Loughtagoo(?) Loughtagoo(?)   Susan Shannon, executrix & spinster, of Carrowmore  
John Singleton   Will 1880 Limerick Husband Major-General Royal Artillery Singleton   1880 4 August 1880 Quinville (Abbey) Quinville (Abbey)   Catherine Marianne Singleton, wife & executrix, of Quinville (Abbey)  
David Smith   Will 1878 Limerick Husband Merchant Smith   1878 23 April 1878 Church-street, Ennis Church-street, Ennis   Alicia Smith, wife & executrix, of Church-street, Ennis  
John Sullivan Or O'Sullivan   Will 1879 Limerick Husband Chandler Sullivan   1878 22 December 1878 Henry-street, Kilrush Henry-street, Kilrush   Catherine O'Sullivan, wife & executrix, of Henry-street, Kilrush  
Hugh Talty   Will 1878 Limerick Husband Farmer Talty   1877 8 June 1877 Knocknagraga Knocknagraga   Mary Talty, wife & executrix, of Knocknagraga  
Michael Talty   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Talty   1878 4 June 1878 Drumbane Drumbane   Joseph Ryan, executor, of Ballycutten, farmer
John Talty, executor, of Ballyknock, farmer
James Thynne   Will 1880 Limerick   Farmer Thynne   1880 29 April 1880 Liscannor Liscannor   Thomas Lysaght, executor, of Liscannor, gentleman  
Susanna Timons Or Tymons   Will 1873 Limerick Widow   Timons   1871 4 December 1871 Ennis Ennis   William Tymons, son & legatee, of Ennis, yeoman  
Rebecca Trousdell   Will 1880 Limerick Widow   Trousdell   1880 15 August 1880 Ennis Ennis   Dr James Molony Esq M.D., executor, of Clonmore  
James Vandeleur   Will 1872 Limerick   Shopkeeper and farmer Vandeleur   1872 20 June 1872 Lisdoonvarna Kildysart   Owen Conway, executor, of Bain (Kildysart), farmer  
Timothy Walsh   Will 1877 Limerick   Schoolmaster Walsh   1876 10 January 1876 Inchoveagh Inchoveagh   John Walsh, executor, of Ballagh, farmer  
Edmond Walsh   Will 1881 Limerick   Shopkeeper and Farmer Walsh   1879 23 August 1879 Kildysart Kildysart   Maurice Walsh, son & legatee, of Kildysart, shopkeeper & farmer  
Maria Wardle   Will 1879 Limerick Widow   Wardle   1879 16 November 1879 Ennis Ennis   Mary Emily Shaw (nee Rose, wife of Patrick Shaw & universal legatee, of Ennis  
Jonas S Welsh Esquire Will 1873 Limerick Bachelor   Welsh   1873 20 February 1873 Sragh Sragh   Jane Emily Welsh, sister & a spinster, of Kingstown, Co Dublin  
Arthur George Westropp Esquire Will 1878 Limerick     Westropp   1878 28 April 1878 Fort Anne (Tulla) Fort Anne (Tulla)   Wilhelmina Jane Westropp, sister, spinster & executrix  
John Woods   Will 1875 Limerick   Farmer Woods   1874 12 July 1874 Clonmartin Clonmartin   Michael Kerin, executor, of Knocknagrough (Ballyvaughan), farmer  
Grace O'Brien Honorable Will 1871 Limerick Spinster     O'Brien 1871 10 March 1871 Dublin Dromoland   Robert Vere O'Brien Esquire, nephew & executor, of Old Court (Limerick), Co Limerick  
Mary Cotter   Will 1873 Limerick Spinster     Cotter 1873 23 April 1873 Ennis Ennis   William Molony, executor, of Ennis, grocer and wine merchant  
Margaret Mulcahy   Will 1874 Limerick Spinster     Mulcahy 1874 10 February 1874 Convent of Mercy, Ennis Convent of Mercy, Ennis   Catherine Synan, executrix & wife of Daniel Synan, of Limerick  
Fanny Caroline Martin   Will 1874 Limerick Spinster     Martin 1874 21 April 1874 Kilkee Kilkee   Reverend George Burkett, executor, of Kilkee, clerk  
Honor M'Namara   Will 1874 Limerick Spinster     McNamara 1874 29 January 1874 Moyrbee Commons Moyrbee Commons   Mary Hehir, executrix & spinster, of Lifford (Ennis)  
Mary Wheelock   Will 1875 Limerick Spinster     Wheelock 1875 17 August 1875 Kilkeel Kilkeel   Thomas Edward Lloyd Esquire, universal legatee, of Heathfield (Ballingarry), Co Limerick
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