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The O'Davorens of Cahermacnaughten, Burren, Co. Clare by Dr. George U. Macnamara

Part II: Genealogical: O'Davoren Pedigree, circa 1754; Later O’Davorens

The Genealogy of Clann O'Dabhoireann here, according as we found it before us from [the writings of] Tadhg mac Daire mic Bruaideagha, in a historical poem he composed for Giollananaomh [óg, 37],[58] son of Giollananaomh mór o'Dabhoireann of Cathair mic Neachtain.

Maghnus O'Dabhoireann [39, second son of ‘Aodh of the deed’] children to him viz.:
(1) Uilliam, and (2) Baothghalach, who [the latter] died without issue male.

The children of Uilliam (40), viz.: (1) Seamus of Liosduinbhearna[59] married to Eileanóir ni hAichir [O'Hehir], the daughter of Lochlainn riabhaeh [o hAichir] of Cathair mic Cunna[60] and Mairghread de Léase [de Lacy]. The unfortunate (?) couple died without issue. (2) Uilliam married to Eileanóir ni Dabhoireann, daughter of Cosnamhach O'Dabhoireann of Lioslaithrighe[61]. Uilliam died without issue male; he [i.e., Uilliam, son of Uilliam, 40] had two daughters of whom we shall speak hereafter. (3) Sean o'Dabhoireann married to Maigin a Phrionsa, a lady from Connacht[62]. He had one son, viz. Uilliam, who died without issue, aged twenty-four years. Séan had two daughters, viz.: Brighid[63] married to Eámon ohOgain, son of William ohOgain, son of Eámon mór, son of Aodh [son of Eamon], son of Eamon mór of Maothail[64] son of Aodh nan óg each. Mairghréad married to Tomas mac Mathghamhna, son of Toirdhéalbhach, son of Conchubhar, who was ‘commander of a regiment’[65]. (4) Labhrás, married to Eileanóir, daughter of Padraig o'hAichir son of Lochlainn riabhach. One son to him [Labhrás], viz.: Seamus, married to the daughter of Piaras Créach of Daingean ui Bhigin[66].

The female issue of Uilliam [i.e. Uilliam (40), son of Maghnus] (1) Iosabéal, married to Daibhi Coimin (Comyn); sons and daughters to them[67]. (2) Eileanóir married to Cormac MacDonnchadh (MacDonough) of Bailecaol[68], who was head of his line[69], afterwards married to Tadh ohAichir[70]. One daughter had she by Tadhg, viz.: Brighid married to Dominic Paor[71]. (3) Fionghuala, married to Padriag O’Dabhoireann, son of Giolla [na naomh] of Liasmrachán[72], of whom we shall speak hereafter.

The female issue of the aforesaid Baothghalach [i.e. Baothghalach, son of Maghnus (39) and brother of William]: (1) Mairghread married Mithall o’Morain[73]. Children to him [Mithal]: Conchubhar and Mitall who died without issue. Seamus, who was in the priesthood. One daughter to him [ i.e. Mithall oMorain, senior], viz.: Cáit, married to Mathghamhain Poer (Power). (2) Caitlin, married to Domnall O'Briain, son of Diarmaid, son of Murchadh, of Bailephuirtriabhaigh[74]. Male and female issue to them [i.e. to Caitlin and Domhnall O'Briain], viz.: Muircheartach[75] married to Iosabeal ni Ghearalt (Fitzgerald), daughter of Muireas mac Gearalt, son of Phroinsias, of Rosleamháin[76] and Iosabéal ni hOgain, daughter of Eámon mór o hOgain. Uilliam, who died in the Indies without issue; Máire, who died in her young womanhood; Máighread married to Mithall o hOgain, son of Tomás, son of Seamus, son of Riocard, son of Eámon mór of Maothail aforesaid.

Uilliam, the brother of Séamus and Seán [sons of Uilliam, son of Maghnus (39)], had two daughters, viz.: Máire married to Cormac macDonnchadh, son of Mithall. Mairghréad married to Maolmuire o Maoldhomhnaigh (O'Molony).

Giollananaomh óg (37) two sons to him, viz.: Aodh and Cosnamhach[77]. Four sons to Aodh (38), viz.: Giollananaomh, Maghnus, Cosnamhach and Baothghalach buidhe[78]. From Giolla [nanaomh] son of Aodh the family (sliocht) was named in the beginning (sic.)[79].

A son to Giollananaomh (39): Maghnus married to Nora ni Bhriain, daughter of Brian O'Briain, grandson of Diarmaid O'Briain of Ceathramha dubh[80]. Sons and daughters to Maghnus: - Mithall, who was head of his line (Sliocht) in France[81], Séamus died without issue; Giollananaomh married to Cáit Buitléar (Butler), daughter of the daughter of Eámon ohOgain, son of Padraig, son of Aodh, son of Eamon mór of Maothail aforesaid. Male and female issue to Giolla [nanaomh, son of Maghnus son of Giollananaomh, 39], viz.: Maghnus; Aodh, who died a young lad; Seamus; Nora married to Conchubar O'Duibhidhir (O'Dwyer), son of Eamon and Maire ni Dabhoireann; Maire; Siubhán; Mairghréad ; Cáit; Iosabéal; and Fionn [ghuala].

. . . . . viz. : the second son of the aforesaid Aodh, M[aghnus ?] . . . . . Uilliam and Baothghalach[82].

Cosnamhach[83], who was head of his line, married to Máire ni Bhriain, daughter of Tadhg o Bhriain of Cathairmionáin[84] and Maire ni hOgain, daughter of Eámon mór [o hOgain] of Maothail. One daughter to Cosnamhach, viz.: Mairghréad married to Muircheartach o Dabhoireann, father of Cosnamhach who was married to Fionnghuala, youngest daughter of Baothghalach, son of Maghnus aforesaid. Children to her by Cosnamhach: Aindrias, who died without issue; Cosnamhach married to Maire ni Mhoráin, daughter to Mithall o Morain and Maire ni Dhala (O'Daly)[85], daughter of Seaghan o Dala and Anastas ni Chiorabhain (Kirwan). Male children to them [i.e. to Cosnamhach and Maire ni Mhorain]: Mithall; Aindrias Mithall and Giollanananaomh. Two other sons had Fionnghuala [daughter of Baothghalach] by the second husband, Brian Mac Aogain, viz.: Mithall and Muircheartach, and one daughter Mairghread.

Two children to Baothghalach buidhe (39) . . . . . . . Deagha: - Cosnamhach . . . . . and Aodh. A son to Cosnamhach, Baothghalach, the Capuchin. A son to Aodh, Cosnamhach, the priest[86].

A second son to Giollananaomh óg (37), viz.: Cosnamhach[87]. A son to Cosnamhach, Aodh[88]. A son to Aodh, Cosnamhach. A son to Cosnamhach, Aodh of Lioslairthin (41)[89], aforesaid. Three other sons to Cosnamhach(40), son of Aodh viz.: Giollananaomh married to Caitlin do White, sister of Captain Dominic [White]; Oilibhear, a Friar of the Order of St. Dominic; Dominic, a friar of the Order of St. Francis.

Children of Aodh [of Lioslairthin, 41]: Cosnamhach, who died without issue; Séamus bán married to Eibhlin ni Neilan, daughter of Uilliam o Neilain and Eibhlin ni Neilain. Children to him [Séamus bán], viz.: Aodh, married to Maire ni mic Conmara, daughter of Bairleméad mac Conmara[90].

Children to Aodh [and Máire ni mhicConmara]: Séamus,[91] married to Mairghread Coiminn, daughter (?) of Uilliam Coiminn [Comyn] and Brighid Eibhers [Ievers]; Mairghread, married to Ignatius O'Neilain, Doctor of Medicine[92], and sister's son of Ignatius O'Donnchadha (O'Donoghue), a pious and charitable priest, and a Doctor of Sacred Learning [i.e. D.D.][93]; Brighid, married to Padraig o Dabhoireann, son of Dominic [and Ana ni mhic Donnchadh]; Uilliam married to a lady of the Clann Gormain[94]; Cosnamhach who died without issue; Máire, married to Eamon o Duighir, son of Conchubhar o Duighir [O'Dwyer] and Maighréad ni Bhriain, daughter of Criostora o Bhriain, of Rath, great-grandson (mac mic mic) of Brian na mbéaleid[95] the grandson of O Briain of Thomond, Iosabéal married to Gearoid o Conchubhar, son of Diarmaid of Gleanndomhuin[96].

The children of Giollananaomh, the brother of Aodh [of Lioslaithrin, 41] aforementioned; Padraig, [of Liosmrachán] married to Fionnghuala[97] ni Dabhoireann, daughter of Uilliam o Dabhoireann and Maighréad mac con Croich[98]; male and female children to them [viz. to Padraig and Fionnghuala O'Davoren]: Séamus married Mairghréad Eibers, daughter of Ambros Eibhers and Mairghread Coiminn. Children to them, viz.: Séamus, married to Eileanóir Foster, daughter of Roibuc Foster and Eileanóir ni Bhriain[99]; Dominic and Labhrás, who went beyond the seas; Ambros and Giollananaomh[100]. Two other sons of Padraig [of Lismrachán, and Fionnghuala his wife]: Dominic married to Ana ni mhic Donnchadh, the daughter of Cormac [anglice Charles MacDonogh] and Máire Foster, and afterwards to Senéad Sairséalach[101]. Three sons to him [Dominic] by Ana: (1) Seamus[102]; Padraig married to Brighid ni Dabhoireann [daughter of Aodh (son of Seamus) of Lioslairthin and Maire ni mhic conmara] aforementioned; (3) Uilliam[103]. Two daughters [to Dominic, son of Padraig] by the second wife [i.e. Senéad Sairséalach]. Giollananaomh [brother of Dominic?] married the daughter of Padraig o hIchdhe [o’Hickey] of Druim[104].

The female children of Seamus, son of Padraig [of Liosmrochán], viz: (1) Caitlin, married to Nicholas mac Giollaphadraig [Fitzpatrick] of the true line of Ara[105]; and Iosabéal do Linnsi, daughter of Nicolas do Linnsi[106], chief of his line and the sister of Diarmaid O’Bhriain, of Corbhaile[107]; who was chief of his line. (2) Mairghread, married to Proinsias mac Caisidi, son of the daughter [sic] of Seamus macaisfiaigh of Clochar[108]. (3) Iosabéal.’

Thus abruptly ends the manuscript. It will be seen from a careful perusal of the explanatory notes, that there are now existing no known representatives in the male line of Aodh o Dabhoireann of the deed of 1606, that line having become apparently extinct or else submerged. The line of his younger brother, Cosnamhach, was more fortunate, for some of his male descendants are now living, whose lineal descent can be traced back with certainty by means of this pedigree to the old stock of Cahermacnaughten. They are in order of seniority: Joseph Davoren (son of Ievers) of Glasha; the sons of William (son of Austin of St. Paul's, Minnesota); and Michael (son of Anthony) and his sons, of Castleview, Carrowduff, parish of Kilshanny.

This historical and genealogical sketch of the O'Davorens would be incomplete did I not say a word about the Rev. Michael Davoren, chanter of Kilfenora and Vicar of Kilfarboy and Kilmihill, who died at Clooney (perhaps Cloona, par. of Dysart O'Dea, where formerly stood a residence of some importance) on 6th March, 1810 (Will 24th Nov., 1809, R. O., Dub.), who was, in his day, an important member of the sept. He became a Scholar of Trin. Coll., Dublin in 1771, B.A. in 1773, M.A. in 1776, and is buried with other members of his family in Coad churchyard[109]. Strange to say I could not find out anything about the Rev. gentleman's forbears, although I searched hard, except that his mother is said to have been a near relative, perhaps a sister, of the the Rev. Patrick o'Hehir, Vicar-General of Cashel Diocese, who, for some occult reason, changed his name to Hare - he might with equal grace have dubbed himself Hohenzollern - and was grandfather of the late Lord Hemphill. He died 27th June 1816, in his 85th year and is buried inside the church of Kilnaboy ‘in the tomb of his ancestors.’ The Rev. Michael Davoren married 27th April, 1779, Rebecca Hunt, who survived her husband five years, and died in Jail Street, Ennis, 6th April, 1815[110]. As we do not know the Rev. Michael Davoren's age when he died, it is quite possible he may not have been born when Muircheartach o Bhriain wrote his pedigree of the family, circa 1754.

The children of the Rev. Michael Davoren and Rebecca Hunt were: The Rev. Andrew Davoren, of Milltown- Malbay; Rev. William Davoren, of Drumcreehy (par. of Kiltoraght), Rector of Kiltoraght and Clooney (Corcomroe); Bazil; James; Lucius, M.B.; Mary; Rebecca; and Jane.

The Rev. Andrew Davoren (eldest son) married Catherine Irwin, of Roxborough, Co. Roscommon, and had issue: Irwin James, and A. Vesey, Lieut-colonel, the latter born 29th November, 1821, and now living (1912) at 4 Seaview Terrace, Donnybrook, Dublin. He (A. Vesey) married Agnes, dr. of Richard Jeffreys, J.P., of Swansea, Major 23rd Regiment, and had issue: Vesey Henry William, Alfred John, Irwin Lucius George (dead), Andrew Charles (dead), and Robert George Vesey. The eldest son (Vesey Henry William) Major R.A.M.C., Mayor of Bury St. Edmunds, 1912, married Edith Anne, dr. of Alfred Hoyte, late Surgeon 61st Regiment. Children to them: Vesey Alfred, Lucius Andrew Vesey, and Irene Mavis Agnes. A son to Robert George Vesey, youngest son of Lieut-Col. A. Vesey Davoren, viz: George Vesey.

The Rev. William Davoren (second son of the Rev. Michael) married May, 1814, at Corofin, Mary, dr. of Andrew Kerin, of Ballyallia (par. of Templemaley)[111]. His children are: Michael, Andrew, Nathaniel, and Stratford, who are stated to have all emigrated.

Basil Davoren (third son of Rev. Michael) was sworn an Attorney in 1809[112], and married at Fermoy, November, 1817, Anne, dr. of George Lukey, of Lukeyville, Co. Cork[113], by whom he had - Basil Lukey, and George, of Kilmorane (par. of Killone). Of these, Basil Lukey, married first, Margaret, dr. of Thomas Lysaght, Solicitor of Dublin, and Catherine, dr. of Col. Charles Vallancey, LL.D., etc. (the learned pseudo-antiquary), widow of - Bowen, of Bowenscourt; and secondly, Catherine, dr. of John (son of Timothy) Foley and Mary (ob. 27th August, 1875, aged 95 years), daughter of Laurence Moloney, of Shamrock Cottage (Knocknamologue, par. of Rath), by whom he had Minnie, who first married - Fitzpatrick, B.L., of Caher, Co. Galway, and secondly - Lynch of same county. She died 23rd July, 1911, a widow, at Robuck Lane, Sale, Cheshire, leaving issue.

George Davoren, of Kilmorane (ob. 4th Dec., 1881), second son of Basil Davoren and Anne Lukey, married Charlotte Lysaght, a sister of his brother's first wife, and had issue: George Thomas Lukey, Anne Catherine Lukey, Basil Lukey, Catherine Francis Vallancey, Charlotte Elizabeth, Maria Margaret, William Thomas, Vesey Irwin, Lucius Andrew and Westby Percival.

James, fourth son of the Rev. Michael Davoren and Rebecca Hunt, married Maria Gallery, of Ennis, and Lucius, M.B., fifth son, died, unmarried, at Bogota, Colombia (South America) on 27th May, 1879, aged 83 years.

Mary, eldest daughter of the Rev. Michael, married William Carroll, of Milltown-Malbay, and died without issue. Rebecca, second daughter, married Anthony Davoren (son of William son of Dominick), as previously stated[114]. Their children are: Michael, of Castleview, Carrowduff, and Mary, of Bank Place, Ennistymon, there now living with her husband and daughter, Miss Mary O'Loghlen. Jane, youngest daughter of the Rev Michael Davoren, died unmarried, August, 1814.[115]

My sincere thanks are due - with humble apologies as well for all the trouble given - to Miss Mary o’Loghlen, Ennistymon; Mrs. Patrick O’Dea, Ballylkinvarga; the Rev. R. Hennebry, Ph. D., Professor, Cork University; Dr. Douglas Hyde; Mr. T. J. Westropp, M.R.I.A.; Mr. R. W. Twigge, F.S.A.; Mr. P.J. Lynch, M.R.I.A.; Mr. Andrew Lysaght, Derreen, Kilshanny; and to the many other kind friends (too numerous I fear to mention), who helped me with this paper. I trust it may be found useful to others engaged in local genealogical work, and in a small way, perhaps, help the scholar who one day will give us a full, complete, and accurate history of old Thomond and her clans.


Chart Pedigree of the O’Davorens