Notes on the Sheriffs of County Clare, 1570-1700
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By Thomas Johnson Westropp, M.A., Member

1588 Boethius McClancy

1588. Boethius McClancy, or Mac Flannchada, of Knockfinn, was son of Hugh, and nephew and heir of Boethius, who died, 8.p., Oct. 14th, 1580.[17] His grandfather, Hugh, died Oct 5th, 1579 (“Aodh McClancy, Professor of Brehon Laws and Poetry,” 1576).[18] Boethius was party to Perrot’s composition, 1585, and M.P. for Clare the same year. During his shrievalty he gathered a large levy of natives at Liscannor to repel and execute any Spaniards landing from the Armada, and carried out Bingham’s orders relentlessly, refusing even a few casks of water to the storm-tossed crews, and executing all who escaped the sea.[19] He was appointed arbiter between the Earl of Thomond and the descendants of Malachy O’Loughlen, June 9th, 1590,[20] and got his estates constituted the Manor of Knockfin. He died April, 1598, leaving a son, Murtough Clancy.[21]

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