Notes on the Sheriffs of County Clare, 1570-1700
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By Thomas Johnson Westropp, M.A., Member

1657 Sir William King

1657. Sir William King, knight, of Kilpeacon, county Limerick, sheriff of the three counties. He was governor of Limerick, and his history belongs to that city. He was confirmed by Act of Settlement in his lands of Nugheval, &c., county Clare, 1674, and Kilpeacon, &c. (in all 808 acres), in county Limerick. He entertained King William’s officers during the siege of Limerick, 1690-91, in his house of Kilpeacon, and offered to lodge the Lord Justices there at the time of the making of the treaty. Against the south wall of Kilpeacon Church, Limerick, which he built, appears a large monument, the sides formed of fluted pilasters, flags, and trophies of arms; the once elaborated top, rich in figures of angels and heraldic devices, having been long since removed. The inscription is:?“H. S. C. Gulielmus King, Eques, urbis Limerici sæpius prætor, arcis præfectus comitatus locum tenens, cujus mens generosa et larem et bultus et pectus bonis omnibus aperiri solita. Cœlum sibi pariter ac terram devincat; proprio sumptu templum hoc erigendum curavit, er adorandum fecit Numen hospitem. Manus juvenis, senis consilii, valuit et utriusque ævi virtutes condidit temporib: ultro quærentibus cæsit tandem honoribus . . . functus 4 Die Sept. A.D. 1706 . . . tquam sub eodem hoc monumento, in beatæ resurrectionis spem, præstantissimæ et conjugis dilectissimæ Dominæ Barbaræ King sacros reposuit cineres; una cum felicissimæ decem lustrorum conjugii, pignoribus duobus Johanne et Barbara King.” Below, on the plinth:?“Hujus etiam ejusdem marmoris hospites, sepulchri usurm habentes, jacent reliqui Stephani Moore armigeri et Brigidæ uxoris de Clonmell Qui moriebantur apud Kilpeacon, 1703. Kidvell fecit.” He married Barbara, daughter of S. Boyle, Bishop of Cork.[42] Their son George granted Ralahine[43] to Boyle Vandeleur 21st May, 1715.

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