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Some Historical Notes on the Guerin Surname in Co. Clare by Pat Guerin
French (Huguenot) Connection: Huguenot Guerins

The name Guerin occurs in connection with the Clonmel settlement.

“Another name that has been suggested as connected with the Clonmel colony is that of Guerin. Jacob Guerin, the original refugee, came to England in 1563 from Normandy and settled in Canterbury. Other members of the family later followed him, of whom Samuel and Daniel were naturalized in 1682 and Francis in 1688, and it was possibly one of these who served under Lord Galway from 1691 to 1699 and was granted a pension of four shillings a day on the Irish Establishment although the identity of the pensioner cannot be established. A Solomon de Guerin with his wife Anne was naturalized in 1697, and his son Charles was baptized at Westminster in 1698. This family later removed to Dublin where the father died in 1709 and where the son entered Trinity College with a brother or cousin, Maynard Guerin. A Pierre Guerin appears as an elder of the French Church in St. Patrick's Cathedral from 1693 to 1710 who may have been connected with the family although he came from Macon in Burgundy. The will of a Gaspar Guerin was registered in Charleville in 1670, so that many Huguenots of this name seem to have settled in Ireland, and the writer has been informed that it was in existence in County Tipperary in the nineteenth century, although by then its bearers had become Roman Catholics.”[12]

There is no record of a Huguenot family having the name Guerin settling in Killaloe. The nearest Huguenot Settlement was in Portarlington in the midlands and again there is no record of a Guerin in that Huguenot settlement.[13]

Any individual Huguenot settling in Killaloe would most likely have worshipped in Killaloe C of I Cathedral. The Huguenot name Chevenix is to be found in that church register but not the name Guerin.

A thorough search through the Church of Ireland Register (1679 – 1845)[14] for the Cathedral Parish of Killaloe found no Guerin (sic).
The names Gerane (1720) and Geran (1793), however, were found.
There is fifty (50) year gap (1733 – 1784) in the register when, apart for seven entries during the whole of 1742, no entries were made. However the name Guerin is not to be found either before or after this gap. The particular register runs up to 1845.
Some entries of interest were noted and recorded; see the following pages.

There is a Huguenot connection with the C of I. Cathedral of Killaloe but it does not involve the name Guerin.

“Some important Huguenot names are connected with Killaloe, where James Abbadie held the Deanery from 1699 to 1724 and Dr. Richard Chenevix the Bishopric before his translation to that of Waterford in 1745, where the history of his family has been recorded.”[15]

Other names encountered of possible Huguenot origin were Prideux, Bouchier and Chambry.

Parish: Killaloe C of I (Cathedral Parish): Register held in RCB Library, Braemor Rd., Dublin {Bookmark Item_701}

Baptism(C), Marriage(M) and  Burial(B) records from start of records in 1679 to 1845



Entry in Register




























John, son of Cornelius Bleakmore of Garranboy and Hrance(?), his wife was baptised

William son of Samson Rice of Gortmagy was buried.

Joseph son of John Syns of Sixmilebridge and Sarah Coryll(?) his wife was christened Dec. 16th. 1692

Patrick Woods of Killaloe and Mary Green of ??? fams(?) rooms(?) married July 15th. 1695

M. Bannister Clark of Sixmilebridge was buried by ms Lhoue 4th day of March 1703

Thomas the son of Thomas and Jane Green was born and baptized the 11th of the same.

James White and Winifrid Gerane were married.

Robert Prideaux died and was buried the following day.

Mary the daughter of William and Elizabeth Bouchier died and was buried the following day.

Ann the daughter of William and Margaret Moulton was born and baptized the 13th of the same.

Richard Chambry and Deborah Mitchel were married.

Oliver Cox and Sarah Geran were married by Licence 25th August.

Samuel the son of William Green and Catherine Tierney baptized the 15th Sept.

In later entries in the register Bouchier becomes Bourchier.

There is only one other entry in the Register between the Geran and Green entries.[16]

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