Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead, Ireland
Journals 1888-1916

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Kilballyone Parish

1892, Vol. II (1)

Kilballyhone Parish
The church is without a roof, nor is it likely that it has been covered in for a century and a-half; yet the walls are standing, and in perfect repair. The arch of the door is Gothic, and seems low, as the graves and tombstones have raised the surface of the inside of the church several feet above the level of the ancient floor, the hard and almost impenetrable surface of which generally forms the bottom of the graves. Here are the remains of a baptismal font, which has been broken; but on each side of the square pedestal which supported it, are figures not inelegantly sculptured; but only two of them remain perfect—one of these is an (sic) human figure, bare-headed, with a staff or crozier in his hand; and the other a tree, with two projecting branches.

The church of Ross is situated near the natural bridges, on the remote and wild bay called by this name. It is 30 feet long and 15 feet wide.

At a small distance from Ross, and divided from it by a bog, the ruins of the church of Kilcoan were some years ago perceptible. It was called the church of Coan, a survivor of the nine saints whose bodies lie in the churchyard of Ross.

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