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Clare Genealogy & Family History

1901 Census of Population of County Clare
1901 Census of Population of County Clare - Surname Index
1901 Census of Population of County Clare - List of Surnames
1901 Census of Population of county Clare - Frequency of Surnames
1841 & 1851 Census Search Forms

Search the 1911 Census of Population of County Clare (external link)
Browse the 1911 Census of Population of County Clare (external link)

1852/1855 Index to Griffith's Valuation for Clare - Surname Index
1852/1855 Index to Griffith's Valuation for Clare - Parish Index
1852/1855 Index to Griffith's Valuation for Clare - List of Surnames
1852/1855 Index to Griffith's Valuation for Clare - Frequency of Surnames
Griffith's Valuation with images and maps (external link)

1820s-1840s Index to Tithe Applotment Books - Surname Index
1820s-1840s Index to Tithe Applotment Books - Parish Index
1820s-1840s Index to Tithe Applotment Books - List of Surnames
1820s-1840s Index to Tithe Applotment Books - Frequency of Surnames
Tithe Applotment Books with images (external link)

Combined list of surnames which occur in the 1901 Census of Population of County Clare, the Griffith's Valuation 1855 of County Clare, and the Tithe Applotment Books (1820s-1840s) for County Clare, including the number of occurences for each surname collected in each source. (3MB file)
Names to conjure with: a perspective on Clare surnames by Pat Flynn
General Registry Office civil registrations from 1864 (external link)

1692-1775 Freemen of Ennis
1768 Freeholders of County Clare
1821 List of Freeholders, County Clare
1825 List of Freeholders: copy of registry available in the Local Studies Centre, Ennis.
1829 Registry of Freeholders for the County of Clare
1832 Applicants to the Registry of Freeholders, Borough of Ennis
1841 Applicants to the Registry of Freeholders, Co. Clare

1888-1916 Journals: Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland
1636-1703 Books of Survey and Distribution
1636-1703 Books of Survey and Distribution, Headford Set, Inchiquin Barony
1659 Census of Clare
1700 Chichester House List of Claims
Pre-1855 Estate Papers in NLI and NAI
1876 Land owners in Clare
1824 Hedge School Teachers in Clare
1903-1934 Index to biographical notices, ‘Clare Champion’
1935-1985 Index to biographical notices, 'Clare Champion'

Notes on the Sheriffs of County Clare
1577-1892 High Sheriffs of Clare
1583-1886 Clare Members of Parliament
1584-1637 Clare Chancery Pleadings
1661-1893 Clare Justices of the Peace

1732, '84, '99, 1805 Clare Grand Juries
1739-1835 Borogh of Ennis, Office Holders
1740/41 Persons named in the Lucas Diary
1740-1783 Converts from Popery
1778 Ennis Volunteers’ Minute Book
1797 Letter to the Provost, Borough of Ennis
1798 United Irishmen of North West Clare
1808 Meeting of Ennis Catholics
1815 Signatories and Subscribers
1816-1835 Ejectment Books of County Clare
1820 Ennis Charitable Loan Society
1828-1855 Dunboyne News Cuttings Birth Notices
1844 Ennis Signatories to Colonel Wyndham
1845 Galway and Ennis Railway Petitioners
1846-1847 Wynne's Public Works Relief Lists
1849 Evictions in Kilrush Union
1849 The shipwreck of the 'St John' - survivors and drowned
1850-51 Deaths and Staff in Kilrush and Ennistymon Workhouses
1854 Kilrush Convent of Mercy List of Subscribers
1858 Signatories to request meeting for O'Connell Monument
1860 Subscribers to Clare Papal Army
1860 Kilrush Traders
1863 Macnamara Rental
1864-1870 Deaths in the Liscannor area
1865 Deserters from the Militia [Ireland], Clare Regiment
1866 Census of Kilfenora and Kiltoraght Parishes
1866-67 Killaloe Diocesan College, Ennis 1866-67
1868 Subscribers to a New Fair Green for Ennis
1869 Subscribers to the entrance to the Catholic Church of Tulla
1872 Subscribers from Tulla Parish to Galway Vindication Fund
1872 Ennistymon Christian Brothers List of Contributors
1873 Sisters of Mercy Convent and School Building Fund, Kilkee
1873 Kilrush Curates' Collection Subscribers List
1873 Ennistymon Christian Brothers Appeal for Subscriptions
1876 Ratepayers against proposed Ennis Waterworks
1878-1903 Tenants evicted in East Clare
1881 Subscriptions to Ennis Diocesan College
1882 Petition from Clergy and Gentry of Clare to Lord Lieutenant
1890s List of tenants on Colonel O'Callaghan's estate, Bodyke
1900s Houses and their Occupiers in Ennistymon
1900s Houses and their Occupiers in some townlands around Ennistymon
1900s Houses and their Occupiers in Lahinch
1914-1918 Clare Men & Women in the Great War
1914-18 North Clare soldiers who died during World War I
1914-18 Kilrush Men in World War I
1918 Quin Subscribers to Major Redmond Memorial Fund
1918 Kilrush ITGWU (Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union) Contributions
1921 & 1926 Scariff Rural District Rate Books

School Registers & Roll Books

1814-1931 County Clare Boys who attended Clongowes Wood College
1857-1885; 1882-1926; 1926-1929 CBS Ennistymon School Register
1863-1940 Dysart National School Registers (Girls and Boys)
1863-1975 Lack School, Kilchreest: Pupils, Teachers, Managers
1864-1880 Register of Infants in Bansha National School
1864-1922 (Girls) School Register, Kinturk National School
1865-1922 (Boys) and 1889-1922 (Girls) Roll Books, Lacken National School, Kilmihil
1865-1888 Boys’ and Girls’ School Registers, Tiermaclane National School
1866-1896 Tulla Boys National School
1871-1939 (Girls) and 1890-1939 (Boys) Roll Books, Ruan National School
1871-1896 (Girls) School Register, Kilshanny National School
1873-1960 Pupils, Principals and Monitors, Knockjames NS
1873-1940 Kells School Roll Books
1876-1970 Kilbaha N.S. Roll Books
1879-1940 (Boys) and 1909-1940 (Girls) Roll Books, Lahinch National School
1880 - 1922 Maghera National School Attendance Register
1886-1908 (Boys) and 1899-1932 (Girls) School Register, Kilfenora National School
1888-1966 Boys’ and Girls’ School Registers, Ballyea National School
1895-1925 (Girls) and 1896-1925 (Boys) Roll Books, Miltown Malbay National School
1896-1922 (Boys) and 1888-1922 (Girls) Roll Books, Leitrim National School, Kilmihil
1897-1900 Drumcharley National School
1898-1952 Ennis National School Registers
1899-1925 (Boys) and 1901-1922 (Girls) School Registers, Kilkishen National School
1904-1921 (Boys and Girls) Glendree National School Registers
1907-1922 (Boys) and 1906-1922 (Girls) School Register, Lisroe National School
1908-1966 Pitfield National School Register
1910-1922 (Boys) and 1908-1922 (Girls) Roll Books, Rockmount NS, Miltown Malbay

1916-1923 Tulla Girls School
1916-1925 Ballybran National School Registers
1920-1930 CBS Ennis School Registers

See also History of Education in Clare

Clare Historical Maps

Clare Historical Maps

Clare Historical Maps

Donated Material
Transcriptions of material from primary source documents and family histories donated to Clare County Library. See the Clare Past Forum also for donated material directly uploaded by forum members.

 Births/Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths
Census Records and Electoral Registers
Court Reports and Legal Records (including Evictions)
Emigration Records
Family Histories, Biographies & Memoirs
Graveyard Inscriptions
Military, Legal, Police & Prison Records
Memorial / Mortuary Cards

Newspaper Extracts
Registers, Rent-rolls, Leases & other Land Records
Shipping and Seamen
Wills & Probate
Clare Past Forum Emigration List Project (1892-1924)


1893 Guy's Directory, Clare
1881, Slater's Directory, Ennis & Clarecastle
1880-1 Bassett's Directory, Clare
1875-6 Bassett's Directory, Clare
1870, Slater's Directory, Ennis & Clarecastle
1842,1863 Hogan's Directory, Kilkee
1846 Slater's Directory, Clare
1814 Leet’s Directory, Clare
1824 Pigot's Directory, Clare
1788 Lucas's Directory, Ennis

Histories of Clare Families

The Origins of Heraldry
Principal original families of County Clare
Learned Families of Thomond
The territories of the ancient Irish families in Limerick and Clare
The BUTLERS of County Clare
Pedigree of the COMYN Family
Short Study of a Transplanted Family (MACLYSAGHTS)
The O'DAVORENS of Cahermacnaughten

Research support
Clare Past Forum Clare Past Forum

Townland index
Civil Parish index
Church records
Old Territorial Divisions and Land Measures

Links to external Genealogical Services

Links to external Genealogical Sources

Tracing your Family Tree - Tips from Clare County Library

Research suggestions on convicts and Irish immigrants to Australia by June Tomlinson (PDF)

Check-list and tips for family historians intending to visit Clare (by Paddy Casey on the Clare Past forum)

Digital Books (Genealogy, History etc)

Genscriber (free program to download for transcribing parish records etc. courtesy of Les Hardy)