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Some Historical Notes on the Guerin Surname in Co. Clare by Pat Guerin
Appendices: Appendix 3: Ms GO 545: Extracts from deeds, records etc. relating to the name GUERIN in Ireland & England

Ms GO 545 is a hand written document held by the Genealogical Office, National Library of Ireland. The manuscript’s author (Thomas Guerin) was born 13 Sept. 1886 in Quebec, Canada.

This typewritten copy is essentially a complete transcription of the original and, includes a family tree drawn up by the author and which was enclosed as a separate loose sheet with the manuscript. However I have made some deliberate omissions from the original manuscript.
  • The main content of the original is written on the front (or odd numbered) pages of the manuscript with occasional additional notes(possibly 12 in number) by the author on the back of these pages. I have only transcribed six of these notes(which I found of interest) and included them as footnotes with this copy.
  • At the end of the manuscript the author gives a list of deeds relating to the name Guerin; this list concludes with thirty–three(33) deeds under the heading “The Gerans of Mitchelstown” : these latter 33 deeds are entirely omitted. Of the other deeds on the list only the essential details (Location+ Deed No., The Guerin Party to the Deed, Date) are given. Anyone seeking further details of Guerin deeds should consult the original manuscript.
I’ve used italics to insert any explanatory comments of my own (as in this note). Apart from the omissions mentioned, this copy of Ms GO545 is correct in its essentials; it could hopefully be used to make a more complete typewritten copy. To this end I’ve tried to maintain the same page numbering, page content and layout as the original manuscript. Because of this most of the pages are far from full.

In her book entitled ‘Huguenot Settlements in Ireland’ (first published 1936) the author,Grace Lawless Lee, makes reference to ‘Notes on the Guerin Family’ by a Guerin descendant. It’s seems highly probable to me that Ms GO 545 is the source of these notes; if so, this would place the date of Ms GO545 around the early 1930s.

Extracts from deeds, records etc. relating to the name GUERIN in Ireland & England
Thomas Guerin(Glen of Aherlow Family),
‘Le Vieux Moulin’,
St. Hilaire Mountain,
Comte de Rouville,

In Ireland there appear to have been two names of similar sound but different spelling.
The sextons who made the church entries spelled the name phonetically as they heard it pronounced and thereby have caused great confusion in the old records – I have found entries relating to my own family – (who have always spelled it Guerin) spelled Geran or even Gordon

The name Geran appears to have been Celtic while the name Guerin does not appear till the time of the Huguenot exodus from France.

Geran may also have been a form used by the Normans in Ireland for we find in the “Chartularies of St. Mary’s Abbey, Dublin”, public records Office Vol I, pages 462-463, 465 & 469, circa 1225 to 1250 the names of Baldwyn Geran appended to records.

Also Registers of St. Thomas’ Abbey, Dublin, Public Records Office, pages 80, 169, 124, 209, 289 and 375, in the year 1225, the name of Garin (spelled also Garinus for the entries are all in Latin) Archdeacon of Glendoloch.
Geran, Abbot of Saghair died in 868.

It is also found in the grants of Elizabeth:
No. 5808.
Pardon of Taige Mac M. O’Gerane of Balimolchai – relating to persons in Roscommon, Clare & Galway - April 1593
No. 6498.
Pardon of Morish Mac Canagher O’Gyeran, in list of Kerry pardons, April 1601
No. 6529.
Pardon of Morish O’Geran – Kerry. May 25, 1601
No. 6511.
Pardon to Donnell O’Sullivan Bere and followers – the name of Diermond Oge Ny Geirine of Glenhanaris, near Bantry appears May 1601

On the other hand the name Guerin does not appear in Ireland before the Huguenot immigration and the first record of it is in the will of Jasper Guerin proved in Charleville, Co. Cork in 1670.

Irish Wills
1670 Cork & Ross, Gaspar Guerin, Charleville – Cork..
1709 Solomon de Guerin, Westminster.[21]
1737 Prerogative – Peter Guerin, Dublin.
1773 Prerogative – Peter Gieran(?), Cork(merchant).
1842 Cashel & Emly - Edmond Guerin, Bunavoy.
1847 Cashel & Emly - Cornelius Guerin, Bunavoy.
1843 Cashel & Emly - Johanna Guerin, Bunavoy.
1844 Ardfert & Aghadoe – Michael Guerin, Listowel, Kerry(merchant).
1852 Cork & Ross – Francis Guerin – Cork..
1854 Prerogative, James Guerin, Limerick


1748 Denis Geran, Churchtown, Limerick.
1746 Michael Geran, Ennis, Clare.
1749 Elinor Gerane(Signed Grane) Curragheen.[22]
1778 Mathew Geran, Parish Priest of Silvermines
1793 Myles Geran – Flemington.
1790 Daniel Geran, Mitchelstown.
1793 Myles Geran, Mitchelstown
1823 Myles Geran, Mitchelstown
1838 John Geran, Mitchelstown
1844 Susan Gearon(ats Cudmore) Rathkeale.

Marriage Bond

1847 Cashel & Emly Andrew Guerin & May Byrne.

Registers at Trinity College Dublin.

Charles Guerin, son of Solomon de Guerin.
Maynard Guerin, B.A. 1715 probably a cousin of above.
Miles Geran, Son of Daniel Geran, Gentleman born Co. Cork,
entered TCD Jan 20 – 1783 aged 16. Called to Irish Bar 1795.
Richard Son of Daniel Geran, Gentleman, born Co. Cork, entered TCD July 4 1831 aged 17, B.A. 1836.
Miles O’Geran, Son of Miles O’Geran, lawyer, born Co. Cork,
entered TCD 1806 aged 16.
Richard O’Geran, son of Michael O’Geran, lawyer, born Co. Cork, entered TCD
Nov 3 1817 aged 17, B.A. 1822.

Parish Register

Church of La Patante, London – Burials.
24 Oct 1703, Francois son of Francois Guerin.
1714, Anne, daughter of Francois Guerin.
1705, Judith Mathe, daughter of Francois Guerin.

St. John’s Chapel, Dublin – Burial.

16 Nov. 1686, Alice Guerin

Huguenot Colony – Friedrichsdorf – Burial.
Pierre Guerin and his wife Jeanne Malge (aged 80 in 1701) with their daughter Jeanne.

Hungerford Parish Registers, Marriage

12 Oct. 1701, Jacques Marc of White Lion to Anne Guerin.


7 July 1705, Anne Suzanne, daughter of Francois Guerin, Cordonnier, and Jeanne, his wife.

French Church Portarlington, ?

July 1710, (No. 102) Marriage, Andre de Lord [23] and Marie Chopky.
Andre de Lord, fils de Louis de Lord & Gasparde [24] Guerine de Languedoc and Marie Chopky, fille de Pierre Chopky & Susan Dumer etc.

Church of Leicester fields

4 Feb. 1731 Marriage London.
Frederique Anne de Guerin to Jacques Francois Barnouin, witnesses Maynard Guerin and Charles Guerin (See Registers of TCD).

Rye – England

List of Strangers in Rye in 1509
Peter Guerin of Dieppe (this is the earliest record of the name Guerin).

Rye Registers, Baptisms.

20 March 1696, John, son of Stephen Guerin and Susanne his wife
10 May 1699, Susan Judith, daughter of Peter Guerin and Mary, his wife (French).
June 1696, Marianne, daughter of Peter Guerene(French) and Mary, his wife.
8 Jan 1699, Sarah, daughter of Peter Guerin (French)
17 Jan 1696, Susanne, daughter of Henry Guerine and Mary, his wife (French Parents)
20 May 1697, Burial of John Guerene, son of Henry Guerin and Mary, his wife.

Dover, England – Records
  1. David Guerin died at Dover 1689.
    Isaac & Jacob Guerin, born Dover 1690
    Pierre Guerin, born Dover – 1695
    Jean Guerin & Marie Richer (husband and wife)
    - I cannot trace this entry
Church of La Patente, Spitalfields, London
  1. April 25 1714, Baptism of Anne, daughter of Francois Guerin, native of Chesneux, Poitou, and Marthe Guerin, domiciled at Spitalfields, sponsors, Jean Rocher & Marie Anne Le Heup (wife of Rocher) ( she was buried in same year).

    6 May, 1716, Etienne, son of Francois Guerin & Marthe Le Heup (he was born April 3) Sponsors Etienne Casallett and Jeanne Rockay(evidently intended for Rocher)
(Does not refer to any Church
       Marriage of Rev. Joseph Guerin of Bagborough and Norton Fitzwarren,
       Somerset, England to Marie Lucy Eliza Shuldham, daughter of
       Arthur Lemuel Shudham(who was born in 1753) of Dunmanway
       Co. Cork and Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

Daniel Guerin, Commission of Lieut. R.N.
        8 Jan, 1788, Court & City Register p. 129.
        1788, (he was member of the Guernsey family –
         see “Kith & Kin” by William Lukis Collings de Guerin)

St. James, Westminster
Charlotte Guerin married Danile Brisae at St. James’ French Chapel –
        13 Feb. 1727 (she appears to have been a member of Solomon
        de Guerin’s family)

Bishop of London’s Registry
Peter Guerin to marry Mary Charlton (widow) 20 May 1729.

St. John – at – Hackney – London

        Christian (?) Guerin, married to Thomas Fosty – 20 Aug, 1753

Whitechapel Parish
Elizabeth Guerin to Robert Campbell 20 May 1761

St. Giles – in - the - Fields

        John Guerin married to Margaret Louise Lallonettte, London 12 Feb. 1755.

St. Mary Magdalen, London. Old Fish St.

        Lewis Guerin to Mary Sarah Cusack
  1. There were two persons of the name Pierre Guerin (or Peter Guerin) residing in Dublin in 1694
  2. List of Ministers, Elders and Others whose signatures are affixed to the copy of the Discipline formerly in the Public Records Office, Dublin.
    “Secretaire de la Compagnie, Pierre Guerin”* (exact date not given)
    *This Pierre Guerin was an Elder of the French Church holding Services in St. Patricks Cathedral, Dublin from 1693 to 1710.
  3. French Conformed Churches
    Dublin, 16 Feb. 1707 – 8, marriage of Mathieu Guerin*, son of Pierre & Pierrette Guerin of Macon, Burgundy to Matthy Baron, daughter of Thomas Baron and Doheissante Jones of Dublin – by Mon. Viridet, Minister.
    * his son, Matthew was also an Elder in 1708.
  4. Irish Pensioners of King William’s Huguenots Regiments in 1702.
    Jnr(?). Guerin,[25] 4/0 per diem.
Threadneedle St., London Registers
  1. Married, 17 June 1671 Pierre Guerin, son of Bastien Guerin and Marguerite Royeau both of Pont in St. Onge to Judith Dembuce of London.
  2. Baptism, Daniel Guerin son of Pierre Guerin and Judith Dampuree (sic), 8 Feb. 1674.
  3. Baptism, Marie Guerin, daughter of Pierre Guerin & Madeleine Leman, his wife, 21 Dec. 1684.
  4. Baptism of Philippe Guerin, son of Pierre Guerin & Madeline Leman – 22 Oct. 1682.
  5. Marriage of Pierre Guerin of Port-en-St. Onge (widower) to Marie La Pla of Mornay. 7 July, 1678.
  6. Baptism, Pierre Guerin, son of above (5) 24 Aug. 1679.
  7. Baptism, Jeanne Guerin, daughter of Pierre & Marie Guerin, 14 Oct 1711.
  8. Joseph Guerin of same parents, 7 Sept. 1701.
  9. Louis, son of Pierre Guerin & his wife 19 Jan. 1709.
  10. Mary Madeline, daughter of Pierre Guerin and his wife, 8 Dec. 1706.
  11. Marriage of Samson Guerin, native of Pas de Calais, son of late Pierre Guerin and late Judith de Neuville to Marie Benn. 14 Oct. 1687.
  12. Baptism, Samson Guerin, son of Samson Guerin & Marie Benn, 23 Sept. 1688.
  13. Elizabeth, daughter of Samson Guerin & Marie Benn, 16 Feb. 1694.
  14. Marie Guerin, daughter of Samson Guerin & Marie Benn, 31 May 1691.
  15. Daniel Guerin, son of Jacque Guerin and Susanne Bauille, 29 Apr. 1744.
  16. Jacques, son of same parents, 27 June 1743
  17. Michael, son of same parents, 13 March 1748
  18. Pierre, son of same parents (date not given).
  19. Jacques, son of Pierre Guerin and Madeline Sel 14 Feb. 1731.
Here begins a listing of extracts from the Deeds Office in Dublin of Deeds relating to Guerins in various parts of the Ireland. Only the Deed No., the Guerin party to the deed and the date have been transcribed. The original handwritten document contains more details about all the parties involved in the deed as well as some details about the nature of the transaction. The original document should be consulted for these.Dublin Deed: 59-227-40208
        Peter Guerin of Dublin, Gentleman
        18 March 1729

Dublin Deed: 6-455-2584
        Peter Guerin of Dublin, Gentleman
        6/7 July 1708

Dublin Deed: 66-126-45420
        Peter Guerin.
        14 Nov 1730

Dublin Deed: 65-95-14542
        Peter Guerin, Dublin.
        26 Sept. 1730

Dublin Deed: 73-157-50-297
        Peter Guerin, Dublin.
        16 Feb. 1732

County Leix Deed 348-580-235664
        Eleanor Geran of Manor Hamilton
        10 June 1782.

Co. Limerick Deed 460-70-293259
Martin Gerane of Limerick
8 May 1792

Co. Clare Deed 564-120 381852
        James Gueran of O’Callaghan’s Mills, Co Clare
        27 Nov 1800

Tipperary Deed: 710-157-486092
        James Guerin of Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipperary
        10 Oct 1812

Limerick Deed: 682-45-469185
        Andrew Guerin of Rogamus, Limerick
        20 May 1814

Limerick Deed: 677-296-462026
        Andrew Guerin [26] of Killane, Limerick
        30 April 1814

Cork Deed: 729 8-497343
        Mathew Guerin of Cork
        16 May 1818

Clare Deed 729-411 497746
        Michael Guerin of Ballylundane (Ballyliddane?), East Clare.
        James Guerin of Bunratty, Timothy Guerin.
        11 June 1818

Queen’s Co. Deed 1842 22 166
        John Guerin, Mount Mellick, Queen’s County.
        1 Sept 1842

Limerick Deed: 1836-18 191
        James Guerin of Limerick, John Guerin of Mountmellick.
        11 Oct 1830

Limerick Deed: 1846-12-238
        Julia Burton(alias Guerin) of Dublin
        20 July 1846

Limerick Deed: 1845-16-37
        James Guerin of St. Georges St., Limerick.
        24 July 1845.

Limerick Deed: 1849-9-132
        James Guerin of Galboully (Galbally?), Limerick.
        24 April 1848.

Limerick Deed: 1849-12-280
        Patrick Guerin of Newcastle, Co. Limerick.
        18 July 1849.

Limerick Deed: 1848-9-132
        James Guerin of Galboullu (Galbally?), Limerick.
        24 April 1848

Limerick Deed: 1849-12-280
        Patrick Guerin of Newcastle, Co. Limerick.
        18 April 1849

Armagh Deed: 186-577-532112
        Fleure de Guerin late of city of Armagh.
        28 Nov 1823At this point the manuscript begins a listing of 33 additional deeds items under the general heading “The Gerans of Mitchelstown.” These items were not transcribed.

Ancestors of Thomas Guerin

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