Notes on the Sheriffs of County Clare, 1570-1700
Clare County Library
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By Thomas Johnson Westropp, M.A., Member

1622 Samuel Norton

1622. Samuel Norton (again). It is interesting to note that mass was still celebrated in the Abbeys of Quin, Clare, Killone, and Dysart, during this shrievalty. John Rider, Bishop of Killaloe, also complains that the high sheriffs “do not execute the capias against recusants indicted by ye statute of 2d Eliz., whereby God is dishonoured, religion made a scorn, and the pious intendments of his Majesty’s laws are frustrated.” He adds that the officers give notice “to offenders, and they do shunne that sheriff during his time, and at ye end of his yeare ye writ is not delivered over to ye nexte sheriff, and so ye writ is lost or concealed among them.”[27]

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