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1659 Census of Clare  

The Census of Ireland (1659), also known as Petty's or Pender's Census, provides townland census returns of the inhabitants of most of the country, arranged in counties, baronies, parishes and townlands. In addition to the number of inhabitants and their racial classification, the returns supply the names of the principal occupiers, referred to as ‘Tituladoes’. The returns also give the names and numbers of the principal Irish, by barony. The original manuscripts were discovered among the Lansdowne Papers in Bowood House, Wiltshire, England and are now in the British Library (Petty Papers Vol. XXVII, Add. MSS. 72876). The Census was published by the Manuscripts Commission (Dublin, 1939), edited by Séamus Pender.

Number of People in the County of Clare and in each Barony

1659 Barony Outline
1659 Barony Outline
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  1. Barony of Bunratty
  2. Barony of Tulla
  3. Barony of Inchiquine
  4. Island Barony
  5. Barony of Clandirala
  6. Barony of Corcomroe
  7. Barony of Moyferta
  8. Barony of Burren
  9. Barony of Ibrickane and Burrough of Inish

Link: Petty’s Down Survey Barony Maps (1658-59) & ‘Hiberniae Delineatio’ County Map (1685)

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