Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland
Journals 1888-1916

Clare County Library
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Surname Index: A - F

Adams: Drumcliff
Allen: Kiltenanlea
Arbuthnot: Killaloe

Baker: Kilrush
Banks: Drumcliff, Kilnasoolagh
Barrett: Drumcliff, Kilmurry Ibrican,
Bayly: Killone
Bedell: Kilrush
Bennis: Tulla
Beresford: Tulla
Berkley: Feakle
Blood: Kilfenora, Kilfintinan, Kilnasoolagh,
Bourchier: Killaloe
Bourke: Feakle, Tulla. See also Burke
Brady: Tomgraney
Brereton: Drumcliff
Brew: Drumcliff, Tulla
Bridgeman: Kilseily,
Brigdale: Quin
Briggs: Kilnasoolagh
Broderick: Feakle
Brown / Browne: Clondagad, Clooney, Killaloe, Tomfinlough, Tulla
Bruodin: Drumcliff
Bullen: Kilrush
Burke: Abbey, Drumcliff, Feakle, Feenagh, Killilagh, Kilmaley. See also Bourke
Burtchaell: Tulla
Burton: Clareabbey, Kilfearagh
Bury: Bunratty
Butler: Bunratty, Drumcliff, Inchicronan, Quin

Carew: Quin
Carey: Kilmurry Ibrican
Carkill: Killinaboy
Carroll: Quin. See also O’Carroll
Casaubon: Killaloe
Casey: Killinaboy
Caswell: Kiltenanlea
Caulfield: Killaloe
Chambers: Clondagad
Clancy: Drumcliff
Clare: Moyarta
Clarey: Killone
Cleary: Clareabbey
Clune: Quin, Tulla
Coffee: Clondagad
Colpoys: Drumcliff, Kilnasoolagh
Colthurst: Killaloe
Comyn: Killone, Kilcorney
Connell: Drumcliff, Kiltenanlea, Tulla
Connellan: Killinaboy
Connor: Noughaval. See also O’Connor
Considine: Clondagad, Drumcliff, Kilnamona,
Conti: Moyarta
Conyngham: Kilfearagh
Cook: Kilmanaheen
Cooney / Couny / Couney: Feakle
Cooper: Drumcliff, Kilnasoolagh
Copley: Quin
Corbett: Quin, Tulla
Cornwall: Kilnasoolagh
Cornyn: Abbey
Corry: Clondagad, Kilmurry Ibrican,
Cory: Clondagad
Costello: Clareabbey
Cotter: Kilfinaghty
Couperthwaite: Noughaval
Courcy: Clondagad
Cox: Kilfearagh
Creagh: Clondagad, Drumcliff, Killinaboy, Kilnasoolagh, Quin
Crofton: Clondagad
Crone: Quin
Crowe: Clondagad, Drumcliff,
Crowly: Tulla
Cruce / Cruice: Drumcliff, Kilfinaghty
Cullinan: Clareabbey, Dysert
Curry: Tulla
Curtin: Quin
Cusack: Feenagh, Killone, Kilrush
Custeilo: Quin

Dalton: Bunratty
Daly: Clondagad. See also O’Dally
Darcy: Clareabbey
Davenport: Drumcliff
Davoran / Davoren: Drumcliff, Killilagh, Killinaboy, Noughaval
Dawson: Bunratty
de Clare: Tomfinlough
Dillon: Clondagad, Kiltenanlea
Donnellan: Kilmaley
Doody: Clondagad
Doogan / Dwoogan: Drumcliff, Killokennedy. See also O’Doogan
Doomly / Doonily: Clareabbey
Dubourdieu: Drumcliff
Duffi: Kilfinaghty
Duhan: Clondagad
Dwyer: Kiltenanlea, Tulla

Egan: Feakle
Eyre: Bunratty

Fahy: Clareabbey
Faircloth: Clareabbey
Finucane: Drumcliff, Kilmanaheen, Quin
Fitzgerald: Drumcliff, Kilfarboy, Killaloe, Killinaboy, Kilnasoolagh, Quin,
Fitzpatrick: Killinaboy
Fitzroger: Quin
Fitzwalter: Quin
Fitzwilliam: Killinaboy
Flanagan: Abbey, Killeany. See also O’Flanagan
Flanery: Feakle
Flin / Flynn: Clareabbey, Killinaboy
Forb: Clareabbey
Foster: Killinaboy
Fowler: Noughaval
Fox: Drumcliff

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