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Griffith's Valuation 1852/1855 of County Clare - List of Surnames

This list records every surname which occurs in the Griffith's Valuation 1852/1855 of County Clare. We hope it will help in locating surnames and their variations. Also included below is the number of occurences for each surname collected in the census. Clare County Library wishes to thank Rainer Kosbi for his assistance in creating this surnames list.

Occurs on surname index page
Abbott "A" Surnames 1
Adams "A" Surnames 1
Adlam "A" Surnames 2
Ahearn "A" Surnames 3
Ahern "A" Surnames 30
Aherne "A" Surnames 1
Alender "A" Surnames 1
Alexander "A" Surnames 4
Allen "A" Surnames 22
Allenden "A" Surnames 1
Allender "A" Surnames 6
Allison "A" Surnames 1
Allman "A" Surnames 2
Alpin "A" Surnames 1
Amberson "A" Surnames 1
Anderson "A" Surnames 4
Anglam "A" Surnames 1
Anglim "A" Surnames 6
Anglin "A" Surnames 2
Anglum "A" Surnames 4
Angly "A" Surnames 1
Arby "A" Surnames 1
Archdeacon "A" Surnames 1
Argill "A" Surnames 1
Arkins "A" Surnames 5
Armitage "A" Surnames 2
Armstrong "A" Surnames 80
Arthur "A" Surnames 67
Arthurs "A" Surnames 1
Ashe "A" Surnames 1
Ashworth "A" Surnames 1
Atcheson "A" Surnames 2
Atkins "A" Surnames 3
Atkinson "A" Surnames 1
Austen "A" Surnames 1
Austin "A" Surnames 7
Ayers "A" Surnames 2
Baggott Baggott to Blake 11
Bailer Baggott to Blake 1
Bailey Baggott to Blake 3
Baker Baggott to Blake 16
Bakey Baggott to Blake 12
Baldwin Baggott to Blake 3
Bales Baggott to Blake 1
Baley Baggott to Blake 1
Ball Baggott to Blake 11
Ballinger Baggott to Blake 2
Balton Baggott to Blake 4
Baltwin Baggott to Blake 1
Banatyne Baggott to Blake 3
Bane Baggott to Blake 5
Bannatyne Baggott to Blake 17
Barclay Baggott to Blake 11
Barr Baggott to Blake 1
Barret Baggott to Blake 1
Barrett Baggott to Blake 28
Barrington Baggott to Blake 9
Barron Baggott to Blake 6
Barry Baggott to Blake 104
Bartley Baggott to Blake 6
Barton Baggott to Blake 8
Bateman Baggott to Blake 1
Baulton Baggott to Blake 1
Baun Baggott to Blake 1
Bawn Baggott to Blake 1
Baylee Baggott to Blake 7
Beaghan Baggott to Blake 4
Beahan Baggott to Blake 1
Beakey Baggott to Blake 1
Beaky Baggott to Blake 3
Beary Baggott to Blake 4
Beatty Baggott to Blake 3
Beauchamp Baggott to Blake 3
Beck Baggott to Blake 3
Beens Baggott to Blake 1
Beevans Baggott to Blake 1
Begley Baggott to Blake 8
Begly Baggott to Blake 2
Behan Baggott to Blake 29
Behane Baggott to Blake 5
Behen Baggott to Blake 10
Beley Baggott to Blake 1
Bellet Baggott to Blake 1
Bellett Baggott to Blake 1
Bellinger Baggott to Blake 2
Bellit Baggott to Blake 1
Belson Baggott to Blake 4
Benn Baggott to Blake 1
Bennett Baggott to Blake 12
Bennis Baggott to Blake 5
Bennnis Baggott to Blake 1
Benny Baggott to Blake 1
Bentley Baggott to Blake 19
Bently Baggott to Blake 1
Bergin Baggott to Blake 1
Berkary Baggott to Blake 1
Bermingham Baggott to Blake 7
Bernard Baggott to Blake 2
Berry Baggott to Blake 1
Bert Baggott to Blake 1
Beston Baggott to Blake 2
Bethel Baggott to Blake 3
Bettel Baggott to Blake 1
Bevan Baggott to Blake 3
Bevine Baggott to Blake 1
Bianconi Baggott to Blake 1
Billinger Baggott to Blake 1
Bindon Baggott to Blake 3
Bingham Baggott to Blake 6
Binn Baggott to Blake 2
Birch Baggott to Blake 1
Birmingham Baggott to Blake 18
Blackall Baggott to Blake 8
Blackhall Baggott to Blake 2
Blackwell Baggott to Blake 12
Blair Baggott to Blake 9
Blake Baggott to Blake 64
Blanch Blanch to Brennan 1
Bleach Blanch to Brennan 3
Bleache Blanch to Brennan 3
Blennerhassett Blanch to Brennan 2
Blewitt Blanch to Brennan 1
Blood Blanch to Brennan 62
Bohan Blanch to Brennan 1
Bohanan Blanch to Brennan 2
Bohen Blanch to Brennan 1
Bolan Blanch to Brennan 16
Boland Blanch to Brennan 75
Bole Blanch to Brennan 1
Boler Blanch to Brennan 1
Bolon Blanch to Brennan 1
Bolton Blanch to Brennan 25
Boltwin Blanch to Brennan 1
Bomfield Blanch to Brennan 1
Bonfield Blanch to Brennan 2
Bonney Blanch to Brennan 1
Bonny Blanch to Brennan 2
Bonynge Blanch to Brennan 2
Booth Blanch to Brennan 1
Boreman Blanch to Brennan 1
Borough Blanch to Brennan 8
Boseman Blanch to Brennan 1
Boucher Blanch to Brennan 3
Bouchier Blanch to Brennan 4
Boufey Blanch to Brennan 1
Bougler Blanch to Brennan 4
Bourchier Blanch to Brennan 6
Bourke Blanch to Brennan 40
Bowe Blanch to Brennan 1
Bowen Blanch to Brennan 1
Bowerman Blanch to Brennan 1
Bowler Blanch to Brennan 1
Bowles Blanch to Brennan 4
Bowman Blanch to Brennan 1
Bown Blanch to Brennan 1
Boyce Blanch to Brennan 8
Boyd Blanch to Brennan 2
Boyle Blanch to Brennan 17
Boyse Blanch to Brennan 2
Bracken Blanch to Brennan 1
Bradish Blanch to Brennan 1
Bradley Blanch to Brennan 20
Bradly Blanch to Brennan 2
Bradshaw Blanch to Brennan 3
Brady Blanch to Brennan 61
Bran Blanch to Brennan 6
Branden Blanch to Brennan 1
Branley Blanch to Brennan 1
Brann Blanch to Brennan 7
Brassil Blanch to Brennan 6
Brassill Blanch to Brennan 4
Bray Blanch to Brennan 1
Brazill Blanch to Brennan 5
Brazzil Blanch to Brennan 2
Brazzill Blanch to Brennan 7
Bready Blanch to Brennan 1
Breen Blanch to Brennan 44
Breene Blanch to Brennan 6
Brenan Blanch to Brennan 4
Brennan Blanch to Brennan 69
Breslane Breslane to Burgess 1
Bresnehan Breslane to Burgess 1
Brett Breslane to Burgess 2
Brew Breslane to Burgess 84
Brick Breslane to Burgess 2
Bridgeman Breslane to Burgess 6
Bridgman Breslane to Burgess 1
Brien Breslane to Burgess 36
Brigdall Breslane to Burgess 2
Brindor Breslane to Burgess 1
Brinn Breslane to Burgess 1
Brisland Breslane to Burgess 2
Brislane Breslane to Burgess 2
Britt Breslane to Burgess 2
Brode Breslane to Burgess 1
Broden Breslane to Burgess 4
Broderick Breslane to Burgess 17
Brodie Breslane to Burgess 1
Brodrick Breslane to Burgess 3
Brody Breslane to Burgess 32
Brogan Breslane to Burgess 26
Brogget Breslane to Burgess 1
Broggy Breslane to Burgess 2
Brohan Breslane to Burgess 4
Brooke Breslane to Burgess 4
Brooks Breslane to Burgess 13
Broughan Breslane to Burgess 6
Broughton Breslane to Burgess 1
Brown Breslane to Burgess 51
Browne Breslane to Burgess 96
Bruce Breslane to Burgess 1
Bruggy Breslane to Burgess 1
Bruodir Breslane to Burgess 2
Bryan Breslane to Burgess 3
Buckley Breslane to Burgess 12
Bugler Breslane to Burgess 13
Bulger Breslane to Burgess 7
Bunce Breslane to Burgess 7
Bunch Breslane to Burgess 1
Bunfield Breslane to Burgess 2
Bunton Breslane to Burgess 3
Burgess Breslane to Burgess 4
Burke Burke to Byrth 220
Burley Burke to Byrth 4
Burne Burke to Byrth 5
Burnell Burke to Byrth 3
Burns Burke to Byrth 43
Burrell Burke to Byrth 2
Burton Burke to Byrth 34
Bush Burke to Byrth 2
Bushe Burke to Byrth 2
Bushel Burke to Byrth 1
Bushell Burke to Byrth 5
Butler Burke to Byrth 121
Butterfield Burke to Byrth 3
Byngham Burke to Byrth 2
Byrne Burke to Byrth 30
Byrnes Burke to Byrth 4
Byrns Burke to Byrth 3
Byrom Burke to Byrth 7
Byrth Burke to Byrth 1
Cabey Cabey to Carmody 1
Caby Cabey to Carmody 4
Cagney Cabey to Carmody 1
Cahar Cabey to Carmody 2
Caher Cabey to Carmody 13
Cahill Cabey to Carmody 91
Cahir Cabey to Carmody 6
Cahirr Cabey to Carmody 5
Cain Cabey to Carmody 17
Calaher Cabey to Carmody 1
Calanel Cabey to Carmody 2
Calcutt Cabey to Carmody 18
Callaghan Cabey to Carmody 82
Callahan Cabey to Carmody 2
Callan Cabey to Carmody 2
Callanan Cabey to Carmody 13
Callanane Cabey to Carmody 5
Callanin Cabey to Carmody 1
Callary Cabey to Carmody 1
Callenan Cabey to Carmody 1
Calley Cabey to Carmody 1
Calligan Cabey to Carmody 1
Callinan Cabey to Carmody 31
Callinane Cabey to Carmody 4
Cally Cabey to Carmody 1
Cameden Cabey to Carmody 1
Cameron Cabey to Carmody 1
Camm Cabey to Carmody 1
Campbell Cabey to Carmody 19
Canavan Cabey to Carmody 2
Cangley Cabey to Carmody 1
Canneen Cabey to Carmody 1
Canning Cabey to Carmody 1
Cannivan Cabey to Carmody 1
Cannole Cabey to Carmody 4
Cannon Cabey to Carmody 4
Canny Cabey to Carmody 70
Canole Cabey to Carmody 16
Canty Cabey to Carmody 5
Canulty Cabey to Carmody 1
Carey Cabey to Carmody 48
Carkil Cabey to Carmody 2
Carley Cabey to Carmody 1
Carmody Cabey to Carmody 147
Carn Carn to Clanchy 1
Carney Carn to Clanchy 20
Carolan Carn to Clanchy 3
Carony Carn to Clanchy 1
Caroughan Carn to Clanchy 1
Carpenter Carn to Clanchy 1
Carr Carn to Clanchy 8
Carrick Carn to Clanchy 8
Carrig Carn to Clanchy 35
Carrige Carn to Clanchy 9
Carrigg Carn to Clanchy 1
Carroll Carn to Clanchy 76
Carroocan Carn to Clanchy 1
Carrookan Carn to Clanchy 1
Carry Carn to Clanchy 1
Carter Carn to Clanchy 4
Carthy Carn to Clanchy 29
Carty Carn to Clanchy 47
Casey Carn to Clanchy 139
Cash Carn to Clanchy 1
Cashen Carn to Clanchy 3
Cashin Carn to Clanchy 1
Cassan Carn to Clanchy 1
Cassen Carn to Clanchy 2
Cassidy Carn to Clanchy 25
Castle Carn to Clanchy 1
Caswell Carn to Clanchy 9
Cathro Carn to Clanchy 1
Cavanagh Carn to Clanchy 3
Cavey Carn to Clanchy 1
Caw Carn to Clanchy 1
Cecil Carn to Clanchy 1
Chaddock Carn to Clanchy 1
Chadwick Carn to Clanchy 2
Chambers Carn to Clanchy 35
Chaplain Carn to Clanchy 1
Chappel Carn to Clanchy 1
Cheeter Carn to Clanchy 1
Cherry Carn to Clanchy 6
Chester Carn to Clanchy 2
Christie Carn to Clanchy 1
Clahane Carn to Clanchy 1
Clancey Carn to Clanchy 2
Clanchy Carn to Clanchy 9
Clancy Clancy to Coghlin 128
Clane Clancy to Coghlin 1
Clara Clancy to Coghlin 5
Clare Clancy to Coghlin 16
Clarey Clancy to Coghlin 2
Clarke Clancy to Coghlin 24
Clary Clancy to Coghlin 2
Cleary Clancy to Coghlin 93
Cleed Clancy to Coghlin 1
Clifford Clancy to Coghlin 5
Cloghessy Clancy to Coghlin 11
Cloghesy Clancy to Coghlin 1
Clohane Clancy to Coghlin 1
Clohessy Clancy to Coghlin 18
Cloon Clancy to Coghlin 9
Cloone Clancy to Coghlin 3
Cloughasey Clancy to Coghlin 1
Cloughassy Clancy to Coghlin 2
Cloughessy Clancy to Coghlin 3
Clowder Clancy to Coghlin 1
Cluen Clancy to Coghlin 1
Clune Clancy to Coghlin 79
Clure Clancy to Coghlin 1
Cobey Clancy to Coghlin 1
Cody Clancy to Coghlin 10
Coffey Clancy to Coghlin 57
Cogan Clancy to Coghlin 1
Coghlan Clancy to Coghlin 33
Coghlin Clancy to Coghlin 4
Coghran Coghran to Connole 4
Cogoron Coghran to Connole 1
Cohen Coghran to Connole 4
Cokely Coghran to Connole 1
Colbourne Coghran to Connole 1
Coleman Coghran to Connole 7
Colgan Coghran to Connole 2
Colinge Coghran to Connole 1
Collen Coghran to Connole 1
Collinge Coghran to Connole 1
Collins Coghran to Connole 162
Colly Coghran to Connole 1
Colman Coghran to Connole 1
Cologhty Coghran to Connole 6
Colpoys Coghran to Connole 7
Comane Coghran to Connole 1
Comber Coghran to Connole 4
Comer Coghran to Connole 3
Comerford Coghran to Connole 5
Commane Coghran to Connole 3
Commins Coghran to Connole 1
Commons Coghran to Connole 1
Comyn Coghran to Connole 44
Comyns Coghran to Connole 3
Conaulty Coghran to Connole 1
Concannon Coghran to Connole 8
Condon Coghran to Connole 10
Conheady Coghran to Connole 9
Coniff Coghran to Connole 1
Conlan Coghran to Connole 16
Conlin Coghran to Connole 1
Conlon Coghran to Connole 4
Conloughty Coghran to Connole 1
Connaulty Coghran to Connole 1
Connealy Coghran to Connole 9
Conneely Coghran to Connole 2
Connell Coghran to Connole 136
Connellan Coghran to Connole 27
Connelly Coghran to Connole 1
Connelon Coghran to Connole 1
Connery Coghran to Connole 3
Connole Coghran to Connole 5
Connolly Connolly to Conway 30
Connolon Connolly to Conway 2
Connor Connolly to Conway 68
Connors Connolly to Conway 105
Conoal Connolly to Conway 1
Conole Connolly to Conway 5
Conory Connolly to Conway 1
Conoulty Connolly to Conway 2
Conra Connolly to Conway 1
Conroy Connolly to Conway 9
Conry Connolly to Conway 5
Consadine Connolly to Conway 13
Considen Connolly to Conway 1
Considine Connolly to Conway 173
Conway Connolly to Conway 106
Conyngham Conyngham to Cotton 62
Coogeran Conyngham to Cotton 1
Cooleen Conyngham to Cotton 3
Cooley Conyngham to Cotton 8
Coonerty Conyngham to Cotton 1
Cooney Conyngham to Cotton 73
Coony Conyngham to Cotton 1
Cooper Conyngham to Cotton 6
Coote Conyngham to Cotton 1
Copeland Conyngham to Cotton 1
Coppinger Conyngham to Cotton 9
Corbett Conyngham to Cotton 108
Corbit Conyngham to Cotton 1
Corcoran Conyngham to Cotton 8
Cordue Conyngham to Cotton 1
Coree Conyngham to Cotton 2
Corey Conyngham to Cotton 1
Cormack Conyngham to Cotton 1
Cormick Conyngham to Cotton 2
Corney Conyngham to Cotton 1
Corry Conyngham to Cotton 78
Cory Conyngham to Cotton 1
Cosgrave Conyngham to Cotton 10
Costello Conyngham to Cotton 24
Costelloe Conyngham to Cotton 54
Coswell Conyngham to Cotton 1
Cotter Conyngham to Cotton 32
Cotton Conyngham to Cotton 1
Coughlan Coughlan to Crowe 11
Coughlin Coughlan to Crowe 4
Coulaghty Coughlan to Crowe 1
Courcey Coughlan to Crowe 1
Courneen Coughlan to Crowe 16
Courtney Coughlan to Crowe 1
Covey Coughlan to Crowe 1
Cowan Coughlan to Crowe 1
Cowen Coughlan to Crowe 1
Cowey Coughlan to Crowe 1
Cox Coughlan to Crowe 25
Coy Coughlan to Crowe 1
Coyle Coughlan to Crowe 1
Coyne Coughlan to Crowe 4
Cradom Coughlan to Crowe 1
Craig Coughlan to Crowe 1
Craigue Coughlan to Crowe 1
Cravan Coughlan to Crowe 2
Craven Coughlan to Crowe 1
Crawford Coughlan to Crowe 11
Crawley Coughlan to Crowe 2
Cray Coughlan to Crowe 1
Crea Coughlan to Crowe 3
Cready Coughlan to Crowe 3
Creagh Coughlan to Crowe 66
Creaghan Coughlan to Crowe 1
Creaghane Coughlan to Crowe 1
Creahane Coughlan to Crowe 2
Creehan Coughlan to Crowe 4
Cregan Coughlan to Crowe 2
Crehan Coughlan to Crowe 4
Crehane Coughlan to Crowe 4
Crehen Coughlan to Crowe 5
Creighton Coughlan to Crowe 4
Crimmin Coughlan to Crowe 3
Crimmins Coughlan to Crowe 2
Croagh Coughlan to Crowe 1
Croal Coughlan to Crowe 1
Croax Coughlan to Crowe 1
Crofton Coughlan to Crowe 1
Crofts Coughlan to Crowe 2
Croghan Coughlan to Crowe 8
Croker Coughlan to Crowe 1
Crolly Coughlan to Crowe 1
Cronan Coughlan to Crowe 1
Croneen Coughlan to Crowe 2
Cronin Coughlan to Crowe 7
Crosby Coughlan to Crowe 1
Cross Coughlan to Crowe 3
Crotty Coughlan to Crowe 58
Crow Coughlan to Crowe 16
Crowe Coughlan to Crowe 142
Crowley Crowley to Cunneen 51
Crowlin Crowley to Cunneen 1
Crowly Crowley to Cunneen 4
Cruhan Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cruise Crowley to Cunneen 9
Crumeen Crowley to Cunneen 1
Crutty Crowley to Cunneen 2
Cuddahy Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cuddehy Crowley to Cunneen 6
Cuddihy Crowley to Cunneen 5
Cuddy Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cudmore Crowley to Cunneen 4
Cuffe Crowley to Cunneen 4
Cuilinane Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cuinnan Crowley to Cunneen 1
Culhane Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cull Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cullanan Crowley to Cunneen 1
Culleany Crowley to Cunneen 1
Culleen Crowley to Cunneen 1
Culleeny Crowley to Cunneen 3
Cullen Crowley to Cunneen 16
Culleny Crowley to Cunneen 1
Culley Crowley to Cunneen 1
Culligan Crowley to Cunneen 76
Cullin Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cullinan Crowley to Cunneen 137
Cullinane Crowley to Cunneen 26
Culliney Crowley to Cunneen 6
Culling Crowley to Cunneen 1
Culliny Crowley to Cunneen 10
Cullligan Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cullow Crowley to Cunneen 6
Culnan Crowley to Cunneen 1
Culury Crowley to Cunneen 4
Cumeen Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cummane Crowley to Cunneen 5
Cummerford Crowley to Cunneen 5
Cummin Crowley to Cunneen 4
Cumming Crowley to Cunneen 5
Cummings Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cummins Crowley to Cunneen 10
Cumusky Crowley to Cunneen 1
Cuneen Crowley to Cunneen 2
Cunnane Crowley to Cunneen 2
Cunneen Crowley to Cunneen 32
Cunningham Cunningham to Custy 79
Cunnyngham Cunningham to Custy 1
Curley Cunningham to Custy 4
Curran Cunningham to Custy 7
Curren Cunningham to Custy 1
Currig Cunningham to Custy 1
Currin Cunningham to Custy 1
Curry Cunningham to Custy 39
Curtain Cunningham to Custy 12
Curtan Cunningham to Custy 1
Curtayne Cunningham to Custy 1
Curtin Cunningham to Custy 117
Curtis Cunningham to Custy 18
Cusack Cunningham to Custy 93
Cushen Cunningham to Custy 5
Cushon Cunningham to Custy 2
Cussen Cunningham to Custy 7
Cussin Cunningham to Custy 7
Custy Cunningham to Custy 14
D'Arcy D'Arcy to Devinish 23
D'Esterre D'Arcy to Devinish 4
Daffey D'Arcy to Devinish 10
Daffy D'Arcy to Devinish 23
Dalton D'Arcy to Devinish 9
Daly D'Arcy to Devinish 159
Danagher D'Arcy to Devinish 2
Danaher D'Arcy to Devinish 10
Danalin D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Daniher D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Darcey D'Arcy to Devinish 3
Darcy D'Arcy to Devinish 40
Dargan D'Arcy to Devinish 2
Darmody D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Dartnell D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Davan D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Daven D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Davenport D'Arcy to Devinish 3
Daveren D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Daverin D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Davern D'Arcy to Devinish 26
Davidson D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Davies D'Arcy to Devinish 2
Davin D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Davine D'Arcy to Devinish 3
Davis D'Arcy to Devinish 36
Davoran D'Arcy to Devinish 22
Davoren D'Arcy to Devinish 3
Davorin D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Davorn D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Dawson D'Arcy to Devinish 3
Daxon D'Arcy to Devinish 6
Day D'Arcy to Devinish 1
De Burgh D'Arcy to Devinish 1
De La Haye D'Arcy to Devinish 1
De Rovigo D'Arcy to Devinish 11
Dea D'Arcy to Devinish 7
Deane D'Arcy to Devinish 2
Dee D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Deegan D'Arcy to Devinish 4
Deegedan D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Deegidan D'Arcy to Devinish 2
Deely D'Arcy to Devinish 5
Deering D'Arcy to Devinish 5
Delahery D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Delahunty D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Delaney D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Delany D'Arcy to Devinish 5
Delmege D'Arcy to Devinish 5
Delohery D'Arcy to Devinish 11
Deloohery D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Deloughery D'Arcy to Devinish 2
Deloughry D'Arcy to Devinish 4
Deloughty D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Dempsey D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Denihan D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Denniston D'Arcy to Devinish 2
Devane D'Arcy to Devinish 2
Devenport D'Arcy to Devinish 3
Devereux D'Arcy to Devinish 7
Devine D'Arcy to Devinish 6
Devinish D'Arcy to Devinish 1
Devitt Devitt to Donohoe 40
Devlin Devitt to Donohoe 1
Devonport Devitt to Donohoe 1
Dexter Devitt to Donohoe 1
Diamond Devitt to Donohoe 2
Dias Devitt to Donohoe 1
Dickson Devitt to Donohoe 2
Digan Devitt to Donohoe 13
Digidan Devitt to Donohoe 3
Dillane Devitt to Donohoe 13
Dillon Devitt to Donohoe 77
Dinan Devitt to Donohoe 15
Dineen Devitt to Donohoe 2
Dineford Devitt to Donohoe 1
Dinneen Devitt to Donohoe 2
Diviney Devitt to Donohoe 1
Divney Devitt to Donohoe 4
Dixon Devitt to Donohoe 12
Dixson Devitt to Donohoe 1
Doab Devitt to Donohoe 1
Dodd Devitt to Donohoe 1
Dogherty Devitt to Donohoe 4
Dohan Devitt to Donohoe 9
Doheny Devitt to Donohoe 2
Doherty Devitt to Donohoe 101
Dolaghty Devitt to Donohoe 2
Dolan Devitt to Donohoe 3
Dollard Devitt to Donohoe 1
Dolohenty Devitt to Donohoe 1
Doloughty Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donahoe Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donaldson Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donalin Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donelan Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donellan Devitt to Donohoe 3
Donelly Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donlan Devitt to Donohoe 3
Donlon Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donnell Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donnellan Devitt to Donohoe 91
Donnellon Devitt to Donohoe 7
Donnelly Devitt to Donohoe 17
Donnolly Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donnolon Devitt to Donohoe 1
Donoghoe Devitt to Donohoe 12
Donoghue Devitt to Donohoe 2
Donohoe Devitt to Donohoe 83
Donohue Donohue to Dynan 33
Donoughoe Donohue to Dynan 2
Donovan Donohue to Dynan 18
Doody Donohue to Dynan 6
Doogan Donohue to Dynan 26
Doohan Donohue to Dynan 5
Doolaghty Donohue to Dynan 5
Doolan Donohue to Dynan 12
Dooley Donohue to Dynan 4
Dooly Donohue to Dynan 9
Dooney Donohue to Dynan 1
Doops Donohue to Dynan 1
Doorty Donohue to Dynan 5
Dore Donohue to Dynan 1
Doudle Donohue to Dynan 1
Doughan Donohue to Dynan 1
Dougherty Donohue to Dynan 4
Doughton Donohue to Dynan 1
Doulan Donohue to Dynan 1
Dounes Donohue to Dynan 1
Doupe Donohue to Dynan 2
Dowd Donohue to Dynan 13
Dowdall Donohue to Dynan 4
Dowde Donohue to Dynan 1
Dowling Donohue to Dynan 18
Downes Donohue to Dynan 100
Downey Donohue to Dynan 5
Doyle Donohue to Dynan 64
Drawney Donohue to Dynan 1
Drew Donohue to Dynan 3
Drewry Donohue to Dynan 1
Driscol Donohue to Dynan 1
Driscoll Donohue to Dynan 37
Droaney Donohue to Dynan 3
Droany Donohue to Dynan 2
Droney Donohue to Dynan 18
Drooney Donohue to Dynan 7
Drury Donohue to Dynan 1
Duck Donohue to Dynan 1
Duffy Donohue to Dynan 4
Dugan Donohue to Dynan 3
Duggan Donohue to Dynan 29
Duhig Donohue to Dynan 2
Duigan Donohue to Dynan 1
Dulhunty Donohue to Dynan 1
Duloughery Donohue to Dynan 1
Dunboyne Donohue to Dynan 7
Dundon Donohue to Dynan 16
Dundun Donohue to Dynan 1
Dunigan Donohue to Dynan 1
Dunlavy Donohue to Dynan 1
Dunleavy Donohue to Dynan 5
Dunlevey Donohue to Dynan 1
Dunn Donohue to Dynan 1
Dunne Donohue to Dynan 8
Durack Donohue to Dynan 5
Durick Donohue to Dynan 5
Dwiny Donohue to Dynan 3
Dwyer Donohue to Dynan 73
Dynan Donohue to Dynan 11
Eames "E" Surnames 5
Earls "E" Surnames 14
Edwards "E" Surnames 28
Egan "E" Surnames 130
Eirton "E" Surnames 1
Eligott "E" Surnames 2
Elligot "E" Surnames 1
Elligott "E" Surnames 2
Elliott "E" Surnames 13
Ellis "E" Surnames 7
Emerson "E" Surnames 7
England "E" Surnames 4
English "E" Surnames 2
Ennis "E" Surnames 1
Enright "E" Surnames 47
Eustace "E" Surnames 19
Evans "E" Surnames 5
Everett "E" Surnames 2
Eyres "E" Surnames 6
Fagan Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fahey Fagan to Fitzgerald 2
Fahy Fagan to Fitzgerald 76
Fair Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Faircloth Fagan to Fitzgerald 6
Falahy Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fall Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fallahee Fagan to Fitzgerald 5
Fallahy Fagan to Fitzgerald 2
Fallihy Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fallon Fagan to Fitzgerald 4
Falsey Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Falsy Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Falvey Fagan to Fitzgerald 6
Farrell Fagan to Fitzgerald 38
Faul Fagan to Fitzgerald 9
Favier Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fawl Fagan to Fitzgerald 2
Fawle Fagan to Fitzgerald 3
Fawls Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fawsett Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Feber Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Feehery Fagan to Fitzgerald 2
Feehy Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fegan Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Feneral Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fennell Fagan to Fitzgerald 30
Fennessy Fagan to Fitzgerald 7
Ferber Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fere Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Ferguson Fagan to Fitzgerald 3
Ferreter Fagan to Fitzgerald 2
Ferriter Fagan to Fitzgerald 2
Ferritt Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Ferry Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fetherstone Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Finch Fagan to Fitzgerald 2
Finigan Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Finn Fagan to Fitzgerald 26
Finnell Fagan to Fitzgerald 4
Finnucan Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Finucane Fagan to Fitzgerald 82
Firman Fagan to Fitzgerald 3
Fitzgerald Fagan to Fitzgerald 294
Fitzgerald & Vesci Fagan to Fitzgerald 1
Fitzgerald & Vesic Fagan to Fitzgerald 2
Fitzgibbon Fitzgibbon to Fodges 25
Fitzgibbons Fitzgibbon to Fodges 2
Fitzmartin Fitzgibbon to Fodges 4
Fitzmaurice Fitzgibbon to Fodges 5
Fitzmorris Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Fitzpatrick Fitzgibbon to Fodges 103
Fitzsimon Fitzgibbon to Fodges 2
Fitzsimons Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Flahavan Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Flaherty Fitzgibbon to Fodges 42
Flahif Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Flahin Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Flahive Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Flahy Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Flanagan Fitzgibbon to Fodges 139
Flanagin Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Flanahan Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Flanery Fitzgibbon to Fodges 3
Flanigan Fitzgibbon to Fodges 5
Flannagan Fitzgibbon to Fodges 3
Flannery Fitzgibbon to Fodges 52
Flannigan Fitzgibbon to Fodges 3
Fleming Fitzgibbon to Fodges 6
Fletcher Fitzgibbon to Fodges 2
FLinn Fitzgibbon to Fodges 4
Flood Fitzgibbon to Fodges 3
Floyd Fitzgibbon to Fodges 4
Floyde Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Flynn Fitzgibbon to Fodges 65
Foady Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Fodge Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Fodges Fitzgibbon to Fodges 1
Fogarty Fogarty to Fury 30
Fogerty Fogarty to Fury 1
Foley Fogarty to Fury 87
Fondy Fogarty to Fury 1
Foody Fogarty to Fury 1
Foohy Fogarty to Fury 1
Foot Fogarty to Fury 1
Foran Fogarty to Fury 13
Ford Fogarty to Fury 12
Forde Fogarty to Fury 14
Foreman Fogarty to Fury 2
Forhan Fogarty to Fury 4
Forhen Fogarty to Fury 1
Forton Fogarty to Fury 1
Fosberry Fogarty to Fury 6
Foster Fogarty to Fury 17
Foudy Fogarty to Fury 2
Foundation Fogarty to Fury 3
Fox Fogarty to Fury 33
Fraley Fogarty to Fury 16
Frances Fogarty to Fury 1
Francis Fogarty to Fury 16
Franklin Fogarty to Fury 5
Franks Fogarty to Fury 3
Frawley Fogarty to Fury 81
Frawly Fogarty to Fury 2
Freel Fogarty to Fury 2
Freeman Fogarty to Fury 12
Frew Fogarty to Fury 1
Frost Fogarty to Fury 94
Fruen Fogarty to Fury 1
Fry Fogarty to Fury 1
Fubiety Fogarty to Fury 2
Fubrety Fogarty to Fury 1
Fury Fogarty to Fury 3
Gabbett Gabbett to Gipson 20
Gaffney Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gahagan Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gaheher Gabbett to Gipson 1
Galavan Gabbett to Gipson 1
Galivan Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gallaghan Gabbett to Gipson 2
Gallagher Gabbett to Gipson 46
Gallaher Gabbett to Gipson 6
Gallary Gabbett to Gipson 9
Gallery Gabbett to Gipson 17
Galliher Gabbett to Gipson 3
Gallivan Gabbett to Gipson 7
Galvan Gabbett to Gipson 2
Galvin Gabbett to Gipson 53
Galway Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gamble Gabbett to Gipson 3
Gannane Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gannassy Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gannon Gabbett to Gipson 2
Garahy Gabbett to Gipson 5
Gardin Gabbett to Gipson 5
Gardiner Gabbett to Gipson 8
Gardner Gabbett to Gipson 3
Garing Gabbett to Gipson 2
Garner Gabbett to Gipson 1
Garnet Gabbett to Gipson 3
Garraghy Gabbett to Gipson 2
Garrahey Gabbett to Gipson 1
Garrahy Gabbett to Gipson 19
Garrey Gabbett to Gipson 5
Garrihee Gabbett to Gipson 2
Garrohy Gabbett to Gipson 1
Garry Gabbett to Gipson 10
Garvey Gabbett to Gipson 52
Garvy Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gash Gabbett to Gipson 2
Gately Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gauze Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gavan Gabbett to Gipson 10
Gavin Gabbett to Gipson 18
Gayer Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gaynon Gabbett to Gipson 3
Gaynor Gabbett to Gipson 3
Gearan Gabbett to Gipson 2
Gearn Gabbett to Gipson 2
Gearon Gabbett to Gipson 2
Geary Gabbett to Gipson 5
Geddis Gabbett to Gipson 2
Geeran Gabbett to Gipson 1
Geerin Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gegan Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gennane Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gennessy Gabbett to Gipson 2
Geoghegan Gabbett to Gipson 14
George Gabbett to Gipson 9
Geraghty Gabbett to Gipson 6
Geran Gabbett to Gipson 5
Gerrin Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gibson Gabbett to Gipson 35
Gilday Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gilfoyle Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gill Gabbett to Gipson 2
Gillagen Gabbett to Gipson 5
Gillespie Gabbett to Gipson 4
Gilligan Gabbett to Gipson 12
Gillman Gabbett to Gipson 1
Gillowrie Gabbett to Gipson 2
Gilmore Gabbett to Gipson 2
Giltinane Gabbett to Gipson 5
Ginnane Gabbett to Gipson 46
Ginnaun Gabbett to Gipson 2
Gipson Gabbett to Gipson 3
Glass Glass to Grady 1
Gleese Glass to Grady 1
Gleeson Glass to Grady 68
Glenn Glass to Grady 2
Glennane Glass to Grady 1
Glennon Glass to Grady 3
Glenny Glass to Grady 1
Glesson Glass to Grady 1
Glin Glass to Grady 9
Glinn Glass to Grady 7
Glinny Glass to Grady 4
Gloster Glass to Grady 16
Glyn Glass to Grady 3
Glynn Glass to Grady 51
Glynne Glass to Grady 2
Goggin Glass to Grady 8
Going Glass to Grady 13
Golden Glass to Grady 3
Goldinger Glass to Grady 1
Gonnan Glass to Grady 1
Goold Glass to Grady 3
Goolding Glass to Grady 1
Goonan Glass to Grady 19
Goonane Glass to Grady 10
Gooney Glass to Grady 2
Gordon Glass to Grady 5
Gore Glass to Grady 78
Gorman Glass to Grady 114
Gormely Glass to Grady 1
Gornane Glass to Grady 1
Gould Glass to Grady 1
Grace Glass to Grady 10
Graddy Glass to Grady 2
Grady Glass to Grady 118
Graham Graham to Guttry 3
Granger Graham to Guttry 1
Grant Graham to Guttry 3
Gray Graham to Guttry 8
Gready Graham to Guttry 2
Greagan Graham to Guttry 1
Greaghan Graham to Guttry 1
Greary Graham to Guttry 1
Green Graham to Guttry 21
Greene Graham to Guttry 94
Greer Graham to Guttry 1
Gregan Graham to Guttry 7
Gregg Graham to Guttry 8
Grennan Graham to Guttry 1
Griffey Graham to Guttry 33
Griffin Graham to Guttry 176
Griffins Graham to Guttry 1
Griffy Graham to Guttry 35
Grimes Graham to Guttry 1
Griott Graham to Guttry 3
Grogan Graham to Guttry 16
Guane Graham to Guttry 1
Guare Graham to Guttry 1
Guer Graham to Guttry 1
Guerin Graham to Guttry 11
Guilfoyle Graham to Guttry 2
Guillagan Graham to Guttry 1
Guillagen Graham to Guttry 1
Guinane Graham to Guttry 9
Guinea Graham to Guttry 2
Guinnane Graham to Guttry 2
Guiny Graham to Guttry 1
Guiry Graham to Guttry 1
Gulligan Graham to Guttry 3
Gully Graham to Guttry 12
Gunn Graham to Guttry 3
Gunnane Graham to Guttry 1
Gunning Graham to Guttry 1
Gurnel Graham to Guttry 1
Gurnell Graham to Guttry 2
Guthrie Graham to Guttry 35
Gutrie Graham to Guttry 1
Gutterie Graham to Guttry 5
Guttery Graham to Guttry 10
Guttry Graham to Guttry 1
Hacket Hacket to Hanly 2
Hackett Hacket to Hanly 5
Hadlock Hacket to Hanly 2
Hagan Hacket to Hanly 1
Hagarty Hacket to Hanly 4
Hagins Hacket to Hanly 1
Haher Hacket to Hanly 2
Haherny Hacket to Hanly 1
Hahir Hacket to Hanly 4
Haire Hacket to Hanly 1
Haley Hacket to Hanly 4
Hall Hacket to Hanly 7
Hallaghan Hacket to Hanly 1
Hallanan Hacket to Hanly 4
Hallanon Hacket to Hanly 1
Hallaran Hacket to Hanly 1
Halley Hacket to Hanly 1
Hallinan Hacket to Hanly 37
Hallonan Hacket to Hanly 1
Halloran Hacket to Hanly 241
Halloren Hacket to Hanly 1
Halnan Hacket to Hanly 1
Halnon Hacket to Hanly 4
Halpen Hacket to Hanly 1
Halpin Hacket to Hanly 53
Halvey Hacket to Hanly 14
Haly Hacket to Hanly 5
Hamberry Hacket to Hanly 2
Hambury Hacket to Hanly 3
Hamell Hacket to Hanly 1
Hamill Hacket to Hanly 1
Hamilton Hacket to Hanly 8
Hammell Hacket to Hanly 1
Hanbury Hacket to Hanly 1
Hand Hacket to Hanly 1
Haneen Hacket to Hanly 12
Hanifer Hacket to Hanly 1
Hanigan Hacket to Hanly 1
Hanley Hacket to Hanly 11
Hanlon Hacket to Hanly 7
Hanly Hacket to Hanly 9
Hannafin Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hannan Hannafin to Hassitt 31
Hanneen Hannafin to Hassitt 11
Hannigan Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hannin Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hannon Hannafin to Hassitt 5
Hanofin Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hanrahan Hannafin to Hassitt 84
Hanrihan Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hara Hannafin to Hassitt 2
Haran Hannafin to Hassitt 14
Hardgrave Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hardgrove Hannafin to Hassitt 4
Harding Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hardinge Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hardy Hannafin to Hassitt 9
Hare Hannafin to Hassitt 13
Haren Hannafin to Hassitt 11
Hargrove Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harhen Hannafin to Hassitt 2
Harhin Hannafin to Hassitt 8
Harin Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harkin Hannafin to Hassitt 5
Harkins Hannafin to Hassitt 4
Harley Hannafin to Hassitt 3
Harman Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harnen Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harogan Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harragan Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harrahil Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harrahill Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harrigan Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harrington Hannafin to Hassitt 2
Harris Hannafin to Hassitt 2
Harrison Hannafin to Hassitt 10
Harrisson Hannafin to Hassitt 3
Hart Hannafin to Hassitt 10
Harte Hannafin to Hassitt 4
Hartican Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hartigan Hannafin to Hassitt 35
Hartnady Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hartneady Hannafin to Hassitt 3
Hartnedy Hannafin to Hassitt 5
Hartnett Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hartney Hannafin to Hassitt 13
Harty Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Harvey Hannafin to Hassitt 8
Haslin Hannafin to Hassitt 1
Hasset Hannafin to Hassitt 2
Hassett Hannafin to Hassitt 85
Hassit Hannafin to Hassitt 3
Hassitt Hannafin to Hassitt 4
Hastings Hastings to Hegarty 17
Haugh Hastings to Hegarty 19
Haughton Hastings to Hegarty 2
Haverty Hastings to Hegarty 1
Hawe Hastings to Hegarty 3
Hawkins Hastings to Hegarty 11
Hawkshaw Hastings to Hegarty 1
Hawksworth Hastings to Hegarty 1
Haye Hastings to Hegarty 1
Hayes Hastings to Hegarty 156
Heafe Hastings to Hegarty 1
Heafey Hastings to Hegarty 1
Heafy Hastings to Hegarty 2
Heagney Hastings to Hegarty 1
Healy Hastings to Hegarty 100
Heaney Hastings to Hegarty 2
Heany Hastings to Hegarty 3
Hearne Hastings to Hegarty 1
Heartney Hastings to Hegarty 2
Heastin Hastings to Hegarty 3
Heath Hastings to Hegarty 6
Hedderman Hastings to Hegarty 8
Hedican Hastings to Hegarty 1
Hedigan Hastings to Hegarty 5
Heffernan Hastings to Hegarty 11
Hefy Hastings to Hegarty 1
Hegarty Hastings to Hegarty 27
Heher Heher to Higgins 14
Hehir Heher to Higgins 135
Heiher Heher to Higgins 18
Hellebert Heher to Higgins 1
Hely Heher to Higgins 2
Hendrick Heher to Higgins 2
Henn Heher to Higgins 11
Hennessy Heher to Higgins 68
Henry Heher to Higgins 2
Herbert Heher to Higgins 13
Herriher Heher to Higgins 1
Hestin Heher to Higgins 2
Hetherman Heher to Higgins 4
Hevy Heher to Higgins 1
Hewit Heher to Higgins 2
Hewitt Heher to Higgins 10
Hewlet Heher to Higgins 1
Hewlett Heher to Higgins 2
Hewson Heher to Higgins 1
Hiam Heher to Higgins 1
Hickaman Heher to Higgins 1
Hickey Heher to Higgins 159
Hickie Heher to Higgins 6
Hickman Heher to Higgins 34
Hickson Heher to Higgins 2
Higgins Heher to Higgins 53
Hihir Hihir to Honen 1
Hilary Hihir to Honen 3
Hill Hihir to Honen 28
Hillard Hihir to Honen 1
Hillary Hihir to Honen 1
Hillery Hihir to Honen 16
Hilliard Hihir to Honen 2
Hinchey Hihir to Honen 1
Hinchy Hihir to Honen 33
Hinds Hihir to Honen 1
Hoare Hihir to Honen 17
Hodder Hihir to Honen 1
Hodge Hihir to Honen 2
Hodges Hihir to Honen 5
Hodnett Hihir to Honen 1
Hoey Hihir to Honen 2
Hogan Hihir to Honen 256
Hogarty Hihir to Honen 1
Hograve Hihir to Honen 4
Hogreve Hihir to Honen 2
Holaghan Hihir to Honen 1
Holland Hihir to Honen 8
Hollaran Hihir to Honen 4
Hollis Hihir to Honen 1
Hollogan Hihir to Honen 2
Holloghan Hihir to Honen 1
Holloran Hihir to Honen 5
Holmes Hihir to Honen 6
Holohan Hihir to Honen 9
Holorem Hihir to Honen 1
Holway Hihir to Honen 1
Honan Hihir to Honen 64
Honen Hihir to Honen 1
Honneen Honneen to Hynes 4
Hoolaghan Honneen to Hynes 8
Hoolahan Honneen to Hynes 33
Hopkins Honneen to Hynes 1
Horan Honneen to Hynes 12
Horhan Honneen to Hynes 1
Horne Honneen to Hynes 1
Horrigan Honneen to Hynes 2
Hough Honneen to Hynes 41
Houghlahan Honneen to Hynes 1
Houghlihan Honneen to Hynes 1
Houlaghan Honneen to Hynes 3
Houlahan Honneen to Hynes 12
Houlihan Honneen to Hynes 24
Houlohan Honneen to Hynes 1
Houneen Honneen to Hynes 2
Hourahan Honneen to Hynes 4
Hourigan Honneen to Hynes 16
Hovendor Honneen to Hynes 2
Hoverty Honneen to Hynes 1
Howard Honneen to Hynes 83
Howe Honneen to Hynes 13
Howlett Honneen to Hynes 1
Howley Honneen to Hynes 36
Howlihan Honneen to Hynes 1
Howly Honneen to Hynes 1
Howneen Honneen to Hynes 1
Hoy Honneen to Hynes 1
Hubbert Honneen to Hynes 1
Huddy Honneen to Hynes 2
Huggart Honneen to Hynes 1
Hughes Honneen to Hynes 4
Hulett Honneen to Hynes 1
Hunt Honneen to Hynes 12
Hurley Honneen to Hynes 53
Hurly Honneen to Hynes 8
Hurst Honneen to Hynes 1
Hussy Honneen to Hynes 8
Huston Honneen to Hynes 1
Hutchison Honneen to Hynes 1
Huxley Honneen to Hynes 2
Hynes Honneen to Hynes 146
Ievers "I" Surnames 17
Inchiquin "I" Surnames 58
Incho "I" Surnames 1
Inskoe "I" Surnames 1
Irwin "I" Surnames 12
Ivers "I" Surnames 1
Jackson "J" Surnames 5
James "J" Surnames 1
Jannes "J" Surnames 4
Jenkins "J" Surnames 1
Jennings "J" Surnames 4
Jepson "J" Surnames 4
Jervis "J" Surnames 4
Jervoise "J" Surnames 1
Johnson "J" Surnames 9
Johnston "J" Surnames 4
Johnstone "J" Surnames 4
Joice "J" Surnames 9
Jolly "J" Surnames 6
Joly "J" Surnames 3
Jones "J" Surnames 21
Jordan "J" Surnames 38
Joyce "J" Surnames 17
Joynt "J" Surnames 4
Judd "J" Surnames 1
July "J" Surnames 2
Juskoe "J" Surnames 1
Kain Kain to Keavy 1
Kane Kain to Keavy 178
Kane ] Kain to Keavy 1
Kanty Kain to Keavy 1
Karney Kain to Keavy 1
Katy Kain to Keavy 3
Kavanagh Kain to Keavy 6
Kavy Kain to Keavy 1
Kays Kain to Keavy 1
Keaghary Kain to Keavy 1
Kealty Kain to Keavy 1
Kealy Kain to Keavy 3
Kean Kain to Keavy 18
Keane Kain to Keavy 207
Keany Kain to Keavy 1
Kearin Kain to Keavy 2
Kearn Kain to Keavy 9
Kearney Kain to Keavy 37
Kearns Kain to Keavy 7
Kearse Kain to Keavy 3
Keary Kain to Keavy 6
Keating Kain to Keavy 69
Keaty Kain to Keavy 5
Keavan Kain to Keavy 2
Keavy Kain to Keavy 6
Keeffe Keeffe to Kelly 49
Keegan Keeffe to Kelly 2
Keehan Keeffe to Kelly 8
Keely Keeffe to Kelly 1
Keenan Keeffe to Kelly 1
Keeran Keeffe to Kelly 1
Keerin Keeffe to Kelly 1
Keeshan Keeffe to Kelly 1
Keevan Keeffe to Kelly 1
Keevey Keeffe to Kelly 1
Keevin Keeffe to Kelly 1
Keiran Keeffe to Kelly 2
Keirance Keeffe to Kelly 1
Kelaher Keeffe to Kelly 1
Keleher Keeffe to Kelly 11
Kelleher Keeffe to Kelly 5
Kelliher Keeffe to Kelly 7
Kelly Keeffe to Kelly 450
Kelt Kelt to Kenyon 1
Kemmis Kelt to Kenyon 1
Kendall Kelt to Kenyon 6
Kenerk Kelt to Kenyon 1
Kenevane Kelt to Kenyon 1
Keniery Kelt to Kenyon 3
Kenirey Kelt to Kenyon 1
Keniry Kelt to Kenyon 4
Kenmare Kelt to Kenyon 11
Kenna Kelt to Kenyon 15
Kennane Kelt to Kenyon 3
Kennedy Kelt to Kenyon 137
Kenneely Kelt to Kenyon 1
Kennelly Kelt to Kenyon 15
Kennely Kelt to Kenyon 1
Kennerk Kelt to Kenyon 1
Kenniry Kelt to Kenyon 1
Kenny Kelt to Kenyon 106
Kenyon Kelt to Kenyon 1
Keogh Keogh to Krane 48
Keough Keogh to Krane 6
Kerin Keogh to Krane 69
Kerins Keogh to Krane 4
Kerrane Keogh to Krane 1
Kerrigan Keogh to Krane 1
Kerrin Keogh to Krane 9
Kerse Keogh to Krane 1
Kett Keogh to Krane 10
Kevey Keogh to Krane 1
Kevin Keogh to Krane 1
Kevy Keogh to Krane 1
Kidd Keogh to Krane 1
Kielly Keogh to Krane 1
Kiely Keogh to Krane 6
Kieran Keogh to Krane 7
Kierce Keogh to Krane 9
Kiers Keogh to Krane 2
Kilary Keogh to Krane 1
Kilbride Keogh to Krane 1
Kildaree Keogh to Krane 1
Kildea Keogh to Krane 5
Kilderry Keogh to Krane 6
Kile Keogh to Krane 1
Kiley Keogh to Krane 12
Kilfoyle Keogh to Krane 1
Kilkelly Keogh to Krane 8
Killaloe Keogh to Krane 14
Killeen Keogh to Krane 60
Killen Keogh to Krane 1
Kilmartin Keogh to Krane 22
Kilt Keogh to Krane 1
Kiltinane Keogh to Krane 2
Kilty Keogh to Krane 1
Kimmill Keogh to Krane 1
Kinahan Keogh to Krane 1
Kinaly Keogh to Krane 3
Kinane Keogh to Krane 1
Kinavan Keogh to Krane 1
Kinavane Keogh to Krane 9
Kindell Keogh to Krane 1
Kinealy Keogh to Krane 1
Kinelly Keogh to Krane 1
Kinely Keogh to Krane 1
Kinevane Keogh to Krane 1
King Keogh to Krane 47
Kiniery Keogh to Krane 1
Kinivane Keogh to Krane 2
Kinna Keogh to Krane 1
Kinnan Keogh to Krane 2
Kinnane Keogh to Krane 24
Kinnare Keogh to Krane 4
Kinnares Keogh to Krane 1
Kinnavane Keogh to Krane 1
Kinneally Keogh to Krane 4
Kinnealy Keogh to Krane 8
Kinnear Keogh to Krane 1
Kinneily Keogh to Krane 1
Kinnelly Keogh to Krane 3
Kinnerk Keogh to Krane 1
Kinnerney Keogh to Krane 1
Kinnevane Keogh to Krane 1
Kinniry Keogh to Krane 1
Kinnivane Keogh to Krane 1
Kinnucan Keogh to Krane 1
Kinnucane Keogh to Krane 1
Kinsley Keogh to Krane 4
Kinucane Keogh to Krane 2
Kirane Keogh to Krane 1
Kirby Keogh to Krane 9
Kirkshaw Keogh to Krane 2
Kirwan Keogh to Krane 18
Kirwin Keogh to Krane 2
Kishane Keogh to Krane 2
Kissane Keogh to Krane 1
Kitchen Keogh to Krane 5
Kitchon Keogh to Krane 1
Kitson Keogh to Krane 5
Kittson Keogh to Krane 2
Knane Keogh to Krane 8
Knoulty Keogh to Krane 1
Knowl Keogh to Krane 1
Knox Keogh to Krane 5
Krane Keogh to Krane 3
Lacey Lacey to Leyne 1
Lacy Lacey to Leyne 14
Ladder Lacey to Leyne 1
Laferty Lacey to Leyne 4
Lafferty Lacey to Leyne 6
Lahiff Lacey to Leyne 10
Lahiffe Lacey to Leyne 7
Lahive Lacey to Leyne 7
Lahy Lacey to Leyne 1
Lallie Lacey to Leyne 2
Lally Lacey to Leyne 2
Lalor Lacey to Leyne 7
Lambert Lacey to Leyne 3
Landers Lacey to Leyne 12
Lane Lacey to Leyne 9
Langan Lacey to Leyne 4
Langford Lacey to Leyne 1
Lanheady Lacey to Leyne 1
Lannan Lacey to Leyne 4
Lardner Lacey to Leyne 7
Larkin Lacey to Leyne 37
Law Lacey to Leyne 22
Lawler Lacey to Leyne 10
Lawless Lacey to Leyne 1
Lawlor Lacey to Leyne 2
Lawney Lacey to Leyne 1
Lawson Lacey to Leyne 3
Layden Lacey to Leyne 4
Leader Lacey to Leyne 4
Leadon Lacey to Leyne 3
Leahan Lacey to Leyne 1
Leahy Lacey to Leyne 19
Leamy Lacey to Leyne 2
Lean Lacey to Leyne 5
Learhinan Lacey to Leyne 4
Leary Lacey to Leyne 77
Leddane Lacey to Leyne 2
Leddin Lacey to Leyne 1
Leddy Lacey to Leyne 4
Leden Lacey to Leyne 1
Lee Lacey to Leyne 22
Leech Lacey to Leyne 2
Leeson Lacey to Leyne 2
Lehy Lacey to Leyne 2
Lellis Lacey to Leyne 1
Lenahan Lacey to Leyne 1
Lenane Lacey to Leyne 6
Lenehan Lacey to Leyne 2
Leney Lacey to Leyne 1
Lenihan Lacey to Leyne 6
Lennan Lacey to Leyne 3
Lennane Lacey to Leyne 6
Lennon Lacey to Leyne 8
Leo Lacey to Leyne 9
Leonard Lacey to Leyne 32
Leopard Lacey to Leyne 1
Lepard Lacey to Leyne 1
Lernan Lacey to Leyne 13
Lernihan Lacey to Leyne 1
Levers Lacey to Leyne 1
Lewin Lacey to Leyne 1
Lewis Lacey to Leyne 5
Leydan Lacey to Leyne 6
Leyden Lacey to Leyne 21
Leydin Lacey to Leyne 5
Leyne Lacey to Leyne 1
Liddane Liddane to Lunneen 16
Liddy Liddane to Lunneen 60
Lightly Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lillis Liddane to Lunneen 66
Lime Liddane to Lunneen 1
Limerick Liddane to Lunneen 5
Linchy Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lindsay Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lindsey Liddane to Lunneen 1
Linehan Liddane to Lunneen 5
Lingard Liddane to Lunneen 8
Linnane Liddane to Lunneen 43
Listin Liddane to Lunneen 1
Listing Liddane to Lunneen 1
Liston Liddane to Lunneen 2
Little Liddane to Lunneen 2
Littleton Liddane to Lunneen 13
Lloyd Liddane to Lunneen 8
Locke Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lockyer Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lodor Liddane to Lunneen 1
Loftus Liddane to Lunneen 6
Logan Liddane to Lunneen 4
Lomas Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lombard Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lonergan Liddane to Lunneen 3
Long Liddane to Lunneen 20
Longan Liddane to Lunneen 1
Longing Liddane to Lunneen 2
Looney Liddane to Lunneen 20
Loony Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lopdell Liddane to Lunneen 4
Loregan Liddane to Lunneen 2
Lorigan Liddane to Lunneen 6
Lorrigan Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lott Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lotus Liddane to Lunneen 1
Loughery Liddane to Lunneen 6
Loughlan Liddane to Lunneen 2
Loughlin Liddane to Lunneen 15
Loughman Liddane to Lunneen 1
Loughnan Liddane to Lunneen 3
Loughnane Liddane to Lunneen 5
Loughrey Liddane to Lunneen 3
Loughry Liddane to Lunneen 8
Louney Liddane to Lunneen 7
Louny Liddane to Lunneen 2
Lourie Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lourigan Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lowe Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lowrie Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lowry Liddane to Lunneen 2
Lucas Liddane to Lunneen 24
Lucy Liddane to Lunneen 2
Lune Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lunnane Liddane to Lunneen 1
Lunneen Liddane to Lunneen 3
Lyddy Lyddy to Lyttleton 4
Lynam Lyddy to Lyttleton 1
Lynan Lyddy to Lyttleton 2
Lynch Lyddy to Lyttleton 274
Lyne Lyddy to Lyttleton 1
Lynn Lyddy to Lyttleton 1
Lynnane Lyddy to Lyttleton 1
Lyons Lyddy to Lyttleton 57
Lysaght Lyddy to Lyttleton 67
Lyttleton Lyddy to Lyttleton 3
MacBeth MacBeth to Mallon 8
Mack MacBeth to Mallon 21
Mackay MacBeth to Mallon 1
Mackeen MacBeth to Mallon 4
Macken MacBeth to Mallon 3
Mackey MacBeth to Mallon 17
Mackle MacBeth to Mallon 1
Macklin MacBeth to Mallon 1
Macnay MacBeth to Mallon 2
Madden MacBeth to Mallon 59
Maddigan MacBeth to Mallon 3
Madigan MacBeth to Mallon 92
Magan MacBeth to Mallon 1
Magann MacBeth to Mallon 2
Magee MacBeth to Mallon 3
Magner MacBeth to Mallon 10
Magrath MacBeth to Mallon 36
Maguane MacBeth to Mallon 2
Maguire MacBeth to Mallon 17
Maher MacBeth to Mallon 35
Mahon MacBeth to Mallon 52
Mahony MacBeth to Mallon 77
Maily MacBeth to Mallon 4
Mainy MacBeth to Mallon 1
Mair MacBeth to Mallon 1
Mairian MacBeth to Mallon 1
Malachy MacBeth to Mallon 1
Malborough MacBeth to Mallon 2
Malcolm MacBeth to Mallon 4
Mallard MacBeth to Mallon 1
Malley MacBeth to Mallon 27
Mallon MacBeth to Mallon 2
Malone Malone to Martin 147
Maloney Malone to Martin 18
Malony Malone to Martin 86
Malowny Malone to Martin 1
Malwheeny Malone to Martin 1
Manderson Malone to Martin 1
Manett Malone to Martin 1
Maney Malone to Martin 1
Mangan Malone to Martin 24
Mangane Malone to Martin 3
Maninen Malone to Martin 2
Manix Malone to Martin 1
Mann Malone to Martin 6
Mannick Malone to Martin 1
Manning Malone to Martin 6
Mannion Malone to Martin 4
Mannix Malone to Martin 7
Manoge Malone to Martin 2
Mantle Malone to Martin 4
Maqueeny Malone to Martin 1
Mara Malone to Martin 15
Maranan Malone to Martin 2
Marcolm Malone to Martin 1
Marcom Malone to Martin 3
Marcum Malone to Martin 4
Marigall Malone to Martin 3
Marinan Malone to Martin 23
Marinen Malone to Martin 5
Markaham Malone to Martin 4
Markam Malone to Martin 1
Markey Malone to Martin 3
Markham Malone to Martin 43
Markihen Malone to Martin 2
Markum Malone to Martin 1
Marlboro Malone to Martin 1
Marlborough Malone to Martin 1
Marman Malone to Martin 3
Marnane Malone to Martin 3
Marnon Malone to Martin 13
Maron Malone to Martin 1
Maroney Malone to Martin 2
Marony Malone to Martin 8
Marrett Malone to Martin 1
Marrinan Malone to Martin 12
Marrinane Malone to Martin 3
Marrinen Malone to Martin 6
Marsh Malone to Martin 5
Marshall Malone to Martin 1
Martin Malone to Martin 43
Mason Mason to McFairland 10
Massy Mason to McFairland 48
Matheson Mason to McFairland 1
Mathews Mason to McFairland 1
Maunsell Mason to McFairland 5
Mayd Mason to McFairland 1
Mayne Mason to McFairland 7
McAdam Mason to McFairland 11
McAdams Mason to McFairland 1
McAllen Mason to McFairland 7
McAllin Mason to McFairland 6
McAnerney Mason to McFairland 2
McAnerny Mason to McFairland 1
McArthur Mason to McFairland 1
McAuliffe Mason to McFairland 23
McCabe Mason to McFairland 2
McCann Mason to McFairland 2
McCanty Mason to McFairland 1
McCarthy Mason to McFairland 84
McCarty Mason to McFairland 3
McCaul Mason to McFairland 2
McCaw Mason to McFairland 3
McCawe Mason to McFairland 1
McClelland Mason to McFairland 2
McCluskey Mason to McFairland 1
McConoghty Mason to McFairland 1
McConry Mason to McFairland 2
McCormack Mason to McFairland 37
McCormick Mason to McFairland 14
McCowan Mason to McFairland 1
McCraith Mason to McFairland 5
McCue Mason to McFairland 4
McCullinan Mason to McFairland 2
McDermott Mason to McFairland 20
McDonagh Mason to McFairland 25
McDonald Mason to McFairland 2
McDonnell Mason to McFairland 105
McDonogh Mason to McFairland 30
McDonough Mason to McFairland 2
McDowell Mason to McFairland 1
McEnerney Mason to McFairland 8
McEnerny Mason to McFairland 1
McEnertney Mason to McFairland 1
McEnertny Mason to McFairland 1
McEnery Mason to McFairland 2
McEniry Mason to McFairland 1
McErney Mason to McFairland 1
McEvoy Mason to McFairland 2
McFairland Mason to McFairland 1
McGan McGan to McInerny 6
McGann McGan to McInerny 25
McGannon McGan to McInerny 7
McGee McGan to McInerny 1
McGivan McGan to McInerny 1
McGlashy McGan to McInerny 1
McGlasky McGan to McInerny 1
McGonickle McGan to McInerny 1
McGowan McGan to McInerny 10
McGrath McGan to McInerny 153
McGreggor McGan to McInerny 1
McGregor McGan to McInerny 1
McGrin McGan to McInerny 3
McGuan McGan to McInerny 4
McGuane McGan to McInerny 32
McGuin McGan to McInerny 1
McGuinness McGan to McInerny 9
McGuire McGan to McInerny 13
McGwan McGan to McInerny 2
McGwann McGan to McInerny 1
McHugh McGan to McInerny 2
McIneiry McGan to McInerny 4
McInerhy McGan to McInerny 6
McInerney McGan to McInerny 222
McInerny McGan to McInerny 114
McInertney McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 2
McInery McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 6
McIniery McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 1
McInnerney McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 1
McIvers McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 1
McKay McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 3
McKean McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 3
McKeane McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 1
McKee McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 6
McKeen McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 1
McKenna McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 4
McKenzie McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 1
McKeogh McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 4
McKeon McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 4
McKeough McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 16
McKerns McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 1
McKew McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 1
McKnight McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 7
McKnoulty McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 2
McLoughlin McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 1
McMahon McInertney to McMahon, (Maurice) 855
McMahon, (Michael) to McNally
McManus McMahon, (Michael) to McNally 1
McMara McMahon, (Michael) to McNally 2
McMillan McMahon, (Michael) to McNally 1
McNally McMahon, (Michael) to McNally 3
McNamara McNamara, (Andrew) to McNamara, (Maurice) 847
McNamara, (Michael) to Meany
McNamee McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 1
McNerny McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 2
McNertney McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 4
McNertny McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 2
McNevin McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 2
McNight McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 2
McNulty McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 1
McOwen McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 1
McQueeny McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 1
McQuilan McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 2
McQuillan McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 1
McTague McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 2
McTeigue McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 2
McTige McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 2
McTighe McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 6
McTigue McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 3
McVeagh McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 1
McWalter McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 1
Mead McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 7
Meade McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 50
Meagher McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 2
Mealahan McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 1
Mealey McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 4
Mealy McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 9
Meaney McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 6
Meany McNamara, (Michael) to Meany 51
Mear Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Meara Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 12
Meard Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Meares Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mears Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Mede Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mee Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 6
Meehan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 75
Meeher Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 3
Meehon Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Meenahan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Meer Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 39
Meere Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 12
Melehan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 3
Melephant Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Melia Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Melican Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 10
Melihan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mellican Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Melody Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 4
Melville Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mengane Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Menton Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Menzie Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Menzies Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Merrinan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Merritt Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 4
Merrott Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Mescal Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mescall Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 26
Mescell Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 7
Meschal Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mesckal Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Meskil Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Meskill Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 9
Meyler Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mien Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Milan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Milican Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 4
Miligan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Millaan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 6
Miller Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 11
Millican Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Milliken Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Mills Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Milward Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 6
Minahan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 10
Minane Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 4
Minature Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Minchan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Minchin Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Minehan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 8
Mingane Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Minihan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Miniter Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 11
Minnane Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Minniter Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Minnogue Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 7
Minoge Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 3
Minogue Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 78
Mires Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Miskill Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mitchel Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mitchell Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 6
Moirtey Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 1
Mollohan Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 2
Molloy Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 20
Moloney Mear to Moloney, (Honoria) 313
Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan
Molony Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan 245
Molunny Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan 2
Monaghan Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan 6
Monahan Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan 5
Monahan, Jnr Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan 1
Mongavan Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan 2
Mongevan Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan 1
Mongivan Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan 1
Mongovan Moloney, (Hugh) to Mongivan 7
Monsell Monsell to Moylans 4
Monserge Monsell to Moylans 1
Monten Monsell to Moylans 1
Montgomery Monsell to Moylans 1
Moody Monsell to Moylans 4
Mooney Monsell to Moylans 21
Moore Monsell to Moylans 23
Moran Monsell to Moylans 72
Moray Monsell to Moylans 1
Morcahan Monsell to Moylans 1
Morgan Monsell to Moylans 30
Moriarty Monsell to Moylans 4
Morissy Monsell to Moylans 1
Morland Monsell to Moylans 8
Morley Monsell to Moylans 1
Mornane Monsell to Moylans 3
Moroney Monsell to Moylans 104
Morony Monsell to Moylans 112
Morris Monsell to Moylans 16
Morrissey Monsell to Moylans 20
Morrissy Monsell to Moylans 36
Moss Monsell to Moylans 1
Moy Monsell to Moylans 1
Moylan Monsell to Moylans 42
Moylans Monsell to Moylans 1
Moynahan Moynahan to Myles 2
Moynehan Moynahan to Myles 2
Mugavan Moynahan to Myles 2
Muggavin Moynahan to Myles 1
Muggevan Moynahan to Myles 1
Muggevin Moynahan to Myles 16
Muggiven Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulally Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulcahy Moynahan to Myles 15
Mulconrey Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulconry Moynahan to Myles 13
Mulcreevy Moynahan to Myles 3
Mulcunry Moynahan to Myles 2
Mulgannon Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulheen Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulholland Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulkeeny Moynahan to Myles 1
Mullaghan Moynahan to Myles 1
Mullahan Moynahan to Myles 1
Mullampy Moynahan to Myles 1
Mullane Moynahan to Myles 3
Mullarchy Moynahan to Myles 1
Mullen Moynahan to Myles 3
Mullens Moynahan to Myles 2
Mulligan Moynahan to Myles 2
Mullin Moynahan to Myles 2
Mullins Moynahan to Myles 66
Mulloon Moynahan to Myles 1
Mullowney Moynahan to Myles 10
Mullunny Moynahan to Myles 1
Mullville Moynahan to Myles 2
Mulqueen Moynahan to Myles 6
Mulqueeny Moynahan to Myles 22
Mulquinny Moynahan to Myles 18
Mulquiny Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulready Moynahan to Myles 3
Mulreedy Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulroney Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulvale Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulvehil Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulvichael Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulvihil Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulvihill Moynahan to Myles 22
Mulville Moynahan to Myles 3
Mulvohil Moynahan to Myles 1
Mulvohill Moynahan to Myles 1
Mungavan Moynahan to Myles 3
Mungavin Moynahan to Myles 2
Mungevan Moynahan to Myles 1
Mungivan Moynahan to Myles 2
Mungovan Moynahan to Myles 22
Mungovin Moynahan to Myles 1
Muraghy Moynahan to Myles 2
Murdock Moynahan to Myles 4
Murihy Moynahan to Myles 1
Murnane Moynahan to Myles 2
Murony Moynahan to Myles 1
Murphy Moynahan to Myles 214
Murraghy Moynahan to Myles 1
Murrahy Moynahan to Myles 4
Murrane Moynahan to Myles 3
Murray Moynahan to Myles 53
Murrihy Moynahan to Myles 26
Murrin Moynahan to Myles 1
Murta Moynahan to Myles 1
Murtagh Moynahan to Myles 2
Murtough Moynahan to Myles 3
Muzway Moynahan to Myles 1
Mye Moynahan to Myles 1
Myles Moynahan to Myles 1
Nagle Nagle to Newton 35
Nailan Nagle to Newton 3
Nailon Nagle to Newton 1
Nash Nagle to Newton 36
Naughtan Nagle to Newton 1
Naughten Nagle to Newton 16
Naughton Nagle to Newton 19
Navin Nagle to Newton 1
Naylon Nagle to Newton 1
Neagle Nagle to Newton 19
Neal Nagle to Newton 2
Nealon Nagle to Newton 25
Nee Nagle to Newton 2
Neenan Nagle to Newton 12
Nehill Nagle to Newton 1
Neil Nagle to Newton 1
Neilan Nagle to Newton 10
Neill Nagle to Newton 31
Nelan Nagle to Newton 8
Neland Nagle to Newton 1
Nelligan Nagle to Newton 3
Nelly Nagle to Newton 1
Nelson Nagle to Newton 15
Nester Nagle to Newton 7
Nestor Nagle to Newton 21
Neville Nagle to Newton 31
Nevin Nagle to Newton 2
Newport Nagle to Newton 1
Newton Nagle to Newton 1
Neylan Neylan to Nunan 82
Neyland Neylan to Nunan 1
Neylen Neylan to Nunan 3
Neylon Neylan to Nunan 24
Nihil Neylan to Nunan 11
Nihill Neylan to Nunan 55
Nilan Neylan to Nunan 6
Nix Neylan to Nunan 6
Nixon Neylan to Nunan 12
Noctin Neylan to Nunan 1
Nolan Neylan to Nunan 22
Noonan Neylan to Nunan 37
Noone Neylan to Nunan 3
Norbury Neylan to Nunan 12
Normile Neylan to Nunan 28
Normoyle Neylan to Nunan 1
Normyle Neylan to Nunan 2
Norton Neylan to Nunan 2
Nowlan Neylan to Nunan 2
Nugent Neylan to Nunan 23
Nunan Neylan to Nunan 2
O'Brien O'Brien (Anne) to O'Brien, (Myles) 685
O'Brien, (Patrick) to O'Dea, (John)
O'Brine O'Brien, (Patrick) to O'Dea, (John) 1
O'Callaghan O'Brien, (Patrick) to O'Dea, (John) 56
O'Connell O'Brien, (Patrick) to O'Dea, (John) 35
O'Conner O'Brien, (Patrick) to O'Dea, (John) 1
O'Connor O'Brien, (Patrick) to O'Dea, (John) 116
O'Connors O'Brien, (Patrick) to O'Dea, (John) 2
O'Dea O'Brien, (Patrick) to O'Dea, (John) 174
O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly
O'Dell O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 1
O'Donnell O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 144
O'Donohoe O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 13
O'Driscoll O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 7
O'Dwyer O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 57
O'Fea O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 1
O'Flanagan O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 1
O'Flanigan O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 1
O'Gorman O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 48
O'Grady O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 29
O'Halloran O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 20
O'Hara O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 8
O'Heara O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 1
O'Kearney O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 1
O'Keeffe O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 51
O'Kelly O'Dea, (Joseph) to O'Kelly 2
O'Leary O'Leary to Owens 4
O'Loghlen O'Leary to Owens 19
O'Loghlin O'Leary to Owens 8
O'Loughlin O'Leary to Owens 208
O'Malley O'Leary to Owens 2
O'Mally O'Leary to Owens 2
O'Mara O'Leary to Owens 4
O'Meally O'Leary to Owens 2
O'Meara O'Leary to Owens 10
O'Neal O'Leary to Owens 1
O'Neil O'Leary to Owens 5
O'Neill O'Leary to Owens 129
O'Neille O'Leary to Owens 1
O'Regan O'Leary to Owens 6
O'Reilly O'Leary to Owens 13
O'Reily O'Leary to Owens 1
O'Rourke O'Leary to Owens 6
O'Shaughnessy O'Leary to Owens 8
O'Shea O'Leary to Owens 2
O'Sullivan O'Leary to Owens 2
Odlum O'Leary to Owens 1
Organ O'Leary to Owens 10
Organson O'Leary to Owens 1
Ormonde O'Leary to Owens 2
Owen O'Leary to Owens 1
Owens O'Leary to Owens 5
Parnell "P" Surnames 2
Parry "P" Surnames 1
Parsons "P" Surnames 3
Partridge "P" Surnames 1
Patterson "P" Surnames 18
Payne "P" Surnames 3
Peacock "P" Surnames 13
Pelkington "P" Surnames 1
Pendar "P" Surnames 1
Pender "P" Surnames 16
Pendergast "P" Surnames 1
Penn "P" Surnames 1
Peppard "P" Surnames 4
Pepper "P" Surnames 7
Pequin "P" Surnames 1
Perril "P" Surnames 1
Perry "P" Surnames 3
Perryman "P" Surnames 2
Persse "P" Surnames 2
Peters "P" Surnames 1
Peterson "P" Surnames 1
Petty "P" Surnames 4
Pewter "P" Surnames 1
Phayre "P" Surnames 1
Philips "P" Surnames 5
Phillips "P" Surnames 1
Pickford "P" Surnames 1
Pierce "P" Surnames 17
Piercey "P" Surnames 1
Pierse "P" Surnames 2
Pierson "P" Surnames 1
Pigott "P" Surnames 1
Pilkington "P" Surnames 28
Pilow "P" Surnames 1
Pinder "P" Surnames 7
Pine "P" Surnames 7
Pinn "P" Surnames 1
Piper "P" Surnames 1
Pitcairn "P" Surnames 1
Plant "P" Surnames 1
Plunkett "P" Surnames 5
Pocklington "P" Surnames 6
Poclington "P" Surnames 1
Pole "P" Surnames 3
Pollens "P" Surnames 1
Potter "P" Surnames 3
Potts "P" Surnames 1
Powell "P" Surnames 24
Power "P" Surnames 51
Prendergast "P" Surnames 9
Prenty "P" Surnames 1
Preston "P" Surnames 1
Prevelle "P" Surnames 1
Price "P" Surnames 5
Prosser "P" Surnames 1
Puigh "P" Surnames 1
Punch "P" Surnames 4
Purcell "P" Surnames 37
Purdon "P" Surnames 25
Purtell "P" Surnames 13
Purtil "P" Surnames 11
Purtill "P" Surnames 6
Purtle "P" Surnames 5
Pyne "P" Surnames 17
Quaid "Q" Surnames 3
Quailly "Q" Surnames 4
Quaily "Q" Surnames 2
Quain "Q" Surnames 3
Quaine "Q" Surnames 2
Qualey "Q" Surnames 11
Quealy "Q" Surnames 33
Quigley "Q" Surnames 13
Quigly "Q" Surnames 5
Quigney "Q" Surnames 4
Quigny "Q" Surnames 1
Quiligan "Q" Surnames 1
Quilivan "Q" Surnames 2
Quillan "Q" Surnames 3
Quilligan "Q" Surnames 7
Quillinan "Q" Surnames 10
Quillinane "Q" Surnames 1
Quilnan "Q" Surnames 2
Quilty "Q" Surnames 6
Quin "Q" Surnames 25
Quinlan "Q" Surnames 23
Quinlavan "Q" Surnames 4
Quinlevin "Q" Surnames 1
Quinlivan "Q" Surnames 65
Quinlivin "Q" Surnames 1
Quinllinan "Q" Surnames 2
Quinn "Q" Surnames 149
Quirk "Q" Surnames 7
Quirke "Q" Surnames 6
Rabbit Rabbit to Ringrove 3
Rabbitt Rabbit to Ringrove 2
Rae Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Rahilly Rabbit to Ringrove 2
Raleigh Rabbit to Ringrove 2
Ramsay Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Rea Rabbit to Ringrove 2
Read Rabbit to Ringrove 14
Readdy Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Reade Rabbit to Ringrove 3
Ready Rabbit to Ringrove 57
Reardon Rabbit to Ringrove 7
Reball Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Redan Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Reddan Rabbit to Ringrove 31
Redden Rabbit to Ringrove 5
Reddin Rabbit to Ringrove 16
Redding Rabbit to Ringrove 4
Reddy Rabbit to Ringrove 3
Redmayne Rabbit to Ringrove 2
Redmond Rabbit to Ringrove 2
Reed Rabbit to Ringrove 4
Reedy Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Reels Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Reeves Rabbit to Ringrove 10
Regan Rabbit to Ringrove 21
Reidey Rabbit to Ringrove 4
Reidy Rabbit to Ringrove 107
Reiley Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Reilly Rabbit to Ringrove 23
Renny Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Reynolds Rabbit to Ringrove 25
Rice Rabbit to Ringrove 5
Richards Rabbit to Ringrove 23
Rickard Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Rickards Rabbit to Ringrove 7
Riddler Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Rider Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Riggs Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Riley Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Rind Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Ring Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Ringrose Rabbit to Ringrove 7
Ringrove Rabbit to Ringrove 1
Rinn Rinn to Ryall 11
Riordan Rinn to Ryall 6
Riversdale Rinn to Ryall 2
Roach Rinn to Ryall 24
Robb Rinn to Ryall 1
Robbins Rinn to Ryall 2
Roberts Rinn to Ryall 3
Robertson Rinn to Ryall 1
Robins Rinn to Ryall 2
Robinson Rinn to Ryall 12
Roche Rinn to Ryall 76
Rochford Rinn to Ryall 34
Rochfort Rinn to Ryall 4
Rody Rinn to Ryall 1
Roe Rinn to Ryall 3
Rogers Rinn to Ryall 32
Rohan Rinn to Ryall 3
Roland Rinn to Ryall 2
Rollin Rinn to Ryall 1
Ronan Rinn to Ryall 22
Ronayne Rinn to Ryall 1
Rooghan Rinn to Ryall 1
Rooney Rinn to Ryall 4
Rorke Rinn to Ryall 2
Rose Rinn to Ryall 2
Rosingrave Rinn to Ryall 1
Roslewn Rinn to Ryall 1
Ross Rinn to Ryall 7
Rosslewin Rinn to Ryall 4
Rouen Rinn to Ryall 1
Roughan Rinn to Ryall 84
Roughann Rinn to Ryall 1
Roughin Rinn to Ryall 1
Rouhan Rinn to Ryall 2
Rourke Rinn to Ryall 25
Rowan Rinn to Ryall 13
Rowen Rinn to Ryall 2
Rowhan Rinn to Ryall 7
Rowlan Rinn to Ryall 1
Rowland Rinn to Ryall 6
Ruan Rinn to Ryall 1
Ruane Rinn to Ryall 9
Rush Rinn to Ryall 1
Russell Rinn to Ryall 79
Rutherford Rinn to Ryall 3
Ryal Rinn to Ryall 2
Ryall Rinn to Ryall 4
Ryan Ryan to Ryrure 337
Ryder Ryan to Ryrure 5
Rynd Ryan to Ryrure 2
Rynne Ryan to Ryrure 4
Ryrure Ryan to Ryrure 1
Sage Sage to Shallue 1
Sally Sage to Shallue 2
Salmon Sage to Shallue 15
Sammon Sage to Shallue 1
Sampson Sage to Shallue 42
Sarsfield Sage to Shallue 2
Saunders Sage to Shallue 2
Savage Sage to Shallue 3
Scahill Sage to Shallue 1
Scail Sage to Shallue 1
Scale Sage to Shallue 1
Scales Sage to Shallue 24
Scanlan Sage to Shallue 92
Scanlon Sage to Shallue 43
Scarry Sage to Shallue 2
Schoales Sage to Shallue 2
Scott Sage to Shallue 38
Scullane Sage to Shallue 4
Scully Sage to Shallue 9
Sealon Sage to Shallue 1
Sears Sage to Shallue 1
Seaton Sage to Shallue 2
Seery Sage to Shallue 1
Seward Sage to Shallue 1
Sexton Sage to Shallue 103
Seymour Sage to Shallue 1
Shallae Sage to Shallue 1
Shalley Sage to Shallue 1
Shalloe Sage to Shallue 1
Shalloo Sage to Shallue 14
Shallow Sage to Shallue 2
Shallue Sage to Shallue 2
Shally Shally to Sheehan 6
Shalon Shally to Sheehan 3
Shaloo Shally to Sheehan 1
Shanahan Shally to Sheehan 22
Shane Shally to Sheehan 1
Shank Shally to Sheehan 3
Shanley Shally to Sheehan 1
Shannahan Shally to Sheehan 4
Shannon Shally to Sheehan 89
Shanny Shally to Sheehan 1
Sharry Shally to Sheehan 19
Shaughnessy Shally to Sheehan 62
Shaw Shally to Sheehan 7
Shea Shally to Sheehan 63
Sheahan Shally to Sheehan 8
Sheedy Shally to Sheehan 56
Sheehan Shally to Sheehan 82
Sheehy Sheehy to Stacpoole 21
Sheely Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Shehan Sheehy to Stacpoole 4
Sheils Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Shelton Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Sheridan Sheehy to Stacpoole 13
Sherry Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Shinners Sheehy to Stacpoole 5
Shoebotham Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Short Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Shuley Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Silver Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Simmons Sheehy to Stacpoole 3
Simons Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Sinclair Sheehy to Stacpoole 5
Singleton Sheehy to Stacpoole 21
Sinon Sheehy to Stacpoole 3
Sitright Sheehy to Stacpoole 4
Skeaghan Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Skeahan Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Skehan Sheehy to Stacpoole 32
Skehane Sheehy to Stacpoole 3
Skerrett Sheehy to Stacpoole 10
Skerritt Sheehy to Stacpoole 3
Skillane Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Slattery Sheehy to Stacpoole 95
Slavin Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Sliney Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Smack Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Smarks Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Smiley Sheehy to Stacpoole 2
Smith Sheehy to Stacpoole 40
Smyth Sheehy to Stacpoole 5
Sneezum Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Somers Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Somerset Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Spade Sheehy to Stacpoole 4
Spaight Sheehy to Stacpoole 33
Sparling Sheehy to Stacpoole 4
Spellacy Sheehy to Stacpoole 28
Spellasy Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Spellessy Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Spellicey Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Spellicy Sheehy to Stacpoole 3
Spelling Sheehy to Stacpoole 2
Spellissy Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Spelman Sheehy to Stacpoole 2
Spillacy Sheehy to Stacpoole 2
Spillicey Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Sporling Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
Spruggy Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
St John Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
St Laurence Sheehy to Stacpoole 4
St Lawrence Sheehy to Stacpoole 1
St Leger Sheehy to Stacpoole 6
Stack Sheehy to Stacpoole 23
Stackpole Sheehy to Stacpoole 3
Stackpoole Sheehy to Stacpoole 27
Stacpoole Sheehy to Stacpoole 47
Stafford Stafford to Synge 12
Stamer Stafford to Synge 4
Stamers Stafford to Synge 1
Stammer Stafford to Synge 1
Stammers Stafford to Synge 1
Standford Stafford to Synge 1
Stannard Stafford to Synge 1
Stanner Stafford to Synge 1
Stanton Stafford to Synge 2
Stapleton Stafford to Synge 22
Stawell Stafford to Synge 2
Steel Stafford to Synge 1
Steele Stafford to Synge 1
Steevans Stafford to Synge 1
Stenson Stafford to Synge 3
Stepan Stafford to Synge 1
Stephens Stafford to Synge 13
Stephenson Stafford to Synge 3
Sterling Stafford to Synge 2
Sterrick Stafford to Synge 1
Stewart Stafford to Synge 21
Stinchin Stafford to Synge 1
Stinson Stafford to Synge 2
Storan Stafford to Synge 7
Stradford Stafford to Synge 1
Stratford Stafford to Synge 11
Stritch Stafford to Synge 14
Studdart Stafford to Synge 8
Studdert Stafford to Synge 116
Stuncheon Stafford to Synge 1
Stundon Stafford to Synge 1
Sullivan Stafford to Synge 163
Supple Stafford to Synge 1
Sweeney Stafford to Synge 23
Sweeny Stafford to Synge 19
Swift Stafford to Synge 2
Sykes Stafford to Synge 1
Synge Stafford to Synge 29
Taaffe Taaffe to Tierney 9
Talbot Taaffe to Tierney 10
Talbott Taaffe to Tierney 1
Tallent Taaffe to Tierney 3
Taltee Taaffe to Tierney 1
Talty Taaffe to Tierney 64
Tamplin Taaffe to Tierney 4
Tandy Taaffe to Tierney 18
Tarsan Taaffe to Tierney 1
Tarsnan Taaffe to Tierney 4
Tarsnon Taaffe to Tierney 2
Tate Taaffe to Tierney 1
Tatten Taaffe to Tierney 1
Tatton Taaffe to Tierney 1
Tatty Taaffe to Tierney 1
Taylor Taaffe to Tierney 27
Teate Taaffe to Tierney 3
Teefy Taaffe to Tierney 1
Teerney Taaffe to Tierney 1
Teirney Taaffe to Tierney 4
Tent Taaffe to Tierney 1
Terry Taaffe to Tierney 1
Therry Taaffe to Tierney 2
Thomond Taaffe to Tierney 89
Thompson Taaffe to Tierney 10
Thornberry Taaffe to Tierney 1
Thornton Taaffe to Tierney 4
Thyme Taaffe to Tierney 1
Thyne Taaffe to Tierney 2
Thynne Taaffe to Tierney 29
Tiberty Taaffe to Tierney 1
Tidd Taaffe to Tierney 1
Tierney Taaffe to Tierney 59
Timmins Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Timmons Timmins to Tyrrell 6
Timon Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Tine Timmins to Tyrrell 5
Tobin Timmins to Tyrrell 17
Tobyn Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Tomkins Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Tompane Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Toohey Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Toohig Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Toohy Timmins to Tyrrell 37
Toole Timmins to Tyrrell 11
Toomey Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Toomy Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Tooney Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Torpey Timmins to Tyrrell 20
Torphy Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Torpy Timmins to Tyrrell 31
Tottenham Timmins to Tyrrell 7
Totton Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Toughey Timmins to Tyrrell 7
Toughy Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Touhy Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Townsell Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Tracy Timmins to Tyrrell 13
Trane Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Trant Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Trassy Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Trawley Timmins to Tyrrell 5
Treacy Timmins to Tyrrell 3
Tropy Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Trounsel Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Trousdell Timmins to Tyrrell 15
Troy Timmins to Tyrrell 7
Tubbriddy Timmins to Tyrrell 3
Tubbridy Timmins to Tyrrell 4
Tubbs Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Tubrety Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Tubrid Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Tubridy Timmins to Tyrrell 15
Tucker Timmins to Tyrrell 3
Tuite Timmins to Tyrrell 4
Tully Timmins to Tyrrell 7
Tuohy Timmins to Tyrrell 55
Turner Timmins to Tyrrell 7
Tuthill Timmins to Tyrrell 13
Tuttle Timmins to Tyrrell 7
Tweedy Timmins to Tyrrell 3
Twohy Timmins to Tyrrell 5
Tymons Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Tynan Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Tyne Timmins to Tyrrell 2
Tyner Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Tyrell Timmins to Tyrrell 3
Tyrrell Timmins to Tyrrell 1
Uniacke "U" Surnames 1
Unthank "U" Surnames 1
Valentine "V" Surnames 2
Vanally "V" Surnames 1
Vance "V" Surnames 3
Vandeleur "V" Surnames 108
Varihy "V" Surnames 1
Varily "V" Surnames 2
Vaughan "V" Surnames 79
Veale "V" Surnames 1
Veetch "V" Surnames 1
Vereker "V" Surnames 1
Verlin "V" Surnames 2
Verling "V" Surnames 2
Vesey "V" Surnames 9
Vickers "V" Surnames 1
Vincent "V" Surnames 6
Wade Wade to Westropp 5
Wadson Wade to Westropp 1
Walker Wade to Westropp 16
Wall Wade to Westropp 22
Wallace Wade to Westropp 11
Wallis Wade to Westropp 1
Wallnut Wade to Westropp 1
Wallnutt Wade to Westropp 1
Wallplate Wade to Westropp 2
Walnut Wade to Westropp 4
Walsh Wade to Westropp 191
Walton Wade to Westropp 7
Wandesforde Wade to Westropp 5
Ward Wade to Westropp 15
Warm Wade to Westropp 1
Warrant Wade to Westropp 1
Warren Wade to Westropp 8
Warrent Wade to Westropp 1
Washington Wade to Westropp 1
Waters Wade to Westropp 13
Watson Wade to Westropp 13
Watton Wade to Westropp 1
Welch Wade to Westropp 5
Weldon Wade to Westropp 1
Wells Wade to Westropp 1
Welsh Wade to Westropp 6
Wesby Wade to Westropp 2
West Wade to Westropp 1
Westby Wade to Westropp 54
Westropp Wade to Westropp 43
Whelan Whelan to Wynne 59
White Whelan to Wynne 118
Whitecome Whelan to Wynne 1
Whitelock Whelan to Wynne 2
Whitelocke Whelan to Wynne 12
Whitestone Whelan to Wynne 3
Whitford Whelan to Wynne 1
Whitstone Whelan to Wynne 1
Whitty Whelan to Wynne 6
Wilbee Whelan to Wynne 1
Wild Whelan to Wynne 1
Wiley Whelan to Wynne 1
Wilkinson Whelan to Wynne 6
Williams Whelan to Wynne 24
Willis Whelan to Wynne 2
Wilson Whelan to Wynne 30
Winder Whelan to Wynne 4
Winkle Whelan to Wynne 1
Winne Whelan to Wynne 7
Winnett Whelan to Wynne 3
Winter Whelan to Wynne 1
Winters Whelan to Wynne 1
Wise Whelan to Wynne 1
Wolfe Whelan to Wynne 9
Wood Whelan to Wynne 2
Woodcock Whelan to Wynne 1
Woods Whelan to Wynne 32
Woodward Whelan to Wynne 8
Worrall Whelan to Wynne 2
Woulfe Whelan to Wynne 5
Wray Whelan to Wynne 1
Wren Whelan to Wynne 9
Wrenfordsly Whelan to Wynne 1
Wrenne Whelan to Wynne 1
Wright Whelan to Wynne 7
Wrightson Whelan to Wynne 2
Wrinne Whelan to Wynne 2
Wrixon Whelan to Wynne 1
Wrynn Whelan to Wynne 1
Wrynne Whelan to Wynne 13
Wyley Whelan to Wynne 1
Wyndham Whelan to Wynne 127
Wynne Whelan to Wynne 3
Young "Y" Surnames 3
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