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Donated Material: Wills & Probate

Clare Wills and Administration found in the Limerick Will Books, 1881– 1888

Title: Clare Wills and Administration found in the Limerick Will Books, 1881– 1888
Type of Material: Probate Records
Dates: 1881– 1888
Places: Clare
Source: Limerick District Will Books
Transcriber/Donator: Jessica Roode, U.S.A.

FHL# 100946 / 100947 - Limerick District will books, 1858-1888

Name Prefix/Suffix/Title etc. Will or Letters of Admin Year of Probate Will Granted/Proved At: Marital Status Occupation Surname Maiden Year of Death Death Date (D/M/Y) Death Place Residence Former Residence Others Named in Probate Summary Special Note
John Allender   Will 1890 Limerick   Victualler Allender     27 December 1888 Kilrush Kilrush   Frank Mangan, principal and residuary legatee, of Kilrush, victualler  
James Barton   Will 1887 Limerick   Farmer Barton     14 June 1887 Sallybank Sallybank   Patrick Barton, executor, of Sallybank, farmer  
John Behan   Will 1896 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper and farmer Behan     6 March 1887   Carrigaholt   Margaret Behan, wife & residuary legatee, of Carrigaholt  
James Bennett Reverend Will 1888 Limerick   Clerk Bennett     5 December 1887 Oaklands Oaklands   Rev Robert H Bennett, executor, of Oaklands, clerk
James Thomas Bennett, executor, of Carradotta, gentleman and farmer
Mary Harriette Bingham   Will 1888 Limerick Wife   Bingham     23 September 1887 Dublin, Co Dublin Parteen   Richard John Bingham, husband
George Gloster Esq, executor, of Derryknockane, Co Limerick
Margaret Borough   Will c Limerick Widow   Borough     4 February 1886 Querin Querin   William E Counihan, executor, of Limerick, Co Limerick, solicitor  
Honoria Breen   Will 1885 Limerick Spinster   Breen Breen 1884 12 December 1884 Rose Lodge (Kilkee) Rose Lodge (Kilkee)   Patrick Breen, executor, of Tiernaglahane, farmer  
Thomas Brennan   Will 1884 Limerick Husband Victualler Brennan   1883 22 December 1883 Ennis Ennis   Mary Brennan, wife & executrix, of Ennis  
John Brennan   Will 1886 Limerick Husband Farmer Brennan     6 July 1886 Woodpark Woodpark   Hannah Brennan, wife & executrix, of Woodpark  
Thomas Brew   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Brew   1881 28 February 1881 Commogue Commogue   Elizabeth Brew, daughter, legatee & a spinster, of Commogue  
George Brew   Will 1883 Limerick   Draper and flour merchant Brew   1883 13 April 1883 Kilrush Kilrush   Bridget Brew, excutrix & a spinster, of Kilrush  
George Brew   Will 1887 Limerick Husband Farmer Brew   1882 7 February 1882 Cloneylissane Cloneylissane   Bidelia Brew, wife & residuary legatee, of Cloneylissane  
Anne Brew   Will 1887 Limerick Widow   Brew     25 April 1887 Newtown (Kilrush) Newtown (Kilrush)   Jane (nee Brew) Heaphy, daughter, universal legatee & wife of Eyte Heaphy, of Newtown  
John Broden   Will 1889 Limerick   Shopkeeper and farmer Broden     18 January 1888 Labasheeda Labasheeda   Michael Cahill, executor, of Limerick, Co Limerick, tabacco manufacturer  
Robert Burke Reverend Will 1888 Limerick   P.P. Burke     11 April 1888 Kilshanny Kilshanny   Rev Richard Burke, executor, of Kilshanny, R.C.C.  
Richard Burke Reverend Will 1888 Limerick   C.C. Burke     12 June 1888 Kilshanny Kilshanny   Rev Thomas Burke, executor, of Ballinderreen, Co Galway, P.P.
Rev Francis Cassidy, executor, of Kilcheist, Co Galway, P.P.
Rev Martin Sweeny, executor, of New Quay, P.P.
Mary Cahill   Will 1881 Limerick Widow   Cahill   1881 22 April 1881 Clohanes Clohanes   Michael Cahill, son, of Clohanes, farmer  
Thomas Cahill   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer Cahill   1884 5 March 1884 Caherbollane Caherbollane   James Cahill, executor, of Caherbollan, farmer  
James Carmody   Will 1882 Limerick   Butter Merchant Carmody   1881 24 May 1881 Kilrush Kilrush   William Moody, executor, of Kilrush, butter merchant
Thomas Roughan, executor, of Kilrush, shopkeeper
John Clohessy   Will 1881 Limerick   Shoemaker Clohessy   1881 10 January 1881 Kilmacduane Churchtown West Maitland, New South Wales Daniel Breen, executor, of Churchtown  
Charles Clune   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer Clune   1884 9 August 1884 Scart Scart   Thady Clune Jr, executor, of Toonagh, farmer
Thady Clune Sr, executor, of Toonagh, farmer
James Clune   Will 1888 Limerick   Farmer Clune     6 April 1888 Carhuegar Carhuegar   Thady Clune, executor, of Carhuegar, farmer
Daniel Clune, executor, of Carhuegar, farmer
Nicholas Cody   Will 1883 Limerick Husband Farmer Cody   1882 26 June 1882 Ballybrohan Ballybrohan   Dora Cody, wife & residuary legatee, of Ballybrohan  
Michael Coghlan   Will 1883 Limerick Husband Grocer Coghlan   1883 9 March 1883 Ennis Ennis   Mary Coghlan, wife & executrix, of Ennis  
John Connole   Will 1886 Limerick   Shopkeeper Connole   1885 17 December 1885 Ennistymon Ennistymon   John Wall, executor, of Ennistymon, shopkeeper  
Patrick Considine   Will 1887 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper and farmer Considine     16 March 1887 Ennis Ennis   Elizabeth Considine, wife & executrix, of Ennis  
Mary Cooney   Will 1881 Limerick Spinster   Cooney Cooney 1881 20 June 1881 Ennis Ennis   Michael Coghlan, executor, of Ennis, merchant  
Thomas Corbett   Will 1883 Limerick   Farmer Corbett   1882 26 March 1882 Carrowena Carrowena   Thomas Stritch, executor, of Carrowena, farmer  
Mary Cox   Will 1883 Limerick Spinster   Cox Cox 1883 16 September 1883 Kateville Kateville   Joseph Moroney Cox Esq, executor, of Kateville  
Joseph Cox   Will 1886 Limerick Husband Gentleman farmer Cox   1885 11 November 1885 Querin Cottage Querin Cottage   Louisa Cox, wife & universal legatee, of Querin Cottage  
Richard Creagh Esquire Will 1882 Limerick     Creagh   1881 19 July 1881 Dangan Dangan   Charles George O'Callaghan Esq, executor, of Ballinahinch, D.L., former Capt in 1st Dragoon Guards
George Studdert Studdert Esq, executor, of Tivoli, Maj in Co Clare Militia
John Cross   Will 1886 Limerick   Labourer Cross     28 February 1886 Derrafadda Derrafadda   James Cross, executor, of Derrafadda, farmer  
Thomas Crowe   Will 1881 Limerick Husband Farmer Crowe   1881 24 June 1881 Bawnabine Bawnabine   Mary Crowe, wife & legatee, of Bawnabine  
Denis Culligan   Will 1890 Limerick   Draper Culligan     17 May 1888 Ennis Ennis   Michael Murphy, executor, of Kilrush, draper
John Culligan, executor, of Kilrush, draper
Patrick Cullinan   Will 1885 Limerick   Farmer Cullinan   1885 10 January 1885 Clonlara Clonlara   Thomas Fitzpatrick Sr, executor, of Kilmore, farmer  
Michael Cunningham   Will 1884 Limerick   Labourer Cunningham   1883 1 September 1883 Inchmore Inchmore   John Cunningham, executor, of Inchmore, farmer  
Patrick Cury   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Cury   1882 30 May 1882 Sirsagh Sirsagh   Daniel Curry, excutor, of Rathbeg, farmer aka Patrick Corry or Curry - Penciled into the book
Thomas Cusack   Will 1883 Limerick   Farmer Cusack   1883 26 April 1883 Dromquin Dromquin   John Cusack, executor, of Dromquin, farmer  
Bridget Connole Hickey Daly   Will 1886 Limerick Widow   Daly Connole 1885 24 November 1885 Wood (Ballyvaughan) Wood (Ballyvaughan)   Rev Redmond Newell, executor, of Ballyvaughan, P.P.  
Patrick Daly   Will 1892 Limerick   Farmer Daly     23 March 1888 Bellharbour Bellharbour   Patrick Daly, son &legatee, of Bellharbour, farmer  
John Delahanty Or Dolaghty   Will 1884 Limerick   Shopkeeper Delahanty   1884 14 March 1884 Ennis Ennis   Michael Dolaghty, executor, of Ballyhannon, farmer
Thomas Burns, executor, of Ennis, draper
Patrick Donnellan   Will 1887 Limerick   Labourer Donnellan     22 December 1886 Aughrim Aughrim   Michael Donnellon, executor, of Blackfield, farmer
Patrick Donnellon, executor, of Blackfield, farmer
Thomas Doyle   Will 1885 Limerick   Farmer Doyle   1884 23 June 1884 Quilty West Quilty West   Francis Casey, executor, of Quilty West, farmer  
John Driscoll   Will 1886 Limerick   Labourer Driscoll   1885 17 December 1885 Cragg (Kilrush) Cragg (Kilrush)   Margaret (nee Driscoll) Meskil, daughter, legatee & wife of Daniel Meskil, of Cragg (Kilrush)  
Laurence Egan   Will 1886 Limerick   Shopkeeper and farmer Egan   1885 7 November 1885 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Andrew Keleher, executor, of Ennistymon, shopkeeper
Patrick Healy, executor, of Carhuclough, stonemason and farmer
Thomas Egan   Will 1887 Limerick   Yeoman Egan   1883 18 April 1883 Miltown Malbay Miltown Malbay   Robert Westropp Ellis Esq, executor, of Seaview (Miltown Malbay)  
John Enraght Esquire Will 1882 Limerick   J.P. Enraght   1882 1 May 1882 Trinnaderry Templemaley   Andrew Enraght Esq, executor, of Trinnaderry
Alice Enraght, executrix & wife of Andrew Enraght Esq, of Trinnaderry
John Enright   Will 1885 Limerick   Farmer Enright   1882 12 December 1882 Cragelough Cragelough   Timothy Enright, residuary legatee, of Cragelough, farmer  
Maria Evans   Will 1886 Limerick Wife   Evans     9 March 1886 Sans Souci Lodge (Ballyvaughan) Sans Souci Lodge (Ballyvaughan)   Alfred John Evans, husband & principal legatee in trust, of Sans Souci Lodge (Ballyvaughan), gentleman  
Patrick Fahy   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer Fahy   1884 8 July 1884 Tullyglass (Newmarket-on-Fergus) Tullyglass (Newmarket-on-Fergus)   John M'Inerney, executor, of Tullyglass (Newmarket-on-Fergus), farmer  
Honor Fahy   Will 1888 Limerick Spinster   Fahy Fahy   28 February 1888 Newquay Newquay   Rev Martin Sweeny, executor, of Newquay, P.P.  
Mary Farrell   Will 1889 Limerick Spinster   Farrell     15 October 1888 Ennistymon Union Workhouse Ennistymon Union Workhouse   Rev Thomas Newell, executor, of Groremount (Ennistymon), P.P. and Vicar Forane  
Michael Fitzgerald Reverend Will 1881 Limerick Husband Clerk Fitzgerald   1881 7 March 1881 Woodbine Cottage (Miltown Malbay) Kildysart Gleb   Fanny Fitzgerald, wife, of Limerick, Co Limerick  
Thomas Fitzgerald   Will 1884 Limerick   Shopkeeper Fitzgerald   1883 15 July 1883 Ennis Ennis   Minnie FitzGerald, daughter, principle legatte & a spinster, of Ennis  
Bridget Flanagan   Will 1888 Limerick Widow   Flanagan     17 April 1887 Poulnabruckee Poulnabruckee   Margaret Flanagan, spinster & executrix, of Poulnabruckee  
John Foley   Will 1885 Limerick   Yeoman Foley   1884 20 December 1884 Drombiggle Drombiggle   John Halloran, executor, of Ennis, baker  
William Foley   Will 1886 Limerick   M.D. Foley     20 January 1886 Kilrush Kilrush   Rev Bartholomew Scanlan, executor, of Woodhouse (Moyreisk, Quin), P.P.
Joseph Keane Healy, executor, of Berry Lodge (Miltown Malbay), physician & surgeon
John Frisby   Will 1884 Limerick   Postmaster Frisby   1883 16 October 1883 Ennis Ennis   William Hynes M.D., executor, of Ennis, medical doctor
Patrick Sullivan, executor, of Ennis, assistant postmaster
Michael Solomon Frost   Will 1886 Limerick Husband Farmer Frost     2 June 1886 Rosroe Rosroe   Bedelia Frost, executrix, of Rosroe  
Mary Gallaher   Will 1884 Limerick Widow   Gallaher   1882 26 September 1882 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Mary Quealy, executrix & wife of Patrick Quealy, of Caherycoosane (Ennistymon)  
Michael Galvin   Will 1889 Limerick   Farmer Galvin     15 May 1888 Tullycrine Tullycrine   Patrick Reedy, executor, of Drumdigus, farmer  
Thomas Gleeson   Will 1888 Limerick Husband Farmer Gleeson     2 October 1887 Carhue Carhue   Bridget Gleeson, wife & executrix, of Carhue  
Robert Gloster   Will 1889 Limerick   Surgeon Gloster     20 June 1888 Parteen House Parteen House   John Alfred Place Esq, executor, of Corbally House, Limerick  
Richard Philip Going Esquire Will 1888 Limerick     Going     23 March 1888 Violet Hill (Broadford) Violet Hill (Broadford)   Richard Studdert Welsh Esq, executor, of Newtown (Clonlara)
Maurice Going Studdert Welsh Esq, executor, of Newtown (Clonlara)
Windham Quin Going Esquire Will 1889 Limerick   J.P. Going     2 July 1888 Violet Hill (Broadford) Violet Hill (Broadford)   Maurice Going Studdert Welsh Esq, executor, of Newtown (Clonlara)
Richard Studdert Welsh Esq, executor, of Newtown (Clonlara)
Daniel Gorman   WIll 1895 Limerick   Corn buyer Gorman     4 January 1886 Kilrush Kilrush   Thomas Fitzgerald, executor, of Kilrush, shopkeeper  
Anthony Graham Esquire Will 1881 Limerick     Graham   1881 13 September 1881 Corofin Corofin   William Francis Graham Esq, executor, of The Lodge, Tullaghan, Co Leitrim 1st probate
Thomas Greene Esquire Will 1887 Limerick Husband   Greene     26 December 1886 Limerick, Co Limerick Greenlawn   Norah Greene, wife & executrix, of Greenlawn  
Francis Griott   Will 1886 Limerick Husband Farmer Griott   1885 23 March 1885 Brickhill Brickhill   Margaret Griott, wife & executrix, of Brickhill  
Patrick Halloran   Will 1887 Limerick   Farmer Halloran     26 January 1887 Fomerla Fomerla   Matthew Scanlan, executor, of Ballymarkam, farmer
Jeremiah O'Dwyer, executor, of Cahernaclough, farmer
Michael Hanlon   Will 1881 Limerick   Yeoman Hanlon   1881 7 March 1881 Ennis Infirmary Laharden   Thomas Hanlon Jr, nephew & residuary legatee, of Loonagh, yeoman  
Andrew Hanrahan Reverend Will 1882 Limerick   R.C. Priest Hanrahan   1882 2 April 1882 Ballyvaughan Ballyvaughan   Patrick Hanrahan, executor, of Roxton, farmer  
John Hayes   Will 1881 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper and farmer Hayes   1881 14 April 1881 Carhucore Carhucore   Margaret Hayes, wife & executrix, of Carhucore  
Mary Hickey   Will 1888 Limerick Widow   Hickey     25 July 1888 Newmarket-on-Fergus Newmarket-on-Fergus   Mary Ann Sheehan, universal legatee & a spinster, of Newmarket-on-Fergus  
Martin Hill   Will 1888 Limerick   Farmer Hill     31 December 1887 Kilcorcorane Kilcorcorane   Michael Hill, executor, of Kilcorcorane, farmer
Andrew Clancy, executor, of Miltown Malbay, shopkeeper
Thomas Hogan   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Hogan   1882 20 August 1882 Reagunahana Reagunahana   Thomas Noonan, executor, of Reagunahana, farmer  
Patrick Hogan   Will 1886 Limerick   Farmer Hogan     23 May 1886 Kilokennedy Kilokennedy   James Slattery, executor, of Cloungahee, farmer
Bridget Slattery, executrix & wife of James Slattery Sr, of Cloungahee
Michael Houlihan   Will 1883 Limerick   Farmer Houlihan   1881 27 May 1881 Applevale Applevale   Thomas Houlihan, executor, of Applevale, farmer
Daniel Guthrie, executor, of Ballytigue, farmer
Thomas Houlihan   Will 1888 Limerick Husband Labourer Houlihan     20 January 1888 Ennis Ennis   Honor Houlihan, wife & executrix, of Ennis  
John Howard   Will 1897 Limerick   Farmer Howard     31 October 1888   Liskenee (Tulla)   Michael Floyd, executor, of Tulla, shopkeeper
Michael M'Namara, executor, of Lisofin (Tulla), farmer
Ellen Hynes   Will 1883 Limerick Widow   Hynes   1882 30 September 1882 Ballyvaughan Ballyvaughan   Jane Mooney (nee Hynes), daughter, residuary legatee & wife of Patrick Mooney, farmer, of Ballyvaughan  
John Hynes   Will 1915 Limerick   Farmer Hynes     15 August 1888   O'Callaghan's Mills   Edward P Heyns, medical doctor  
Peter Johnstone   Will 1881 Limerick   Miller Johnston   1881 7 October 1881 Rosmadda Rosmadda   John Johnstone, executor, of Castlematrix,Co Limerick, miller  
Galbraith Joynt   Will 1885 Limerick   Gentleman Joynt   1885 31 January 1885 Bellesile Bellesile   James Joynt, executor, of Anne's Grove, farmer  
Patrick Keane   Will 1883 Limerick   Shopkeeper Keane   1882 17 November 1882 Mater Misercordiae Hospital, Dublin, Co Dublin Kilkee   John Corry, executor, of Donaughboy, farmer
Michael Haugh, executor, of Kilfearagh, farmer
John Keane   Will 1886 Limerick Husband Farmer Keane   1885 7 October 1885 Gallows Hill Gallows Hill   Mary Keane, wife & executrix, of Gallows Hill  
John Keane   Will 1887 Limerick   Farmer Keane   1884 24 December 1884 Ennis Drumcanrinbeg   John O'Keeffe, executor, of Fountain, farmer
John Griffy, executor, of Raheen, farmer
Charles Keane   Will 1891 Limerick   Farmer Keane     11 January 1887 Killofin House Killofin House   Thomas Lynch, attorney of daughter (a legatee), of Ennis, solicitor  
John Keleher   Will 1883 Limerick   Shopkeeper Keleher   1883 15 January 1883 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Michael Keleher, son & legatee, of Ennistymon, shopkeeper  
Jeremiah Kelly Esquire Will 1882 Limerick Husband J.P. Kelly   1882 5 September 1882 Port House Port House   Bridget Kelly, wife & executrix, of Port House
Thomas Kelly, executor, of Dromina, farmer
Thomas Kelly   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer Kelly   1884 10 July 1884 Bohervan Bohervan   Thady Kelly, son & principle legatee, of Knocksogarth, farmer  
Daniel Kelly   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer Kelly   1881 5 May 1881 Clohanebeg Clohanebeg   Rev Thomas Kelly, executor, of Cranny, RCC
John Reidy, executor, of Cloncullen (Cloonaclare), farmer
Daniel Kelly   Will 1887 Limerick   Officer of Inland Revenue Kelly     27 December 1886 Clohanabeg Gravesend, England Clohanabeg Rev Thomas Kelly, executor, of Ennis, C.C.  
Teresa Keogh   Will 1883 Limerick Widow   Keogh   1882 14 May 1882 Cloungaheen East Cloungaheen East   Michael Keogh, son & legatee, of Clonohill, Co Roscommon, farmer
Peter Keogh, son & legatee, of Carrowduff, Co Roscommon, farmer
Michael Kerin   Will 1884 Limerick Husband Gentleman Kerin   1884 3 July 1884 Moymore Moymore   Catherine Kerin, wife & executrix, of Moymore
Jane Cahill, executrix & wife of Charles S Cahill, of Moymore
Thomas Kerin   Will 1885 Limerick Husband Farmer Kerin   1885 1 August 1885 Penelope Cottage (Finivara) Penelope Cottage (Finivara)   Margaret Kerin, wife & executrix, of Penelope Cottage (Finivara)  
Cornelius Kerin   Will 1888 Limerick Husband Farmer Kerin   1885 8 February 1885 Lislorkan Lislorkan   Honoria Kerin, wife & universal legatee, of Lislorkan  
Thomas Kerins   Will 1884 Limerick Husband Farmer Kerins   1884 18 May 1884 Kilfenora Kilfenora   Catherine Kerins, wife & executrix, of Kilfenora  
Michael Killeen   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Killeen   1881 16 June 1881 Molosky Molosky   Michael Killeen, executor, of Clonfeigh, farmer  
James Larner   Will 1883 Limerick Husband Farmer Larner   1883 13 July 1883 Clounlaheen West Clounlaheen West   Catherine Larner, wife & principle legatee, of Clounlaheen West  
John Leary   Will 1883 Limerick Husband Farmer Leary   1883 14 July 1883 Toureen (Ennis) Toureen (Ennis)   Alice Leary, wife & residuary legatee, of Toureen (Ennis)  
Ellen Leary   Will 1885 Limerick Spinster   Leary Leary 1883 5 December 1883 Ennis Ennis   Rev Daniel Fogarty, executor, of Dromcliff, R.C. administrator
Cornelius Sullivan, executor, of Ennis, gentleman
William Lenihan   Will 1889 Limerick   Farmer Lenihan     12 March 1888 Clonlown Clonlown   John M'Inerney, execuor, of Coolestoonan, farmer  
William Looney   Will 1882 Limerick Husband Farmer Looney   1882 3 July 1882 Soilshane Soilshane   Margaret Looney, wife & universal legatee in trust, of Soilshane  
Jane Lopdell   Will 1887 Limerick Spinster   Lopdell     11 October 1887 St. John's (Killaloe) St. John's (Killaloe)   Rev Henry Lopdell, executor, of St. John's (Killaloe), clerk  
Mary Lynch   Will 1892 Limerick Widow   Lynch     13 January 1888 Clenagh (Bunratty) Clenagh (Bunratty)   Anne Fogarty, legatee & wife of John Fogarty, of Cullenagh (Crusheen)  
James Macmahon Reverend Will 1882 Limerick   Parish priest MacMahon   1882 28 July 1882 Corofin Corofin   Rev Thomas MacMahon, executor, of Kilmihill, parish priest
Michael Mackey, executor, of Cregmoher, farmer
Francis M'Mahon Reverend Will 1884 Limerick   Parish priest MacMahon   1884 6 March 1884 Clonlara Clonlara   Most Rev James Ryan, executor, of Killaloe, R.C. Bishop  
Mary Madigan   Will 1888 Limerick Widow   Madigan     17 December 1887 Ballyvask Ballyvask   James Shannon, executor, of Milford, farmer  
Stephen Markham   Will 1886 Limerick   Farmer Markham   1885 31 March 1885 Moybeg Moybeg   Darby Markham, son & principal legatee, of Moybeg, farmer  
James Richard Martin Reverend Will 1885 Limerick   Clerk Martin   1885 15 August 1885 Tomgranny Tomgranny   Sarah C Martin, sister & a spinster, of Kilkee  
Margaret Martin   Will 1888 Limerick Spinster   Martin Martin   13 October 1888 Ballynote Ballynote   Patrick Touhey, executor, of Mount Kennett, Co Limerick, lodging house keeper  
Edward Maunsell Esquire Will 1882 Limerick     Maunsell   1882 15 June 1882 Glenbrook, Co Cork Deerpark   Richard Maunsell Esq, son, of Island Mcgrath  
Frances M'Carthy   Will 1887 Limerick Widow   McCarthy     27 March 1887 Killaloe Killaloe   William Thomas Johnson, executor, of Killaloe, draper
John Johnstone, executor, of Castlematrix, Co Limerick, miller
Michael M'Dermott   Will 1884 Limerick   Former head constable R.I.C. McDermott   1883 14 January 1883 Doolin Doolin   Jane M'Dermott, daughter, principal legatee & a spinster, of Doolin Former head constable R.I.C.
John M'Gann   Will 1888 Limerick   Farmer McGann     21 September 1887 Lahinch Killeen   Michael H M'Gann, principal legatee, of Rathmines, Co Dublin, medical student  
Thomas M'Grath Esquire Will 1882 Limerick     McGrath   1882 27 February 1882 Kilbarron Kilbarron   Daniel O'Connell Esq, executor, of Kilgorey
James M'Donough Esq, executor, of Bauroe
John M'Guane   Will 1888 Limerick   Farmer McGuane     14 May 1887 Lahinchy Lahinchy   James Kane, executor, of Burrislieve, farmer  
Michael M'Inerney   Will 1883 Limerick   Farmer McInerney   1881 26 April 1881 Cratloe Cratloe   Michael O'Connell, executor, of Castlegarde, farmer
Daniel Horan, executor, of Inch (St. Laurence), farmer
Thomas M'Enerny Or M'Inerney   Will 1886 Limerick   Farmer McInerney     2 January 1886 Monanoe Monanoe   Thomas M'Inerney, executor, of Monanoe, farmer  
James M'Inerney   Will 1889 Limerick   Farmer McInerney     25 June 1888 Kilaboy Kilaboy   John Hoey, executor, of Dangan, farmer  
Edward M'Kenna   Will 1887 Limerick Husband Clerk of public works McKenna     12 May 1886 Seaville House (Quilty) Seaville House (Quilty) Frimington, North Devon Joanna M'Kenna, wife & legatee, of Limerick, Co Limerick  
Bridget M'Mahon   Will 1883 Limerick Spinster   McMahon McMahon 1883 11 January 1883 Knocknagun Knocknagun   John M'Mahon, executor, of Knocknagun, farmer  
Kate M'Mahon   Will 1888 Limerick Spinster   McMahon     3 December 1887 Miltown Malbay Miltown Malbay   Patrick Murphy, executor, of Miltown Malbay, shopkeeper
Patrick M'Mahon, executor, of Miltown Malbay, shopkeeper
James M'Mahon   Will 1888 Limerick   Boatman McMahon     8 June 1888 Kildysart Kildysart   Bridget M'Mahon, mother, a widow & sole legatee, of Kildsart  
Peter Meade Reverend Will 1889 Limerick   P.P. Meade     6 December 1888 Clondegad (Ballynacally) Clondegad (Ballynacally)   Thomas Lillis, executor, of Churchtown (Cooraclare), farmer
Rev James Vaughan, executor, of Kildysart, P.P.
Patrick Meere   Will 1886 Limerick Husband Farmer Meere   1881 23 October 1881 Cragavoher Cragavoher   Bridget Meere, wife & executrix, of Cragavoher  
James Moloney   Will 1886 Limerick   Farmer Moloney     30 June 1886 Bauroe Bauroe   Rody Molony, executor, of Clonloum, farmer  
Anne Moloney   Will 1886 Limerick Widow   Moloney     4 March 1886 Islandavanna Islandavanna   John Cusack, executor, of Dromquin (Tiernaclane/Ennis), farmer  
Dillianna Molony   Will 1883 Limerick Spinster   Molony Molony 1883 16 July 1883 Charlie's Hope (Ennis) Tulla   Patricia Molony Trousdell, executrix & a spinster, of Charlie's Hope (Ennis)  
Daniel Molony   Will 1883 Limerick   Farmer Molony   1882 22 October 1882 Knockputteen Knockputteen   Fanny Molony, executrix & wife of John Molony, of Knockputteen
Mary Molony, executrix, of Dublin, Co Dublin
Michael Molony   Will 1887 Limerick   Farmer Molony     14 November 1886 Derrylea Derrylea   John Molony, son, of Ennis, draper  
John Moore   Will 1889 Limerick Husband Stone mason Moore     26 March 1887 Ballyvaskin Ballyvaskin   Bridget Moore, wife & executrix, of Ballyvaskin  
Edward Morony Esquire Will 1886 Limerick     Morony     29 September 1886 Doonaha House (Kilkee) Doonaha House (Kilkee)   Thomas Osborne Morony, son & executor, of Doonaha House (Kilkee), gentleman  
Francis Morony   Will 1888 Limerick   Clerk of Petty Sessions (Retired) Morony     5 January 1888 Miltown Malbay Miltown Malbay   Ralph John Morony Esq, executor, of Newbridge, Co Kildare  
Michael Mulcreevy   Will 1888 Limerick   Farmer Mulcreevy     7 October 1886 Cloonagoun Cloonagoun   Rev Timothy Hogan, executor, of Crusheen, P.P.  
William Murdock   Will 1887 Limerick   Farmer Murdock     9 December 1886 Tulla Cragg   James Murdock, executor, of Knockbeha, farmer  
Michael Murphy   Will 1911 Limerick   Yeoman Murphy     12 October 1888 Kildysart Workhouse Labasheeda   Daniel Murphy, yeoman  
Catherine Murray   Will 1884 Limerick Widow   Murray   1883 4 September 1883 Ennis Ennis   Michael Shannon, executor, of Ennis, merchant  
Thomas Murtagh   Will 1893 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper Murtagh     13 September 1887 Miltown Malbay Miltown Malbay   Margaret Murtagh, wife & executrix, of Miltown Malbay  
Edward Neylan   Will 1885 Limerick Husband Farmer Neylan   1884 1 June 1884 Dereen Dereen   Anne Neylan, wife & universal legatee, of Dereen  
Honora Nihill   Will 1887 Limerick Widow   Nihill   1881 29 March 1881 Killaloe Killaloe   Eliza Nihill, a spinster & universal legatee, of Killaloe  
Michael Nugent   Will 1883 Limerick   Farmer Nugent   1883 23 February 1883 Currakyle (Feakle) Currakyle (Feakle)   Michael Nugent, residuary legatee, of Currakyle (Feakle), farmer  
Eugene O'Callaghan Esquire Will 1886 Limerick Husband   O'Callaghan   1885 5 December 1885 Limerick, Co Clare Limerick, Co Clare Clifton Ville Mary O'Callaghan, wife & universal legatee, of Limerick, Co Clare  
Martin O'Connell   Will 1886 Limerick   Farmer O'Connell     26 March 1886 Clounmackon Clounmackon   Patrick Barry, executor, of Drumnaugh (Inagh), farmer  
Anne O'Connell   Will 1887 Limerick Widow   O'Connell   1881 17 October 1881 Killadysart Killadysart   Bridget O'Connell, executrix & a widow, of Killadysart  
Thomas O'Connor   Will 1890 Limerick   Farmer O'Connor     8 December 1888 Cree Cree   Patrick Carey, executor, of Cree, farmer  
Bridget O'Dea   Will 1885 Limerick     O'Dea   1882 2 July 1882 Chipfield Chipfield Rathclooney Michael O'Dea, executor, of Chipfield, yeoman  
Patrick O'Dea   Will 1889 Limerick   Shopkeeper O'Dea     13 June 1888 Kilrush Kilrush   Michael O'Dea, executor, of Kilrush, shopkeeper  
Michael O'Donnell   Will 1885 Limerick   Servant O'Donnell   1885 11 May 1885 Crusheen Crusheen   Mary O'Donnell, mother, legatee & a widow, of Crusheen  
John O'Donnell   Will 1887 Limerick   Farmer O'Donnell     19 December 1886 Doonmore Doonmore   John O'Donnell, son & legatee, of Doonmore, farmer  
Edmond O'Donoghue Reverend Will 1883 Limerick   R.C. Priest O'Donoghue   1883 26 April 1883 Shanagolden, Co Limerick Kilkee   Michael O'Donnell, executor, of Hill Cottage (Kilmallock), Co Limerick, solicitor  
Michael O'Donoghue Reverend Will 1887 Limerick   P.P. O'Donoghue     19 November 1886 Carrigaholt Carrigaholt   Rev Michael Gleeson, excutor, of Ballinacally, R.C.C.  
Martin O'Flanagan   Will 1887 Limerick   Shopkeeper O'Flanagan     9 January 1887 Ennis Ennis   Patrick O'Flanagan, executor, of Ennis, shopkeeper  
Susan O'Grady   Will 1882 Limerick Widow   O'Grady   1882 24 May 1882 Erinagh House Erinagh House   Standish Hayes O'Grady Esq, executor, of Erinagh House  
Isabella O'Grady Honorable Will 1884 Limerick Spinster   O'Grady   1884 15 November 1884 Fort Fergus Fort Fergus Rathfridagh, Co Limerick James Waller O'Grady, executor, of Rathfridagh, Co Limerick, J.P. R.N. Former residences:
Monkstown House (Kingstown), Co Dublin
Dublin, Co Dublin
John O'Halloran Esquire Will 1884 Limerick     O'Halloran   1883 2 December 1883 Ballycunneen Ballycunneen   John O'Halloran Esq, executor, of Ballycunneen  
John O'Halloran   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer O'Halloran   1884 11 August 1884 Jeverstown Jeverstown   Patrick O'Halloran, executor, of Mount Allen, farmer
James Kelly, executor, of Cleenagh, farmer
Peter O'Halloran   Will 1886 Limerick   Farmer O'Halloran   1885 13 August 1885 Ieverstown (Sixmilebridge) Ieverstown (Sixmilebridge)   Patrick O'Halloran, executor, of Mount Allen (O'Callaghan's Mills), farmer  
Matthew J O'Halloran   Will 1886 Limerick   Farmer O'Halloran     20 March 1886 Sixmile Bridge Sixmile Bridge   Patrick O'Halloran, executor, of Mount Allen, farmer
William Halpin Jr, executor, of Newmarket-on-Fergus, farmer
Patrick O'Keeffe   Will 1883 Limerick   Farmer O'Keeffe   1883 23 March 1883 Clonroadmore Clonroadmore   John Lyons, executor, of Ballymealy, farmer  
Michael O'Leary   Will 1887 Limerick   Farmer O'Leary     3 December 1886 Rath Rath   Bridget O'Leary, executrix & a spinster, of Rath  
Michael Ologhlin   Will 1885 Limerick   Gentleman Ologhlin   1885 6 May 1885 Lahinch Lahinch   Morgan O'Loghlin, executor, of Lagheloon, gentleman
John O'Loghlin, executor, of Liscanoor, gentleman
Michael O'Neal   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer O'Neal   1883 7 October 1883 Baltard Baltard   Simon O'Neal, son & residuary legatee, of Baltard, farmer  
Richard O'Neill   Will 1881 Limerick   Farmer O'Neill   1883 25 March 1883 Lissane Lissane   Joseph Hickey, universal legatee, of Lissane, farmer by decree
Abigail Parker   Will 1882 Limerick Spinster   Parker Parker 1882 23 April 1882 Kilrush Kilrush   Joseph Hamilton Esq, executor, of Causeway, Co Kerry  
Richard Parnell   Will 1885 Limerick   Farmer Parnell   1884 1 January 1884 Meelick Meelick   Michael Parnell, executor, of Meelick, farmer
John Parnell, executor, of Meelick, farmer
William Peacocke   Will 1886 Limerick   Gentleman Peacocke     13 April 1886 Kilrush Kilrush   Thomas Twiss Peacocke, executor, of Kilrush, gentleman  
Thomas Pilkington Esquire Will 1884 Limerick   J.P. Pilkington   1884 5 January 1884 Waterpark (Ennis) Waterpark (Ennis)   Robert Griffin Esq, executor, of Kilbaha Cottage (Kilbaha) 1st probate
Caleb Powell Esquire Will 1882 Limerick Husband   Powell   1881 24 February 1881 Clonshavoy Clonshavoy   Georgina Frances Powell, widow & executrix, of Clonshavoy  
Patrick Quinlivan   Will 1887 Limerick   Farmer Quinlivan     6 March 1887 Clonmoney Clonmoney   Patrick Quinlivan, executor, of City of Cork, Co Cork, Officer of Inland Revenue
Denis Quinlivan, executor, of London S.W., England, civil servant (retired)
Edward Rice   Will 1882 Limerick   Yeoman Rice   1882 3 October 1882 Knockpouge Knockpouge   Thomas Rice, executor, of Limerick, Co Limerick, land agent's clerk  
Timothy Roberts   Will 1887 Limerick Husband Publican and general merchant Roberts     22 January 1887 Corofin Corofin   Margaret Roberts, wife & executrix, of Corofin  
John Roche   Will 1882 Limerick   Coastguard Pensioner Roche   1881 25 September 1881 Kilkee Kilkee   Rev Timothy Brosnahan, executor, of Kilkee, RCC  
William Roughan Or Rohan   Will 1902 Limerick   Farmer Roughan     20 March 1887   Glenmalone   Owen Hayes, farmer  
John Foster Rowan   Will 1881 Limerick   M.D. Rowan   1881 23 May 1881 Kilkee Kilkee   Michael Studdert Brew Esq, executor, of Ballyerra House
Francis Foster, executor, of Lisdoonvarna, M.D.
John Ryan   Will 1882 Limerick   Yeoman Ryan   1882 14 April 1882 Miltown Malbay Miltown Malbay Springfield, USA Patrick Fox, residuary legatee, of Miltown Malbay, yeoman  
Patrick Ryan   Will 1882 Limerick   Farmer Ryan   1881 28 December 1881 Moghena Moghena   Michael Ryan, executor, of Derrymore, farmer
Thomas Regan, executor, of Moghena, farmer
Patrick Ryan   Will 1883 Limerick   Farmer Ryan   1883 28 October 1883 Coonagh (Limerick) Cratlow   Michael Grimes, executor, of Coonagh (Limerick), farmer
Matthew Grimes, executor, of Cahirdavin, Co Limerick, farmer
Martin Ryan   Will 1885 Limerick   Labourer Ryan   1885 3 March 1885 Kilrush Kilrush   Garrett Doherty, executor, of Kilrush, merchant  
William Scarlett   Will 1881 Limerick   Postmaster Scarlett   1881 28 June 1881 Sixmilebridge Sixmilebridge   Emma Scarlett, spinster & executrix, of Sixmilebridge  
Frederick Shannon   Will 1884 Limerick   Farmer Shannon   1884 21 May 1884 Clonbony Clonbony   Francis Shannon, executor, of Clonbony, farmer  
Patrick Shannon Reverend Will 1886 Limerick   P.P. of Kilmacduane Shannon     17 February 1886 Parochial House (Cooraclare) Cooraclare   William Buckley, executor, of Cooraclare, R.C.C.
Michael Shannon, executor, of Ennis, shopkeeper
John Shaw   Will 1884 Limerick   Merchant Shaw   1883 24 June 1883 Ennis Ennis   Rev Daniel Fogarty, executor, of Ennis, administrator of Drumcliffe Parish
Thomas Greene Esq, executor, of Ennis
Margaret Shea   Will 1882 Limerick Widow   Shea   1882 24 July 1882 Kilrush Kilrush   Mary Anne Philpott, legatee & wife of Patrick C Philpott, of Kilrush  
Bridget Slattery   Will 1884 Limerick Widow   Slattery   1884 20 November 1884 Newtown Newtown   Thomas O'Neill, executor, of Knockbrack, farmer
Timothy Hogan, executor, of Ennistymon, shopkeeper
Edmond Stack   Will 1883 Limerick   Shopkeeper Stack   1881 1 June 1881 Ennis Ennis   John Joseph Stack, executor, of Hoxtons, North London, England, MD  
Cecilia Matilda Stackpoole   Will 1887 Limerick Widow   Stackpoole     23 November 1886 Cappa Cappa   Margaret Borough, executrix & a spinster, of Cappa  
Mary Johnson Stamer   Will 1883 Limerick Widow   Stamer   1883 23 January 1883 Stamer Park (Ennis) Stamer Park (Ennis)   Thomas Greene Esq, executor, of Greenlawn (Ennis)  
Jonas Studdert Esquire Will 1883 Limerick   Justice of the Peace Studdert   1883 25 June 1883 Knocknareehy Knocknareehy   Charles Washing Studdert Esq, executor, of Craghmoher  
Charles Fitzgerald Studdert Esquire Will 1888 Limerick   J.P. Studdert     11 December 1887 Newmarket House (Newmarket-on-Fergus) Newmarket House (Newmarket-on-Fergus)   George S Studdert Esq, brother & legatee, of Moy (Lahinch) 1st Probate
Thomas Studdert Esquire Will 1888 Limerick     Studdert     12 December 1887 Ballyhenan House Ballyhenan House   Hallam George Studdert Esq, executor, of Hazlewood  
Daniel Sullivan   Will 1887 Limerick Husband Clerk of the Corofin Union Sullivan     21 March 1887 Corofin Corofin   Alice Mary Sullivan, wife & universal legatee, of Corofin  
Arthur Tatton Venerable Archdeacon Will 1885 Limerick Husband Archdeacon of Kilfenora Tatton   1885 20 July 1885 Kilmanahee Glebe (Ennistymon) Kilmanahee Glebe (Ennistymon)   Anna Tatton, wife & executrix, of Kilmanahee Glebe (Ennistymon)
Frances Maria Tatton, executrix & a spinster, Kilmanahee Glebe (Ennistymon)
Mary Thynne   Will 1886 Limerick Widow   Thynne   1885 7 August 1885 Ennistymon Ennistymon   Mary Jane Thynne, a widow & executrix during viduity, of Ennistymon  
Florence Vandeleur   Will 1886 Limerick Spinster   Vandeleur Vandeleur 1885 4 December 1885 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Co Dublin Kilkee   Rev Michael Power, executor, of Co Tipperary, R.C.C.
John P M'Craith, executor, of Roscrea, Co Tipperary, solicitor
Ellen Vaughan   Will 1887 Limerick Widow   Vaughan     27 October 1886 Miltown Malbay Miltown Malbay   James Vaughan, son & principal legatee, of Miltown Malbay, grocer  
John Vaughan   Will 1890 Limerick   Farmer Vaughan     November 1888 Lisroe (Kilbane) Lisroe (Kilbane)   Patrick Giltenan, legatee, of Truagh, farmer  
Edmond Walsh   Will 1882 Limerick Husband Shopkeeper Walsh   1882 23 September 1882 Kilrush Kilrush   Rev. Laurence J Browne, executor, of Kilkeedy, parish priest
Mary Walsh, wife & executrix, of Kilrush
Jane Weston   Will 1883 Limerick Spinster   Weston Weston 1882 16 November 1882 Ennis Ennis   William Edward Armstrong MacDonnell, executor, of New Hall  
Frances Whyte   Will 1885 Limerick Widow   Whyte   1885 16 April 1885 Littleton Cottage (Miltown Malbay) Littleton Cottage (Miltown Malbay)   Maria Louisa Whyte, daughter, a spinster & sole legatee, of Littleton Cottage (Miltown Malbay)  
John Bourke Whittaker Esquire Will 1882 Limerick     Wittaker   1882 30 January 1882 Hillpark (Labasheeda) Hillpark (Labasheeda) Island of Ceylon Thomas M'Mahon Cregan Esq, exectutor, of Ardcregan, J.P.  
Henry Wolfenden Reverend Will 1883 Limerick Husband Clerk Wolfenden   1883 21 March 1883 Kilfinaghty glebe Kilfinaghty glebe   Isabella Wolfenden, wife & executrix, of Kilfinaghty glebe  
Patrick Woulfe   Will 1887 Limerick   Farmer Woulfe     12 November 1886 Caherush Caherush   John Woulfe, executor, of Lahensy, retired inland revenue officer

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