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Noughaval Parish

1896, Vol. III (2)

Parish of Noughaval and Carrane.
List of Incumbents (from First Fruits’ Records).
By certificate of Edward Lord Bishop of Tuam, and Bishop of Fenebore, dated the 25th day of May, 1724, from the third day of July, 1723, dignitas precentoriat, eccliae. Cathlis, sancti Fecknan. Feneboren, necnon vicariae eccliarum parlium. de Noughvaile, Carne, Kiltoraght, Clonney, Kilmainheen, et Killaspuglenane in comitatu Clare et dioces nra Feneboren. Per mortem naturalem ROBERT COUPERTHWAITE clici ultimi ibm incumbentis jam vacan.
GEORGE FOWLER, collated 29th May, 1772, chanter Kilfenora V. Carrune, V. Kiltoraght, V. Clonney, V. Killonoghan, V. Killaspughenane, R. Noughvaill, V. Noughvaill, Clare Co.
JAMES KENNY, instituted 28th June, 1785, R. Killeilagh, R. Kilmoon, R. Carrune.
MICHAEL DAVOREN, collated 3rd Sept., 1790, chantership of Kilfenora, R. V. Noughawall, R. V. Carrune.
ROBERT GABBETT, collated 9th May, 1810, with the rect. and vic. of Naughaval, and the vic. of Carrune as the corps thereof, in the dioc. of Kilfenora and Co. Clare, vice MICHAEL DAVOREN, who held from 3rd Nov., 1790, and vacated by death.
SIMON HOLLAND was collated 1 Sept., 1817, to the chantership of Kilfenora, consisting of the RE. and V. of Noughaval and V. Carrune, as the corps thereof in the dioc. of Kilfenora and Co. Clare, vice ROBERT GABBETT, A.B. who held same from 9 May, 1810, and vacated.

Noughaval Church
From T.J. Westropp.

Noughaval Church is a building of considerable antiquity, and has not as yet been described by our antiquaries. The chancel arch and much of the side walls belong to the 11th century. The gable of the chancel has been rebuilt, but part (at any rate) of the east window is ancient, having a semicircular head, the light only 8 inches wide. Two south windows and the side of a third of similar character remain. The chancel arch threatens to fall; it is semicircular, 10 feet 10 inches wide of well-fitted blocks; the piers have a slight impost and base, and a roll moulding at the angles. Several blocks of a boldly-moulded window lie about the nave, being probably of the early 11th century. The existing south windows are at least 400 years later, with flat lintels and mullions, the first of two lights, the eastern of three and quite perfect. The south door is possibly late 12th century, and suggestive of Corcomroe Abbey, though the belief that it was removed from that place has no foundation. It has impost mouldings and a flat lintel with a deeply-moulded pointed arch above it enclosing a tympanum. The mouldings are crossed by neat bars deeply undercut. The west gable is down, and the masonry near it is large and very archaic. The nave measures 53 feet by 21 feet 6 inches, the chancel 28 feet by 20 feet 9 inches. In the graveyard is a small stone-roofed chapel 20 feet by 12 feet. The roof and side wall are on the point of falling, though it was repaired by the O’Davorens in 1725, and its pointed door still stood in 1839. The east and south windows are oblong slits, with flat heads and plain chamfer; west of this is an altar-like slab pierced by an oblong hole, through which rises a rude Celtic cross. The octagonal pier, forming the lower part of the mediæval market cross, stands near the churchyard gate, and a well dedicated to the otherwise unknown St. Mogua, is in a depression to the east of the church, and overshadowed by an aged and fantastic ash tree. A full description of the notable stone forts in the adjoining fields will be found in my paper now in course of publication in the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland.

Inscription, in raised capitals:—

[DAV] | OREN WHO. . . . . | . . . . .
COVERED. . . . . | GRAVE ANNO DOI. . . . .”

1897, Vol. III (3)
From T. J. Westropp, Esq.

“This chapel was built by JAMES DAVOREN of Lisdoonvarna who died the 31 of July 1725 aged 59 years.”

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