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Killaloe Parish

1894, Vol. II (3)
Received from Thomas J. Westropp Esq.

Killaloe Cathedral, St. Flannan’s Graveyard.

1. The monument of Bishop Roan, 1692, is given by Canon Dwyer in “Diocese of Killaloe.”

2. A Purdon tomb not copied by me. WILLIAM PURDON d. Feb 3, 1770, aged 78.

3. GEORGE PURDON, M.D., d. Jan. 26, 1848 aged 64 and his children GEORGE, WILLIAM, & ARABELLA.

South-east corner of graveyard:—

4. “REDFIELD to ye memory . . . . . . vertuous & loveing wife . . . . . ELIZABETH BROWNE alias R . . . . | Here interred deceased Octob . . . | 10th 1719 years married 44 aged 57 | one husband bless | and children eleven.”

(She was aged 13 at her marriage.)
Arms—A chevron between 3 fleurs de lys, on a chief engrailed an eagle displayed.
Crest—A chief ermine, a lion rampant.

On the sides:—

“Christ ye captain of our Salvation
Hath taken away ye sting of death
Hath sanctified the grave
Hath confounded ye kingdom of Satan
Hath broken ye head of that Dragon
Hath broke up ye gates of Hell and Death
Christ is more than conqueror.”

“How sweetly rest Christ’s saints in love
That in his presence be
My dearest friends in Christ above
Them will I go and see
And all my friends in Christ below
Will post soon after me
Christ the way Light to Life to Love.”

“The Trumpets sound
Aweake dead sleeper at this dreade sounde awake
All in the grave from the deade arose
Then all in Christ at this blest sounde
In this heavenly sound rejoice
In Allelujas
Dread not the trumpets sound
Fear not the day of doom
For Christ who comes to be thy judge
To redeem thee he will come
Hosanna in ye Highest.”

“Oh Death where is thy sting?
Oh grave where is thy victory?
Oh Death I will be thy death
Deaths swallowed up in victory
Christ triumphant
Dread and terrour Death doth be
Death wears an angel’s face
And that mask’d angel will advance
Thee to an Angel’s place
Immortality and eternal life.”

St. Flannan’s Cathedral—Chancel.

1. Arms—Arg. 1 and 4 a leopard’s head between a chevron and chief sable—2 and 3
quarterly 1 and 4 a double eagle displayed 2 and 3 three roses. Motto—“Pro aris et focis.”

The long Latin epitaph of SIMON PURDON of Tinneranna 1719, recte 1721, put up by his wife, HELENA, in 1730, is published in R.S.A.I. Journal, vol. I. series V., p. 76, year 1890.

2. “MILLS.
6. “JANNS.”
10. “GEORGE FREDERICK PURDON, Commr. R.N. of Tinneranna, in this county, who died in London, 13th June, 1882, ANNA, his wife, daughter of Lieut. Genl. Caulfield, of Copsewood, C.B., M.P., died June 22nd, 1882, and in death they were not divided.”

In nave:—
Tablets of SCOTT and LOWE families not copied by me.

1. “LIEUT. RICHARD PONSONBY PURDON, R.N. lost in ship “Captain,” Sep. 7th, 1870, aged 27.”

2. “GEORGE PURDON, F.R.C.S.I., died Jan. 26th, 1848, aged 64.”

3. “GEORGE PURDON, of Tinneranna, died Aug. 7th, 1862, aged 64, and his son, WM. CASAUBON PURDON, Lieut. Rifle Brigade. died in Paris Jan. 10th, 1864, aged 26.”

1895, Vol. III (1)
From T.J. Westropp, Esq.

Killaloe Parish.


The rest is hopelessly defaced; it is cut on a plain flag outside the east gable of the Cathedral.
Bishop Roan is said to have been a native of Wales, and educated at Oxford. He was Dean of Clogher when advanced to the See of Killaloe in 1675.
For his will and futher particulars, our readers are referred to the Rev. Philip Dwyer’s “Diocese of Killaloe,” 1878.

1897, Vol. III (3)
Received from Thomas J. Westropp, Esq.

Killaloe Cathedral, chancel

PURDON—1719. GILBERT, of Tinneranna. Arms—1 and 4, a leopard’s face between a chief and a chevron. 3 and 2, quarterly. 1 and 4, a double-headed eagle displayed. 2 and 3, three annulets. Crest—A hand and arm vambraced holding a broken spear. Seal, 1720. SIMON, of same. Same Arms as in quarter 1. [See Vol. II (3), above].

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Purdon Seal
Purdon Seal
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