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Griffith's Valuation 1852/1855 - County Clare Surname Index

Griffith's Primary Valuation took place throughout Ireland during the middle of the 19th Century and the valuation of Clare was published in 1855. Those parts of Clare contained in the Union of Limerick were published in 1852. It was a survey of land occupation to determine the amount of tax a landowner or occupier should pay towards the support of the Poor Law System.

This Full Name Index to the valuation gives Surname, Forename, Town or Townland, Parish and Poor Law Union of individuals named in the published valuation. A person owning or leasing property in more than one townland will appear separately for each townland. The type of property held (i.e. house, garden, office or acreage of land), its valuation and map reference numbers are not included and the printed valuation will have to be consulted for this information. The Valuation Books are indexed alphabetically by Surname, click on a letter below to get the Surname you require.

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For a parish index to Griffith's Valuation of County Clare click here.
To search Griffith's Valuation of entire country click here.

Published online by Clare County Library in 2000.

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