Notes on the Sheriffs of County Clare, 1570-1700
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By Thomas Johnson Westropp, M.A., Member

1643 Daniel O’Brien

1643. Daniel O’Brien, of Dough (Dumhach), a man who, though ardent in his support of the Irish party, 1641, was famous for his protection of the English settlers and hospitality to them, some of whose lives he saved, and supported many of them, and also some shipwrecked English sailors at his own cost in his Castle of Dough.[35] When the Limerick Corporation held aloof from the Kilkenny Confederacy, he tried to bring them over to it,[36] and attempted to seize Bunratty Castle; but the Earl of Thomond had already admitted a parliamentary garrison. He was confirmed in the lands of his father, Sir Turlough O’Brien, who died 1st August, 1623, Daniel being then aged 44,[37] by patent, 24th Dec., 1621, and married Ellen, daughter of the Knight of Glin, by whom he had two sons, Teige and Mortough. He petitioned (Sept., 1652) the Commissioners for Demolishing Castles not to destroy the towers of Ballinalacken and Dough, “which is noe place of strength.” Your Petitioner is afraid that the said Masons, out of malice or gain, will pull down the said ‘stearcase’ of Dough[38] (which accounts for the inaccessible condition of most of the Clare towers); this request was granted, and his lands were preserved, his goodness to the settlers gaining him favour.

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