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Journals 1888-1916

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Kiltenanlea Parish

1894, Vol. II (3)
Received from Thomas J. Westropp Esq.

Clonlara Graveyard.
1. “JAMES SMYTH O’GRADY, died 9th May, 1844, aged 61.”

2. “BERKELEY VINCENT, of Summerhill, died Jan. 19th, 1882, aged 79.”

3. “HELENA VINCENT, died April 26th, 1882.”

4. “GEORGE VINCENT, of Erinagh, died April 26th, 1861.”

5. “JAMES HASTINGS ALLEN, Dean of Killaloe and Rector of Kiltinanlea for 36 years, died May 10th, 1880, aged 75.”

6. “REV. THOS. WESTROPP, Rector of Kiltinanlea for 21 years, died Dec. 24th, 1842, aged 72, and ELIZABETH STACPOOLE, his wife, died March 8th, 1841, aged 71.”

7. “REV. THOS. WESTROPP, Rector of Ardcanny, died Jan. 12th, 1876; MARIA FREDERICA MINCHIN, his wife, died at Bruree, 3rd Nov., 1833, aged 29. His sons, DR. THOMAS WESTROPP, died Oct. 10th, 1871, aged 42; and WILLIAM, died June 2nd, 1861, aged 29.”

8. “SAMUEL CASWELL, Aug. 9th, 1874, aged 52.”

9. “HENRIETTA FANNY VINCENT, died Sept. 12th, 1838, aged 11½ years, and her sister GEORGINA, died Nov., 1838, aged 6.”

10. “REV. CHARLES MASSEY, Rector of Kiltinanlea for 21 years, died 14th June, 1817, aged 49.”

Clonlara (near Castleconnell) Parish Church and Graveyard.

1. “WM. WELSH, of Trough, died Sept. 13th, 1867, aged 75, and his wife MARY, dau. of THOMAS GOING, of Traverstown, died March 21st, 1851, aged 47.”

2. “Arms—Sable and 3 quatrefoils. Crest—A tiger’s head issuant from coronet. Brass—To BERKELEY VINCENT, of Erinagh, died Jan. 1882.”

3. “LAUNCELOT LECKY PHELPS, of Waterpark, youngest son of late JOHN LECKY PHELPS, died Dec. 15th, 1887, aged 9.”

4. “JOHN LECKY PHELPS, of Waterpark, who died at Florence, May 28th, 1881, aged 65.—(Window.)”

5. “SIR HUGH DILLON MASSY, Baronet, of Doonass, died 29th Oct. 1870, aged 73. Arms—Arg. on a chevron between 3 lozenges sa., a lion passant or., impaling sa. a lion rampant, ermine crowned or. Crest—A bull’s head gules.—(Window and Monument.)”

6. “MARY, widow of SIR HUGH DILLON MASSY, and eldest dau. of JOHN WESTROPP, of Attyflin, Co. Limerick, died Jano 26th, 1890, aged 90 (Arms as above, window and monument.)”

1915, Vol. IX (4)

Kiltenanlea Church.
From Mr. T. J. Westropp.

A picturesque fifteenth-century ruin near the rapids of the Shannon. It has a neatly moulded pointed door to the south, with a double-oped holy water stoup in the east jamb. Near the south-east angle, which is on the point of collapse, is a trefoil-headed lancet; the east light is tall, chambered, and ogee-headed, the splay being lintelled. There is a remarkable rock-basin and a holy hawthorn, covered with rags and other offerings. The Holy Well of St. Senan Liath, the patron, brother, it is said, of the more famous saint of Iniscatha (Scattery Island), lies outside the graveyard to the north.

To the east of the ruin:—

This tomb was erected | by Thomas Wilson in memory of his Father | Joseph, who died January | the 14th 1793 aged 66 | Also his Mother | Mary | Died 17 Feb 1801 Aged 66 yrs

Erected by Denis Michael and | Patrick O’Grady in memory of | their Father | Michael O’Grady | dept this life July the 15th 1824 | Aged 60 years May he rest | in peace, Amen.

I.H.S. Erected by John McMahon | in memory of his father John who died March 29 | 1880 aged 71 years.

South of the east gable of the ruin:—

“Be ye prepared for Death” [Skeleton] “Arise ye dead & come to judgment” [Angel with trumpet].

Smuaniga criost aighthe air a mbas agus air lá an breitheamhsis. Erected by Jno Halloran in memory | of his wife Mary halloran alias Ryan | who depd life Aug 22nd 1806 Aged 22 yrs | And for their | posterity | Also his BROTHER Michael Halloran who died April 11th 1823 aged 43 years. | Epitaph | Snatch’d by grim Death alas, too soon they fled | At noon of life to join the silent dead. But when the Trumpet sounds that awful phrase | May Angels bright their souls to Heaven raise.

Near south door of ruin:—

I.H.S. This tombstone was erected | By Daniel Connell in | Memory of his son | John Connell Died the | 28th March 1777 aged 12 years.

West side of graveyard:—

I.H.S. [sun & moon] Erected | by Edmd Dwyre | in memory of his wife | Margret Tobin alias Dwyre who Dept Life Decr the 4th | 1836 Aged 63 yrs may she | Rest in peace. Amen.

Erected by | Patrick Quin, Clonlara, | in memory of beloved parents Mary Ann Quin | Died 31st July 1847 | Aged 40 years | Patrick Quin | Died 29th June 1863 | Aged 63 years | His brother | Bartholomew Quin | died 16th February 1886 | Aged 42 years | His Sister Margaret | Died May 1887 Aged 56 years, his son Bartholomew | Aged 10 years.

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