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Some Historical Notes on the Guerin Surname in Co. Clare by Pat Guerin
Irish/Gaelic Origins: 1654 – 1656: The Civil Survey;
1659: Pender’s ‘Census’; The Inchiquin Papers; Guerins of Ennis

1654 – 1656: The Civil Survey
This was another and more detailed survey of land ownership in Ireland undertaken by the English government in 1641. It has survived for twelve counties, including Co. Tipperary, but not for Co. Clare. The survey was carried out on a barony and civil parish basis and at the end of each barony there is an index of the English Protestants and Irish papists recorded in connection with the land listed. It was published in book form by the Stationery Office, Dublin in 1934.

A check was made for the civil parishes of Templeically and KillmcStully in the Barony of Owney & Arra; no Guerin/O’Geran or any variant of the name was found amonst the names listed.

1659: Pender’s ‘Census’
This is really a census (and land survey) compiled by Sir William Petty in 1659 and records the names of persons with title to land (‘tituladoes’) as well as the total number of English and Irish living in each barony. Five counties: Cavan, Galway, Mayo, Tyrone, and Wicklow are not covered.
This census of Petty was edited by Séamus Pender (hence the name) and published in 1939 (NLI 6551 Dublin).

The ‘tituladoes’ for each county covered are listed by name.
No ‘titulado’ with the name Guerin or any variant of it is listed.
However in the index at the back of the book there is listing of family names in different baronies. There are 12 instances of the name Gerane/Girane for the Barony of Bunratty in Co. Clare. There are no entries of the name under any other county (or Barony).

The Inchiquin Papers NLI Ms.
These are the records and transactions for Dromoland Estate. They have been edited and produced in book form by Sir John Ainsworth.

They contain the following name references:

Ref. No. 1393
  Conor Gerane of Mojeresk,[9] yeoman 59
Ref. No. 40
16 June 1685
  Conor Guiran
Ref. No. 1691
11 July 1691
  Loghlen Girane
Ref. No 1411
11 July 1691
  Daniel O’Girane, one cow
Mlaghlen O’Girane, two cows
Ref. No. 175
4 Feb. 1700
  Teige Gerran
Ref. No. 1921
  Maurice Geron

All the above names are obviously Gaelic in their origins and while contemporaneous with the influx of Huguenot refugees are (with the possible exception of Maurice Geron) in no way (Huguenot) French.

Guerins of Ennis
In the book ‘The Merchants of Ennis’ by Spellissy there is the following entry (page 80) under the name Guerin:

“The Guerin surname may be a derivative of Ó Géaráin, a name occasionally anglicised to Sharp[10]. The Guerins seem to have been residents of Ennis prior 1674 when Daniell O’Gearain was accused of breaking the terms of his tenancy. In 1771, Thomas Gerane was appointed as an overseer. He was described as a tanner in 1773, when he became a collector for the Corporation. In 1777, John Gerane received a presentation from the provost and burgesses of the town, for services rendered to the borough during Edward O’Brien’s term as provost. In 1875 and 1876 John Guerin was boot and shoemaker in Bank Place. In 1880 and 1881, Patrick Guerin was a watchmaker in Jail Street.... In 1996, Christy and Sheila Guerin were the proprietors of the Woodstock Golf and County Club.”

From the above it would seem that for the Guerins of Ennis the migration from O’Gearain to Gerane to Guerin was completed sometime around the middle of the 19th century.

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