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Kilmurry Ibrican Parish.

1901, Vol. V (1) part 1
From T.J. Westropp, Esq., 1900

Kilmurry Ibrican Parish.
A long church, built of flag-stones, with scarcely any cut stone. The east gable has fallen; the west has the tottering piers of a ruined belfry. There are two plain oblong window-slits chamfered, a trefoil-headed window-slit, and a pointed door in the south wall, which is buttressed with a row of vaults. A carving of the dead Christ on the Virgin’s lap lies in one of the windows. The site commands a fine sea view from Moher to Beltard, with Mutton Island and Tromra Castle. The main graveyard lies across the road to the east of the church, which is unenclosed, and abuts on the village green.

1. “I-D-E. 1675.”

2. “JOHN BARETT 1777.”

3. “MARY KENNY alias O’GORMAN who died Ap 12th 1827 aged 60 erected by her husband DAVID KENNY, of Treanmana.”

1902, Vol. V (2)

Kilmurry Parish and Church, in ruins.
[We have to thank Mr. Robert Day, of Cork, for the following notes on this old place.]

There are several inscribed stones in this most interesting place, dating from 1800 to 1835, and in most part sculptured by the same hand, as the emblems are alike in all. Some, however, have many more than others, e.g., the thirty pieces of silver, chalice and paten, the ladder, spear, sponge, cock, scales, pincers, hammer, cross-keys, I H S, I. N. R. I., &c., &c. The graveyard is divided by a high road that cuts it quite in two. Upon the right-hand side, facing the ocean, is the ruined Church of Kilmurry, from which a flag-roofed vault abuts on the road, having a circular-headed slab inscribed I. H. S. between the two cherubs:—

“This tomb was erectd by
For Him and Posterity
Kerriensis na bu numerorum que peribus.”

The prevailing names recorded upon the monumental slabs are MCNAMARA, SHANNON, O’GORMAN, MAHON, HOGAN, CORRY, &c., &c. The remains of the square baptismal font are within the church, but overgrown with weeds and bramble; and the whole place boars evidence of neglect and decay, that pervades so many of our country cemeteries.

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