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Moyarta Parish

1892, Vol. II (1)

Moyarta Parish Church
This church is in ruins, the greater part of it having been taken away to cover graves. It is, however, a great burial-place for the ancient septs of MACMAHON, O’CAHAN, O’HONEEN, &c. If the traveller should feel any surprise at seeing the celebrated name of “CONTI” inscribed on several tombstones here, he may conclude they cover the remains of descendnts of some of the illustrious visitors of the CLARE family at the neighbouring castle and mansion of Carrigaholt.
A large bell was found here a few years ago, and sent to Limerick, where it was sold.

Is situated on the Shannon, near Dunaha. It is remarkable only as the burial-place of the ancient and respectable family of MORONY, or Moroni.

There are no public libraries, nor any manuscripts, except a few in the Irish character, preserved by a family of the MACMAHONS, in CARRIGAHOLT.

There are considerable ruins of two ancient churches in this place. In one of them is a burial-place of the MACDONNELLS of Kilkea.

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