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Glendree National School, Tulla

School Register (Boys and Girls) 1904-1921

Donated by: Jane Halloran Ryan, Tulla Reaching Out Heritage Group


Glendree National School is located near Tulla, Co Clare. It was established around 1854, see the Schools Folklore Collection on Dúchas. This transcription covers the years 1904-1921.

Bane John 1893 Magherabaun Feakle Farmer
Bane Michael 1893 Magherabaun Feakle Farmer
Bane Patrick 1897 Magherabaun Feakle Farmer
Bane Daniel 1898 Magherabaun Feakle Farmer
Barry Annie 1895 Shanavaha   Farmer
Butler Michael 1891 Glendree Drumcharley Farmer
Butler John 1892 Glendree   Farmer
Butler Patrick 1899 Glendree   Farmer
Butler Delia 1895 Glendree   Farmer
Butler Jane 1896 Glendree   Farmer
Butler Annie M. 1903 Glendree   Farmer
Butler Kathleen 1906 Lower Glendree   Farmer
Callaghan John 1915 Glendree   Farmer
Canny Delia 1909 Clonagrow   Farmer
Canny John 1912 Glendree   Farmer
Canny Michael 1914 Glendree   Farmer
Canny John not listed Glendree   Farmer
Canny Michael not listed Glendree   Farmer
Carmody Norah 1899 Glendree   Farmer
Casey Patrick 1895 Magherabaun   Farmer
Casey Charles 1900 Magherabaun   Farmer
Casey John 1918 Magherabaun   Farmer
Casey Lena 1896 Maherabane   Farmer
Casey Kathleen 1897 Maherabane   Farmer
Casey Margaret 1898 Maherabane   Farmer
Condry James 1912 Uggoon   Farmer
Condry Maud 1914 Gurteen   Farmer
Condry James illegible Uggoon   Farmer
Condry James 1916 Uggoon   Féirmeoir
Conlon Michael 1911 Gurteen   Farmer
Conlon Bridget no date Gurteen   Farmer
Conlon Patrick Joseph 1914 Gurteen   Farmer
Conlon Patrick Joseph no date Gurteen   Farmer
Conlon Michael 1914 Gurteen   Farmer
Cooney James 1891 Uggoon   Farmer
Cooney John James 1892 Uggoon   Farmer
Cooney Patrick 1910 Baloughtra   Farmer
Cooney Denis 1909 Glendree   Farmer
Cooney Lena 1896 Uggoon   Farmer
Cooney Christina 1900 Uggoon   Farmer
Cooney Mary Agnes 1905 Lower Glendree   Farmer
Cooney Delia Margaret 1909 Lower Glendree   Farmer
Cooney Bridget 1908 Baloughtra   Farmer
Cooney Lena 1918 Glendree   Farmer
Dooley John 1900 Kilmore Knockjames Farmer
Dooley James 1904 Kilmore Knockjames Farmer
Dooley Joseph 1901 Baloughtra   Farmer
Dooley Mary 1908 Kilmore   Farmer
Dooley Norah 1905 Kilmore   Farmer
Dooley James 1904 Baloughtra   Farmer
Duggan Michael 1894 Uggoon   Labourer
Duggan Patrick 1901 Uggoon   Labourer
Duggan Martin 1904 Glendree   Labourer
Duggan Mary 1893 Uggoon   Labourer
Duggan Bridget 1896 Uggoon   Labourer
Duggan Norah 1898 Uggoon   Labourer
Duggan Elly 1910 Glendree   Farmer
Duggan Martin 1904 Glendree   Farmer
Fleming Michael 1156 Uggoon Ennis Farmer
Foley John 1901 Glendree   Farmer
Foley Michael 1904 Glendree   Farmer
Foley Martin 1908 Glendree   Farmer
Foley Annie M. 1902 Glendree   Farmer
Foley Mary 1905 Glendree   Farmer
Foley Jane 1908 Upper Glendree   Farmer
Foley Bridget 1909 Upper Glendree   Farmer
Foley Michael 1904 Glendree   Farmer
Foley Mary no date Glendree   Farmer
Glynn John 1904 Magherabaun Tulla Farmer
Guilfoyle Michael J. 1890 Glendree   Labourer
Guilfoyle Annie 1892 Glendree   Labourer
Hogan Martin 1892 Glendree   Farmer
Hogan Bridget 1892 Glendree   Farmer
Hogan Ellen 1896 Glendree   Farmer
Hogan Ellen 1900 Baloughtra Knockjames Farmer
Hogan Margaret 1919 Baloughtra Knockjames Farmer
Houlihan James 1898 Glendree   Farmer
Houlihan Patrick 1900 Glendree   Farmer
Houlihan John 1902 Glendree   Farmer
Houlihan Mary A 1900 Glendree   Farmer
Hynes Gerald 1912 Glendree   Farmer
Hynes Gerard 1918 Glendree   Farmer
Jones Rody 1892 Ayle   Farmer
Keehan Daniel 1909 Baloughtra Knockjames Farmer
Keehan Thomas 1911 Baloughtra Knockjames Farmer
Keehan Michael 1907 Baloughtra Knockjames Farmer
Keehan Annie K. no date Baloughtra Knockjames Farmer
Kelly Margaret 1897 Glendree   Farmer
Loughery John 1901 Glendree American Farmer
Loughnane John 1908 Glendree   Farmer
Loughnane Bridget Teresa 1912 Glendree   Farmer
Mack James 1898 Glendree   Farmer
MacMahon Norah 1905 Magherabaun   Farmer
MacMahon Mary Ellen 1906 Lower Glendree   Farmer
MacMahon Bridie 1912 Glendree   Farmer
MacNamara Lawrence 1901 Lower Glendree   Farmer
MacNamara Minnie 1894 Uggoon   Farmer
MacNamara Helena 1894 Glendree   Farmer
MacNamara Delia 1900 Glendree   Farmer
MacNamara Mary Ellen 1906 Glendree   Farmer
MacNamara Norah 1905 Lower Glendree   Farmer
MacNamara Biddy D. no date Glendree   Farmer
MacNamara Mary D. no date Glendree   Farmer
MacNamara Bridget no date Glendree   Farmer
Malone Norah 1905 Upper Glendree Kilclaran Farmer
McCarthy Patrick 1894 Uggoon Drumcharley Farmer
McCarthy Michael 1894 Uggoon   Farmer
McCarthy John Joe 1899 Uggoon   Farmer
McCarthy John 1897 Uggoon Drumcharley Farmer
McCarthy Alice 1890 Uggoon   not listed
McCarthy Margaret 1892 Uggoon   Farmer
McCarthy Fanny 1893 Uggoon   Farmer
McCarthy Katie 1891 Uggoon   Farmer
McCarthy Matilda 1895 Uggoon   Farmer
McCarthy Marcella 1900 Uggoon   Farmer
McCarthy Madge no date Derryulk Knockjames Farmer
McGrath Myles 1891 Glendree   Farmer
McGrath Patrick 1901 Glendree   Farmer
McGrath Michael 1904 Glendree   Farmer
McGrath Kathleen 1903 Glendree Knockjames Farmer
McGrath Patrick 1902 Glendree   Farmer
McGrath Michael 1904 Glendree   Farmer
McGrath Michael 1915 Glendree   Farmer
McGrath Michael 1920 Glendree   Farmer
McInerney Patrick 1890 Drumcharley Annaghneal Farmer
McInerney John 1892 Drumcharley Drumcharley Farmer
McInerney Michael 1904 Glendree   Farmer
McInerney Bridget 1909 Lower Glendree   Farmer
McInerney John 1914 Derryulk Knockjames Farmer
McInerney Mary 1918 Derryulk Knockjames Farmer
McMahon Patrick J. 1908 Magherabaun   Farmer
McMahon Denis 1909 Magherabaun   Farmer
McMahon May 1900 Magherabane   Farmer
McMahon Annie M. 1900 Magherabane   Farmer
McMahon Delia 1902 Maherabane   Farmer
McMahon Theresa 1904 Maherabane   Farmer
McMahon Margaret 1911 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Thomas 1891 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara John Joe 1892 Kilmore   Farmer
McNamara Thomas Jms 1891 Clondanagh Drumcharley Farmer
McNamara Denis 1895 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Michael Edward 1897 Kilmore   Farmer
McNamara Richard 1897 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Patrick 1896 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Ambrose 1898 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Michael 1900 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Michael 1902 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara John 1901 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara James 1898 Glendree Tulla Workhouse Farmer
McNamara William 1900 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara John Joseph 1908 Lower Glendree   Farmer
McNamara James 1908 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Thomas 1909 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Denis E. 1909 Magherabaun   Farmer
McNamara Stephen Jr 1909 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Andrew 1912 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Andrew D. 1911 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Michael L. 1912 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Denis E. 1909 Magherabaun   Farmer
McNamara Emily 1892 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Delia 1892 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Lena 1892 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Bridget 1893 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Delia 1900 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Margaret 1897 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Mary 1898 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Bridget 1900 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Katie 1899 Glendree Drumcharley Farmer
McNamara Kathleen 1907 Lower Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Norah J 1909 Lower Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Mary illegible 1909 Lower Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Delia May 1905 Magherabaun   Farmer
McNamara Margaret 1909 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Elizabeth 1911 Magherabaun   Farmer
McNamara Mary A. no date Magherabaun   Farmer
McNamara William 1904 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Stephen 1912 Uggoon   Farmer
McNamara Martin 1916 Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Annie 1918 Uggoon   Farmer
McNamara Mary Anne 1918 Magherabaun   Farmer
McNamara Martin not listed Glendree   Farmer
McNamara Andrew J. 1918 Glendree Lower   Farmer
McNamara Andrew D. 1921 Glendree Upper   Farmer
McNamara Michael L. 1921 Glendree Lower   Farmer
McNamara Michael L. 1919 Glendree   Féirmeoir
McNamara Andrew J. 1921 Glendree   Féirmeoir
Meany Michael 1889 Glendree   Farmer
Meany John 1891 Glendree   Farmer
Meany Thomas 1894 Glendree   Farmer
Meany Delia 1892 Glendree   Farmer
Minogue Maria 1896 Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney Myles 1899 Uggoon   Widow
Moloney Denis 1909 Glendree   Farmer
Moloney James 1912 Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney Myles None listed Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney Anthony 1912 Glendree   Farmer
Moloney John 1914 Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney Martin 1914 Glendree   Farmer
Moloney Delia 1891 Glendree   Farmer
Moloney Josephine 1892 Knockjames   Farmer
Moloney Annie M. 1894 Glendree   Farmer
Moloney Maggie 1894 Knockjames   Farmer
Moloney Johana 1894 Glendree   Farmer
Moloney Mary 1908 Upper Glendree   Farmer
Moloney Bridget 1909 Upper Glendree   Farmer
Moloney Bridie 1913 Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney Bridget C. 1913 Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney Michael J. 1916 Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney James 1918 Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney Myles 1914 Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney Anthony 1915 Glendree Upper   Farmer
Moloney John 1920 Uggoon   Farmer
Moloney Martin 1920 Glendree   Farmer
Moloney Anthony 1919 Glendree   Farmer
Moloney Anthony 1918 Glendree   Féirmeoir
Moroney Michael 1892 Glendree   Farmer
Moroney John 1890 Glendree Drumcharley Farmer
Moroney John Francis 1916 Glendree   Farmer
Moroney John Francis 1918 Glendree   Farmer
Murphy Ellen 1896 Ayle Drumcharley Farmer
Nash Bridget 1912 Glendree   Farmer
Nash Margaret 1913 Glendree   Farmer
Nash James 1915 Lower Glendree   Farmer
Nash James not listed Glendree   Farmer
O'Callaghan Michael 1900 Magherabaun Feakle Farmer
O'Connor Hugh J. 1909 Tulla   Teacher
O'Connor Hugh J. 1912 Tulla   Teacher
O'Connor Hugh 1915 Tulla   Teacher
O'Dea Michael 1896 Drumcharley   Farmer
O'Dea Eva 1900 Drumcharley Drumcharley Farmer
O'Donnell Myles 1896 Glendree   Farmer
O'Donnell Patrick 1898 Glendree   Farmer
O'Donnell John 1900 Glendree   Farmer
O'Donnell Bride 1895 Glendree   Farmer
O'Dwyer Mathew 1896 Magherabaun Feakle Farmer
O'Dwyer John 1900 Magherabaun Feakle Farmer
O'Hara James 1901 Glendree   Farmer
O'Hara Lawrence 1901 Glendree   Farmer
O'Hara Bridget 1904 Glendree   Farmer
O'Hara May 1906 Lower Glendree   Farmer
O'Hara Bridget no date Glendree   Farmer
O'Keefe Mary Margaret no date Ayle   Farmer
O'Malley William Joseph 1907 Glendree   Farmer
O'Malley Eugene 1908 Glendree   Farmer
O'Malley James 1912 Glendree   Farmer
O'Malley Mary Teresa 1907 Lower Glendree   Farmer
O'Malley Martin 1916 Ayle   Farmer
O'Malley Martin not listed Ayle   Farmer
O'Malley James 1912 Glendree   Farmer
O'Malley James 1920 Glendree   Farmer
O'Malley James 1920 Glendree   Féirmeoir
O'Shea Patrick J. 1908 Magherabaun   Farmer
O'Shea Michael 1908 Magherabaun   Farmer
O'Shea Bartholomew 1909 Magherabaun   Farmer
O'Shea Mary Margaret 1903 Magherabaun Feakle Farmer
O'Shea Kathleen 1905 Magherabaun Feakle Farmer
O'Shea Elly 1912 Magherabaun   Farmer
O'Shea Annie no date Magherabaun   Farmer
O'Shea Thomas 1916 Magherabaun   Farmer
Quigney John 1893 Glendree   Farmer
Quigney Michael 1894 Glendree   Farmer
Quigney Daniel 1897 Glendree   Farmer
Quigney Thomas 1901 Glendree   Farmer
Quigney James 1901 Glendree   Farmer
Quigney Joseph 1906 Glendree   Farmer
Quigney Martin 1912 Glendree   Farmer
Quigney William 1914 Glendree   Farmer
Quigney William not listed Glendree   Farmer
Rochford James 1912 Uggoon   Farmer
Rogers Timothy 1895 Glendree   Farmer
Rogers Lena 1892 Glendree   Farmer
Ryan Patrick 1909 Derryulk Knockjames Farmer
Ryan Patrick M. 1910 Derryulk Knockjames Farmer
Ryan Bridie 1919 Derryulk Knockjames Farmer
Ryan Margaret 1919 Derryulk Knockjames Farmer
Sullivan James None listed Gortcummer Drumcharley Farmer
Sullivan John 1908 Gortcummer Drumcharley Farmer
Woods Katie 1892 Glendree   Farmer


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