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Index of Persons named in the Lucas Diary, 1740 and 1741

This listing of 286 names is taken from Brian Ó Dálaigh’s article, ‘The Lucas diary 1740 -41’ which was published in Analecta Hibernica volume 40, 2007, at pages 73 – 187.

There are 323 dated entries in the Lucas diary covering the period May 1740 until October 1741. The Lucas family held lands at Drumcavan in Ruan parish and at Ballingaddy East in the parish of Kilmanaheen.

This personal names index to the diary is published at pages 167 – 175 and is reproduced by the kind permission of Brian Ó Dálaigh.

Unfortunately, the original manuscript has been lost and the diary only survives now as a copy made from the original. Nothing further is known of the fate of the original diary. The copy eventually came into the possession of a Dublin book dealer and was sold to the dramatist Míchéal Ó hAodha, originally of Killaloe, county Clare, the author of several books on the Irish theatre. Ó hAodha presented the diary [the copy] to the National Library of Ireland in January of 1965, where it is currently preserved (N.L.I., 14101).

Anderson, Theobald
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, Nanny
Arthur, Walter
Arthur, Watt
Austin, William

Baker, Dick
Baker, Sally
Barrett, Peter
Barrington, Mr.
Barry, Michael
Barry, William
Bindon, David
Bindon, Mr.
Bindon, Nicholas
Black (boy)
Blood, Anthony
Blood, George
Blood, Matthew
Blood, Mr.
Blood, Neptune
Blood, Thomas
Blood, Widow
Blood, William
Bolan, Edmond
Brennan, Bryan
Brennan, James
Brew, Mr.
Brien, Harry
Brogan, Batt
Brogan, Patrick
Broodir, Michael
Brooks, Nanny
Brooks, William
Browne, Mr.
Browne, Nouton
Bugher, Henry
Butler, Joney
Byrne, Patrick

Cahill, James
Cairens, Mr.
Callaghan, Widow
Callanane, Donough
Callanane, Laurence
Carroll, Michael
Carty, Honora
Casey, Daniel
Cashie, Thomas
Chroe, Aunt
Chroe, Dennis
Chroe, Mrs.
Chroe, Robert
Cillahyne, Michael
Cinelevane, William
Clancy, Teige
Cloghessy, Peter
Coigley, James
Connell, Dick
Connell, Teige
Connors, Charles
Connor, Garrett
Connor, John
Connor, Thomas
Cory, Connor
Crafford, William
Cree, James
Croghan, Richard
Cullenan, Roger
Cullinane, Daniel
Cullinane, Hugh
Cullinane, James
Cusack, Edmond
Cusack, James

Daly, Joan
Dannell, John
Dannell, Joseph
Davenport, Jack
Davoren, Laurence
Davoren, Mary
Daxon, William
Delane, William Roe
Devericks, William
Digans, William
Dillon, Mr.
Dinan, Nicholas
Donnell, Patrick
Donnellan, John
Dundon, Thomas
Dutton, Aunt
Dutton, Mr.

Evans, George

Faircloth, Joseph
Fallon, Andrew
Ferrile, Ned
Fitzgerald, Francis
Fitzgerald, Morriss
Fitzgerald, Peter
Flanagan, Andrew
Flanagan, Connor
Flanagan, Dennis
Flanagan, Donough
Flanagan, James
Flanagan, James (blind)
Forde, Dennis

Gillogan, John
Gore, Abby
Gore, Cousin
Gore, John

Gorman, William
Grady, Patrick
Grey, Dennis
Gripha, Bethy
Gripha, Teige
Gripha, Thomas
Grogan, Batt
Grogan, William

Halloran, Dennis
Halloran, Patrick
Halloran, Stephen
Haly, Francis
Haly, John
Haly, Mr.
Haly, Thomas
Hays, Honora
Hays, John
Hays, Matt
Hays, Michael
Hays, Patrick
Hehir, James
Hehir, John
Hehir, Patrick
Henessy, Pat
Hickey, Donough
Higgins, John
Hill, Aunt
Hill, Michael
Hill, William
Histine, John
Hogan, Connor
Hogan, Daniel
Hogan, Edmond
Hogan, Hugh
Hogan, Mortagh
Hogan, Patrick
Hogan, Richard
Hogan, William
Hologhan, Patrick
Honan, James
Honan, John
Hure, Donough
Hure, Joan

Jack (blind)
Jaxon, Abraham
Jones, John
Jones, Thomas
Joyce, Redmond
Joyce, Richard
Joyce, Roger
Joyce (young)

Kean, John
Keefe, William
Kelly, Honora
Kelly, James
Kent, Jack
Kerin, Mr.
Kerin, Mrs.
Kerrin, Charly
Kief, Teige
Killoge, John
Kishane, Daniel
Kishane, John
Kishane, Thomas
Kitchen, Henry
Kitchen, James
Kitchen, William

Lawler, Francis
Leary, Arthur
Leary, Teige
Lee, Abbigal
Lillis, Thomas
Lillis, William
Linane, Daniel
Long, John
Long, Mathew
Lucas, Benjamin
Lucas, Catherine
Lucas, Connor
Lucas, Doll
Lucas, Doro
Lucas, Francis
Lucas, Jack
Lucas, Nancy
Lucas, Natt
Lucas, Samuel
Lucas, Timothy
Lukey, Thomas
Lynchy, Owen
Lysaght, Andrew
Lysaght, Charles
Lysaght, James
Lysaght, Mr.

McCough, Patrick
McDonagh, Daniel
McDonagh, Molly
McDonnell, Mr.
McDonough, Charly
McGrath, Widow
McGuan, Turlough
McMahon, Connor
McMahon, Dennis
McMahon, Francis
McMahon, James
McMahon, John
McMahon, Mr.
McMahon, Nicholas
McMahon, Tim
McNamara, Dennis
McNamara, James

Mackee, Donough
Mackee, Matt
Mackee, Michael
Madigan, Connor
Madigan, John
Madigan, Mary
Madigan, Teige
Maghee, John
Mahon, James
Mahon, Martin
Markam, Daniel
Marlboro, Connor
Massey, Moriss
Mee, Batt
Mee, Joseph
Mee, Michael
Merryman, Robin
Mighane, Donough
Mooney, John
Moorhouse, Mr.
Moriarty, Connor
Moriarty, John
Morony, John
Mullconry, Dan
Mullony, Daniel
Mullony, John
Mullony, Patrick
Mulreedy, Donough
Murphy, Bridget
Murphy, Dennis
Murphy, James

Nash, John
Nestor, Hugh
Newell, Mr.
Neylon, Michael
Noonan, Honora
Normoyle, Teige

O’Brien, Connor
O’Brien, Daniel
O’Brien, Donat
O’Brien, Honora
O’Brien, Paddy
O’Brien, William
O’Connor, Nelly
O’Dannell, John
O’Dannell, Patrick
O’Dea, Andrew
O’Dea, John
O’Dea, Mary
O’Loughlan, Turlough
O’Neill, Arthur

Perry, James
Phibbs, Mathew
Power, Dominick
Pyne, Bethy
Pyne, Charles
Pyne, William

Reiligh, John
Rhyne, Philip
Rhyne, Thomas
Roche, Michael
Rosslewin, Mr.
Rown, William
Ruorke, Donough
Ryan, Dennis
Ryan, Martin

Sexton, David
Sexton, Edmond
Sexton, Patrick
Shank, George
Sheeghan, Myles
Sheeghan, Thomas
Sheeghan, William
Slattery, Patrick
Smith, Charles
Smith, Mr.
Smith, Nicky
Smith, Thomas
Stack, Edmond
Stackpool, John
Stackpool, Mrs.
Stapleton, Billy
Stapleton, Thomas
Sullevane, John

Thiogry, Loghlen
Thomond, Earl William
Thyn, Andrew
Thyn, John
Tompkins, Bethy
Torpy, Michael
Thrumble, Morgan

Upton, Ambrose
Upton, Francis
Upton, Jenny

Walsh, Joan
Walsh, Michael
Walsh, Mor
Ward, Widow
Welsh, Grace
Welsh, John
Welsh, Patrick
Whelan, Michael
White, Patrick
Wilson, Edward
Woulfe, James

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