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Short Study of a Transplanted Family in the Seventeenth Century
by Edward MacLysaght

Appendix C

The following may be read as a few typical examples taken almost at random, of the documents from which the information I have acquired concerning the MacLysaght family has been derived.

No. 177. Grant of Denization 5 Nov. 1st Eliz. 1559 to Donal son of Edmond Mecgyllysaghta goldsmith of Limerick city.

Summonister Rolls
No. 17. Clare Assizes 23 August 1 Chas I 1625. Owinhie McLisaght of Gortlinghin, a juryman, fined 40/-d for acquitting a prisoner.

Patent Rolls
Donald Lisagh, alias McGillisagh, 3 June, 10 Jas. I, 1612, a student in Trinity College, Dublin, presented by the crown to Rath-Blannynge rectory and vicarage in Killaloe Diocese to be resident as soon as he has finished his studies in Trinity College. Rev. Daniel Lisagh, alias Gillisaght, 6 Oct., 19 Jas. I, 1621, presented by crown to archdeaconry of Ardfert, vacant by death of Rev. Patrick Johns, late Bishop of Ardfert; also to perpetual curacy or vicerage of Kilcummin, alias Kilcoan, in Aghadoe diocese.

William Lysaght, gent, son and heir of Patrick, granted 2 November, 30 Charles II. Inrolled 4 Nov., 1678.

Feakle 1 qr. 411 acres plant - 665 in Tullagh 
  barony in Clare Co.
9 rent
5 acres in Ballymulcannagh qr. 
6 rent
71 acres in Ballymurcaghan qr. 
6 rent
20 acres in Ballyroughane 2 qrs 
1 rent
110 acres in Grenaghane qr. 
4 rent
32 acres in Leccarrowscobe qr. 
8 rent
7 acres in Carrowgarr  
1 rent
10 acres in Ballynevanbeg 
0 rent
99 acres in Boule-Iven  
0 rent
  in Inchequin barony in Clare Co.     
Total 765 acres plantation measure; 1,239a. and 24p. Statute Measure. Total rent, £11 12s. 4d.

Patent Roll 30 Charles II (printed pp. 250 and 322 Vol. III Reports Irish Record Commission, 1825.)
Saving to John McNemara his right to 5 acres in Ballymullcanagh qr.
Saving to the Earl of Inchiquin his right if any to 99 acres in Boule-Iven.
(Connaght Certificates, Roll III, Skin 69. William Lysaught, gent, 19 May, 28 Charles II, claimed following lands as formerly set out to his father, Patrick M’Lysaught, as a transplanted person by the Loughreagh Commissioners upon a Decree obtained by him from the Athlone Commissioners for Transplanted Persons.
Claim heard 2 Sept., 28 Charles II. Decree 22 June 1678. That premises were forfeited in 1641 and were set out to said Patrick Lysaght in satisfaction of his former estate by the Athlone and Loughrea Commissioners, viz.: - Here follow particulars of lands as in above Patent, but in greater detail.)

Chancery Inquisitions
No. 151 Charles I held at Kilmallock, 26 April, 1636, as to an alienation by Edward White and John White of Ballynanty to William Lisocke, Merchant.
That Edward White of Ballynanty, Co. Limerick, gent, deceased, owned in fee 1 carucate in said Ballynanty and mortgaged it since the accession of the present King Charles, to William Lisaught of Tullibracke, Co. Limerick, gentleman.
That John White of said Ballynanty, gent, owned ½ carucate in said Ballynanty called Ballybane and mortgaged it about 4 years ago to said William Lisaught.
That all the premises are held from George Earl of Kildare as of his Manor of Atherlagh at a yearly rent and by a Suit of Court and Services.
(Commission of 16 Dec., 11 Charles I is attached to this Inquisition, enquiring as to alienation of Ballynanty by Edward and John White to William Lisoct, Merchant).
The three different spellings of the name in this case will be noted. There is another document where it appears in three different forms on the same page.

Exchequer Inquisitions
Exchequer Inquisitions, Co. Limerick, No. 7, Chas. I, taken at Limerick city, 13 March, 14 Chas. I, 1638.
That Nicholas Lysaght alias McGillysaghty, gent, about 5 years ago banked 67 acres of salt marsh land which are now in possession of the guardians of John Lysaght and are now dry which formerly were commonly inundated and are in Adare Parish and bounded on West by River Maigh, on East, North and South by the lands of Adare town.
That 2 acres of similar land are in occupation of said guardians of said John Lysaght which were banked 1 ½ years ago by Thos. Jones.
That said guardians of said John Lysaght are in occupation of 115 acres of salt marsh lands called the Curragh of Killkerilly in Adare parish, bounded on East by the River Maigh, on North by Cloghran, on West and South by Killkerilly and Ballinlongfort.

Transplanters Certificates
Extracts from Transplanters’ Certificates for Limerick Precinct. Vol I E., 10, 123, page 196. Certificate 20 December, 1653.
That Patrick Lysaght of Camasse in Small County barony in Limerick Co. has appeared before Commissioners of Transplantation. The said Patrick aged 40 years, middle stature, black hair.
Margaret, his wife, aged 27 years, middle stature, brown hair, and their 2 small children, Catherine White, sister to the said Patrick, aged 30, tall stature, black hair, and her 2 small children.
Their substance - 16 cows, 16 sheep, 6 pigs and piggeens, 12 garrons and mares, 12 acres of winter corn for which they pay contribution; 7 servants.

Vol. A./62. 17 Jan, 1653.
James McLeysaght of Killonurkane in Kenry barony in Limerick County, aged 30, brown hair, slender face, tall stature; wife, Slaney aged 32; 5 children under 11 years old.
Stephen McLeysaght, his brother, aged 26. (His name is spelled Lisiaght in the Civil Survey of Kenry barony, 1655.)

Civil Survey
Limerick Co., Coshmay barony, 1655. Tullybreack Parish, page 15.
Patrick Lissaght of Camus, Irish Papist, owner of South Ballynanty, one plowland - 300 acres viz: - arable 200, pasture and meadow 60, or 260 acres profitable.
Unprofitable red bog, 40 acres.
Worth £70 in 1640.
Mearing on North with North Ballynanty, on East with Tullabreack and Broffe, on South with Camus; on West with Doon-Icreane.
Tullabreack Parish, page 16.
Patrick Lisagh of Camus, Irish Papist - owner of Farrinparcellagh and Ballysiarkane…..

Kenry barony, 1655.
Athdare Parish, page 29.
John Lisyaght of Killkerrilly, Irish Papist, owner of Kilkerrilly ½ plowland with a good dwelling house, 10 cottages and a salmon weir seat upon it. Mearing with Clorhan on North, with Ballylongfort on West, with the river of Maige on East, with Ballymacclahernane on South. It hath joined to it its inpropriations both great and small and contains 197 acres, viz., arable 70, marshland 107, meadow10, pasture 10. Value of the whole in 1640 was £60 yearly.

Prerogative Wills.
Pre. Will made 25 June, 1675; Codicil 29 June, 1675. Proved 27 Nov., 1675.
Patrick Arthur of Cluananna, Co. Limerick, gent, to be buried in St. Francis Abbey in Athdare. Son Patrick Arthur; unmarried daughters, Margaret and Catherine; son-in-law Daniel O’Brien; son-in-law, William Lysaght; mortgage of Cluananna to son-in-law, Wm. Lysaght, as trustee for testator; sister Elinor Lysaght, alias Arthur; cousin, Dr. Thomas fitzPatrick Arthur; brother-in-law, John Sexton; brother-in-law, David Cantillon; nephew, Philip Cantillon; brother, Daniel Arthur of London, Merchant.

Executors brother, Daniel Arthur of London, Mt
  cousin, Patrick Arthur of Limerick, Mt.
  nephew, Philip Cantillon
Overseers brother-in-law, David Cantillon
  cousin, Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick Arthur
Witnesses William Lysaght, Jn. Sexton, Thos. Arthur, Laur. Creagh

Codicil, 29 June, 1675: Kilderry, Kilkerily and Boherown in Small County and Pobblebrien baronies in Limerick County to nephew, Philip Cantillon.

Witnesses: John Lysaght, Christopher Lysaght, Dan Brien. Probate to Patrick Arthur and Philip Cantillon’s, saving right of 3rd Executor.

The above is extracted from the Prerogative Will cited, and ludicates the sort of information in regard to the relationship existing between the people in whom we are interested which can be elicited from such a source.

Chancery Bills.
Chancery Bill, 9 February, 1698, answer, David England of Ennis, Co. Clare, gent, v. William Lysaght & others.
That Deft., Wm. Lysaght, 21 Nov., 1678, settled Fickle on his then wife Hanna or Anny Reddan, sister of Ignatius Reddan and his issue by her which Hanna or Anny is since dead. She was daughter of John Reddan. If she died without issue Wm, was to repay £80 being ½ her portion of £160 to said Ignatius and John Reddan.
That Deft., Wm. Lysaght, 6 and 7 November, 1693, mortgaged to Plt. for £50 Fickle and Ballymarcaghan, and on 5 June, 1687, he and Ignatius Reddan sold Fickle to Plt. for £320 less an incumbrance due to Jn. Ryan.
That Plt. in Easter term, 1696, filed a Chancery Bill against Deft., Wm. Lysaght and others.
That said Hanna, alias Any, died leaving issue by Deft., Wm, Lysaght.
William Lysaght, junior, now apprentice to Tho. Harold of Limerick, merchant, and other children still living.
That said Deft., Wm Lysaght and his mother, Margaret Lysaght, who is since dead, mortgaged Fickle, 2 May, 1696, for £250 to John Ryan: subject to the £50 due to Plt.
That Wm. Butler of Rosroe, Co. Clare, was brother-in-law to Deft., Wm. Lysaght and to Ignatius Reddan.
Defts are Wm. Lysaght, Ignatius Reddan, Wm. Butler, Theobald Burke, John Ryan and Robert Maghlin.

Registry of Deeds.
Registry of Deeds Office, Dublin, Vol. 33, page 74, No. 19705.
Memorial registered 11 Dec, 1721, of mortgage of 9 and 11 Dec., 1721, for £800 of John Brady of Raheens, Co. Clare, to Nicholas Lysaght of Brickfield, Co. Limerick, on Raheen 1 plowland, Ballyquin ½ plowland, the two Ballymaloons 1½ plowlands and Tomgreney, all in Clare Co., mortgaged by Brady to James Webb of Ballynehensy, Co. Limerick, deceased, which mortgage be bequeathed to his son, Daniel Webb, and his two daughters, Anne, wife of Wm. Hodden, and Grace, wife of Henry Holmes, whom Lysaght has paid.

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