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Ennis Volunteers’ Minute Book, 1778

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Volunteer corps were formed in Ireland from early in the 18th Century as local defence forces attached to the militia. This list of names was compiled from the Minute Book of the Ennis Volunteers, which is held in the National Library of Ireland. The list appears at the end of an article called “Extracts from the minute book of the Ennis Volunteers, 1778”, transcribed from the original by Miss Katherine Dillon and edited by Robert Herbert. The article was published in the North Munster Antiquarian Journal, 1952, pp 143-151.

The following note describing the manuscript was published with the article:

This is the only minute-book of any of the Volunteer Companies in the Library. It is the original manuscript and was, apparently, owned by B. Blood in 1924. It measures approximately 16 x 12 inches, and is bound in green cloth. Inside the cover is a bookplate with arms, and underneath is printed “Sir Bindon Blood.” A leaf of white drawing paper has been inserted with “The Ennis Volunteers Records and Accounts, 1778-1792,” in decorated script, and, in pencil at the top, “B. Blood, 1924.” On the reverse side is the Union Jack in colour, with a small golden shield in the centre with the letters GR, and over the shield a gold sign with “Ennis Infantry.” Around the shield is a wreath in colour of the rose, shamrock and thistle, with accompanying foliage; underneath the flag is written “Regimental Colours of the Ennis Infantry.”

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